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May 16 15:42

GCHQ joins Twitter and is immediately met with jokes about following people online

Welcome to Twitter @GCHQ . It's been nice having you listen to us all this time... :)
— Mark Sabah (@MarkSabah) May 16, 2016
— Christopher Hoult (@choult) May 16, 2016
Exposed as a massive apparatus of state surveillance? Concerned about your public image? Start a twitter account!
— David Cullen (@humbleetc) May 16, 2016
In a reversal, lots of people on Twitter are now wondering why they are NOT being followed by @GCHQ -although it is following James Bond
— Gordon Corera (@gordoncorera) May 16, 2016
@GCHQ shoe is on the other foot now; we're watching you.
— 22% Less Alec (@Smokesniper) May 16, 2016
@GCHQ noted..
— kristyan benedict (@KreaseChan) May 16, 2016

May 16 15:40

Germany produced so much renewable energy it ended up paying people to use it

Last weekend Germany’s power grid was swimming in renewable energy, so much so that power prices went negative. The country was generating so much renewable energy on Sunday that, for a few hours, residents actually earned money from using electricity.

The weather was the cause of this monumental occasion—it was a particularly sunny and windy day—which allowed the country’s wind, solar, hydro, and biomass power plants to supply the country with 87 percent of its energy.

Gas plants actually shutdown because of the momentary surge, but nuclear and coal plants were unable to wind-down fast enough, causing a surplus.

May 16 15:38

Hungarian government plans to enforce encryption backdoors

According to an action plan to fight terrorism being drafted by the Hungarian Ministry of Interior, a person using a service providing encrypted communication could be imprisoned for up to two years.

May 16 15:36

Users seethe as Windows 10 arrives while their backs are turned

People report that they weren't given a chance to decline, that their PCs were crippled, that they can't use their systems until they submit to Windows 10

May 16 15:34

Waco Horror Commemoration

One hundred years ago this week, Jesse Washington, an eighteen-year-old African American man, was burned at the stake in Waco, Texas.

On May 8, 1916 a 53-year-old white woman named Lucy Fryar was bludgeoned to death outside her home, seven miles south of the city. The chief and only suspect was Washington, an illiterate farm hand who worked for Lucy and her husband George.

May 16 15:34

Tony Blair Should Be Taken To ICC For Iraq Invasion: Salmond

Scottish National Party (SNP)’s Alex Salmond says former British Prime Minister Tony Blair should be taken to the International Criminal Court (ICC) for involving the country in the 2003 invasion of Iraq if an inquiry reveals that Blair made a secret commitment to Washington to support the war.

The SNP foreign affairs spokesman has begun rallying support for the impeachment of Blair, pending the publication of the Chilcot inquiry report into the UK’s involvement in the 2003 Iraq invasion on July 6.

May 16 15:30

Warren Buffett and Dan Gilbert Unite in Bid to Acquire Yahoo

The two are joined in the second round by a range of other bidders, including Verizon Communications and private equity firms such as TPG Capital and a group that comprises Bain Capital and Vista Equity Partners, people briefed on the process have previously said. Several other strategic bidders are also in the second round.

May 16 15:29



May 16 15:26

I Will Remember London Mayor’s ‘Nasty’ Remarks: Trump

Tell London’s Muslim Mayor Sadiq Khan that I will remember his “very rude” and “nasty” statements, says Donald Trump, the US Republican Party’s presumptive presidential nominee.

In an interview broadcast on Monday, Trump that he is apathetic about how, who scored a resounding victory over his billionaire Conservative rival earlier this month, views his presidential campaign.

May 16 15:26

Donald Trump's Unsurprising Surprise

A lot of pundits have egg on their faces. Nate Cohn recently issued a mea culpa in the New York Times confessing his underestimation of Donald Trump. The Washington Post’s Dana Milbank has even had to make good on his bet that he would literally eat his words if the real estate mogul were nominated.

May 16 15:10

@GCHQ Joins Twitter With ‘Hello, World’ Greeting – Instantly Gets Trolled

Britain’s secretive electronic spy agency, the Government Communications Headquarters (GCHQ), joined Twitter on Monday, only to be met with a torrent of ridicule across social media.

@GCHQ announced its birth with the tweet: “Hello, World.”

May 16 15:10

Pentagon Agency Tests Drone-Launching Pods That Hide In Ocean

The US military tech development agency is testing a special ‘pod’ drone delivery system that can hide in the ocean until remotely triggered to launch a drone.

The Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency’s (DARPA) ‘upward falling’ payload (UFP) is designed to lie in wait on the ocean floor until a threat arises.

May 16 14:56

Sanders Vs. Geithner: 'Why Haven't You Fired Lloyd Blankfein?'

For new fans of Bernie Sanders, watch this and learn why us old-timers have known about him for a long time. He gets up Tim Geithner's ass demanding to know why Goldman Sachs CEO Lloyd Blankfein has not been fired like other CEOs after the trillion-dollar Wall Street bailout.


May 16 14:50

Hundreds Of ‘Migrants’ In Mass Brawl At Moscow Cemetery, At Least 3 Killed, Many Injured

Up to 400 people took part in a mass brawl at a Moscow cemetery, most of them reportedly migrants, armed with bats, sticks, and metal bars.

May 16 14:43

The Fatal Flaw In Hillary Clinton’s Medicare Plan

Decades ago, the wealthy owner of the Washington Redskins lamented the free-spending ways of his head coach, George Allen: “I gave George an unlimited budget, and he exceeded it.” Other owners knew there were ways to beat Allen, but outspending him was not one of them.

May 16 14:39

Hiroshima’s Other Chain Reaction

Apparently, President Obama will not be using his visit to Hiroshima in a couple of weeks to provide support for recent revisionist history, which holds that dropping atom bombs on Japan did not cause Japan to surrender in World War II. Deputy national security advisor Ben Rhodes wrote:

May 16 14:36

Chinese bank ICBC to buy London gold vault

May 16 14:26

Bomb Scare Grounds Ryanair Flight Headed For Manchester

A UK-bound passenger plane from Norway has been evacuated before take-off due to “suspicious behavior” of two travelers, police have confirmed.

The incident occurred at Rygge Airport, near Oslo, when the two passengers were heard arguing in an airport toilet prior to boarding the jet which was due in the British city of Manchester, Norwegian police spokesman Anders Stroemsaether told public broadcaster NRK.