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Aug 02 14:48

US Airstrikes Hit Libya To Bolster UN-Created Government

The Pentagon has announced today that the US has begun conducting military
airstrikes against Libya with the stated intent of defeating ISIS in that country.

Aug 02 14:48

Here’s Why Only 1 Percent of America’s Farmland Is Used to Grow Organic

By Christina Sarich

Though consumers have been purchasing organic products by the bucket load, and the industry is expected to grow like wildfire into 2020, only 1 percent of all farmland currently used in America is used to grow organic food.

Americans have already spent $43 billion on organic food products in 2016, but we may not be able to keep up with the demand if things don’t change.

Here’s why America doesn’t have enough organic farmland even though the demand for pesticide-free food is at an all-time high: It’s a three-step juggle for organic farmers to try to grow food in the industrial agricultural food model...

Aug 02 14:46

Is the Housing Market Collapsing?

Aug 02 14:43

Trump is Right: Hillary Stole the Nomination and She Will Try to Steal the Presidency

The anti-Trump establishment media is trying to spin Trump’s legitimate concern that Hillary will try to rig the election as an insane, baseless conspiracy theory. Both the Washington Post and Gawker published hit pieces hours after Trump said in a speech and again later during an appearance on Sean Hannity’s show that Hillary will try to steal the election just as she stole the nomination from Bernie Sanders.

Aug 02 14:23

FBI Agent Caught Spying For China Draws Comparisons to Hillary ( China gave millions in “speaking fees” to Clinton Foundation)

An FBI employee pled guilty in court for passing along sensitive information to the Communist Chinese government even as known Chinese agent Hillary Clinton is allowed to continue running for president.

Aug 02 14:16

Beyond Good And Evil

Aug 02 14:13


President Obama slams Republican nominee for president Donald Trump at a joint press conference with the prime minister of Singapore at the White House Tuesday morning. Obama said Trump does not have the judgment, temperament or understanding to occupy the Oval Office. Obama scolded Trump for his "attack on a Gold Star family."

Aug 02 14:12

A Journeyman — Not An Apprentice — Electrician Explains Faulty Smart Meters

AMI Smart Meters are being rolled out across the globe, especially in the USA where there is much opposition to various aspects regarding their being retrofitted on to electric, natural gas, and water utility services replacing safe, non-EMF-polluting analog meters. From 1981 to 2008 Robert Marx of Redford, Michigan, worked…

Aug 02 14:07

Feds Suing to Access Utah Prescription Database; State Should Refuse to Comply

By Mike Maharrey

The U.S. Drug Enforcement Agency wants to access a Utah database of confidential prescription records. But the feds have a problem. The state requires a warrant before law enforcement agencies can access the Utah Controlled Substance Database. The DEA doesn’t have one. Not to be deterred, the drug police have sued the state in federal court to gain access to the records.

No matter what the courts say, Utah should simply refuse to comply...

Aug 02 14:06

Border Patrol website offers illegal aliens tips for avoiding capture…

If you’ve just made your way into the country illegally and Border Patrol is hot on your trail, the agency’s website lists a number of “sensitive locations” where you could likely avoid apprehension.

Aug 02 13:53

ATF forgot to comply with policy, “accidentally” creating gun owner database

The government’s top watchdog revealed in a new report that the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives (ATF) essentially maintained a database of law-abiding gun owners by ignoring its own policies. According to Government Accountability Office (GAO) auditors, ATF failed to remove the names of gun purchasers from its Multiple Sales (MS) database and another system called Access 2000 which allowed it to stockpile information on lawful gun owners by scouring the records of out of business federal firearms license holders.

Aug 02 13:47

Smart Meter, Wi-Fi And Microwave Radiation Information Consumers Need To Know

Maybe it would be important for readers to take a few minutes—I’d even say advisable—to watch and listen carefully to a video crash course in microwave energy radiation, i.e., RFs/EMFs.

Aug 02 13:46

The social justice cult should blame itself for the rise of Trump

If social justice activists really want to change this country for the better, then they should consider dropping out of their little cult and finding something productive to do. Stop spending your parents’ money on garbage gender studies classes. Become scientists and engineers. Become doctors and inventors. Create a better planet through ingenuity rather than manic ideology. Make yourselves useful or something.