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Jan 23 10:39

One Dead, 6 Injured In San Antonio Shopping Mall Shooting – Police

One person has been killed and several others injured during a robbery at a shopping mall in the US city of San Antonio, local police say. Authorities confirmed there were two shooters, and both are now in custody.

Jan 23 10:37

Two Days Before Trump Inauguration, UK Tests Tunnel To France: Report

Britain’s military sent tanks down the tunnel linking the country to France to see if the route could be effectively used to send troops to Europe just as Donald Trump was preparing to assume office.

The test was conducted on Wednesday, when five tanks were sent into the 30-mile Channel Tunnel, known as Chunnel, NBC News reported Sunday.

Jan 23 10:37

Trump Invites Netanyahu To Washington In February

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu says US President Donald Trump has invited him to Washington next month.

The announcement was made via a Sunday statement released by the Israeli premier’s office following the first phone call between Netanyahu and Trump since his taking office on Friday.

Jan 23 10:32

America Continues Under “National Emergency” International Tension or Economic or Financial Crisis.

America Continues Under “National Emergency”

The Executive Order Of ALL Executive Orders

Jan 23 10:26

7 Food Combinations You Should Avoid

By Natasha Longo

Sometimes we pair up foods such that even the healthy ones turn against us. We are told to have a lot of fruits and drink a lots of water. But what we are not told is that pairing them up with certain foods can can disrupt our digestive balance. For foods that are already in the list of our adversaries become worse when we hook them up with their buddies.

“One should have a balanced diet and it is important to have a combination of all the essential nutrients required by our body,” says Dr Manish Tiwari (DM, Gastroenterology). But pairing them right is equally important. Here we bring the most common food combinations that may be doing more harm than good to your body...

Jan 23 09:19

Attending Anti-Trump Women's March During the Day, Going to Inaugural Events the Same Evening – Hypocritical Marchers

Women gathered for Women’s March in Washington DC as well as many other cities in the United States and all around the world.

Jan 23 09:14

For first time in history, California dealers sell more than a million guns in a single year

Pass a new gun control law, watch gun sales explode until the law takes effect.
That pattern has played out several times over the years in California, but never so much as in 2016, related largely to a spike in sales as buyers rushed to beat a ban on certain rifles, new figures from the state Department of Justice show.

Jan 23 09:14

These Presidential Letters Offer A Rare Insight Into The Job Of President

When a president leaves office, it's become tradition for them to leave a note for the incoming commander in chief. The letters are handwritten, and on White House stationary, but the public doesn't often get to see them. But ABC News delved deep into National Archives and Records to find the notes from Bill Clinton to George W. Bush and from Bush to Barack Obama.

Jan 23 09:08

David Cameron says he names birds after Boris Johnson before shooting them

Former Prime Minister David Cameron has said he names birds after Boris Johnson and Michael Gove before shooting them.
Mr Cameron, a keen game shooter, has revealed he relishes imagining the pheasants he shoots are named “Boris” or “Michael”, the Mail on Sunday reports.

Jan 23 09:08

Hawaiians call Mark Zuckerberg 'the face of neocolonialism' over land lawsuits

few days after Christmas, Mark Zuckerberg shared a series of photographsof his family at their $100m, 700-acre property in Kauai. The Facebook CEO and his wife “fell in love with the community and the cloudy green mountains”, he wrote, and decided to “plant roots and join the community ourselves”.

Jan 23 08:57

This Teacher Live Tweeted A Class No One Showed Up For And It Was Hilarious

Adam Heath Avitable is a comedian from Florida and often teaches classes at universities. Yesterday, he was due to give one these classes. Except no one turned up. So he decided to live tweet the awkwardness that ensued as he desperately waited for someone to walk through the door.

Jan 23 08:50

Foreigners Are Dumping U.S. Debt At A Record Pace And Our $20 Trillion National Debt Is Poised To Become A Major Crisis

While most of the country has been focused on the inauguration of Donald Trump, a very real crisis has been brewing behind the scenes. Foreigners are dumping U.S. debt at a faster rate than we have ever seen before, and U.S. Treasury yields have been rising.

Jan 23 08:48


Suit an attempt to make his 700-acre beachfront estate more private, according to reports. Mark Zuckerberg is reportedly suing Hawaiian families who have ancestral rights to land within his $100 million (£81.2 million) property in a bid to force them to sell their plots.

The Facebook founder has launched the legal action in an attempt to make his 700-acre beachfront estate on the Island of Kauai more private.

Under legislation dating back to 1850 known as the Kuleana Act, almost a dozen native families currently have the right to live on small sections of land within the billionaire's property on the island, according to the Honolulu Star Advertiser.

Jan 23 08:44

Russian minister blasts EU over sanctions and says trading with bloc 'NOT a priority'

BUILDING bridges with Europe is "not a priority" for Russia with it raking in billions of dollars trading with markets outside the EU, according to its Minister of Agriculture.

Jan 23 08:42


A radical overhaul of security at Australia’s international airports is the first step towards the government’s goal of automating 90% of air traveller processing by 2020. The Department of Immigration and Border Protection will start moving towards a “contactless” system for arrivals this year, Fairfax reported on Sunday – the most ambitious stage of the Seamless Traveller initiative announced in 2015.

Jan 23 08:42

PRESIDENT TRUMP WORKING HARD - Trump to Begin Renegotiating NAFTA Pact with Mexico & Canada

U.S. President Donald Trump said on Sunday he plans talks soon with the leaders of Canada and Mexico to begin renegotiating the North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA).