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Nov 07 13:09

The Musketeers’ Final Adventure

These days, the Suez crisis turns 60. In the history of the Israel—Egypt confrontation, it was overshadowed by the larger wars of 1967 and 1973, but it holds a very special place in the history of the Cold war. Operation Musketeer was the UK and France’s last attempt at conducting an independent superpower policy. Each party traveled its own path to the conflict. After World War II, the foundation of Israel, and the first Arab—Israeli war it lost, Egypt experienced a sharp rise in the sense of its Arab national identity. It resulted in the July revolution of 1952 (doing double duty as a military coup d’état) which replaced the monarchy with military dictatorship led by lieutenant colonel Gamal Abdel Nasser. The new regime relied on anti-Israeli and anti-British popular sentiments, employed harsher rhetoric toward Israel, and set course for forcing the British military to withdraw from Egypt.

Nov 07 13:03

Ex-EU Staff Still Getting Paid By Brussels 2 Years After Leaving

16 former EU Commissioners still receive sizeable annual allowances meant to prevent them from going into well-paid corporate jobs despite having left office two years ago, German media reports. All of them are now top executives in industry or at lobbying firms.

Nov 07 13:00

The Establishment Will Get Its "F**K You" No Matter Who Wins

Submitted by Howard Kunstler via,

A mighty nausea wells up across the land as the awful day cometh. Who will receive the black spot of fate on Tuesday? I wouldn’t want to be him or her on that dreadful day. The flagship of Modernity has lost its vaunted mojo and nobody knows what to do about it as the USS-USA pitches and yaws into the maelstrom.

Much opinion “out there” contends that we will have to suffer an election overtime, with the results contested on every hill and molehill from sea to shining sea. That scenario suggests various outcomes, all of them pretty bad:

Nov 07 12:57

'Kill Your Local Trump Supporter' Spray-painted in Boston

Tolerant leftists spray-painted "Kill Your Local Trump Supporter" in the latest act of terroristic voter intimidation directed against American patriots.

Nov 07 12:47

Trump Says FBI Rank & File ‘Won’t Let Clinton Get Away With Crimes,’ Questions Email Review

GOP presidential nominee Donald Trump said the FBI’s rank-and-file agents will not stop investigating Hillary Clinton’s handling of confidential information via her private server even after the FBI director said no charges would be brought against her.

Nov 07 12:39

‘Significant Damage’ In Cushing After 5.0 Quake Shakes Central Oklahoma

Citizens of Oklahoma and neighboring states felt a strong tremor on Sunday evening as a 5.0-magnitude earthquake struck some 50 miles (80 km) northeast of Oklahoma City. The nearby town of Cushing reportedly experienced structural damage and power cuts.

Nov 07 12:36

Cyber Sabotage? US Govt Hackers Reportedly Penetrate Russian Infrastructure

Russia expects Washington to provide an explanation after a report claimed that Pentagon cyber-offensive specialists have hacked into Russia’s power grids.

Nov 07 12:28

In an Ironic Twist, a Whole Bunch of Felons Could Swing the Election for Clinton

Every time we think we’ve seen the most audacious thing possible regarding the election, something even more audacious happens.

In Virginia, Governor McAuliffe providing sweeping clemency for some convicts.

And 60,000 felons were added to the Virginia voting rolls, just like that.

Nov 07 12:24

So, The FBI Didn’t Actually Read All Those Emails

On October 28th, the world learned that the FBI would be reviewing 650,000 emails on “devices” linked to Hillary Clinton. They said that the job would take “many weeks” and that the investigation would not conclude before the election.

Imagine my surprise when I learned they had completed their investigation in a mere ten days and declared Clinton had not broken the law in any way, shape, or form.

There's just one thing - they didn't actually physically read the emails.

Nov 07 12:04

Energy Interests, Mostly Fossil Fuels, Give Big To Ohio Campaigns

With the fate of the state’s clean energy standards and the federal Clean Power Plan still unsettled, utility, fossil fuel and nuclear energy interests spent about $3 million in reported contributions for Ohio political campaigns this year through October.

Nov 07 11:55

Shocking Questions About The FBI & The ‘News’ Media

At 2:47 in this video about a key moment in the 7 September 2016 “Town Hall” ‘debate’ between Trump and Clinton where Matt Lauer has asked her about her privatization of her State Department emails, Ms. Clinton says, “but the real question is the handling of classified materials, which is I think what the implication of your question was.”

Nov 07 11:53

NBC Reports U.S. Prepping Possible False-Flag Cyber-Attack Election Day

The reliability of all of these reports can reasonably be questioned, but here they are:

On October 14th, NBC News bannered “CIA Prepping for Possible Cyber Strike Against Russia”, and reported that, “The Obama administration is contemplating an unprecedented cyber covert action against Russia in retaliation for alleged Russian interference in the American presidential election, U.S. intelligence officials told NBC News. … The sources did not elaborate on the exact measures the CIA was considering, but said the agency had already begun opening cyber doors, selecting targets and making other preparations for an operation.”

Nov 07 11:30

Koch Brothers Secretly Allied W. George Soros For Hillary Clinton

The leading financiers of the Republican Party, the Koch brothers, were exposed on November 4th by the great investigative journalist Lee Fang, as being solid supporters and heavy financiers of congressional candidates who have been leaders in expanding the U.S. military budget and moving America toward a police state (including militarization of the police).

Nov 07 11:17

The CNN CIA Manipulation Against Trump

In this video Luke Rudkowski goes over the latest news of CNN bias towards Donald Trump and covers the behind the scenes story of where this news organization actually has there connections to.

Nov 07 11:07

Perjurer, Child Sexual Abuser: Retired North Wales Police Superintendent Gordon Anglesea

In the UK, on 21 October 2016, Gordon Anglesea was found guilty of sexually abusing boys at a North Wales children's home, Bryn Estyn, and at a young offenders institution.