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Aug 03 15:27

Israel To US: ‘Give Us More!’

Washington is preparing to increase US aid to Israel by billions of dollars, with a ten-year ironclad agreement that couldn’t be altered by President Obama’s successor.

Aug 03 15:27

UK ‘Sailing Blindly’ Into Financial Meltdown Bigger Than 2008, Think Tank Warns

Britain is heading for financial crisis worse than the 2008 collapse and the Bank of England (BoE) is “asleep at the wheel,” a think tank has warned.

Aug 03 15:23

Israel approves new law to jail child 'terrorists' as young as 12

The Israeli parliament has approved a new law allowing child "terrorists" as young as 12 to be jailed.

Politicians supporting the Youth Bill said it was “borne of necessity” amid a wave of attacks by Palestinians in Israel and the West Bank.

Children as young as 13 have been shot dead by security forces while allegedly attempting stabbing attacks and the Israeli mission to the UN said juveniles were responsible for 47 “acts of terrorism” since September.

Aug 03 15:22

National Guard, DEA, State Police Raid 81-yo Cancer Patient’s Organic Garden to “Protect” You

In a gross display of wasted taxpayer dollars, dozens of Massachusetts National Guard personnel, operating under a grant from the DEA, alongside Massachusetts State Police, descended into the backyard of an 81-year-old cancer patient in a raid last week — to protect society from the dangers of his four marijuana plants.

Paul Jackson, 81, of Martha’s Vineyard, grows cannabis to make medicine. His plants, along with several other plants, became the target of law enforcement last week in a crackdown on hardened criminals who’d dare to grow a plant that helps them.

Jackson was in his backyard last Tuesday when plainclothes men and a helicopter descended on his property. With no warrant, and without showing identification, these heroes ripped Jackson’s plants from the ground.

Aug 03 15:09

Gold Star Muslim Father Khan Deleted Law Firm Website After Criticizing Trump – Report

Khizr Khan, who as a Gold Star father of a soldier killed in the Iraq war spoke out against Donald Trump at the DNC, has reportedly deleted a website for his Muslim immigration-focused law firm after Trump dragged out their rivalry on Twitter.

Aug 03 14:53

"Stop The Cops And Fund Black Futures": Voices From The First Day Of New York City Hall Park Occupation

On Monday, hundreds of activists gathered at New York City Hall demanding the defunding of the New York Police Department, the firing of New York City Police Commissioner Bill Bratton and reparations for victims of police brutality. Democracy Now!’s Charina Nadura and Andre Lewis were at the park speaking to protesters.

Aug 03 14:53

The War That Won’t Go Away

“There you go again,” was one of Ronald Reagan’s favorite refrains in the 1980s, and especially in a 1980 presidential debate with Jimmy Carter, to disarm his critics and to show the disdain that he held for any issues that had even a hint of liberalism. He was also the architect of the “noble cause” historical revisionism that began the sanitizing of the Vietnam War. “Theirs was a noble cause,” were the words he used that began the long march to attempt to make the Vietnam War a good war in the minds of Americans.

Aug 03 14:49

9/11 Tower 7 - A Firefighter's Analysis

Summary of Findings

? The building was modern, in good condition, steel-framed with reinforced concrete floors, with high-specification class-A fire protection (2-3 hours’ fire-protection-rated and easily able to tolerate normal fires).

? Extensive damage was caused to the south face from falling debris, but the NIST report states that this was not a contributing factor in causing the building’s collapse. Engineers have demonstrated that if this damage were to be considered a major factor the building would have fallen asymmetrically, toppling in the direction of that damage.

? There is suspicion about what ignited the fires and when they started. NIST reports falling debris as a “likely” cause from the north tower collapsing at 10:28am, however, there were witness reports of “thick smoke” and an explosion from within Building 7 at about 9:30am which contradicts this claim.

? The fires were normal in size, the sort of fires to be expected in any normal office type environment. There was nothing extraordinary about their fuel source or location that might explain a prevention of effective fire-fighting operations.

Aug 03 14:44

When Joffre And Haig With Wilson Danced…

America is a warrior nation, Hillary its most despicable exponent, her rage for war humanity’s greatest threat, WW III too serious a risk to allow her to succeed Obama.

Aug 03 14:42

How Erdogan Destabilized Turkey