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Mar 27 07:27

Daesh, Creature of the West

According to Saudi intelligence, Daesh was invented by the US government – in Camp Bacca, near the Kuwait border, as many will remember — to essentially finish off the Shiite-majority Nouri al-Maliki government in Baghdad.

It didn’t happen this way, of course. Then, years later, in the summer of 2014, Daesh routed the Iraqi Army on its way to conquer Mosul. The Iraqi Army fled. Daesh operatives then annexed ultra-modern weapons that took US instructors from six to twelve months to train the Iraqis in and…surprise! Daesh incorporated the weapons in their arsenals in 24 hours.

In the end, Shea frankly admitted to the source that Gen David Petraeus, conductor of the much-lauded 2007 surge, had trained these Sunnis now part of Daesh in Anbar province in Iraq.

Mar 27 07:25

Legislation Would Bring Speed Cameras to California

You helped us defeat AB666, the Devil's Bill that would have eliminated your rights when fighting a red light camera ticket. Now there is a new threat to your rights. Assembly Bill 342 would allow speed cameras to be used in California for the first time. And like AB666, the bill makes the vehicle owner responsible for the ticket, not the driver and takes away your right to a trial. While some might view the use of speed cameras as a tool in promoting roadway safety, AB-342 is seriously flawed. It eliminates virtually all current protections afforded to motorists in speed related cases and allows jurisdictions to run speed traps in their cities, ensuring that the program will be used as a revenue generation scheme, not for public safety. You can read here about all the terrible things that will happen if AB-342 becomes law.

Mar 27 07:07

The Trump Weekend Cover Up

(*The libtard buttercup snowflakes over at Red State , are trying to say Trump went golfing , while fake news reported Trump was in closed door meetings the press were not invited to attend .)

Mar 27 06:59

Bill in West Virginia would BAN homeschooling, treating it as child abuse

A new bill proposed in West Virginia could make the act of homeschooling equal to that of child abuse. Lawmakers feel that parents are denying their children an appropriate education. If passed into law, Bill SB 528 would prohibit homeschooling and order CPS investigations for children who had ten or more absences without an acceptable excuse.

Mar 27 06:58

What could go wrong? Genetically modified mosquitoes to swarm Houston in latest Zika hoax lunacy

So far, there have been no actual trials involving GM mosquitoes in the United States. A planned trial in the Florida Keys last fall never materialized because residents there expressed concern about the genetic engineering, which led to local officials canceling a proposed trial there.

What’s even more bizarre is that officials in Harris County, which is home to Houston, note there have been no documented cases of Zika virus being transmitted locally. In fact, the only Texas cases at all have been in Cameron County, which borders Mexico.

Mar 27 06:46

WW3 FEARS: Global bid to BAN nuclear weapons over rising concerns at North Korea

MORE than 100 countries are to hold the first United Nations talks over a global nuclear weapons ban despite the major world powers objecting.

Although Britain, France, Israel, Russia and the United States voted no, while China, India and Pakistan abstained, 123 UN members said they would hold the conference to draw up a legally binding nuclear ban treaty.

Japan, which is the only country to have suffered atomic attacks, voted against the talks, saying the lack of consensus over the negotiations could undermine progress on effective nuclear disarmament.

The countries leading the effort include Austria, Ireland, Mexico, Brazil, South Africa and Sweden.

Mar 27 06:42

REVEALED: Brussels ‘secretly promises’ to quickly begin EU membership talks with Macedonia

SENIOR eurocrats have secretly promised the leader of Macedonia’s opposition party that they will soon open talks on the country joining the EU, it emerged today.

Mar 27 06:40

Canada Passes Motion M103 Leading Shocked Citizenry To Believe Sharia Law Courts Are Coming

Motion M103 was tabled by Iqra Khalid, a Muslim member of Prime Minister Justin Trudeau’s Liberal Party. It states the government must “condemn Islamophobia and all forms of systemic racism and religious discrimination”, was taken to vote on Thursday evening where a total of 201 MPs voted for it and only 91 voted against, Canadian broadcaster Global News reports.

Mar 27 06:39

The GREAT FUEL CON: Fury at £6 billion petrol ‘rip off’ for British motorists

British motorists saw petrol prices cut over the weekend by leading supermarkets Tesco, Asda, Morrisons and Sainsbury’s by 2p.

According to FairFuelUK however, these prices should still 2p lower given the big fall in oil in recent weeks.

In addition to this, FairFuelUK claims that petrol prices were far higher in the UK than they should have been even before the fall.

Mar 27 06:38

Poundland's 99p Stores fall into administration: 60 shops across the UK to SHUT

HIGH street chain 99p Stores is to shut, after the Poundland-owned company fell into administration.

Mar 27 06:29

'I am a superwoman' Remain crusader Gina Miller pledges to DISRUPT Brexit process

GINA Miller has promised to keep trying to disrupt the plans of Theresa May and her Government in hammering out a Brexit deal, declaring she is "superwoman".

Mar 27 06:24

SEAN HANNITY Stands Up For His Rights With CBS And Ted Koppel Interview!

Mainstream Media has truly declared war on those of us who do not watch and agree with them. Sean Hannity of FOX NEWS was interviewed by Ted Koppel of CBS.

Mar 27 06:21

UK govt ‘using’ Westminster terrorist attack to snatch more spying powers - ex-cybersecurity chief

The British government is attempting to “use” the Westminster attack to gain unnecessary and intrusive surveillance powers, the Ministry of Defense (MoD)’s former cybersecurity chief has warned.

Major General Jonathan Straw says ministers are trying to use the terrorist incident last Wednesday to push for handing security services more powers, despite the weak case for it.

His comments come after Home Secretary Amber Rudd said it is “completely unacceptable” that authorities cannot look at the encrypted social media messages of attacker Khalid Masood on platforms such as WhatsApp.

Mar 27 06:21

One Mother’s Chilling Close Encounter With A Team Of Child Abductors That People Can’t Stop Talking About

After reading this article, you will never be careless with your child in a public place ever again. There really are predators out there that make a lot of money abducting children.

Mar 27 06:20

Top European banks profited €25bn from tax havens last year

A report by Oxfam suggests Europe’s largest banks have registered over a quarter of their profits in offshore tax havens last year. The continent's top 20 lenders avoided paying tax on an estimated €25 billion, the study finds.

The report follows increased international scrutiny of corporate tax avoidance.

The lenders paid no tax on profits of €383 million posted in seven tax havens last year while booking earnings of €4.9 billion in Luxembourg – more than they did in the UK, Sweden, and Germany combined.

In 2015 European banks posted at least €628 million in profits in tax havens where they employ nobody, Oxfam reported. Luxembourg and Ireland are the most favored tax havens, accounting for 29 percent of the profits banks posted offshore in 2015.

Mar 27 06:17

Canada to legalize cannabis for recreational use in 2018 – reports

In an effort to devastate drug profits in the criminal underworld, Canada’s Liberal government is reported to be preparing a move to legalize marijuana for recreational use.

Mar 27 06:16

‘Few months left before they starve’: Oxfam adviser tells RT famine is ‘the real enemy’ in Yemen

There are currently 7 million people "on the brink of famine" in Yemen, with the alarming situation being the result "of the fighting and of the bombing," the international humanitarian organization Oxfam's adviser in the Middle East, Richard Stanforth, said in an interview with RT this week.

Mar 27 06:14

Forget ObamaCare, RyanCare, and any Future ReformCare--the Healthcare System Is Completely Broken

It's time to start planning for what we'll do when the current healthcare system implodes.

As with many other complex, opaque systems in the U.S., only those toiling in the murky depths of the healthcare system know just how broken the entire system is.

Mar 27 06:13

Toshiba's nuclear power plant business runs out of steam

Toshiba has decided to press the big red button in its attempts to reorganise its nuclear power business, seeking Chapter 11 protection for troubled Westinghouse Electric.

Reported Friday by Reuters, a filing would blow out the cost of restructuring the business to US$9 billion (1 trillion yen).

According to Nikkei, the company will meet with utilities and other stakeholders as early as Monday afternoon, US time, to discuss its Chapter 11 plans. The final decision will be made at a Westinghouse board meeting Tuesday morning.

Mar 27 06:12

iPhone-havers think they're safe. But they're not

Mobile malware is at the highest level yet recorded, infecting 1.35 per cent of all mobile devices in October, according to a study by Nokia out today. The high water mark in October compares to figures of 1.06 per cent in April 2016.

While Android smartphones and tablets remained the top mobile target (81 per cent), iOS-based devices were also affected, particularly through spyphone applications, in the second half of the last year (4 per cent). Spyphone surveillance software (sometimes marked as spousal or child monitoring tech) tracks a user's calls, text messages, social media applications, web searches, GPS locations or other activities.

Mar 27 05:48

The mainstream media lied: Trump was right all along about Obama administration surveillance

Since the moment President Trump released his now infamous Tweet accusing Obama of wiretapping him, the establishment media has done everything in their power to continually attack the White House while claiming that there is absolutely no evidence of any surveillance.

Mar 27 05:46

Trump “endorses” Jeanine Pirro’s call for Paul Ryan to step down

Fox News host Judge Jeanine Pirro, whose show President Trump urged his followers on Twitter to watch earlier in the day, opened her program at 9pm on Saturday by calling for Speaker Paul Ryan’s resignation.

Mar 27 05:45

Video: Leftist agitators attack Trump supporters, quickly get a taste of their own medicine

Supporters of President Donald Trump took part in a rally in Huntington Beach, California Saturday where they clashed . .