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Jan 27 08:34

Women's March Speaker Kidnapped, Raped & Tortured Man to Death

When the speakers at the Women's March in Washington DC last week said they were "nasty women," they weren't kidding.

Jan 27 08:28


Newly elected Travis County Sheriff Sally Hernandez’s announcement last Friday that her department would not be cooperating with federal immigration authorities has inspired a brutal chastening by Texas Gov. Greg Abbott.

Jan 27 08:27

Kushner's (AKA Trump) Syrian Safe Zone A Spit At Russia and Assad - Morris

Published on Jan 26, 2017

Any US sponsored safe zones will be recruiting places for mercenaries to destabilise the Middle East and increase the sectarianism.

Jan 27 08:07

The Fed is raising interest rates to sink Trump's economic polices. Please end the Fed.

Yesterday, the Federal Reserve Chairwoman, Janet Yellen, openly opposed the stated policy of new President Donald Trump by saying the Fed was worried about the economy heating up too much so they would raise interest rates more than planned – 3 times in 2017.

Jan 27 08:03

Trump may PARDON sailor jailed in 'very unfair' case for photographing nuclear sub's classified areas – after his leniency plea cited Hillary Clinton's non-prosecution

A former sailor sentenced to one year in jail for mishandling classified information is pleading to President Donald Trump to pardon him for his crime – and Trump is listening.

Fox News Channel host Sean Hannity asked the president about 'the power of the pardon,' and mentioned the case of Kristian Saucier of Arlington, Vermont. Saucier was jailed in August for taking six photos of classified areas inside a nuclear attack submarine.

'Would that be something early on, you would consider?' Hannity asked.

'I'm actually looking at it right now,' Trump replied. 'I think it's very unfair in light of what's happened with other people.'

Jan 27 07:55

President Trump's First Full Interview In The White House 1/25/17 (38 minutes)

PDT: "I said it, and I said it strongly. What's going on with voter fraud is horrible. If you look at the dead people who are registered to vote who vote, all the people who are registered in two states, have people who are rgeistered who are dead, who are illegals, who are registered in two states..."
ABC: "You're now President of the United States!"
PDT: "Of course, and I want the voting process to be legitimate!"

Jan 27 07:49

M.J.’s daughter Paris says her father was likely killed and “everybody in the family knows it”

Paris Jackson, the daughter of famous pop star Michael Jackson, says that her father was killed and that “everybody” in her family knows it.

Jan 27 07:48

Chinese propaganda: New Hollywood movie depicts Trump-like president killing us

Hollywood is set to begin work on Little America, a dystopian adventure movie set in a future where a Trump-like U.S. president has bankrupted America and China has called in its debts.

Jan 27 07:47

EU CRAYON BAN: Brussels also rules watercolours and colouring pencils OFF LIMITS

The union tightened its restrictions over the limits of lead in children’s toys following concerns children could be eating pencils instead of colouring with them, according to German paper BILD.

But one MEP has blasted the decision, claiming the European Union should be focussing on much bigger issues instead of on children’s toys.

Jan 27 07:46

Liberal media continues to push idea of using 25th Amendment to REMOVE Trump from office

Despite the fact that Donald Trump is now the sitting president, hard left efforts to stop him have continued, including even more calls by the propagandist media to use an obscure amendment in the Constitution to remove him from office.

Jan 27 07:42

Move over skimmers, 'shimmers' are the newest tool for stealing credit card info

Unlike skimmers, a shimmer — named for its slim profile — fits inside a card reader and can be installed quickly and unobtrusively by a criminal who slides it into the machine while pretending to make a purchase or withdrawal.

Once installed, the microchips on the shimmer record information from chip cards, including the PIN.

That information is later extracted when the criminal inserts a special card — also during a purchase or cash withdrawal — which downloads the data. The information is then used to make fake cards.

Jan 27 07:38

Cisco Buys 45th Company in 5 Years, Revenues Still Stagnate

Have Cisco’s Financial Engineers Gone Nuts?

Jan 27 07:38

Mikhail Gorbachev: 'It All Looks As If the World Is Preparing for War'

The world today is overwhelmed with problems. Policymakers seem to be confused and at a loss.
But no problem is more urgent today than the militarization of politics and the new arms race. Stopping and reversing this ruinous race must be our top priority.

Jan 27 07:35

Apple eats itself as iPhone fatigue spreads

Wall St downgrades stock – because buyers prefer last year's model

Jan 27 05:47


The Border Patrol Chief is leaving the agency after Trump announced that he is going to build a massive wall. He is also going to hire 5,000 more Border Patrol agents, according to AP.

Jan 27 05:38


With a new face on the American empire, people are looking to vent their frustration on this icon: but who is truly responsible for creating tyranny and suffering in this world? What government, corporate, and institutional entities are truly responsible for shaping life to be hell on Earth for our “bottom” class of people, and how do they do it? Answering this question, “who is morally culpable for degrading our world,” is critical for any person’s understanding of where we are at as a species.

Jan 27 03:58

URGENT! Canada’s sharia-friendly Prime Minister is attempting to impose Islamic blasphemy laws on Canadians

Justin Trudeau’s new ‘anti-Islamophobia’ initiative seeks to make all criticism of Islam illegal by making Canadian law more sharia-compliant with blasphemy laws which will all but curtail free speech.

Jan 27 03:35

Gold up 300x? Egon Von Greyerz Thinks So

Jan 27 03:33

What Would a Labor-Centered Economy Look Like?

How about moving the power to create money from the apex of the pyramid down to its lowest level?

Let's spend a moment deconstructing the word "capitalism." Note it contains the word Capital. So far so good. Obviously the key concept here is capital.

Jan 27 02:14

Cancer-causing ingredient found in toothpaste and chewing gum

A dangerous ingredient that may trigger the development of cancer has been found in toothpaste and certain food products, a recent study, published in Scientific Reports said. It goes about food coloring known as E171 (titanium dioxide). The substance is used for the production of toothpaste and food products. It was found that titanium dioxide causes pre-cancerous diseases, researchers from France and Luxembourg concluded as a result of a series of experiments on rodents. The experiments were conducted on rats. During 100 days of the experiments, the rodents would receive injections of E171 in quantities proportional to what humans take with food and cosmetic products. Precancerous lesions were found in either intestines or colon in 40% of rats exposed to the chemical. The influence of the coloring on people is yet to be established. Titanium dioxide is widely used in the production of sweets, chocolate, biscuits and chewing gum, as well as in toothpaste and sunscreens.

Jan 27 02:12

Russia fully prepared for possible nuclear attack

In late 2016, Russian Aerospace Defence Forces successfully completed the deployment of the first phase of the unified radar field of the early warning system (EWS). The radar will thus be able to monitor missile launches around the perimeter of the country's borders within a radius of 6,000 kilometers. The system includes not only specialised "Voronezh", "DTV", "Dnepr", "Volga" radars, but also upgraded "Don" radar station. Previously, the Don station was used to guide missiles, the Izvestia newspaper wrote with reference to a representative of Aerospace Defence Forces. "As a result, the Russian military have received an opportunity to see everything that happens in the air and in space from the coast of Morocco to Spitzbergen and to the east coast of the United States. The second station was put into operation near Armavir in 2009.

Jan 27 02:08

Washington's servants in Europe change their shoes one after another

Europe's master in Washington has changed. Donald Trump no longer needs those, who love to hate Russia. European politicians change their shoes one after another - they want to be friends with Russia now. Will Russia be friends with those who insulted the Russians and demonised President Putin? Some may still hear forecasts from some mentally unbalanced individuals, who say that Russia could seize Poland in one day and the Baltic States - in 60 hours. One can still see US tanks and soldiers in Eastern Europe, but it appears that the situation has started to change. Yet, even Poland is changing its shoes now, although Warsaw is known as Washington's primary servant in Eastern Europe. Polish agency PAP gained access to the document that designated Poland's return to pro-Russian policy, the agency said with reference to sitting Foreign Minister Witold Waszczykowski.

Jan 27 01:57

Kremlin says presidential aide’s statement on internet restrictions 'his private opinion'

There have been no suggestions that Russia should employ China’s Internet regulation practice in order to ensure information security, Russian Presidential Internet Advisor German Klimenko told TASS. According to him, during a lecture on information security in Russia, which was a part of the Army and society course, he was just talking on practices employed in various countries. "In fact, I was just talking about various regulation practices. I meant to say that if restrictions are imposed on the Internet, then it is easier to ensure security. I did not suggest that Russia should put restrictions on the Internet like China does," Klimenko said.

Jan 27 01:52

Ukrainian radicals poised to block railways leading to Donetsk, Lugansk

On Wednesday, militants from the so-called volunteer battalions blocked the traffic of cargo trains at the Lugansk-Lisichansk-Popasnaya line, by which coal is supplied to the Lugansk thermoelectric plant. The action affected twelve freight trains with a total of more than 700 coaches. Yuri Garbuz, the head of the military/civilian administration of the Lugansk region wrote in Facebook: "The action undertaken by some deputies (of the Verkhovna Rada) and former fighters of the Donbass and Aidar volunteer battalions poses risks for the country’s energy security". He said the radicals had blocked the traffic of trains carrying coal across the line of contact in Donbass to replenish reserves at the power plants belonging to the government. "The protesting activists blocked empty coaches meant for transportation of coal to the territories under Ukrainian control," Garbuz wrote.

Jan 27 01:45

US general accuses Russia of covertly building anti-satellite laser weapons

Speaking at the Stanford University in California, Air Force Gen. John E. Hyten, who heads the U.S. Strategic Command, accused Russia and China of building weapons in the low earth orbit and in the geosynchronous orbit, as well as systems to manage them from the ground. "In the not-too-distant future, they (Russia and China) will be able to use that capability to threaten every spacecraft we have in space. We have to prevent that, and the best way to prevent war is to be prepared for war. So the United States is going to do that, and we're going to make sure that everybody knows we're prepared for war," he said. The official said that Russia, which has had an anti-satellite capability since the 1980s, is now exploring significant anti-satellite capabilities, including lasers for use in space and other "capabilities that would threaten our satellites, and many of which would create debris" that could hinder access to space.