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Jan 06 13:23

Commander: Tens of Saudi Soldiers Killed in Cross-Border Clashes with Yemen

"At least 82 Saudi-led forces were killed as they were attempting to open their way into Yemen's border regions through Tawwal crossing which links Jizan province in the Southern part of the kingdom to Northern Yemen," Senior Ansarullah Commander Ali al-Houthi told FNA on Wednesday.

Jan 06 13:18

Britain abandons global anti-death penalty strategy amid rising executions

Rights group Reprieve has condemned the UK for abandoning its strategy on curbing the use of the death penalty worldwide amid the fallout from Saudi Arabia’s execution of 47 people on Saturday.

Jan 06 13:15

Syrian Dissident: Execution of Saudi Cleric Plotted in Tel Aviv

A prominent Syrian dissident leader says Israel has persuaded the Riyadh government to kill prominent Saudi Muslim cleric Sheikh Nimr Baqir al-Nimr.
"It is clear that the Saudis had taken order from their masters in Tel Aviv and the US to commit the crime of executing Sheikh Nimr; therefore, it is not surprising to say that the decision to execute Sheikh Nimr was taken in Tel Aviv and confirmed in Washington," Secretary-General of al-Talia opposition party Noufal Noufal told FNA on Wednesday. He said that the al-Saud has always been a tool in the US hands to implement its plots in the region. Noting that the al-Saud and ISIL are two sides of the same coin which seek to foment sectarian strife in the region, Noufal said, "Saudi Arabia executed Sheikh Nimr to provoke Iran into sectarian tensions in the region but Iran sees no place for sectarian conflicts in its equations and assumes it to be an undignified move."

Jan 06 13:11

George Lucas: Soviet filmmakers had more freedom than us, bound by commercialism (Video interview)

One of the reasons that I retired is so that I can make movies that are not popular. Because in a world we live in, in a system that we have created for ourselves, and it's a big industry, you can not lose money, so you are forced to make a particular kind of movie. And I used to say this all the time, back when Russia was USSR, people would say, aren't you so glad that you are in America, and I said that I know a lot of Russian filmmakers and they have a lot more freedom than I have, they just have to be careful about not criticizing the government. You have to adhere to a very narrow line of commercialism...

Jan 06 13:08

It's getting colder in Kiev

The people of Kiev, from various parts of the Ukrainian capital, are massively filing complaints that their apartments are getting too cold. According to some people, the heating is even turned off. The site of the Kiev contact center has logged 125 complaints about abnormally low temperatures in residential areas.

Jan 06 13:06

How Should We Deal With War Criminals?

As ISIS and its affiliates continue to wreak havoc in various parts of the world there have been calls for war crimes trials for its leaders, trials similar to those held in Nuremberg and Tokyo after World War II. Dozens of German and Japanese wartime leaders were convicted and punished for crimes for crimes such as genocide and aggression. Six Japanese leaders and 15 Germans, including Herman Goering and Josef Goebbels, were either executed or committed suicide.

Jan 06 13:04

Crimea Prime Minister: Khersonese unlucky in their country

Sergey Aksenov Prime Minister of Crimea, commented on the start-up of deliveries of Russian gas from the peninsula to the south of the neighboring country. "The people of Ukraine and the Government of Ukraine - two completely different things. And we are ready to support the population of Ukraine in this difficult period. They are not strangers to us, regardless of nationality, just people who also want to live in a normal and prospering country. Unfortunately, things aren't going as well for them as for us. "But we believe that regardless of the relationship between the government of Ukraine and our leadership, the citizens of Ukraine do not have to suffer," said Aksenov.

Jan 06 13:00

Spot the Difference

Jan 06 12:59

Russian Orthodox Monks Worried by Turkish-Greek Tensions Over Mount Athos

Turkey declared restrictions for air navigation in the area of Mount Athos and in other parts of the Aegean sea on the sovereign territory of Greece in connection with "military exercises", reports RIA-Novosti. In particular, Ankara issued notifications ?5885/15, ?5884/15 and ?5881/15, announcing the closure of three districts in Northern, Central and Southern parts of the Aegean sea for a year in connection with military exercises. The areas of "Turkish exercises" include Greek territorial waters and parts of the Greek territory - the Athos peninsula, Lemnos, Skyros, Patmos, Tinos, Mykonos islands and others. Greece regards such action by Ankara as a provocative attempt to undermine the sovereign rights of Greece on its territory.

Jan 06 12:55

Coca-Cola Recognizes Crimea as Russian

Coca-Cola apologized to Russians for the wrong map of our country, attached to a New Year's greeting, which the company has posted on its page in "Vkontakte". In addition, the company has published a new and corrected map where the city of Kaliningrad, the Kuril Islands and Crimea were marked as Russian territory...

Jan 06 12:49

Kuwait recalls ambassador to Iran over Saudi mission attack

Kuwait has become the latest Muslim nation to renounce ties with Iran after it recalled its ambassador to Tehran, following the Islamic Republic's rift with Saudi Arabia.

Jan 06 12:48

Orthodox believers in Russia to mark Christmas Eve

Orthodox Christians all over Russia mark Christmas Eve on Wednesday. Christians conclude a four-week fast during which they confess their sins and receive communion. And on Christmas Eve they have special fasting, "until the first star," in memory of how the Magi came first to the birthplace of Christ following the movement of the star in the sky. At present, a candle in front of the altar, which is lit at the end of the Christmas Eve service at about noon, symbolizes the star.
St. Petersburg landmark cathedral to hold first Christmas night service in 88 years: St. Isaac’s Cathedral, one of St. Petersburg's landmarks, will open its doors for a Christmas night service for the first time since 1928 when it was closed by Bolsheviks, a local priest told TASS on Wednesday.

Jan 06 12:42

Russia says flights of two Turkish airlines suspended due lack of visas

The flights to Russia of two Turkish carriers - Pegasus Airlines and Onur Air - have been suspended as their leadership failed to provide the crews with visas, Russia’s Foreign Ministry spokesperson Maria Zakharova said on Wednesday. "We are outraged by today’s statement of the Turkish transport minister with unfounded accusations against Russia amid the suspended flights to the country of two Turkish air companies - Pegasus Airlines and Onur Air," Zakharova said in a commentary. In comments to Ankara’s claims that Moscow has violated international aviation rules, the diplomat said the Turkish minister should better study the real situation with the Turkish airlines rather than join the "anti-Russian propaganda campaign." The flights have been suspended as the companies’ leadership failed to worry about visas for the crew despite that fact that "Russia’s Foreign Ministry had circulated in advance information on introducing the visa regime with Turkey from January 1".

Jan 06 12:40

Border guards detain vessel flying Cambodia flag near Crimean coast — FSB

The Don escort vessel of the Russian Federal Security Service’s (FSB) Crimean Border Department has detained a dry cargo ship flying the flag of Cambodia in Russia’s territorial waters in the Black Sea. "The vessel violated the regime of the state border of the Russian Federation, that is, deviated from the recommended course and dropped anchor on roads in the village of Chernomorskoye without permission of the port services," the department said. According to the FSB, the incident occurred January 3. The vessel’s captain, a Ukrainian national born in 1970, has been brought to administrative account under the article "Violation of the Russian Federation’s state border regime." The ship’s owner faces a fine of up to 50,000 rubles ($681).

Jan 06 12:38


Karen Quinn-Tostado blog post

Jan 06 12:30

UN Security Council working on resolution in response to N. Korea nuclear test

The UN Security Council is immediately launching work on the resolution detailing measures in response to Pyongyang’s nuclear test, Uruguay's UN Ambassador Elbio Rosselli, current president of the Security Council, has said. The diplomat has condemned the test calling it a "serious violation" of the UN Security Council’s resolutions that ban Pyongyang from carrying out any activity linked to developing nuclear weapons and ballistic missiles. Rosselli reminded that after the underground nuclear test conducted by North Korea in 2013, the UN Security Council agreed to adopt retaliatory measures in case of repeated tests.

Jan 06 12:08

Dozens killed & injured in bus fire in China, suspected arsonist arrested

At least 17 people have been killed and dozens injured in a suspected arson attack in a bus in northern China, authorities said.

Jan 06 12:03

Why did Obama/Barry Soetoro Pay $5 Million to Seal ALL His Records

Sheriff Joe Arpaio vs. Al Sharpton

A few days before the 2012 presidential elections, businessman Donald Trump implored Barack Obama to release his college transcripts and passport records.

Jan 06 12:00

We'd Better Be Informed Before We have An Opinion

Regarding the Take Over of BLM Facilities in the Western States – Judge Anna von Reitz