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Mar 25 08:30

John McCain Says ‘New World Order Under Enormous Strain’ Begs For Globalism To Be Preserved

In a "new world order under enormous strain" and in "the titanic struggle with forces of radicalism … we can't stand by and lament, we've got to be involved," said McCain, a former Republican presidential candidate who is now chairman of the armed services committee in the US Senate.

Mar 25 08:15


Since the moment President Trump released his now infamous Tweet accusing Obama of wiretapping him, the establishment media has done everything in their power to continually attack the White House while claiming that there is absolutely no evidence of any surveillance.

Mar 25 08:13

Traitor John McCain trusts globalist EU, worries about new world order under strain

Noted anti-Trump globalist and Senator from Arizona John McCain reaffirmed his longstanding commitment to the European Union and NATO during a speech in Brussels Friday where he made clear which side he is on between the forces of populism and the powerful globalist organizations that stand against it.

Mar 25 08:11

Obamacare remains law of the land as Republican healthcare bill falls short

As expected by many, the effort to repeal and replace Obamacare has fallen short on support as Speaker of the House Paul Ryan made his way to the White House on Friday afternoon to inform President Donald Trump that the first big legislative move under the new administration would not progress through the House.

Mar 25 08:10

Bundy Ranch standoff: Undercover FBI agents pretended to be filmmakers to entrap Bundy supporters

Undercover FBI agents disguised themselves as documentary filmmakers in order to gather evidence against Bundy Ranch supporters during the 2014 standoff, according to a report in the Las Vegas Review-Journal.

Mar 25 08:02

Putin Bans U.S. Adoption Of Russian Orphans Due to U.S. Pedophile Epidemic (Video)

In Trump’s first 60 days in office, the administration has cracked down on over 2,500 child sex offenders. Chances are, you probably haven’t heard much about that though. As usual, you can largely thank our grossly dishonest mainstream media that has denied the existence of any problem thus far, so for them to change course now would require admitting they were wrong, which is never going to happen. After all, the media is about advancing an agenda, not providing “news.”

What can you expect to hear from the mainstream media? You can fully expect to hear lots more about nonexistent collusion between President Trump and Russia, count on it. The ramifications however, of the D.C. pedophile ring are very real. Now, innocent Russian children are being denied a chance at a better life because of sick individuals who are obsessed with children as sexual objects.

Mar 25 08:01


Andrew Kerr for Western Journalism reports, A senior member of the Trump administration’s transition team for the Environmental Protection Agency unexpectedly resigned last Wednesday, citing concerns of the “integrity” of long time workers at the agency.

Mar 25 07:54

Nunes calls Comey, Rogers, for “closed session” after finding “concerning info” in intel reports

Last night we highlighted a Fox News story which suggested that Devin Nunes expected the NSA to deliver a “smoking gun” which would prove that the Obama administration spied on the Trump transition team, and possibly the president-elect himself, as early as today.

Mar 25 07:52

Senate puts ISP profits over your privacy

The Senate just voted to roll back your online privacy protections. Speak up now to keep the House from doing the same thing.

Mar 25 07:50

What Defense Lawyer For Illegal Aliens Accused Of Raping 14 Year Old Girl Said Will Make You Furious

After two illegal alien teenagers were accused of raping a 14 year old girl in a school bathroom, the school superintendent sent letters home to parents that they had no intention of reporting illegal aliens, and that illegal aliens would be “protected at all costs”. Now if that makes you mad, just wait till you hear what the defense lawyer said.

That is a Title 8 § 1324 violation, and since the school superintendent is likely thinking that increased enrollment of illegals means more tax money for his school, the jail sentence doubles to a maximum of ten years!

Mar 25 07:50

STATE DEPARTMENT orders all U.S. embassies to identify ‘certain’ population groups for tougher visa screening

U.S. Secretary of State Rex Tillerson has directed U.S. diplomatic missions to identify “populations warranting increased scrutiny” and toughen screening for visa applicants in those groups, according to diplomatic cables seen by Reuters.

Mar 25 07:10

Native American Women, Water Protectors of Standing Rock, in Norway on Pipeline Divestment Delegation

Native Amerocan women who took.a stand at Standimg Rock , in North Dakota , to defend the water from a crude oil pipeline , under The Missouri River, are arriving in Norway, to urge divestment in , The Dakota Access Pipeline

Mar 25 06:51

US Led Air Strikes Kill More Than 200 People In Iraq

Over 200 civilians were killed in a US-led coalition raid on Mosul according to local reports.

Mar 25 06:36

NSA whistle blower "The NSA answers to none, not even the President"

Tucker Carlson Interview

NSA Spies On Congress, Supreme Court, White House, And Probably Trump

Mar 25 06:30

Unlike Clinton Aides, Trump Advisers Actually Want To Talk To Congress

Three former Donald Trump advisers are proactively offering to testify

Mar 25 06:04

Health and pharmaceutical lobbies were big donors to the committees drafting the House healthcare bill

(*A No Win Situataion !
No wonder Ryan was using The Bailout Voting Procedure; vote now , and we'll see what we voted for in the morning . This Was The Big Surprise !)

Mar 25 04:43


"Sarah Whitten for CNBC reports, Starbucks Chairman and CEO Howard Schultz talks about the company's goal to hire 10,000 military veteran's and military spouses. Starbucks Chairman and CEO Howard Schultz talks about the company's goal to hire 10,000 military veteran's and military spouses."