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Jun 17 10:41

The parents of a 12-year-old black girl have sued her Texas school after a group of white classmates allegedly wrapped a rope around her neck and “violently jerked” her to the ground, leaving burns in her skin that are documented in graphic photos

The incident, which reportedly left the girl with a “severe and painful” rope cut on her neck, has brought national attention to Live Oak classical school, a largely white private school in Waco, Texas, that has been accused of having a history of bullying problems.

Jun 17 10:40

Jury awards $22 million to man locked in closet by East Cleveland police for four days with no food or toilet

A jury awarded a Maple Heights man $22 million this week for a 2012 traffic stop during which he was punched by an East Cleveland police officer and locked in a storage closet for four days without food, water or access to a toilet.

Jun 17 10:38

Labour MPs urge Britons to vote for Brexit next week to topple Cameron and Osborne

A new advertising campaign, launched with just seven days until the UK’s historic in/out vote on EU membership, instructs voters to ‘Wipe the smile off their faces’ above a photo of the grinning Prime Minister and Chancellor.

The pitch to voters fed up with the Conservative Government has been funded by the Labour Leave group, supported by prominent Brexit-backing MPs such as Kate Hoey, Graham Stringer, Kelvin Hopkins and John Mann.

Jun 17 10:17

Ex-Brussels chief pushes for EU Army and tells leaders to work FASTER to create one

Former Nato secretary general Javier Solana, who was the EU's foreign policy chief, said the organisation's 28 members need to join forces on defence and security matters to form a united force against jihadism and radicalisation.

Speaking during a presentation of an EU study titled 'On the way towards a European Defence Union: White Book as a first step', the retired diplomat said: "As Europeans we must move towards greater integration in defence and security, so that our responses are effective."

His comments will be seized on by eurosceptics as another move towards the creation of an EU army.

Jun 17 10:16

Germany unleashes weapon to keep Britain in EU – by threatening to withhold SAUSAGES

GERMANY is trying to bribe the UK to remain in the European Union by giving out sausages so UK meat-lovers will know what they would miss in the case of a Leave Vote.

You couldn't make it up.

Jun 17 10:07


Gay pastor drops his lawsuit against Whole Foods and admits he made up the entire story...


Jun 17 10:07

'We shall not take anyone in' Angry Hungarian ministers hit back at EU migration quotas

HUNGARIAN politicians have said the country will not accept any migrants because the country “does not need immigration”.

Jun 17 09:37

Student Cited For 'Threatening Safety' For Wearing Empty Holster

University of South Alabama police don't like this young man's empty holster...


Jun 17 09:14

Top Secret Clinton Emails Exposed CIA Drone Strikes

Top-secret emails at the core of a criminal probe involving Hillary Clinton's handling of classified information were messages concerning CIA drone strikes. How did they end up on the Secretary's private email server?

Update from the WSJ...


Jun 17 09:04

Obama 'Directly Responsible' For Orlando Carnage: McCain

US Republican Senator John McCain has said that President Barack Obama is “directly responsible” for the Orlando nightclub carnage, because the rise of the Daesh (ISIL) group happened during his presidency.

Jun 17 09:03

The 2016 Super Bloc Vote Part II Unleashing David vs the Russian Goliath

Voting blocs, smoting blocs, who gives a damn? I got bloc'd in traffic the other day! This is America and everybody has a “voting bloc!” What ya' didn't know they're on sale at Walmart? Two for a dolla'.