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Aug 30 11:30

‘Even without nukes, military conflict with N. Korea will turn South into desert’

If the current situation in East Asia is not resolved, a number of countries “will be living under a threat of a nuclear volcano erupting,” Russian diplomat and an expert in Asian studies, professor Georgy Toloraya told

“Everyone understands perfectly well that for North Korea, if it initiates an aggressive strike, a military conflict will mean a complete and immediate destruction, because no one can deny the US military might,” Toloraya said.

“However, for the US, attempts to solve this problem militarily also bring on a retaliatory strike by North Korea that would turn South Korea into a desert,” he warned, saying the North doesn't even need nuclear weapons for that.

Aug 30 11:25

BOMBSHELL: These teenage girls DIED of meningitis even after getting vaccinated… total media blackout

High school senior Kimberly Coffey came home from school one day complaining of body aches and fever. Her health quickly deteriorated, and she eventually ended up on life support after her organs failed. She died and was buried just three days before her high school graduation in the prom dress that she never got to wear. Her mother said she couldn’t believe her diagnosis at first because she had received the vaccine, and now she is trying to make sure everyone knows that the vaccine does not offer the protection many people think it does.

In a separate incident, 19-year-old Emily Stillman, a college sophomore, complained of body aches and headache. ER doctors initially thought she was suffering from a migraine, but a spinal tap performed after she lost consciousness revealed that she had meningitis. Her mother said she had no idea that the vaccine did not protect against all strains of the illness.

Aug 30 11:15

Russia's sixth generation MiG 41 fighter jet will be capable of space travel and could operate without a pilot

Russia says its sixth-generation fighter jets will be capable of space travel and could be operated without a pilot.

The new interceptor, currently being designed to replace the MiG 31, will be a spiritual successor to its older sibling.

It will feature far more advanced armaments and capabilities, according to claims made by its manufacturers.

But it could be a while before we see the aircraft in action, with experts predicting they won't be ready until at least 2035.

Aug 30 11:06

Fears over deep space travel as Cosmonaut study reveals the human immune system 'doesn’t know what to do' on long missions

It may come as no surprise that an extended trip to space can take its toll on the human body – but, at the molecular level, the mechanisms that drive these changes largely remain a mystery.

Now, in efforts to better understand the effects of weightlessness, scientists have analyzed protein composition in blood samples of 18 Russian cosmonauts who each partook in long-duration missions to the International Space Station.

This revealed that space flight causes the immune system to ‘turn on all possible defense systems’ in the face of the unfamiliar threat, leading to significant changes all throughout the human body, from the organs down to the tissues and cells.

Aug 30 10:49


Donald Trump may be President now and working hard to try and put our country back together with his time in office, but that does NOT mean he forgets the people who got him there.

Aug 30 10:35

Systemic Uncertainty, Meet Fragility

That's the problem with fragility: everything looks fine on the surface until a crisis applies pressure. Then the whole rickety contraption collapses in a heap..

Aug 30 09:55

Alien hunting Breakthrough project detects FIFTEEN 'repeater' fast radio bursts from a dwarf galaxy 3 billion light years from Earth

Scientists involved in a $100 million initiative to search for alien life have detected 15 mysterious signals coming from a galaxy 3 billion light-years away.

These signals, known as fast radio bursts, are a new batch of radio emissions emanating from a source dubbed the ‘repeater’ – the first FRB ever known to repeat.

According to the experts with Breakthrough Listen, the discovery confirms the source is in a newly active state, and marks the first time FRBs have been detected at higher frequencies.

Aug 30 09:39

Parents heartbreak as their daughters are the youngest EVER dementia sufferers after diagnosis aged just six and ten - one has died and the other is unable to walk or talk

Two sisters are thought to be the youngest ever victims of dementia after being struck down by the disease at just six and 10 years old.

Older sister Emily, who died at just 21, was diagnosed with a form of Alzheimer's disease when she was just six years old, while her sister Sarah, now 19, developed the condition at 10.

Sarah, who is also expected to die young, is no longer able to walk, talk or write her name and is forced to communicate via an iPad.

Aug 30 09:39

An Exclusive Look Inside The Beta

By Aaron Kesel

Kim Dotcom just launched a demo of his new micro payments business and I got into the exclusive preview. Here’s what you need to know about the revolutionary service...

Aug 30 09:31

Broadband providers could sell details about your private habits using data from smart devices such as cameras, sleep monitors and SEX TOYS

Details of your private habits within your own home could be sold on to advertisers by broadband providers, a shocking new study warns.

Experts discovered that increasingly popular internet connected smart devices may give our broadband providers intrusive insights into our personal lives.

Information transmitted by products ranging from home security cameras, toasters and sleep monitors could be sold to third parties to help them target their products.

Data revealed by more personal smart items, from medical equipment to vibrators, could represent a significant breach of our privacy.

Aug 30 09:28

Not so Cool Runnings: Four revellers who 'blacked up' to look like Jamaican bobsleigh team during Welsh carnival are investigated by police for racism

Four carnival revellers who 'blacked up' to look like a Jamaican bobsleigh team are being investigated by police for racism.

The four men covered themselves in black bodypaint and Lycra bodysuits to dress up as characters from the 1993 cult comedy film Cool Runnings.

But the men who used a wooden bobsleigh sparked a police probe after complaints that their outfits in the street parade in Aberaeron, West Wales, were racist.