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Feb 20 17:03

Why Cleaning Sprays Are As Damaging To Lungs As 20 Cigarettes A Day – Study

Recently, a study performed in Norway discovered that the use of everyday cleaning sprays can be as damaging to a woman’s lungs as smoking 20 cigarettes a day. The report claims that lung capacity plummeted...

Feb 20 16:52

UK About To Legalize Cannabis? Parliament Decides This Week

Recovery stories like these are inspiring the people of the UK to speak out for the right to use medical marijuana, and so have high-profile figures like Sting, Russell Brand and Sir Richard Branson. The issue is reaching the ears of Parliament this week.

Feb 20 16:42

Former CIA Director James Woolsey Admits CIA Interferes In Foreign Elections For A “Very Good Cause”

By Aaron Kesel

Former CIA director James Woolsey has admitted the U.S. interferes in foreign elections for a “very good cause.”

In an interview on Fox News, former CIA Director James Woolsey was asked whether the U.S. interferes in other countries’ elections, Woolsey responded, “Well, only for a very good cause in the interests of democracy.”

“Oh, probably, but it was for the good of the system in order to avoid communists taking over,” Woolsey told Laura Ingraham on her Fox News show laughing...

Feb 20 16:12

Rules Is Rules – UK Govt Forces 6-Year-Old To Suffer 30 Seizures A Day, No Cannabis For You

Great Britain is proving just how great it is, and it is using a six-year-old-boy to do it. Proving that the Western world is a symbol of oppression, not freedom, the UK Home Office has rejected a plea...

Feb 20 16:01

5 Big Drivers of Higher Inflation Rates Ahead

Feb 20 16:00

Could antidepressants really cause brain damage? Experts reveal the pills don't work for most people and could even cause PERMANENT harm

More Britons than ever are taking antidepressant drugs — prescriptions for the most common type, known as SSRIs (serotonin selective reuptake inhibitors), rose by 165 per cent between 1998 and 2012.

But a controversial new book, The Sedated Society, claims these drugs, said to correct a chemical imbalance in the brain, are the wrong thing to give to emotionally vulnerable people — adults or children.

In an excoriating assessment of the drug industry and psychiatry, experts claim the evidence for antidepressants is flawed and say the drugs have never been shown to correct a chemical imbalance.


'The drugs have failed to deliver what patients want, which is for the treatment to work for specific mental or emotional problems. So, there is no justification for widespread, life-long use.

'People are kept on these drugs for years. Clinicians claim this is to prevent a relapse, but the side-effects of stopping can be so severe it is preferable to stay on them.'

Feb 20 15:57

Friend of Florida Killer Speaks Out…

Interesting comments on Nikolas Cruz from a girl who knew him well...


Feb 20 15:52

Flashback: Antidepressants no more effective than placebos, leading researcher claims in new book

In "The Emperor's New Drugs: Exploding the Antidepressant Myth," Kirsch extends the argument to the nature of depression and its treatment. After years of assessing the clinical studies, he rejects the conventional belief that depression is caused by a chemical imbalance in the brain that drugs can fix. "The belief that antidepressants can cure depression chemically is simply wrong," he writes.

Kirsch, a professor of psychology at the University of Hull in Britain, was early and vocal in his skepticism about drug companies' claims for antidepressants. His 1998 study, conducted when he was at the University of Connecticut and co-authored with Guy Sapirstein, examined the improvement of patients taking antidepressants with that of patients given placebos. The authors found that the placebos gave patients about three-quarters of the improvement experienced by patients on the drugs.

Feb 20 15:50

Hallucinations, Skin Sensations, Sleeping Problems and Zoloft

I was on Celexa before and had a manic reaction to it, so I was switched to Zoloft which I have been taking for 2 months now. Recently my Doctor upped my dosage to 100 mg due to my depression and anxiety still being present. Since the dosage change I have been experiencing odd things at night. I hear these voices every night while I am trying to go to sleep that sound as if a television is on in another room — but when I get up to go check, they are all off and there’s nothing there.

Feb 20 15:44

Stopping SSRI Antidepressants Can Cause Long, Intense Withdrawal Problems

The authors analyzed 15 randomized controlled studies, 4 open trials, 4 retrospective investigations and 38 case reports of SSRI withdrawal. They found that paroxetine (Paxil) was the worst, but that all the SSRI antdepressants could cause a wide range of withdrawal symptoms from dizziness, electrical shock sensations and diarrhea to anxiety, panic, agitation, insomnia and severe depression.

Feb 20 15:16

NY Times: "The Fate Of The Universe" May Rest On Trump's Budget

The New York Times warned Monday that "the fate of the universe" may be at stake because of President Trump's budget.

Feb 20 15:15

CNN Guest: Russian Election Interference Was An 'Attack' Akin to Pearl Harbor

The Russkie's alleged trolling campaign during the 2016 election was an "attack on our country" just like Pearl Harbor, so said Washington Post columnist Karen Tumulty on CNN Sunday.

Feb 20 15:14

RUSH LIMBAUGH | It’s All About Protecting Obama

Limbaugh discusses the Mueller probe, protecting Hillary, the Obama-appointed judge Rudoph Contreras being yanked from the case Flynn case.


Feb 20 15:14

Florida Shooting Survivor Says Blame Trump, Not FBI For Shooting: "My Father's A Retired FBI Agent"

Florida school shooting survivor turned Resistance poster boy David Hogg said Monday on CNN that Donald Trump should be blamed for the shooting in Florida and not the FBI where his father used to work.