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Feb 23 16:15

Libyan army liberates Benghazi city from jihadist cutthroats

Libyan army liberates Benghazi city from jihadist cutthroats:” Nureddin Sabir reports that the Libyan National Army, affiliated to the internationally-recognised Libyan government, has liberated all the positions held by Islamic State, Al-Qaeda and other Islamist terrorists in Benghazi.

Feb 23 15:56

Democrats: Do You Realize Your Votes Don’t Matter? Hillary Already Won

While most of us already know the system is rigged and our votes aren’t worth the electronic voting machine we type them into regardless of which side of the carpet we’re voting on, this election with Hillary vs. Bernie has proven, without a doubt, that Dem votes don’t even pretend to matter — OPENLY!

Hillary will win the Dem nomination no matter what because she already has all the superdelegates. This isn’t about it being rigged for Hillary in some shady hidden manner (although that’s obvious too)… but on the surface, the Democrats have already been told by the DNC chair that their votes are worthless. It’s blatant and overt and everyone knows it. Hillary already has all the superdelegates in her pocket so there’s no way Bernie can possibly win anyway.

So why are they even continuing this charade?

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Feb 23 15:55

Just Following Orders: It Is Shockingly Easy to Get People to Do Bad Things

Imagine this scenario: you sign up to participate in a scientific study on memory and learning at a major university.

Your role is that of “Teacher,” and an “Experimenter” in a lab coat introduces you to your “Learner.”

You are then placed in front of an electric shock generator. Your Learner is seated in an adjacent room, where he is hooked up to electrodes. You can hear your Learner, but you cannot see him.

The Experimenter instructs you to provide your Learner with a series of word pairs. You are to test the Learner by naming a word and asking him to recall its partner/pair from a list of four possible choices.

If and when your Learner answers incorrectly, you are to administer a remote-controlled electric shock. The severity of the shocks increase with each subsequent wrong answer.

Feb 23 15:53

This is Why the Minimum Wage Is Such A Horrible Idea

In case you haven’t heard, the Oregon state legislature has recently approved a new minimum wage, and Governor Kate Brown has already agreed to sign it. This minimum wage law will be very different from the wage laws of most states, in that it will vary on a region by region basis. There will be gradual increases in each city and rural county until the year 2022. At that point, the city of Portland will have a minimum wage of $14.75, smaller cities will be at $13.50, and rural areas will be at $12.50.

Feb 23 15:52

Oregon Residents Left Baffled by Deafening High Pitch Noise

Over the past few weeks, the residents of Forest Grove, Oregon have endured a mysterious noise that often wakes them up in the middle of the night. It could be best described as an unnatural shrill squeal that’s as loud as an air raid siren. To date, nobody can figure out what it is. The best guess anyone can come up with is that it sounds like a gas leak, but no leaks have been found.

And in any case, if it did stem from a gas leak, residents of the community would definitely be able to smell it. The obnoxious sound typically lasts anywhere between a few seconds and several minutes. It’s also been blamed on the sewer system, a water leak, faulty car breaks, train tracks, fire alarms, and utility relief valves, but the authorities have ruled out all of those possibilities.
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Feb 23 15:50

Why Are Groups of People Always Beating Each Other up at Chuck E. Cheese?

How many times are we going to see a scene like this coming out of a Chuck E. Cheese? Is it the bright lights? The abundance of electromagnetic frequencies? The creepy animatronic puppet band?

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Feb 23 15:42

Nomi Prins: The Next Global Financial Crisis

Feb 23 15:23

Why Do Orthodox Jews Consider a Woman’s Singing Voice Immodest?

Finally, there are some who say that it is permissible for a man to hear a recorded song sung by a woman if he doesn’t know what she looks like since the Talmud states that, “the yetzer hara (evil inclination) is not interested in what the eyes do not see.”
Note: I wonder can one fart.

Feb 23 15:18

Jewish Extremist Claims Firebomb Confession Was Coerced

Ben-Uliel said in a recording reported Sunday night on Israel’s Channel 2 that the torture included being beaten, handcuffed and made to sit in uncomfortable positions, as well as being forced against his religious convictions to listen to women sing.
In addition to hearing women singing on the radio, a female interrogator also sang to him and touched him, which is also against his religious convictions, Ben-Uliel said in the recording.
Note: "religious convictions against listening to women sing!!

Feb 23 13:44

Rand: Obama's New Supreme Court Justice Will Be a "Conflict of Interest" to Decide Immigration's Constitutionality

It's like no one knows math.

After the untimely (or, timely, depending on from who’s perspective you look at it) death of Justice Scalia, Obama is now set to nominate his third Supreme Court justice — out of only nine justices — for life. While campaigning for reelection in Kentucky, Rand Paul talked about the huge “conflict of interest” this poses.

Citing the recent 5-4 Supreme Court ruling that halted Obama’s Clean Power Plan, Paul said that with the absence of Scalia, a sympathetic appointee would tip the scales in favor of the president’s immigration policies.

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Feb 23 13:40

Survey: You'll Never Guess What Americans Are Most Afraid Of...

Out of 88 potential horrors this batch of 1,500+ Americans were asked to rank in regard to their personal level of fear in 2015, you'll never guess what the number one thing people are most afraid of in this country...

Or perhaps you will.

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