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Nov 03 14:27

US Economy - Are We Approaching the Peak?

Nov 03 14:17

Madeleine Albright Compares Russian Media To ISIS Propaganda

Former US Secretary of State Madeleine Albright in an article published Thursday proposed taking on what she said was "anti-democratic trolling" by Russian media, such as the RT broadcaster and Sputnik news agency, the same way Washington dealt with Islamist propaganda.

Nov 03 13:56

Trump Calls Clinton 'Totally Unhinged' At Florida Rally

US Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump has ratcheted up his war of words against Democratic nominee Hillary Clinton as Election Day draws closer.

Speaking to his supports at a rally in Pensacola, Florida, on Wednesday night, the billionaire businessman said recent polls show that he is ahead in the race, and predicted a Republican victory on November 8.

Nov 03 13:51

'Criminals And Jihadists': Australian Liberal Party Members Call For Blanket Immigration Ban

A Sydney division of the Liberal Party [in Australia liberal does not mean left wing- ed] will debate whether Australia should end all immigration and ban all refugees, after an incendiary motion was put forward calling migrants “criminals” and “bastards”.

The president of the Carlingford branch, George Popowski, will use a party conference on Thursday to call on the Turnbull government to halt “all immigration and refugee intakes” until an investigation can establish the “risks and benefits” for Australia.

Nov 03 13:48

Report Reveals ‘Gross Errors’ In Evidence Against Inmates At Guantanamo

Eight Afghan individuals have been held at the US military prison in Guantanamo Bay for years without concrete evidence, a new report by an independent group says.

Nov 03 13:35

Boris Johnson Banned From Cycling To Work Because Terrorists Might Target Him

Foreign Secretary Boris Johnson has been banned from cycling to work over fears he is now a key target for terrorists.

The former London mayor, who introduced the city’s public bicycle hire scheme, reportedly tried to appeal the decision.

Nov 03 13:31

Police Use Pepper Spray, Teargas On North Dakota Protesters

A large number of protesters in the US state of North Dakota have once again demanded a proposed oil pipeline project be scrapped.

Police in riot gear clashed on Wednesday with demonstrators seeking to halt construction of the Dakota Access pipeline, which will move crude oil through four states from North Dakota to Illinois.

Nov 03 13:30

Video: Shut Down Rikers: Meet Akeem Browder, Fighting To Close The Jail That Took His Brother’s Life

In October, the Browder family held a memorial service for Venida Browder, who died "of a broken heart" 16 months after her own son, Kalief, hanged himself in his Bronx home after spending nearly three years at New York’s Rikers Island jail. In 2010, when Kalief was just 16, he was sent to Rikers Island, without trial, on suspicion of stealing a backpack.

Nov 03 13:18

Major Shrinkage at The Wall Street Journal

Yet another indication of the hard times facing mainstream newspapers. The Wall Street Journal has just announced that it is going to combine several sections. Five now standing separate sections will be combined into two.

Nov 03 13:04

Blair Went ‘Beyond The Facts’ & Damaged UK Politics When Advocating For Iraq Invasion – Chilcot

Former British PM Tony Blair resorted to rhetoric unsupported by any compelling evidence when he promoted the Iraq invasion to his cabinet and the British people, eroding public trust and inflicting long-term damage on UK politics, Sir John Chilcot said.

The author of the 2.6-million-word inquiry into the UK’s involvement into the US-led invasion in Iraq in 2003, Chilcot told the House of Commons Liaison Committee on Wednesday that he could “only imagine” how much time it would take to repair the trust of the UK public in politics damaged by Tony Blair, who manipulated public opinion and his own cabinet by strong words into invading Iraq, rather than presenting hard evidence.

Nov 03 12:58

Potayto, Potahto: Controversial New ‘Anti-Famine’ GMO Potato Strains Approved

The US Department of Agriculture has given its seal of approval to two new strains of genetically engineered potatoes. By using double stranded RNA, the potatoes have been engineered to resist the pathogen responsible for the Irish potato famine.

Nov 03 12:58

Watch: Russia’s Aircraft Carrier Arrives Off Syria’s Coast

Russia’s only aircraft carrier has arrived off the coast of Syria.

In a Russian Ministry of Defence video, the Admiral Kuznetsov is seen carrying out flight drills as it leads a fleet of eight warships.
Three+ subs no doubt with this Battle Group carrying beaucoup Kaliber Cruise Missiles.
I think Vladimir Putin has lost patience and aims to finsh the bums off before a new administration comes to dc.

Nov 03 12:49

9 States To Vote On Marijuana Initiatives: Will They Stop Jailing Young People Of Color Over Weed?

On November 8, 35 states and the District of Columbia will confront 156 ballot initiatives on issues ranging from universal healthcare to gun sale restrictions and death penalty reforms. One of the most contentious ballot initiatives concerns marijuana legalization.

Nov 03 12:48

BBC’s Children Show ‘Just A Girl’ Is About A Transgender Child Taking Hormone Blocking Drugs

The BBC series aimed at children as young a six describe how Ben became Amy by taking hormones to halt puberty. It is yet another example of the agenda promoting the blurring of the genders. And they are now aiming children.

Last year, I published an article entitled The Agenda Behind Bruce Jenner’s Transformation where I explained how Jenner’s sex change was intentionally publicized and celebrated because it was part of a larger agenda promoting the blurring of the genders. This agenda is even more obvious and insidious this year because there’s a conscious effort to reach children.

Nov 03 12:48

As Pipeline Construction And Repression Grows, DAPL Protest Is Looking More Like A Mass Movement

News this past week from the front line of the Dakota Access Pipeline battle has been alarming.

As they seek to block construction on the 1200-mile long pipeline, water protectors — as the activists call themselves — are getting arrested by the hundreds in North Dakota, victims of a police force now virtually indistinguishable from an occupying army.