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Jul 21 16:51

Britain’s Budget Deficit To Grow Beyond Expectations

The UK government is faced with a growing budget deficit that is slated to go beyond previous projections, official figures suggest.

Jul 21 16:51

US Warns Its Citizens Of An ‘Imminent Threat' In Saudi Arabia

The US State Department has warned American citizens in Saudi Arabia of an “imminent” threat,” advising them to practice extra vigilance until further notice.

Jul 21 16:49

Gun Violence, Yeah, Uh-Huh, Right

If there are to be more “background checks”, they need to happen with United States government weapons transactions and covert operations. “They can’t be covert if everyone knows!” Exactly! So we need background checks not on us, but on this cabal of lunatics we call the government. They’re the ones doling out weapons to people that then created a civil war that spilled into our own streets twice now. Oh, those were Americans and not Syrians? Excuse me, but the government was throwing muskets into the hands of Irish immigrants right off the boat in our own Civil War. And they didn’t even know what the war was about half the time! So don’t give me this crap that those two attacks were not the Syrian Civil War spilling over into the lap of the government that helped provoke it.

Jul 21 16:43

What if the Fix Was In? : Andrew P. Napolitano on crooked Hillary, crooked government

What if Hillary Clinton has engaged in espionage and public corruption and FBI agents know that she has? What if they have evidence to prove it but they could not present anything to a grand jury because President Obama wants Clinton, and not Donald Trump, to succeed him in office? What if this blatant political interference with a criminal investigation is itself a crime? What if, midstream in this criminal investigation, the fix was put in?What do we do about it?

Jul 21 16:39

Microsoft to rip up P2P Skype, killing native Mac, Linux apps

Redmond decides you'll sound better if its VoIP system runs in the cloud via the browser

Jul 21 16:38

GOP delegates suckered into connecting to insecure Wi-Fi hotspots

A Wi-Fi hack experiment conducted at various locations at or near the Republican National Convention site in Cleveland, US, underlines how risky it can be to connect to public Wi-Fi without protection from a VPN.

The exercise, carried out by security researchers at Avast, an anti-virus firm, revealed that more than 1,000 delegates were careless when connecting to public Wi-Fi.

Attendees risked the possibility of being spied on and hacked by cybercriminals or perhaps even spies while they checked their emails, banked online, used chat and dating apps, and even while they accessed Pokemon Go.

Jul 21 16:36

Queen's private income jumps 8 per cent to £17.8 million

Her 45,800-acre property empire slipped out its annual financial report without any fanfare last night, showing it has been another bumper year for the Royal Family despite the economic difficulties facing much of Britain.


Including taxpayers' money spent on security and royal visits organised by local councils and lord-lieutenants, the total cost of the Royal Family is well over £300 million a year.

The Duchy, the personal estate of the reigning monarch since Henry IV established it in 1399, saw its total capital value increase by 4.8 per cent to £494.7 million in the year to March 31, 2016.

Jul 21 16:21

CHART: Oil bulls are in trouble…

Jul 21 16:17

Poor Cardio Cops: Police Fail Nearly 2,000 Fitness Tests

Police officers across England and Wales failed the annual police fitness test more than 1,800 times across a 12-month period, new figures have shown.

Jul 21 16:15

Miami Police Shoot Unarmed Caregiver As He Lies On Ground Beside Autistic Patient

Cellphone footage has surfaced of the moments leading up to the police shooting and arrest of an unarmed caretaker in Miami as he lay on the ground with his hands in the air.

Charles Kinsey, a behavior therapist at a mental health center, was helping his 23-year-old autistic patient who had run away from a local group home when he was approached by police, the Miami Herald reports.

Jul 21 15:48

‘Bloody Massacres’: Syria Appeals To UN After French & US Airstrikes ‘Kill Over 140 Civilians’

Syria is demanding the UN take action after it says French war planes killed more than 120 civilians during airstrikes on Tuesday near the Turkish-Syrian border.

Jul 21 15:35

Loving America Means Finding Fault With It

I was sitting on a bus one summer, chatting with a man behind me who’d worked all over the world in the U.S. foreign service. Like many conversations today, ours turned eventually to the many problems with our country.

That’s when his companion, who’d been silent so far, spoke. If things are so bad, he barked at me, why don’t you leave the country?

Jul 21 15:35

Tear Gas, Clashes Outside Police HQ In Armenian Capital As Hostage Crisis Continues

Streamed live outside police station in Yerevan, Armenia as hostage siege continues.

Jul 21 15:34

Hillary’s Campaign Is In Big Trouble

Democratic primary voters, who chose Hillary Clinton because they believed she was the most electable Democrat against Donald Trump, may be in for a rude awakening. They may have picked the least electable Democrat>>>
Very simply, the Clinton campaign is in big trouble. And Hillary seems on the verge of compounding the problem by choosing a boring, corporate centrist running mate>>>
I really don’t want to be writing a “woulda, coulda, shoulda” column about why Bernie Sanders would have been more electable. At this stage I’d rather be making the argument that, for all her political and character flaws, Hillary is still preferable to Donald Trump and that progressives should be doing everything possible to prevent Trump’s election, which means critically supporting Hillary. But there’s no avoiding the painful truth that Hillary is in danger of losing.

(*The Poor Dear !
article from Huffington Post . YES! , it's a Trump hit piece

Jul 21 15:32

The Problem Isn’t Tools, It’s Terror

On June 12, Omar Mateen killed 49 patrons at Orlando, Florida’s Pulse nightclub. His weapon: A Sig Sauer MCX carbine.

Jul 21 15:28

FBI Swoops On HSBC Banker At JFK Airport Over $8mn Fraud Charge

FBI agents arrested a senior HSBC banker minutes before he boarded a flight to London and charged him with conspiracy to defraud a client of the bank to the tune of $8 million (£6 million).

Jul 21 15:23

Pirate Fleet? US Navy Sued For $600mn By German Tech Company Over ‘Unlicensed Software’

The US Navy has allegedly installed pirated copies of 3D virtual reality software on “hundreds of thousands” of its computers without permission, a German technology company claims. The firm is suing the military for $600 million in unpaid licenses.

Jul 21 15:23

Armenia: Scores Injured In Clashes Over Hostage Situation In Yerevan

At least 25 officers and 20 civilians have been wounded in the violence.