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Oct 19 18:44


What we've been doing, Mr. Chairman, in all reality, is taken a hundred billion out of the Social Security Trust Fund, transferring it over to the spending column, and spending it. Our friends to the left here are getting their tax cuts, we getting our spending increases, and hollering surplus, surplus, and balanced budget, and balanced budget plans when we continue to spend a hundred billion more than we take in.

Oct 19 18:36

Julian Assange: ‘No Proof Whatsoever’ Russians Are Behind DNC Hack

During an interview with NBC’s Richard Engel, Julian Assange said that “there is no proof whatsoever” that Russian intelligence sources are responsible for hacking thousands of Democratic National Committee emails. The emails were posted by WikiLeaks over the weekend. The FBI is investigating the hack. Three cybersecurity experts told the DNC that the emails were hacked by Russian intelligence.

‘There is no proof of that whatsoever. We have not disclosed our source, and of course, this is a diversion that’s being pushed by the Hillary Clinton campaign. That’s a meta-story. The real story is what these emails contain and they show collusion. The very top of the Democratic party, Debbie Wasserman Schultz, is now being forced to resign,”Assange said during the interview.

“And other people from the party, which is meant to be neutral, subverting the process in order to make sure Hillary Clinton won the campaign,” he added.

Oct 19 18:31

WikiLeaks Strikes Again: Clinton Allegedly Praised 'Open Borders' in Paid Speech to Foreign Bank

In a particularly interesting snippet from a speech allegedly delivered to Banco Itau, a large Brazilian bank, in May of 2013, Clinton said:

"My dream is a hemispheric common market, with open trade and open borders, some time in the future with energy that is as green and sustainable as we can get it, powering growth and opportunity for every person in the hemisphere."

Oct 19 18:04

Appeals Court Affirms NSA Surveillance Can Be Used To Investigate Domestic Criminal Suspects

The Seventh Circuit Court of Appeals confirms what's already known about the NSA's domestic surveillance: it's not just for terrorism. The NSA collections -- done in the FBI's name -- are supposed to only gather info related to international terrorism. But that requirement has been phased out. The NSA "tips" a certain amount of data to the FBI for its own use and it has been shown in the past to do the same for the DEA, which it then instructs to obscure the origin of its info.

Oct 19 18:02

Homeless people told to sleep rough so they qualify for help, charity says

Homeless people in the UK are being told to sleep rough so they can get help from local authorities, a charity has found.

Oct 19 18:01

UK government proposes issuing Britons with unique porn-viewing ID numbers

The UK government says it wants to stop people under 18 from looking at pornography, and so it's going to make all the porn sites operating in Britain collect some kind of age-verification in order to make this happen, on pain of being blocked by the UK's Great Firewall. This amounts to a giant database of the nation's porn-consumption habits, ripe for leaking and abuse. To make things worse, the obvious way to do this is by tying age-verification in with some payment method, which will produce a list of the nation's porn-consumption habits, which you can sort by income.

Oct 19 17:30

Why Hillary Clinton Is A Bigger Concern For China Than Donald Trump

So you think Donald Trump is the biggest threat to world peace? And Barack Obama engineered America’s “pivot to Asia”? It was actually Hillary Clinton, emphasising the necessity of a “strategic turn” for the United States, who launched the pivot to Asia in an October 2011 article titled “America’s Pacific Century”. The tone was martial: “Our military is by far the strongest and our economy is by far the largest.”

Oct 19 17:24

Hillary Clinton Body Count: Antonin Scalia Now Included?

One of the Hillary Clinton’s Podesta emails, in which a term allegedly refers to an assassination, was sent to a lobbyist days before Supreme Court Justice Antonin Scalia’s mysterious death.

This particular email appeared in a set of documents released by WikiLeaks on Wednesday. In the email, correspondence was exchanged between John Podesta and D.C. lobbyist Steve Elmendorf.

John Podesta wrote about “wet works” in the February 9 email with the subject line “Thanks.”

“Didn’t think wet works meant pool parties at the Vineyard,” Podesta wrote, according to the email.

DC lobbyist and Hillary Clinton delegate Steve Elmendorf replied to the email with: “I’m all in. Sounds like it will be a bad nite, we all need to buckle up and double down.”

Oct 19 17:23

WikiLeaks: Clinton Campaign Mulled Political Opportunity On Day of Scalia's Death

Antonin Scalia's death had not even been confirmed yet, but the Clinton campaign was already Googling how one less justice on the Supreme Court could be good news for liberals. Milia Fisher, Hillary For America's Special Assistant to the Chair, sent the following message to John Podesta on Feb. 13, 2016 after a few media outlets started reporting on Scalia's passing.


Interestingly, on the same day, Jennifer Palmieri noted how Hillary Clinton should hold off on any comment about their hopes for the Supreme Court until a few days after Scalia's death. Anything before then, Palmieri said, would be "off."

Oct 19 17:16

House committee demands criminal investigation of State Dept. undersecretary over FBI 'quid pro quo'

The demand to have Undersecretary Patrick Kennedy investigated for allegedly offering bribes to the FBI has intensified. The House Judiciary Committee is calling on the Department of Justice to examine the allegations for criminal wrongdoing.

Oct 19 17:02

The Wealth Effect Failure

By Susan Boskey

People tend to increase spending when the prices of their stock market and real estate assets rise. They perceive it as an increase to their financial security. This is known as the wealth effect.

Monetary policymakers consider the increased consumer spending that follows a rise in the price of assets to be an indicator of economic recovery. But is it really and does the everyday family benefit? What is the reality?...

Oct 19 16:56

WikiLeaks: Podesta, Soros Henchman Schemed Over Scalia Replacement

An email released by WikiLeaks on Tuesday reveals that Clinton campaign Chairman John Podesta discussed possible Supreme Court replacements for Justice Antonin Scalia with a top George Soros henchman — barely a day after Scalia’s death.

“Remember our discussion of Wallace Jefferson, Chief Justice in Texas?” Chris Stone, Soros’ right-hand man and president of Open Society Foundations, asked John Podesta in an email titled “Scalia Replacement.”

"Yup," Podesta responded simply. The exchange not only shows the callous opportunism of liberals who couldn't even wait 48 hours before salivating over replacing Scalia with a leftist activist masquerading as an impartial justice — but also the outsized influence that Soros and his Open Society Foundations exert on American politics.

Oct 19 16:48

Giving A FluLaval Shot To A 200 Pound Man Is 79,365.587 Times Greater Than The FDA Recommendations

Stats for mercury in various 2016 flu shots.

(You guys let me know if my explanation is not clear enough, Please.) FDA recommends 0.1 mcg (microgram) of mercury per 1 kg (kilogram) of body weight per day.

The shorthand figure looks like this...

Oct 19 16:41

One Month....$245 Billion In Added Debt

Oct 19 15:54

Clinton's advisers panicked that she was 'too tainted' to push for stronger bribery laws to stop politicians changing legislation in return for donations

Two of Hillary Clinton's top advisers worried that it might be politically dicey for their candidate to come out in support of strengthening bribery laws, a leaked email conversation shows.

Neera Tanden, the head of the Center for American Progress, and Jake Sullivan, Clinton's chief foreign policy expert, talked in late February 2016 and early March about what government reforms Clinton should get behind, according to an email made public by Wikileaks from campaign chairman John Podesta's cache.

'This is a jump ball,' wrote Tanden to Sullivan. 'She may be so tainted she's really vulnerable = if so, maybe a message of I've seen how this sausage is made, it needs to stop, I'm going to stop it will actually work.'

Sullivan had outlined a number of proposals, but said that one of his favorites was: 'Strengthen bribery laws to ensure that politicians [don't] change legislation for political donations.'

Oct 19 15:54

Alex Salmond on RT UK banking woes: ‘It’s what tin-pot dictatorships would do’

The closure of RT’s British accounts by a UK majority-state-owned bank would be something one might expect from a “tin pot dictatorship, not a liberal democracy,” Scottish politician Alex Salmond told RT, pledging to protest the move.

Oct 19 15:50

Hillary's Silicon Valley friends: Now Google boss Eric Schmidt revealed to have designed Clinton's website - and Mark Zuckerberg asked for help getting into campaigning

When Hillary Clinton wanted a new campaign website, she went to the top – enlisting former Google CEO Eric Schmidt to head up a technology effort, hacked emails reveal.

Schmidt oversaw an effort that involved developing the early 'back-end' stages of a web site that would be a powerful tool to promote Clinton's message and harness the efforts of volunteers – while storing information on supporters.

Oct 19 15:49

Half of Americans in ‘virtual lineup’ face-recognition police programs – study

To help identify a culprit, police may ask people to volunteer to be in a line-up. But that scenario is fast becoming obsolete, as more than 117 million Americans are now part of face-recognition software programs used by law enforcement, a study finds.