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Jan 16 10:02

Anti-Gunners Push Law Limiting Ammo Purchases to 20 Bullets Per Month and 5 Round or Smaller Magazines

Emboldened by their strong showing the 2018 midterm elections, Democrats have begun to charge full steam ahead with absurd and unconstitutional proposals for strict gun control legislation.

Jan 16 10:01

BYU Caves, Apologizes to Fascist SJWs After 2 Students Dress Up as Tacos

Brigham Young University has apologized for and taken down an Instagram post that showed two students dressed up in taco costumes and sombreros to promote “Taco Tuesday.”

Jan 16 09:44

Keep Calm and Buy the Dip

Jan 16 09:25

DOJ report shows just how few legally-purchased guns are used to commit crimes

A Department of Justice report shows that only seven percent of nearly 300,000 state and federal prisoners who possessed a firearm during their crime purchased the gun from a licensed firearm dealer.

Jan 16 09:24

A Man Said He Was Going To Kill His Neighbors With Kindness. He Then Attacked Them With A Machete With "Kindness" Written On It.

A 30-year-old man from Milton, Florida, was arrested for aggravated battery and aggravated assault after he told two neighbors that he was going to "[kill them] with kindness," and then attacked them with a machete-style knife that he called "kindness."

Jan 16 09:24

Europe is Burning

Jan 16 09:23

Shocking dashcam video shows the moment a toddler strapped into a car seat flies out of the vehicle after her mother failed to fasten her seat properly, before her mom drives off as other motorists try to flag her down

Horrifying dashcam video has captured the moment a toddler who was still strapped into her car seat flew out of a moving car after her mother failed to properly fasten the seat.
The two-year-old girl toppled out of the rear left door of the car as her mother veered around a corner in Mankato, Minnesota on Monday.
The shocking incident was captured on Chad Cheddar Mock's dashcam as he was driving behind the mother's car at about 11.45am.

Jan 16 09:22

‘I was told my natural hair was unprofessional’: Black TV anchor says she was FIRED by Mississippi station after she refused to straighten her hair to look more like a 'beauty queen'

A black anchor says she was fired from her Mississippi newsroom after she refused to straighten her natural hair.
Brittany Noble-Jones was hired on at local Jackson news station WJTV as a morning anchor after notably covering the Michael Brown shooting in Ferguson, Missouri.

Jan 16 09:20

Facebook slammed for flagging Mardi Gras King Cake competition advertisement over 'excessive nudity' because it featured plastic BABIES

Facebook has been slammed for blocking a sponsored post advertising a traditional Mardi Gras cake competition, claiming it featured 'excessive nudity'.
But the 'nudity' in question was regarding tiny plastic babies, which are traditionally found inside the very King Cakes that the post was advertising.
Now Innovative Advertising, the New Orleans-based marketing firm that is running the competition, is fighting back.

Jan 16 09:14

Parents sue California school district over ‘Bring Your Bible to School Day’

A California school district is about to get a “hard lesson” in Constitutional law.
Although the Huntington Beach City School District insists it was only following policy, parents of two brothers have filed a lawsuit alleging it violated their students’ rights to freedom of speech and freedom of religion, Fox News reported.

Jan 16 09:13

Lead singer posts the worst, or funniest, band break-up notice ever (6 Photos)

So a guy, probably stuck in a rabbit hole on Facebook, came across a band update that included a break-up notice that blew his mind.

Jan 16 09:12

McDonald’s, Taco Bell and Wendy’s spent over a BILLION on TV ads to target black and Hispanic kids after promising to fight soaring rates of obesity among minority children

Fast food chains - including McDonald's and Taco Bell - and candy companies are spending far more money to advertise unhealthy food to black and Hispanic children than they are on marketing geared toward white youth, a new report reveals.
On TV networks with mostly black audiences - like BET and OWN - 86 percent of the total 2017 advertising spending for food companies was marketed junk food, sugary drinks and unhealthy snacks.

Jan 16 09:11

Now women say Gillette are sexist too: Critics hammer shaving firm online for marketing pink razors called Venus to female users

Women who use Gillette products have blasted the shaving company for sexism for marketing pink razors called Venus to female users - just hours after its campaign to tackle 'toxic masculinity' divided the nation.
Consumers blasted the global company and accused it of double standards over its branding which include the Passion and Embrace range.

Jan 16 09:10

Nike reveals $350 'Marty McFly' Adapt BB self lacing sneakers controlled by an app

Nike has revealed a pair of $350 'Back to the Future' sneakers with 'power laces' controlled from a phone.
The new Nike Adapt BB are specifically designed for basketball and automatically tighten or loosen with a press of the button either on the shoes themselves or via a smartphone.
The range will initially go on sale only in the US for $350 dollars (£272), on February 17th - although they are expected to sell out instantly.