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Apr 04 07:27

British Connections To The “Panama Papers” And The Mossack Fonseca Scandal

Published today are “The Panama Papers”, a global publication of eleven millions files of 2.6 terabytes of data made up of emails, documents, letters, property deeds, bank records, contracts and invoices dating back as far as 1977 leaked to journalists. It allows investigators and journalists to dig much deeper into the very murky world of the secretive offshore tax havens sheltering trillions of dollars and assets of the world’s most rich, famous and powerful.

Apr 04 07:27

Ex-CIA Agent Comes Clean on Syria: Obama Allowed for the Creation of ISIS

By Claire Bernish

In 2012, the CIA proposed a clear and specific plan to oust Syrian President Bashar Al-Assad — which likely would have also prevented the phenomenal rise of ISIL — but according to a new report, President Obama refused to give it the green light.

Former CIA operative, Doug Laux, appeared on NBC News for an exclusive interview detailing how his plan to arm Free Syrian Army rebels earlier in the conflict had been met with stiff and inexplicable opposition from the White House...

Apr 04 07:23

The Next Big Trend: Farming In Your Supermarket

By Brianna Blaschke

Tiny vertical farms are making a huge impact on the future of sustainable agriculture.

INFARM is revolutionizing the world of fresh grocery shopping with the introduction of minuscule vertical farms in supermarkets. Not only do these farms display the produce, but they actually grow crops in-house...

Apr 04 07:21

A New Right To Secrecy For Companies, And A Dangerous EU Legislative Proposal

The proposed EU legislation on “Trade Secrets Protection”, which the European Parliament will vote next April 14, creates excessive rights to secrecy for businesses: it is a direct threat to the work of journalists and their sources, whistleblowers, employees’ freedom of expression, and rights to access public interest information (on medicines, pesticides, car emissions, etc.).

Apr 04 07:08

Mossack Fonseca: The Nazi, CIA and Nevada connections… and why it’s now Rothschild’s turn

For all the media excitement about the disclosed names in the “Panama Papers” leak, in this case represented by the extensive list of Mossack Fonseca clients, this is not a story about which super wealthy individuals did everything in their

Apr 04 07:07

No wonder we've stopped saving - this year's cash Isa rates are so derisory, the banks are embarrassed to advertise them...

There’s an innocent-sounding phrase that should get savers' alarm bells ringing: ‘ask in branch for details’.

It used to be that banks would trumpet their Isa rates. They’d boast of them in newspaper and online adverts and on posters in bank branch windows (back when there were bank branches).

But this year rates are so pitiful that it seems even providers are embarrassed to admit them. The poster below, currently pinned up in Post Office branches, is typical.

So far gone are the days of posters with massive percentage signs that this one doesn’t even mention the available interest rates in the small print. Only if you ask specifically will they admit what rates they’re offering.

Apr 04 07:01

Nasa's Opportunity rover captures a whirling dust devil on MARS: Plumes of dirt are seen spiralling in the Meridiani plain

Dust devils on Mars can grow to the size of terrestrial tornadoes, with a funnel more than 330ft (100 metres) wide stretching up to 12 miles (19km) above the surface.

Scientists have known about the spiralling structures on the red planet for years, but now Nasa has captured its 'best one yet.'

Apr 04 07:00

Cop charged with second-degree murder after killing sobbing, unarmed man begging for his life

Over 1,000 people were killed by police in the U.S. last year. Regardless of whether or not someone can argue the potential justification in each case, that’s an insane number.

Apr 04 06:58

Healthcare CEO Told Nurses to Fatally Overdose Patients to Increase Profit

Josh Mur

Frisco, TX — After an ongoing FBI investigation revealed incriminating information, Brad Harris, CEO of Novus Health Care Services, is being accused of ordering nurses to hasten the deaths of patients.

Novus Health Care Service is a company based in Frisco, Texas that provides in-house care for terminally ill and elderly patients. The company’s website indicates clearly that Novus prides itself on the quality of care and “improved patient outcomes” as a result of the services its employees provide. However, an affidavit released by the FBI suggests Brad Harris has failed to comply with the principles of his own company...

Apr 04 06:00

Reports: Bombs went off in basement levels of towers on 9/11

According to a number of eyewitness reports, bombs went off in basement levels of both towers 1 and 2, and possibly also in basement levels of Building 7.

Apr 04 05:46

Student: ‘Harvard University, other schools, having problems with students and staff silencing free speech’

(INTELLIHUB) — As if a massive new PSYOP campaign is now running in full force, more and more college students are reporting that their rights, while on campus, are at jeopardy as offended students and teachers alike push to limit free speech.

Apr 04 05:26

Trump: "I'm the one being discriminated against"

I want to see how we're treated. Look, I signed a pledge. They wanted me to sign the pledge. And I'm the one that's being discriminated against," Trump told host John Dickerson.