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Mar 10 15:36

Does Not Compute: US Military Asks for Troops to 'Retake' Syrian City

Last time we checked Raqqa was in Syria. Only the US is able to "retake" a locality in a foreign country. Unlike the Secretary of Defense, the Department of State and the CIA which are all seething with rage that the US war against Assad is going badly the US military itself always seemed more interested in confronting ISIS rather than the Syrian government. That's not terribly surprising considering that both ISIS and the main anti-Assad rebel group, Jabhat al-Nusra are merely updated brand names for US military's old nemesis, Al Qaeda in Iraq. Thus military brass is now saying that its war against ISIS is undermanned and wants more troops so that it can roll back the terrorist caliphate. That's all rather well and good but for one tiny detail. Neither Iraq nor Syria actually want those troops. Iraq has already capped US military presence at just under 4,000 troops albeit it is quietely acquiescing to a larger, undisclosed number.

Mar 10 15:33

Palm Oil And GM Mustard: A Marriage Made In Hell

The current drive to get genetically modified (GM) food crops into India is being spearheaded by GM mustard. However, the decision to sanction the commercialisation of this crop has been delayed due to accusations of “unremitting fraud” and “regulatory delinquency.”

Mar 10 15:33

Stolen Valor: Washington Post Claims Credit for Syrian Anti-ISIS Victories for the US

Stick to reading WaPo and you may come off with the impression it's US rather than Syrians and Russians rolling back ISIS. The public relation functionary for the CIA, the Pentagon, Israel and the Saudis - David Ignatius of the Washington Post - forgot to take his meds. Thus he experienced an outbreak of acute delusions...

Mar 10 15:31

86yo Man Tasered By NYPD Officer While Cooking Soup Finally Cleared Of Charges

John Antoine, an 86-year-old Tasered by a police officer while cooking soup, has been cleared of charges, a court ruled. The elderly man’s apartment had been raided by officers searching for his granddaughter’s boyfriend, said to be suicidal after running out of medication.

Mar 10 15:22

Total Solar Eclipse: 1000s Witness Rare Celestial Event In Indonesia

A total solar eclipse took place in Indonesia and Southeast Asia on Tuesday, and although the eclipse was only visible in a 100 mile stretch.

Mar 10 15:22

Doorways and Liquidity?

Mar 10 15:14

When Google Meets The Pentagon

The United States is, indisputably, the world’s foremost killing entity, and it has been since its genocidal inception., The killing is relentless — in more recent times wreaking destruction in Iraq as well as being deeply involved in the current carnage in Syria.

Mar 10 15:10

‘Social Housing Sell-Off Plan Worse For Older, Disabled Britons’

The high-value social housing sell-off plan in England has sparked angry reactions from campaigners which they say could affect older and disabled people in the country.

Mar 10 15:06

All the Best for the Children!

"All the best for the children" - The inscription on the Ukrainian howitzer shells. The man who is sitting nearby, pointing to the shells, prepared for the killing of the children of Donbass, is a fighter from the "Azov" battalion. His name is Yuri. After a while the Ukrainian howitzer will send the shells to our side, and who knows, maybe one of them was the cause of the appearance of another line of mourning on the granite in memory of the children, the victims of the Ukrainian aggressors... Counting "the Alley of Angels", the memory of the dead children, those who died still really had not even begun to live... I recently watched a video by Anatoly Shariy, in which his colleague polls Kievans on the subject of whether or not they believe that the fighters of the so called Ukrainian volunteers battalions are Nazis. A large part of Kievans, like practically all Ukrainians, do not believe that Nazis are fighting in the battalions.

Mar 10 15:03

Syria: Calm Before Storm?

More than 10 days into the ceasefire, calm generally prevails in Syria. Both Russia and the U.S. emphasize the need to avoid delays in the negotiating process.

Mar 10 15:03

Fresh Shooting Claims Multiple Fatalities In W Pennsylvania

At least five people are killed and several others injured in a new mass shooting in the US State of Pennsylvania.

Reports say two gunmen involved in the shooting near Pittsburgh killed four women and one man in a residential neighborhood in Wilkinsburg, about 8 miles (13 km) east of the city.

Mar 10 15:00

How Neil Bush Succeeded in Business Without Really Trying

Neil Bush, the fourth child of George and Barbara, was long thought to be the rising star of the family. He had the looks, the convivial demeanor, middle-of-the-road politics and, despite suffering from a severe case of dyslexia that made him the laughing stock of St. Albans (the stuffy DC prep school that groomed Al Gore) the brainpower. At least he seemed brighter than Jeb or George Jr. And, most important of all, he was the favorite son of Barbara Bush, the Agrippina of American politics.

All those lofty political aspirations came to a fatal crash in the fall of 1988, at the precise moment his father was poised to ascend to the presidency, when the Silverado Savings and Loan went belly up with Neil in the driver’s seat.


Mar 10 14:59

Ukraine won't be in the EU or NATO any time soon. Here's why

Original headline: "Neither Russia nor Europe". Jean-Claude Juncker sees no chance for a quick admission of Ukraine into NATO and the EU. Giving it the choice of either Russia or the EU was a mistake. For most German newspapers, the exciting message was not even worth mentioning. Just the FAZ accorded 13 lines to the statement by the European Commission President Jean-Claude Juncker at that. Therein was what Juncker let out in a speech at The Hague. His exact words were: "Ukraine will definitely not, in the next 20 to 25 years, become a member of the EU, and also not a member of NATO." The enrollment of the troubled and divided country into the EU and NATO is still the stated aim of the government in Kiev. Brussels was holding out EU membership to the Ukrainians as soon as they have created the conditions for and meet the so-called Copenhagen criteria.

Mar 10 14:55

5 elite national FBI agents under criminal investigation for shots fired at LaVoy Finicum and possible cover-up

One or more FBI agents from a special “elite national unit” are suspected of lying about shots that were in fact fired at Oregon Occupier, rancher and family man LaVoy Finicum while he and others were en route to meet with the Sheriff of a neighboring county on Jan. 26, and are currently being investigated by the U.S. Department of Justice.

Mar 10 14:54

Savchenko threatened prisoners with having their organs harvested

"To say that they beat us would be saying nothing. They killed us. They shot us. They hit us not just with hands and feet, but with rifle butts and with anything at hand," said the liberated priest. He added that Nadezhda Savchenko, who is currently under arrest in Russian Voronezh,"especially distinguished herself." "She personally threatened to turn over all of our group for organ-harvesting for the money. When the others didn't agree to hand over our bodies for organ-harvesting, she threatened to shoot us, not to waste the expense of delivering us to the SBU. He added that "she personally was trying to destroy us in any way possible and personally took part in the sadistic outbursts, and beat us with various excuses. To the end of my days, I will never forget that voice of hers," said Archpriest Vladimir. He said that in the torture sessions they tied their hands behind their back. Then they stood the men face to the wall then started the drubbing...

Mar 10 14:50

Erdogan Promises to Help Ukraine Return Crimea

"Turkey did not recognize the illegal annexation of Crimea and is not going to do either," Erdogan said. According to him, Russia violated international law in this matter. "Mr President (of Turkey) supported the joint steps aimed at the de-occupation of Crimea. For this plan we will work together in the framework of international organizations on the basis of new international formats, including the format of "Geneva+" with the participation of the guarantors of the Budapest Memorandum, Turkey and Ukraine", — quotes "Interfax" from the words of the President of Ukraine. Poroshenko also invited Turkey to participate in the privatization of state-owned assets in Ukraine, which is scheduled for 2016.

Mar 10 14:48

Genetic Weapons, Human Swarms & Angry Youth Pose Future Threats To British Security – Report

Swarm attacks, angry global youth and genetic weapons are among the futuristic threats facing the UK in the coming decades, according to a report by the Ministry of Defence (MoD) Development, Concepts and Doctrine Centre (DCDC).

Mar 10 14:48

Meals May Contain Foreign Matter

DiGiorno Pizzas, Lean Cuisines, and Stouffer Meals May Contain Foreign Matter

A few of your favorite frozen meals are being recalled for a potential injury risk.

Nestle nestle-s-a announced in a press release that it is voluntarily recalling some DiGiorno pizzas, Lean Cuisines, and Stouffer’s meals that may contain foreign matter. Nestle was alerted to the issue when numerous consumers issued complaints with the company after having found small pieces of glass in some of these products. Luckily, no injuries have been reported.

Mar 10 14:47

A List of Crimes, Which Russians Committed Against the Civilized World

1802 and 1918 — treacherously awarded Finland their sovereignty.
1918 — despicably and treacherously gave statehood to the Latvians and Estonians, which they previously didn't have.
Lithuania regained statehood in 1918, also thanks to Russia.
Poland regained statehood via Russia twice, in 1918 and 1944.
Romania was born as a result of the Russo-Turkish wars, and their sovereignty was at the behest of Russia in 1877-1878.
Bulgaria as a state was revived as a result of the victory of Russia in the Russo-Turkish war of 1877-1878. As a token of gratitude, the Bulgarians participated in the composition of anti-Russian coalitions in the two world wars. Now Bulgaria is a NATO member, and hosts the US on its territory. After 1945 there was not a single Russian soldier on their territory...
Azerbaijan formed as a state for the first time only in the USSR.
Armenia was preserved physically and was reborn as a state in the Russian Empire and in the USSR.

Mar 10 14:46

LIFE IN AMERICA: Blue Collar Blues.