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Aug 29 11:37

Last days of Russian summer bring snow to Yakutia

The first snow has fallen - of the summer or winter? - in Yakutia and the Zabaykalsky Territory (Siberia). Shocked locals rushed to share their photos and on Instagram...

Aug 29 11:37

Trump Promises Hurricane Harvey Aid & Boosts Border Wall At White House With Finnish President

President Donald Trump addressed Hurricane Harvey, terrorism, US-Russia relations and more during a joint news conference with Finnish president Sauli Niinisto at the White House.

Aug 29 11:35

68 years ago: First atomic bomb tested in the Soviet Union. Cloak, dagger and scientific brilliance: The making of the Soviet atom bomb

On Aug. 29, 1949 the first Soviet atomic bomb was successfully tested at the Semipalatinsk test site (the territory of modern Kazakhstan) - 20 km in diameter. It was called “RDS-1” (short for "jet engine special"). The design was very similar to the first U.S.-made "Fat Man" plutonium bomb. In 1950, nine more RDS-1 atomic bombs were made. By March 1951, the Soviet Union possessed 15 plutonium nuclear bomb of this type. On Aug. 5, 1963 a treaty banning nuclear weapons testing in the atmosphere, in outer space, and underwater - also known as the "Moscow Treaty" - was signed in the Russian capital. The USSR, U.S., and UK were party to the agreement. Today, 131 states adhere to this treaty.

Aug 29 11:30

Deep State Banishes Bannon And Company

My take on Steve Bannon’s recent firing is at odds with the celebratory tone I detect from others, especially those claiming it’s a victory for decent people. It was nothing of the sort, and Bannon wasn’t banished for any of the reasons we’ve read about in mainstream media accounts.

Aug 29 11:18

Warning From The U.S. Infrastructure Council, 9/11-Level Cyber Attack Imminent

Ron Paul has been censored by social media. News reporters have now reported that Antifa is responsible for the violence. Trump will allow the police to have military weaponry. Congress signed a bill that violates the 4th Amendment.

Aug 29 11:10

Reporter: ‘If that dam breaks — downtown Houston is gone!’

As floodwaters carried in from Hurricane Harvey continue to rise one of the city’s oldest dams is already spilling over and threatening to burst.

Officials and longtime residents of the city fear that the Addicks dam could potentially burst after reaching capacity and over-spilling into the reservoir at the rate of 10,000 cubic feet of water per second, according to a Fox News reporter who has been on scene since daybreak.

Aug 29 11:07

Video: RAW: Iraqi Forces Gaining Control Of Tal Afar

Iraqi military forces fighting against ISIS are now reportedly controlling most parts of Tal Afar, including the city center, according to reports from officials.

Aug 29 11:07

5-Year-Old Girl Taken From Christian Family, Given To Muslims, Forced To Learn Arabic

A sickening case has emerged in Tower Hamlets, London of a young girl aged just 5 being forced to live with foster carers who took away her Christian cross and demanded that she learn Arabic. The Muslim carers wore a niqab and burka covering their faces.

Aug 29 10:56

The CIA Preps Their Next JFK Psyop

Published on Aug 29, 2017SHOW NOTES:

We all know that the last of the JFK assassination records are due to be declassified in October. And we even know what the government says it's hiding from us. But do you know the story that the CIA is trying to plant in the public consciousness about what is going to be "revealed" in these documents?

Aug 29 10:51

A Dilemma For Undocumented People In Texas: Wait Out Hurricane Harvey Or Seek Help And Risk Deportation?

Hurricane Harvey has threatened the safety of immigrants in Texas who are afraid to evacuate to shelters or approach authorities to seek help, in part because of a new law set to go into effect Friday that allows police in Texas to ask people they detain for their immigration status.

Aug 29 10:50

3 Killed As Small Aircraft Crashes In Georgia Woods

Three people were killed when a charter plane crashed in a dense forest in Georgia. It took the ground and air search crews over two hours to locate the missing plane.

The aircraft, a brown and tan Beech Bonanza A36, disappeared from radar at about 9:30am, prompting the Federal Aviation Administration to alert local emergencies services regarding the possibility of a downed aircraft, according to AP.

Aug 29 10:49

Spain: Breaking Up Is Hard To Do

When the Catalans goes to the polls Oct. 1, much more than independence for Spain’s restive province will be at stake. In many ways the vote will be a sounding board for Spain’s future, but it is also a test of whether the European Union—divided between north and south, east and west—can long endure.

Aug 29 10:49


Roger Stone, a longtime friend of the President’s, just said what he needs to do to drain the swamp…and it’s terrifying.

Aug 29 10:34

Video: Hurricane Harvey Aftermath: At Least 3 Dead As Storm Rampages Across Texas

At least 3 people died and up to 14 more were injured as Hurricane Harvey hit the Texas Gulf Coast town of Rockport on Saturday, causing major damage.

Aug 29 10:34

Video: Iraqi Army Retakes Tal Afar From ISIS Amid Rights Groups’ Concerns

The Iraqi army says it has retaken the city of Tal Afar, one of the few remaining Islamic State strongholds in the country.

Aug 29 10:33

Antifa Mobs Violently Attack Peaceful Protesters At Berkeley, Police Stand Down

A mob of self-proclaimed “anti-hate protesters” were filmed violently attacking peaceful anti-Marxist, pro-Trump rally-goers at Berkeley with fists, sticks and urine.

Aug 29 10:07

Despite privacy outrage, AccuWeather still shares precise location data with ad firms

AccuWeather is still sending precise geolocation data to a third-party advertiser, ZDNet can confirm, despite updating its app earlier this week to remove a feature that collected user's location data without their permission.

In case you missed it, AccuWeather was until this week sending the near-precise location of its iPhone app users to Reveal Mobile, a data monetization firm -- even when location sharing was switched off. Security researcher Will Strafach, who first reported the issue, also accused the company of sharing a user's precise GPS coordinates under the guise of providing local weather alerts.

The news sparked outrage and anger. AccuWeather responded with a forced apology, which one leading Apple critic John Gruber called a "bulls**t response."

However, tests conducted by Strafach show that the updated app, released Thursday, still shares precise geolocation data with a data monetization and advertising firm.

Aug 29 10:02

Tropical Storm Harvey: Dams and levee that protect Houston overflow

A levee south of Houston has been breached and two reservoir dams that protect the centre of the city have begun overflowing as floodwaters continue to rise following storm Harvey.

Brazoria County authorities warned residents on Tuesday to "get out now!" after a levee at Columbia Lakes began overflowing following five consecutive days of heavy rain.

Engineers began releasing water from the 70-year-old Addicks and Barker reservoirs on Monday to ease the strain on the dams.

But the releases were not enough to relieve the pressure after one of the heaviest downpours in US history, the Army Corps of Engineers said.

Aug 29 09:59

Tim Cook reaps $89.2 million stock award as Apple outshines S&P

Apple Inc. Chief Executive Officer Tim Cook collected 560,000 shares, half of them linked to the company’s performance and the maximum allowed under the iPhone maker’s long-term compensation program.

Aug 29 09:54

Flood-Damaged Documents, Books May Be Salvageable with Electron Beam Technology

Documents, books and similar items soaked and muddied in the potentially sewage-laden flood waters produced by Hurricane Harvey may be salvageable with the use of electronic beam technology.

“This technology has been used around the world to save documents and paintings that otherwise would be lost,” said Dr. Suresh Pillai, director of the National Center for Electron Beam Research, part of Texas A&M AgriLife Research, College Station.

Pillai said the technology is useful for killing mold, fungus and bacteria that invade moist environments. Irradiation has been used worldwide to save documents such as ancient Orthodox Christian icons in Romania, cultural artifacts in Brazil and religious sculptures in France.

Aug 29 09:49

Study: ISPs Can Use IOT Devices to Spy on You

Noah Apthorpe at Princeton University set up a fake home, complete with seven real internet-connected devices, in the hopes of finding out what they might reveal about their users.

Apthorpe and other researchers found that it was notably trivial for an ISP to identify and track usage of numerous devices around the home, which could (if it's not already) be used to make the carrier even more money off of your everyday behavior. The study found that ISPs could track a user’s sleep patterns by detecting when sleep trackers accessed to the internet, or observe when a home camera detected movement or when someone is watching a live video feed.