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Oct 19 18:06

Italy’s Debt Crisis Thickens

Oct 19 17:40

Treasury Bonds Aren’t the Only Ones Spiking

Oct 19 17:26

WikiLeaks: Julian Assange Sues Ecuador For Violating “Fundamental Rights And Freedoms”

By Aaron Kesel

WikiLeaks claims Assange’s access to the outside world has been “summarily cut off” and stated Ecuador has threatened to remove all protection given to his person that he has been granted when he was accepted into political asylum...

Oct 19 16:21

Lioness kills father of her cubs at Indianapolis Zoo

Indianapolis Zoo officials heard 'an unusual amount' of roaring from the lion yard. They found one lion dead..

Oct 19 16:16

Quotes from Orwell's 1984

2018 update
some men are women

some men can have babies

Oct 19 14:26

Trial: Facial Recognition Technology To Be Used In UK At Select Self-Checkouts

By Aaron Kesel

Facial recognition technology will be tested in UK supermarkets for the first time to verify the age of citizens buying alcohol and cigarettes at special self-checkout machines later this year...

Oct 19 14:06

127 cases of polio-like illness under investigation, CDC says

Acute flaccid myelitis, also called AFM, is a rare but serious condition that affects the nervous system and causes the muscles and reflexes to suddenly become weak,

Oct 19 13:54

The US Transportation Boom Has Peaked