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Nov 07 15:17

Analysts say role of Kurdish minorities soared amid civil wars in Middle East

Just-launched offensive by the US-backed Syrian Democratic Forces towards Raqqa - the unofficial capital of the Islamic State (outlawed in Russia) - means that the Syrian Kurds hope to have a major say in the country’s postwar reconstruction, polled analysts told TASS. The Syrian Democratic Forces incorporate armed groups where Kurdish militias constitute the backbone. On Sunday, they declared that in the small hours of November 6 they had begun an operation with the aim to recapture Syria’s city of Raqqa from Islamic State militants. About 30,000 fighters are involved in the offensive codenamed Euphrates Rage. US Secretary of Defense Ashton Carter confirmed the start of the Raqqa operation in a special statement. In contrast to the current battle for the control of Iraq’s Mosul, where the United States has an official approval from Baghdad, in Syria the Pentagon is acting without consent from the authorities in Damascus...

Nov 07 15:16

The Future Of Civil Rights Is Up To The Supreme Court

When 95-year-old Rosanell Eaton first registered to vote in the Jim Crow South, she was forced to pass a written literacy test and recite the preamble of the Constitution from memory. Seven decades after becoming one of the first African American voters in her county, Eaton once again found herself facing obstacles undermining her access to the franchise.

Nov 07 15:15

Hillary Clinton: Not Lesser Evil, Just Evil

It is a staple observation of modern feminism that a woman has to be twice as capable as a man to go half as far in her career, which should mean that in the negative profession of U.S. politics a woman has to be four times as evil as a man in order to capture the presidency.

Nov 07 15:14

38 ceasefire violations reported in Syria in past day — Russian reconciliation center

A total of 38 ceasefire violations by illegal armed groups were reported during the day in Syria, including 18 — in the province of Aleppo, 15 — in the province of Damascus, two — in the province of Latakia, two — in the province of Hama, and one — in the province of Homs, the Russian Center for reconciliation of the warring parties in Syria said in its regular daily bulletin posted on the Russian Defense Ministry’s official website on Monday. "Armed groups which have declared joining the regime of cessation of hostilities conducted fire from home-made multiple missile launcher systems, mortars and firearms at the settlement of Azizi in the province of Aleppo and Aleppo’s district of Hai al-Antari; at the settlements of Jobar, Harasta, Bleliye, the Tishreen hospital and height 612 in the province of Damascus; and at the settlement of Ain Sleima and positions of government forces on Abu Ali mount in the province of Latakia," the center said...

Nov 07 15:08

Rally in support of Russian diplomats held in front of UK’s embassy in Moscow

About a thousand of Syrian and Russian students and public activists rallied on Monday in front of the British embassy in Moscow to express their support to Russian diplomats. "We, Syrian students studying in Moscow, have come to the British embassy in Moscow for a rally in support of Russia and Russian diplomats," Moussa Ramadan, the president of the Union of Syrian Student in Russia and Countries of the Commonwealth of Independent States (CIS), told TASS. "We are saying thanks to Russia, thanks to the Russian people, thanks to the Russian leaders who support the Syrian people and the Syrian army in their efforts against terrorism," he said. Participants in the rally were holding posters reading "Hands off Russian diplomats," "Hands off Russia." Some were holding Russian and Syrian flags.

Nov 07 15:07

Ministry: FBI exerts pressure on Russian diplomats to keep them away from polling stations

FBI exerted direct pressure on Russian diplomats to bar them from approaching polling stations at the presidential elections in the United States on November 8, Russian Foreign Ministry Spokeswoman Maria Zakharova said on Monday. "I cannot understand what is happening to Washington: it sees Moscow’s hand everywhere, ‘Kremlin hackers,’ leaks of classified information, bans for Russian diplomats to approach polling stations," she wrote on her Facebook account. "It has come to open intimidation of the staff of diplomatic missions. Thus, the State Department has recommended Russian representatives not to approach polling stations and the authorities in a number of states have come even further and warned of criminal prosecution. So, it is banned even to see the voting procedure." "Facts of direct pressure on Russian overseas missions in the United States from FBI have been reported in the recent days.

Nov 07 15:05

Creating a legal precedent: Palestine considers suing Israel in international sports court

James Dorsey examines the wider implications of plans by the Palestinians to take Israel to the world’s top sports court to force it to ban clubs based in Jewish colonies in the West Bank from playing in Israeli divisions.

Nov 07 14:59

Walter Scott’s Fatal Shooting By White Police Officer Unjustified – Prosecution

The police shooting of Walter Scott, an unarmed black man killed by a white officer, was not justified even if the officer was provoked, a prosecutor said in the trial’s opening arguments. The former cop fired at Scott’s back as he tried to flee.

Nov 07 14:58

Obama Mocks Trump With Twitter Jab

US President Barack Obama has made fun of Donald Trump for having his Twitter access taken away on the final days of the campaign, saying the Republican candidate’s inability to control a social networking account means he cannot be trusted with nuclear codes.

“Apparently, his campaign has taken away his Twitter,” Obama said at a campaign event for Democratic nominee Hillary Clinton in Kissimmee, Florida, on Sunday.

Nov 07 14:48

The Disturbing Links Between Spirit Cooking, “Artistic” Ritual Mutilations, Pedophilia, and the Podestas

By now, you’ve probably seen the words “spirit cooking.” You may have read the mentions of this ritual with regard to John and Tony Podesta in the Wikileaks emails.

But what is it really?

I’ve written about a lot of disturbing stuff, but this is among the most repellant.

The truth is, this “art” contains yummy recipes like menstrual blood, urine, sperm mixtures. The “art” has hints of necrophilia, self-harm, masochism, sadism, dismemberment, torture, and pedophilia. You can see some examples of the “art” below the video.

Nov 07 14:42

NATO declares full combat readiness because of conflict with Russia

NATO Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg said that against the backdrop of growing tensions in relations with Russia, hundreds of thousands of NATO troops would be brought to a higher readiness. To restrain the "Russian aggression," the alliance intends to prepare an impressive amount of ground troops, although Stoltenberg did not specify the exact number of the troops. According to the UK permanent representative to NATO Adam Thomson, the alliance seeks to speed up the response time of 300,000 servicemen from 180 days to two months. Residents of NATO countries do not want a military conflict with Russia, nor are they ready to deal with it, a poll conducted by Pew Research Center said. The survey found that residents of several NATO member states were not ready to come into a military conflict with Russia, even if she attacked one of the alliance members, RT reports.

Nov 07 14:42

German Siblings Terrorized By Thought Police In Europe & Canada For Daring To Discuss The 'Holocaust'

A German brother and sister tell their compelling stories of harassment and even arrest at the hands of the politically correct Jewish supremacists who are in charge of the governments of Germany and Canada. Henrik Palmgren of Red Ice Radio conducts a compelling interview with brother and sister Alfred and Monika Schaefer.

Nov 07 14:40

Fifteen years after NATO bombings, Montenegro wants to join NATO

Montenegro's prosecutor for investigations in the field of organized crime, Milivoye Katnich, said that a group "Russian nationalists" was plotting to assassinate Montenegrin Prime Minister Milo Djukanovic, who is known for his pro-Western orientation. "Organizers of a criminal group, who are nationalists from the Russian Federation, proceeded from the fact that the government of Montenegro chaired by Milo Djukanovic would not be changed as a result of elections, so one had to overthrow the government by force," the prosecutor said, Pravda.Ru reports. Pravda.Ru asked an expert opinion from an expert at the Institute of European Studies, Stevan Gayich. "Is it a provocation of the pro-Western government? Who is standing behind it?" "What the prosecutor's office of Montenegro, and the Djukanovic regime in general, have been doing recently can be described as walking in the fog.

Nov 07 14:38

Kurds decide to get on US nerves

Falah Bakir, Head of the Kurdistan Regional Government (in Iraq) Department of Foreign Relations, reported, that he had asked for military and humanitarian aid while meeting with the Russian Deputy Foreign Minister Mikhail Bogdanov. 'We asked for humanitarian aid to render support to refugees, that came to the Iraqi Kurdistan from other regions of the country, as well as from Syria,' Bakir said. The situation in the Kurdish area of Iraq has reached its critical point. Have they addressed someone else, or just Russia?.. The Iraqi Kurds had great relations with the Soviet Union, at the time Primakov headed the Kurdish direction. Masud Barzani (President of the Kurdish autonomy in Iraq)studied in the USSR. Thus, there are some ties. But any deliveries to the Iraqi Kurdistan require agreement with the central Iraqi government in Baghdad. For the moment it's not quite clear what the Kurds are asking for. It should be noted that there are several US military facilities in Kurdistan.

Nov 07 14:29

USA Continues Drive to Plutocracy, Dismantling of State

Interest groups and lobbyists have been busy peddling their client's interests since 1816 when Delaware manufacturer Isaac Briggs teamed up with his colleagues in an attempt to convince federal lawmakers to impose tariffs on the import of foreign made manufactures. Alexis de Tocqueville writing in his two volume set Democracy in America (1835, 1840) observed the unique American characteristic of banding together in civic and issue specific interest groups for the purpose of influencing lawmakers, regulators and public opinion at the local, state and national levels. Congressional legislation to limit the influence of lobbyists in the US Congress and the federal government at large arguably did not being in earnest until the 20th Century.

Nov 07 14:25

Banana Republic Election in the United States?

Nothing is more hypocritical than to hear that the US government is going to send "election observers" to other countries. For nowhere on the planet are elections more easily rigged than in the United States of America. In "Votescam: The Stealing of America" (1992) the late Collier brothers summarized the alarming state of affairs, which still prevails today. In Chapter one, "Electronic Hoodwink", they begin by quoting the first words spoken by President-elect, George Bush in his Nov. 8, 1988 victory speech in Houston, Texas. Bush said: "We can now speak the most majestic words a democracy can offer: "The people have spoken..." The Colliers comment in the following brilliantly written passage: "It was not "the People" of the United States who did 'the speaking' on that election day, although most of them believed it was, and still believe it. In fact, the People did not speak at all.

Nov 07 14:24

A Flashbang Video Production

My short documentary about the effectiveness of protesting.

I intend to interview voters and record exit polling. Any Seattle-area 'Rangers,' who are interested in participating, let me know at Twitter @CyberDurden.

Nov 07 14:22

Well Known Catholic Priest On "There may be some bad" Trump vs. "The Evil" Hillary: "While the evils foreseen eight years ago were realized, worse would come if those affronts to human dignity were endorsed again"

Father George W. Rutler was ordained to the diaconate in Rome by His Eminence William Cardinal Baum in 1980 and received priestly ordination in St. Patrick's Cathedral at the hands of His Eminence Terence Cardinal Cooke in 1981.. Father Rutler has lectured and given retreats in many nations, frequently in Ireland and Australia. Cardinal Egan appointed him Pastor of the Church of Our Saviour, effective September 17, 2001. He writes, "It is incorrect to say that the coming presidential election poses a choice between two evils. For ethical and aesthetic reasons, there may be some bad in certain candidates, but badness consists in doing bad things. The Evil is different: it is the deliberate destruction of truth, virtue and holiness.

Nov 07 14:16

Marching on Red Square: Reenacted 1941 Military Parade

A ceremonial march celebrating the legendary Nov. 7, 1941 military parade was held on Moscow’s Red Square on Nov. 7. Anniversary of the 1941 military parade on Red Square in Moscow was opened by soldiers who marched with the flags of regiments that defended the Russian capital 75 years ago. More than 5,000 people marched along Moscow’s main square. The servicemen wore uniforms of the 1940s. The spectators saw the ceremony re-enacting the war events. The military equipment of the Great Patriotic War era - tanks T-34, T-38, T-37 and T-60 and Katyusha multiple rocket launchers - paraded across the square. The march marking the parade’s anniversary was held in Moscow for the 14th time. Moscow Mayor Sergey Sobyanin later greeted the veterans and the Muscovites on occasion of the parade’s anniversary. "It lasted just more than an hour, but cannot be compared for its influence on the moral of our people, this was the victory without a single shot fired.