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Jan 07 08:48

Iran accuses Saudis of hitting Yemen embassy

Iran has accused Saudi-led coalition warplanes of damaging its embassy and injuring staff in an air strike on Yemen's capital, Sanaa.

State media quoted a foreign ministry spokesman as saying planes had deliberately targeted the site.

But some later reports in Iran said missiles struck only in the vicinity of the embassy.

Residents and witnesses in Sanaa reported there was no damage to the main embassy building.

Jan 07 08:48

Most Americans can't handle a $500 surprise bill

While the recession may be long over, many Americans are still living one bill away from financial disaster.

Jan 07 08:47

DNC Chair, fueled by alcohol PACs, blasts legal pot

Democratic National Committee Chair Debbie Wasserman Schultz told theNew York Times she continues to oppose legalizing marijuana — even as she has courted alcohol PACs as one of the largest sources of her campaign funding.

Jan 07 08:45


snip: Who is more mentally unbalanced, those who are doing the shooting or those who refuse to examine the facts about what kinds of places attract such shooters? Schools and religious institutions are sitting ducks, and the shootings there have gone on until someone else with a gun showed up on the scene.

That is what puts an end to the carnage, not gun control laws.

People who are prepared to defy the laws against murder are not very likely to be stopped by laws against guns. Only law-abiding citizens are likely to be stopped by gun control laws, and to become sitting ducks.

Jan 07 08:35

Showdown in Oregon: How to – and How Not to Fight Tyranny

By Tony Cartalucci

The showdown between armed ranchers and federal agents in the US state of Oregon has triggered passionate debates not only about the particulars of the standoff itself, but the precise manner in which people should stand up against an increasingly overbearing government and the corporate-financier special interests that have commandeered it...

Jan 07 08:33

The End-Game of Debt-Fueled "Growth"

Jan 07 08:32

Trump Amazes WaPo Columnist by Drawing 60% Fewer People Than Sanders

“This Crowd Shot From Donald Trump’s Massachusetts Rally Is Absolutely Mind-Boggling,” the headline over Cillizza’s The Fix blog post reads (12/5/16), highlighting a photo that Post correspondent Jenna Johnson posted on Twitter:

Jan 07 08:31

New gun control measures won’t be effective at all

US president Barack Obama has taken unilateral action on gun control introducing new restrictions on gun sales – without seeking approval from Congress.

Jan 07 08:29

entangling alliances: 67 Countries the U.S. Is Obliged to Go to War For

one way or another we will be dragged into endless wars

Jan 07 08:19

University fires professor who called Sandy Hook a hoax

After a 10 day period in which he could appeal his pending termination, Florida Atlantic fired communication professor James Tracy on Monday.

Jan 07 08:16

A Man’s Hopeful Final Facebook Post Is Going Viral After He Was Killed On New Year’s Eve

Matthew DeRemer had a great outlook for 2016, until he was involved in a horrific motorcycle accident that took his life on New Year's Eve.

Jan 07 07:51

CIA Denies Request for Info on Edward Snowden

By Jon Rappoport

Matrix One: who is Edward Snowden?

Update: the CIA has just refused a FIOA request for information about its former employee, Edward Snowden.

The request was filed on November 15 by John Young, the owner of The CIA’s response, dated December 29, refers to Young’s query seeking “records granting Edward Joseph Snowden access to classified information…[and] records indicating Mr. Snowden[‘s] compliance with controls of classified information upon leaving the CIA.”

The CIA’s letter to Young states, “…the CIA can neither confirm nor deny the existence or nonexistence of records responsive to your request.” The CIA letter states that any other response would violate rules governing classification of data.

Bottom line: the CIA has nothing specific to say about Snowden’s status while he worked for the Agency.

Once again, the question of exactly who Edward Snowden is resurfaces...

Jan 07 07:34

Oldschool Lavender Lemonade: The Secret Recipe for Anxiety and Headaches

By Melinda Cafferty

Among the most common debilitating ailments that nearly everyone is likely to experience with frequency are headaches and anxiety. Worse, the two are very often related – one feeding off the other in a downward spiral that can seem to be never-ending. Moreover, the onset is often without warning or any conscious reason, so prevention becomes quite difficult...

Jan 07 07:09

When The Economy Crashes Parts Of America Will Resemble A 3rd World Country: Peter Schiff

Webmaster addition: Parts of America already look like a third world country!

BTW, the First World are the capitalist countries. The Second World are the socialist countries. The Third World are those countries not aligned firmly with either system. Being Third World does not automatically mean impoverished. There are many Third World nations doing quite well. Better than the US in fact!

Jan 07 07:04

Unwrapping Christmas in Russian literature

The majority of Russians celebrate Christmas on Jan. 7, as the Orthodox Church follows the Julian calendar. For Russian kids impatient for presents, New Year's Eve is the date to look forward to, leaving Christmas as a solemn, religious celebration that rounds off the festive season. Celebrations begin in earnest on 6 January, when the faithful attend a Christmas Eve service before breaking a 40-day meat and dairy fast with kutya (sweetened cooked grain), served as part of a 12-dish Holy Supper – one for each of Christ's disciples – after the first star appears in the sky.

Jan 07 07:00

Coca-Cola Includes Crimea in Russian Map, Ukraine Demands Boycott

Ukrainians have expressed outrage after a Coca-Cola ad on a Russian social media website featured Crimea on the Russian map.

Jan 07 06:29

32 years ago, KGB propagandist explained how America would turn Marxist

In 1970, former KGB informant and RIA Novosti propagandist Yuri Bezmenov, managed to defect to the West. Up until his death in 1993, he dedicated himself to exposing the true nature of communist and socialist ideologies.