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Jan 04 09:04

Conn Hallinan’s 2015 “Are You Serious?” Awards

The First Amendment Award to U.S. Defense Secretary Ashton Carter for issuing a new Law Of War manual that defines reporters as “unprivileged belligerents” who will lose their “privileged” status by “the relaying of information” which “could constitute taking a direct part in hostilities.” Translation? If you report you are in the same class as members of al-Qaeda.

Jan 04 08:59

Clashes with police erupt in Bahrain after Saudi execution of Shiite cleric

Violent clashes erupted between protesters and riot police in Sitra, Bahrain, following the execution of Sheikh Nimr al-Nimr in Saudi Arabia.

Jan 04 08:50

Two more top banks getting away with paying NO corporation tax in the UK: Credit Suisse and Citigroup are latest to admit using previous losses to slash their bills

Two foreign investment banks with major businesses in Britain are paying no corporation tax, it emerged last night.

Citigroup and Credit Suisse disclosed in the past fortnight that their main British subsidiaries paid zero corporate income tax in 2014.

It means there are now seven foreign investment banks in London paying no corporation tax. They also include JP Morgan Chase, Nomura, Deutsche Bank, Bank of America Merrill Lynch and Morgan Stanley.

They used huge losses from previous years – including fines and lawsuits – to slash their tax bills. The revelation follows the controversial decision by the Financial Conduct Authority to shelve plans to investigate pay and behaviour in the banking sector.

Jan 04 08:40

Fears for FTSE and DOW remain after collapse on China's opening day of trading drags down European and U.S. markets

Fears remain for global share markets after Chinese trading was dragged down by a panicked opening day, in which stocks plunged 7 per cent to reach the market's lowest point in three months.

Jan 04 08:39

344 “Mostly Young Black Men Shot to Death” . . .

Black lives DO matter. All lives matter but the BLM protests will do nothing about black-on-black crimes or the biggest domestic killer of all (the war on non-CIA supplied drugs)

Jan 04 08:36

Happy 2016, and here's the year's first ransomware story

A security researcher reckons he's spotted the first example of JavaScript-based ransomware-as-a-service, dubbing it Ransom32.

Emsisoft's Fabian Wosar writes here that embedded in a self-extracting WinRAR archive is an NW.js-packaged application that does the heavy lifting for the ransomware.

NW.js, Wosar notes, is a JavaScript framework for application development, based on Node.js and Chromium. It works around JavaScript's normally-strict sandboxing, so a Web application can be repurposed for the desktop without the sandbox getting in the way.

Jan 04 08:32

HSBC online customers still in the cold after hours-long lockout

HSBC has apologised for an online banking outage which left customers unable to access their accounts.

In a tweet, the company said: "We are working hard to fix the issue with our Online & Mobile Banking service. Follow us for further updates. Sorry for any inconvenience."

The problem appears to have started this morning with the bank tweeting it was aware that some customers are experiencing problems logging on to its online and mobile banking services.

Jan 04 08:18

Saudi Arabia’s Growing Body Count

By Tony Cartalucci

Mass executions at home, war abroad – Saudi Arabia tries to kill its way out of adversity. As the new year rolled in around the world, Saudi Arabia was already getting off to a bad start. The Western media published muted reports of a mass execution of some 47 prisoners alleged to be “terrorists,” though the most prominent among them was clearly a political leader, not a militant...

Jan 04 08:15

Hyping More Fears about Iran

There are several important things to understand about ballistic missiles and Iran, beyond the fact that this topic has become one of the latest on which those who want Iran to be an ostracized and feared pariah forever, and who still want to kill the agreement to restrict Iran’s nuclear program, have seized.

Jan 04 08:04

"In my view, you judge a country not by the number of millionaires and billionaires it produces, but by how it treats the most vulnerable people", Sanders said Sunday morning.

Just six miles away from where Hillary Clinton held an event in Derry Sunday morning, Sen. Bernie Sanders held a round table on senior issues in Londonderry.

Jan 04 08:02

Consumers won't know meat origin after US ends labeling law: "After more than a decade of wrangling, Congress repealed a labeling law last month that required retailers to include the animal's country of origin on packages of red meat."

After more than a decade of wrangling, Congress repealed a labeling law last month that required retailers to include the animal's country of origin on packages of red meat. It's a major victory for the meat industry, which had fought the law in Congress and the courts since the early 2000s.

Jan 04 05:22

Israel destroys east Jerusalem assailant homes

Israeli forces on Monday destroyed the east Jerusalem homes of two Palestinians who killed four Israelis in one of the deadliest days in the recent surge in violence.
Note: Had enough yet!

Jan 03 22:32

The road to hell is paved with 'national security'

Israel is turning the West’s fixation on the Islamic State group into an opportunity to expand its apartheid laws and militarisation of the West Bank