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Feb 27 07:29

Maine Gov. LePage Endorses Trump

Maine Gov. Paul LePage is endorsing GOP presidential front-runner Donald Trump, touting the real estate billionaire's business acumen as a deal-maker."He's a businessman. I'm a businessman.">>>

Feb 27 06:32

The Sanders tax plan will destroy the middle class

According to the Tax Policy Center and the Tax Foundation, the Sanders tax plan will raise taxes on most Americans.

Feb 27 06:29

Kona farmers hit Monsanto with lawsuit

Two South Kona coffee growers have reportedly filed a lawsuit against Monsanto, claiming that the company lied about the possibility for glyphosate, the main ingredient in Round Up, to cause cancer.

Feb 27 06:23

Louis Cammarosano: All about silver

On February 20, published an article about Africa bringing 1.1 million homes online with solar energy. This, naturally, got me all fired up as the demand for silver seems to be going up every time you turn around. China, India and now Africa all working on these massive solar infrastructure projects that require, literally, tons and tons of silver to produce the solar panels.

Feb 27 06:20

My God — the banks are planning to take your money: Andy Hoffman

Andy Hoffman from Miles Franklin is back to help document the collapse

Feb 27 06:10

Intellihub Poll: Who won the GOP debate in Texas?

The television and Internet have been abuzz with opinion since last night’s GOP Presidential Debate hosted by Wolf Blitzer, CNN.

Feb 26 19:14

Senate Confirms New FDA Commissioner With Close Ties To Big Pharma

Public Citizen's Dr. Michael Carome describes the thousands in consulting fees new FDA commissioner Dr. Robert Califf received from pharmaceutical manufacturers and why only four senators voted against his confirmation.

Feb 26 19:06

Man spends $71,000 fighting a $180 speeding ticket

When Mustafa Al Shakarji immigrated with his family to Australia from Iraq in 2002, he found a country far less rife with government and police corruption. So when he got a $180 (in US dollars) speeding ticket he felt was flat out wrong back in March 2012, he decided to fight it—and is still contesting it, according to

Feb 26 19:05

Wal-Mart Sued Over Parmesan Cheese With Wood Pulp Filler

Wal-Mart Stores Inc. was accused in a lawsuit of defrauding customers by sellingParmesan cheese touted as pure that contained wood pulp as filler.

Feb 26 18:22

Real Feminists Don’t Tell Women How To Vote

I didn’t look up to Wonder Woman or Lara Croft as a child: I had women like Gloria Steinem. I was the type of girl who cut my dolls’ hair short, insisted girls could do anything boys could, and invented stories where brave female protagonists always outsmarted the bad guys.

Feb 26 18:11

45% of Americans pay no federal income tax