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Jul 12 10:42

‘Chelsea Manning Did Attempt To Take Her Life’ – Lawyers

Military whistleblower Chelsea Manning, who is currently serving a 35-year prison sentence for leaking classified documents to WikiLeaks, did in fact attempt to commit suicide in her cell last week and was hospitalized, her lawyers say.

Jul 12 10:13

RAW: Devastating Typhoon Nepartak Wreaks Havoc In Eastern China

Typhoon Nepartak has left a scene of devastation and inflicted huge damage to residential areas after making landfall in east China’s Fujian Province.

Jul 12 10:04

Holocaust Museum to visitors: Please stop catching Pokemon here

Almost everywhere you turn, it seems, people have their eyes glued to smartphone screens playing Pokémon Go. Since its launch last week, the app has quickly become a cultural phenomenon that has fans of all ages hunting around their neighborhoods for collectible digital creatures that appear on players' screens as they explore real-world locations.

Jul 12 10:04

CEOs At Corporate Powerhouses Got Paid 276 Times The Typical American Worker’s Salary Last Year

Chief executives at the 350 largest American corporations made $15.5 million each on average last year, roughly 276 times what the typical U.S. worker earned.

Jul 12 09:59

Rights Group Slams US Police For Militarized Tactics

A prominent US civil rights group has criticized tactics used by US police against people who were protesting at recent killings of African Americans.

Jul 12 09:54

Nukeware: New malware deletes files and zaps system settings

Lazy but sneaky cybercrooks are slinging a new ransomware variant that falsely claims to have encrypted files when in reality it has deleted them.

Ranscam tricks victims by falsely claiming that files have been moved onto an hidden, encrypted partition.

In reality the malware has deleted files and comprehensively messed with system settings (removing executables associated with System Restores, deleting shadow copies, hobbling Safe Mode etc.) such that it is difficult or impossible to recover from an infection.

Victims are encouraged to pay a 0.2BTC ($125) ransom but in reality the crooks have no mechanism to restore compromised files. The attackers provided the same wallet address for all payments and for all samples identified by Cisco’s Talos security division.

Jul 12 09:50

Glamour model Teresa May inundated with tweets congratulating her on being new PM

A GLAMOUR model has been inundated with tweets congratulating her on being the new Prime Minister.

Teresa May - spelled without the 'h' - is getting mistaken for the new Tory leader as Twitter users attempted to congratulate the now former Home Secretary.

Jul 12 09:50

Whiskey, Tango, Foxtrot: Afghanistan Is FUBAR

Afghanistan keeps dropping out of the headlines. Despite its endless bleeding, its Enduring Freedom torment, caused by America’s anti-communist obsession, and perpetrated by its imperialist instinct for world control at all costs, it’s just not interesting for the thrill-seeking msm, and is embarrassing to its lame-duck Nobel laureate president.

Jul 12 09:39

Walkers crisps are investigated by advert watchdog over holiday competition that customers claim is impossible to win

Martin Curry tweeted: 'So that's 141 packet numbers entered into the Walkers Crisps Spell and Go competition and still need a C or a K.'

Matt Clark added: 'Foolishly been doing Walkers Crisps Spell and Go competition and now see that nobody else is getting a C, D or K either #sucker'

Gia Hall asked the company: 'Walkers Crisps, please can you show a list of winners for your Spell and Go competition as I can't find it anywhere as this is a rip off'

Jul 12 09:35

Move over Pluto! Astronomers find tiny new dwarf planet on edge of our solar system orbiting up to 11 billion miles from the sun

In the icy depths of our solar system a tiny new rocky planet has been discovered orbiting up to 120 times further out from the sun than the Earth.

The new dwarf planet, which has not yet been officially named, has a width just half the length of Britain and its orbit swings up to twice as far out as Pluto.

It takes the miniature world, which will be extremely cold due to the extreme distance from the sun, 700 years to complete just one loop around the solar system.

Jul 12 09:30

Police Are Using The Dallas Shooting To Go After Legal Open Carry

By Kory Watkins

Why would law enforcement want to attack legally open carrying individuals? Freedom and control.

Texas was one of five states to not have legal open carry of a modern-day handgun — this was until people grew frustrated and did something about it.

Not too long ago, there were dozens of marches each month all across Texas to further gun freedoms. They would call them “open carry rallies.” People from all over would march with long guns, signs, flags, and some even passing out Constitutions...

Jul 12 09:26

5 Minute Walnut Milk A Healthier Alternative to Almond

By Heather Callaghan

Nut milks are amazing – they are versatile, provide protein, are a great addition to smoothies or lattes and thankfully don’t carry the same allergen risks of commercial dairy milk (barring a nut allergy or severe autoimmune condition, of course). They’re perfectly paleo, vegan or pegan if you wish...

Jul 12 09:22

Video: Voices From The Streets: Thousands March In NYC Against Police Violence, 40 Arrested

Protests against police brutality are spreading across the country in the wake of the fatal police killings of African American men.