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Jan 27 12:27

Treasury Secretary Mnuchin Grilled On His Shell Companies, Tax Loopholes & His Predatory Lending Practices

In the following two videos, Trump's Teasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin is asked about his shell companies in foreign countries, the tax loopholes he took advantage off and his predatory lending practices which harmed many American people. In the first video, Mnuchin insists "I can assure you I paid all my taxes as was required," to which the senator replies "I am very troubled about this question about how you are going to un-rig the system if you have a record of taking care of tax shelters." In the second video, the senator tells Mnuchin "I am sure you have heard allegations that you profited from 'predatory lending' during the housing crisis."

Jan 27 12:25

I'm Donald Trump and I approve this message

Donald Trump should just televise this Bill Clinton speech from 1995 and then simply state, "I'm Donald Trump and I approve this message!"

Oh, please, please ... let this go viral. Not one word of commentary needs to be added. It's just 84 seconds long.

I guess Clinton is a racist, and anti Mexican....Maybe Bill Could be the next czar for the Immigration / Border Patrol.....Trump needs to Play this for the Democrats on a weekly basis.....

Jan 27 12:16

The Verdict Is In On Starchy Satisfying Foods…

A recent review found that the starchy foods you love – the ones that are rich in resistant starch – may benefit your health in very necessary ways. If you’ve been let down by the “low-carb” fad that just won’t die – you’ll definitely want to read this… “Resistant starch” is a term…

Jan 27 12:12

Dow Jones Rise Will Lead To Economic Doomsday - The Bubble's About To Burst! (Rob Kirby)

Josh Sigurdson talks to Rob Kirby of Kirby Analytics about the recent historic Dow Jones Industrial rise to 20,000, up 1000 since Donald Trump's election win.
While people celebrate this uptick, something far more terrifying is happening in the shadows.

Jan 27 11:31

MSNBC Rachel Maddow Has Mental Breakdown, Attacks Third Parties

In this video Luke Rudkowski covers more reaction news of Donald Trump being President by talking about the recent comments by Rachel Maddow on MSNBC.

Jan 27 11:30

Anti-Trump Protesters Flood Streets Of Philadelphia

American protesters have rallied in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, as US President Donald Trump travels to the city to attend a GOP policy retreat.

Jan 27 11:26

The IRON meteorite on Mars: Curiosity finds mystery rock that could have come from the core of an asteroid

The Curiosity rover has spotted a peculiar rock on the red planet that could be a rare iron-nickel meteorite.

A raw image shared on NASA’s Mars Science Laboratory site reveals an unusual, dimpled grey rock with a metallic luster laying on the ground in the Mount Sharp region of Mars.

If confirmed as a meteorite, the object would be the third Curiosity has discovered since it began its mission over four years ago.

Jan 27 11:16

Alexa, stop it! Amazon's personal assistant is causing havoc for people with a similar name

'I always liked my name, until Amazon gave it to a robot,' Alexa Sussman, told the newspaper.

The marketing professional, from New York, told how her father asked her to get some water from the kitchen, only for the Amazon Echo to whir into action.

The speaker said: 'Amazon's choice for water is Fiji Natural Artesian Water, pack of 24. It's £21, including tax. Would you like to buy it?'

Another user said she was watching a TV show where the main character was called Alexis, who told her dad to order 12 pints of milk.

Jan 27 11:05

James Bond’s ‘Q’ Is Actually A Woman, Says MI6 Chief In New Spy Recruitment Drive

MI6 chief Alex Younger has revealed the real head of gadgetry at the British spy agency is a woman, unlike the ‘Q’ character from the James Bond movies, which has always been portrayed by a man.

The chief of the Secret Intelligence Service (SIS), as MI6 is also known, made the revelation during a keynote speech at the Women in IT Awards in London on Wednesday, where he appealed for more women to join the agency.

Jan 27 11:05

Senate Setback For Move To Give FBI More Warrantless Spying Powers

Congress is backing off from a push to grant the Federal Bureau of Investigations more warrantless surveillance powers.

Lawmakers had been attempting to use the annual intelligence policy bill to allow the FBI to obtain more sensitive digital information from Americans, using only a subpoena.

Jan 27 10:58

Are We Getting Dumber?

Recent studies are discovering that each generation is becoming increasingly stupid.

Jan 27 10:57

Vice Journalist Admits He Fakes News For Liberal Audience

A former Vice News journalist has admitted that the Rupert Murdoch owned company routinely tells its journalists to disregard facts in favor of pushing a ‘liberal agenda’ in order to drive up profits and website clicks.

Jan 27 10:55


Jan 27 10:54


Jan 27 10:53

Warning: Deutsche Reports Global Economy Is About To Rollover

Initial and continuing claims continue to surge. New home sales collapsed.

Jan 27 10:52

Fake News Media: How CNN and Alt-Left Anti-Trump propagandists committed mass career suicide.

The mainstream media has been heavily criticized over the last year due to its biased coverage of the US presidential election, the Syrian crisis and other stories. In a special report, RT America looks at how certain news outlets’ credibility was undermined.