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Dec 06 18:41

Washington man detains suspected burglars at gunpoint | Not only did he detain them until deputies arrived, he says his phone was not working, so he had one of the men call 911 on themselves.

Officials in Cowlitz County say a southern Washington man managed to keep a pair of suspected burglars at bay until the cops showed up. Now, the local sheriff's office is applauding his efforts.

Dec 06 18:38

After Paris Attacks, Proposed French Law Would Block Tor and Forbid Free Wi-Fi

After the recent Paris terror attacks, the French government is proposing to forbid and block the use of the Tor anonymity network, according to an internal document from the Ministry of Interior seen by French newspaper Le Monde.

Dec 06 16:13

The Age of Cryptocurrency Book Review

The book is written by Paul Vigna and Michael J. Casey. I have to be upfront about this book, it’s not a nuts and bolts guide on how to actually use Bitcoin. What it does do is give a detailed history about the digital currency. It explains the reasons why and how the currency was created, and it also gives a number of compelling reasons for everyday people to learn about the currency and to get started using it...

Dec 06 15:53

Scottish mum is viral hit after Syria letter to Cameron and Corbyn: My daughter, 3, will grow up in world of extremists


Dear David Cameron,

This is my beautiful daughter, she is almost three years old. I'm sitting tonight watching you debate the prospect of bombing Syria. You claim that it is to protect every man woman and child in this country from extremist. Id just like to correct you, you are an extremist. What she needs, is protected from you.

Dec 06 15:05

Canadian Town Set To Force Gas Stations To Shame Motorists w/ Climate Change Labels

Although its unlikely that North Vancouver will mandate labels providing the precise breakdown it receives on every litre taxed - revenue it therefore generates from fossil fuels, it should give thought to ensuring the label decrying petroleum's effect on climate change is based firmly on fact and science.

Dec 06 13:30

Flashback: Entire Police Department Files Restraining Order Against 'Scary' Black Muslim U.S. Marine Vet 9/11 Truther

I first met Mohammed Abdullah in 2008, it was quite a surreal situation. I had been running errands one day driving down Foothill Blvd. and saw this black man in Muslim attire, commanding and large in stature, holding up 9/11 truth signs and shouting to passing motorists on the street corner as cops circled him. So I pulled over and got out my camera, quick. The next year Pomona, CA police dept. sought a restraining order against Abdullah, banning him from passing out dvds about 9/11 and Iraqi war crimes to officers & City employees in front of the Police Dept. Truth activists from Los Angeles, Orange and San Bernardino Counties rallied to the court hearing, in solidarity with Mohammed to defend his right to free speech. If the restraining order was granted, Abdullah would have lost his right to carry guns, which as an armed guard, would have destroyed his right to earn a living. The case had an interesting outcome.

Dec 06 12:51

After Paris Attacks, Proposed French Law Would Block Tor and Forbid Free Wi-Fi

After the recent Paris terror attacks, the French government is proposing to forbid and block the use of the Tor anonymity network, according to an internal document from the Ministry of Interior seen by French newspaper Le Monde. That document lays out two proposed pieces of legislation, one around the state of emergency, and the other concerning counter-terrorism. In the former, the French government is considering to “Forbid free and shared wi-fi connections” during a state of emergency. This comes from a police opinion included in the document: the reason being that it is apparently difficult to track individuals who use public wi-fi networks.

Dec 06 11:52

Gun Ownership Up. Gun Crime Down.

Dec 06 11:41

Another Hollywood Propaganda Blockbuster: Bridge of… Lies

An important historical event is reduced to a fantasy that fits the American myth... The tortured tagline of the film sums up the propaganda point to be driven home: “In the shadow of war, one man showed the world what we stand for.” What we (the US) stand for is supposedly a just and humane society where \even a communist spy is entitled to a fair trial, compared to the supposed tyranny and cruelty of communist regimes. However, the version of events presented in this film and the case it attempts to make in favor of America’s system of “fair play” can easily be disproved. Many important details have been distorted or conveniently left out, while facts are presented out of historical context. Unfortunately, most Americans will accept this movie as a true recounting of historical events without question or further study...

Dec 06 11:37

"The Future of the West Can Be Seen in the Soviet Past"

Professor emeritus, University of Glasgow Michael Kirkwood continues with a series of articles about the life and works of the brilliant postwar Russian philosopher, author, and dissident, Alexander Zinoviev. In this extract from his autobiography, obvious parallels are drawn between the state of the gerontocratic Brezhnevian Soviet Union and that of the polis in today's so called ‘free world’.

Dec 06 11:30

Assad: "Europe, not Syria, has become the incubator for terrorism now threatening the West."

President Bashar al-Assad gave an interview to The Sunday Times in which he said Britain and France have neither the will nor the vision on how to defeat terrorism and their airstrikes against ISIS will yield no results, but will rather be illegal and harmful in that they will help in spreading terrorism. The full transcript is below.

Dec 06 11:30

John Wayne Firearm Safety Course (Vintage 1970s)

The Arizona Dept. of Game and Fish released a training video in the 1970s for their Firearms Safety Course. John Wayne introduces the film 'This Little Bullet' and takes part in the narration. John Wayne begins: "Hello Americans! You know, one of the privileges of being an American is the right to own and use firearms. The Constitution says that very clearly. Along with that right comes responsibilities. Responsibility to use these weapons properly. ..Your parents, and some of those tough instructors over there have decided that you're mature enough to take on this important responsibility."

Dec 06 11:26

Deere & Co. Announces Job Cuts

Deere & Co. is laying off 220 workers due to a sales decline.

Dec 06 11:25

Russia vs. "Pan-Turkism": problems and opportunities from Gasprinsky to Hitler and NATO

In the context of openly hostile manifestations from the side of Turkey and the fully logical decision of the Ministry of Culture of the Russian Federation on suspending contacts with the international organization TURKSOY, some intellectuals have voiced disapproving comments on the policies of the Russian leadership. In fact, however, restructuring policies aimed at contemporary Pan-Turkist structures has been long overdue. What is Pan-Turkism? Various referential publications give this phenomenon a very contradictory identification and evaluation. And the problem is not only the position of the authors of encyclopedias and scientific articles. The very content of Pan-Turkism itself has repeatedly and radically changed over the time of its existence. One of the founders of Pan-Turkism is the well-known Crimean-Tatar cultural figure Ismail Gasprinsky.