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May 12 13:57

Cuba: Strong, Resilient, Determined

I am not sure who has invented those rumors that Cuba is now facing a mortal danger, that it has lost its bearings, and that it could collapse at any moment, after just one lethal visit by US President Barack Obama. The rumors and speculations are snowballing, and in some circles of the North American and European Left, they are already being confused with reality.

May 12 13:44

Irish Republican Terror Threat To Britain Raised To ‘Substantial’

Britain has raised its threat level from Northern Ireland related terrorism from moderate to substantial, meaning there is a “strong possibility” of an attack in England, Scotland or Wales.

May 12 13:44

US Lawmakers Seek Federal Agency To Dilute Russian & Chinese ‘Propaganda’ With ‘Flow Of Truth’

American congressmen introduced a new bill this week aimed at creating a separate federal agency that would focus exclusively on countering Russian and Chinese “propaganda” which poses a threat to US interests at home and around the world.

The bill, H.R. 5181, the ‘Countering Foreign Propaganda and Disinformation Act of 2016’ is a companion bill to S.2692 introduced back in March.

Webmaster addition: 'Flow of truth?' Are these guys on drugs????????

May 12 13:33

BRILLIANT RANT: Here's The Truth About The TTIP

British Reporter Goes On Epic Rant About The TTIP


May 12 13:33

Firsthand V Day Experience In 360 4K: Walk The Streets Of Moscow With Immortal Regiment

Immortal regiment parade in full swing in Moscow as part of victory day celebration.

May 12 13:33

London Mayor Pledges To Help Clinton Defeat Trump

London’s Muslim Mayor Sadiq Khan has pledged to help US Democratic presidential frontrunner Hillary Clinton defeat Donald Trump, the Republican Party’s presumptive nominee.

Khan told reporters on Wednesday that he had won against the Conservative Party’s “Donald Trump approach” to elections in London mayoral vote on May 5.

May 12 13:14

Is Donald Trump The "Duck Dynasty" Version Of Ronald Reagan?

The most popular take on Donald Trump is that we’ve never seen anything like him before. But here’s the thing: We have seen something like Trump before — we saw it with Ronald Reagan.

May 12 13:13

Neocons And Neolibs: How Dead Ideas Kill

For centuries hereditary monarchy was the dominant way to select national leaders, evolving into an intricate system that sustained itself through power and propaganda even as its ideological roots shriveled amid the Age of Reason. Yet, as monarchy became a dead idea, it still killed millions in its death throes.

May 12 13:01

German Minister: 'We Will Trade Greece For Puerto Rico'

Schauble's comments were met with laughter when he added that Jack Lew thought he was joking.


May 12 12:56

Washington Post Squeezes Four Anti-Sanders Stories Out Of One Tax Study Over Seven Hours

Surely one study can’t be this important?

It’s not news that the Washington Post’s editorial board has been lobbying against Sen. Bernie Sanders since the beginning of his improbable presidential campaign. Sometimes this editorial ethos seems to extend to other parts of the paper, as it did in March, when the Post managed to run 16 negative stories about Sanders in 16 hours (, 3/8/16).

May 12 12:55

Nigel Farage Tells The EU: 'The United States Of Europe Is Dying'

Nigel bellows at fellow members of the EU Parliament.


May 12 12:53

Tax Haven Brands Cameron’s Strategy For ‘Tackling’ Financial Secrecy Futile

Cayman Islands officials have dismissed UK Prime Minister David Cameron’s latest transparency drive as “pointless,” while anti-corruption campaigners demand he halt the laundering of illicit assets pumped through Britain by foreign criminals.

May 12 12:53

Virtual Reality 360-Pics To Hit Your Facebook News Feed ‘In Coming Weeks’

Put your phone’s camera on standby, because Facebook is about to roll out a 360-degree photographic feature, opening a door for everyone to share moments in orb-like grandeur.

May 12 12:50

Emanuel keeps Wall Street waiting on pension overhaul

When the Illinois Supreme Court decisively rejected Mayor Rahm Emanuel's plan to keep two city worker pension systems from going broke, City Hall told nervous credit-rating agencies it would have an alternate fix within weeks.

Nearly seven weeks later, Emanuel's top aides have yet to propose any new ideas, much less file the state legislation that would be needed to make it reality.

Playing the waiting game are Wall Street analysts. Their pronouncements on Chicago's creditworthiness determine how much it costs the city to borrow money, and they've already warned that further downgrades could be coming if there is no solution for the pension funds covering municipal workers and laborers.

Another hit to the credit rating most likely would result in even higher interest rates at a time Emanuel is making plans to borrow up to $600 million in the coming months>>>

May 12 12:43

Mass., N.H. Troopers Involved In Violent Arrest Of Driver Relieved From Duty

A Massachusetts State Police trooper and New Hampshire State Police trooper have been relieved from duty after the violent arrest and beating of a driver who led police on a two-state chase.


May 12 12:35

A Chronic Problem

***First, the governments of rich countries allowed their debts to rise, offsetting the reduction in private debt. In addition, emerging markets (notably China) continued to borrow. So there was no global deleveraging; quite the reverse (see chart). Central banks also helped, slashing interest rates to zero and below. Although lower policy rates have not always resulted in cheaper borrowing costs (in Greece, for example), debt-servicing costs have fallen in most developed countries.

Although this approach has staved off disaster, it has not got rid of the problem, as a research note from Manoj Pradhan, an economist at Morgan Stanley, makes clear. “High debt forces interest rates to stay low, which encourages yet more debt,” Mr Pradhan writes. Central banks dare not push interest rates up too quickly for fear of causing another crisis; hence the stop-start nature of the Federal Reserve’s statements on monetary policy. The developed world seems stuck with sluggish growth and low rates.