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Sep 27 18:15

Pulled over for speeding, grieving man stunned when officer drives him 100 miles to be with family

After finding out his teenage sister had been killed in a car accident over the weekend, Mark Ross said he wanted to be with his mother as soon as he could.

Without a vehicle, Ross said that he convinced someone he knew to drive, and jumped in the man's car just after 3 a.m. Sunday in Indiana. Ross wrote in a Facebook post that they were speeding through Ohio, bound for Detroit, when the lights flashed behind them.

Sep 27 18:13

Trump accuses Lester Holt of letting Clinton off on scandals and Benghazi as claims of bias against NBC anchor mount

Donald Trump complained this morning on 'Fox & Friends' that last night's debate moderator Lester Holt didn't spend enough time quizzing Hillary Clinton on topics like Benghazi and the Clinton Foundation.

'He didn't ask her about her scandals,' Trump fumed.

At the same time, the billionaire Republican was annoyed that the NBC Nightly News anchor brought up some of the skeletons in his own closet, like Trump's 'birther' campaign against President Obama.


In an infographic, noted Trump was interrupted by Holt when he was speaking 30 times and he stopped Clinton only 19 times.

Sep 27 18:12

Clinton call for end of private prisons sinks jail stocks

The Department of Justice said last month that it planned to eventually stop using private prisons. Now, Hillary Clinton wants all states to follow suit.

Sep 27 16:59

Protesters Urge Charlotte Mayor, Council Members To Resign

Angry protesters in the US city of Charlotte, North Carolina, have called on the city’s mayor and police chief to resign over their inability to end racial discrimination, an issue that was highlighted by last week’s police killing of an African-American man.

Dozens of angry protesters gathered at the city council on Monday to express their frustration with racial inequality, urging the resignation of Mayor Jennifer Roberts, Charlotte-Mecklenburg Police Chief Kerr Putney, and members of the city council over their handling of the widespread problem.

Sep 27 16:39

U.S. Says Russia Bombed Convoy Even If It Didn’t

By Brandon Turbeville

...With the recent bombing of an aid convoy in Urm al-Kubra near Aleppo, the Western media (as well as the governments it speaks for) is conflating the convoy that was attacked with a convoy that never actually entered Syria and which appears to have been attacked by America’s rebels. Now, rogue generals within the U.S. military are declaring that the Russians are responsible for the attack despite having no evidence for their claims. In addition, these generals and the Secretary of Defense are saying that, even if the Russians didn’t drop the bombs, the Russians are guilty of attacking the convoy.

Seriously, they actually said that...

Sep 27 16:31

'US Air Force Losing Edge Over Russian, Chinese Technologies'

The US Air Force’s “rapidly” fading supremacy over its Russian and Chinese counterparts has worried American military commanders, a new report suggests.

According to a report published by Washington Times on Monday, Russia and China have been test-flying their fifth generation jet fighters for quite some time.

Sep 27 15:39


Sep 27 15:38

First US shale gas arrives in Britain as fracking debate reignites

The first shipment of US shale gas to Britain arrived in Scotland on Tuesday, opening a new source of supply for the UK at a time of mounting debate over whether it should exploit its own unconventional gas resources.

A tanker carrying 27,500 cubic metres of ethane has docked at the Grangemouth refinery in the Firth of Forth for use in chemicals manufacturing by Ineos, the petrochemicals group.

Ineos said the cargo marked the opening of a “virtual pipeline” across the Atlantic connecting the UK market with cheap and plentiful US shale gas.

Sep 27 15:31

Family Radio Service

The Family Radio Service, or FRS, is an unlicensed, simplex only, personal radio service in the US covered by Part 95 of the FCC's regulations. Hand-held FRS transceivers with a maximum output of 500 mW are typically used by families, children, and campers to communicate. Shopping malls, theme parks, and special events are all great locations to monitor FRS communications. Radios may not have external antennas or power amplifiers attached to them (See 47 CFR 95.194c).
GMRS users may also communicate with FRS users, and among each other, on the lower 7 channels in the 462 MHz range, with a maximum of 5 watts ERP on those channels.

Sep 27 15:31

God Emperor Trump Triumphs Over Crooked Hillary And Biased Moderator In First Debate

I’d like to begin with a warning: it’s quite possible that the mainstream media will spin this debate in Hillary’s favor in an attempt to disillusion – or black-pill, if you will – Trump’s loyal supporters.

But fear not! Despite what the Lügenpresse might claim, Trump won this round.

With that out of the way, let’s proceed to the debate itself.

Sep 27 15:31

NATO Is Reviewing ‘Nuclear Playbook’ To Deter ‘Terrible Attacks’ By Russia – Pentagon Chief

The Pentagon chief put Russia on par with North Korea when he spoke about threats faced by the US and its allies, and the need to invest billions into refreshing NATO’s nuclear playbook to integrate conventional and unconventional deterrence methods.

Addressing US servicemen, missile units and B-52 crews at Minot Base, Defense Secretary Ash Carter stated that the US and its allies had not built any new nuclear weapons or delivery systems in the last 25 years – and said that American nuclear forces must be ready to engage in a possible nuclear confrontation with Russia.

Sep 27 15:29

Getting Your Technician License

Exam Requirement: 35-question Technician Written Exam (Element 2).
Privileges: All VHF/UHF Amateur bands (frequencies above 30 MHz).
Limited operations in certain HF bands.

Sep 27 15:27

‘You’re DESTROYING Europe’ Hungary PM predicts ‘parallel Muslim society’ due to migration

EUROPE will become divided into two parallel societies with Muslims living in their own enclaves under different leaders and laws due to mass migration, the prime minister of Hungary predicted today.

Outspoken Viktor Orban accused Angela Merkel and eurocrats of “destroying” the continent with their open door migration policies as he blasted the current influx of asylum seekers.

The firebrand Hungarian leader made the remarks as his country gears up for a crunch referendum over whether or not to accept the imposition of mandatory migrant quotas.

Sep 27 15:27

EZ wifi antenna: Long Range WIFI

a home made super power wifi antenna 32 db upgrade for long range wifi(internet)using a dish antenna.

Sep 27 15:20

Building a simple crystal radio.

A crystal radio is the distilled essence of a radio. It has very few parts, it needs no batteries or other power source, and it can be built in a short time out of things you can find around the house.

The reason a crystal radio does not need any batteries is the amazing capabilities of the human ear. The ear is extremely sensitive to very faint sounds. The crystal radio uses only the energy of the radio waves sent by radio transmitters.

Sep 27 15:17

How to Build a Simple Faraday Cage for EMP Survival

Of all of the reasons to prepare, one that we all need to take seriously is the possibility of a catastrophic EMP, or electromagnetic pulse. This is a frequent topic in many post-apocalyptic novels and something that most of us are aware of, even if we do not completely understand the science.

Sep 27 15:14

'Lying Hillary' Clinton's husband Bill 'likely a rapist,' Alabama lawmaker tweets after debate

An Alabama lawmaker unhappy with Hillary Clinton’s allegations during the presidential debate that Republican Donald Trump is sexist expressed his disapproval by tweeting the Democratic nominee’s husband is “likely a rapist.” reports Rep. Ed Henry, R-Hartselle, posted to Twitter just after the debate: “It is ironic that Lying Hillary blast Trump as a sexist when she is married to Bill, who is likely a rapist.” The tweet copied in Trump’s campaign manager, Kellyanne Conway.

Sep 27 15:11

Rudy Giuliani: ‘Lester Holt Should Be Ashamed Of Himself’

When asked by The Daily Caller Monday night if Holt treated Donald Trump fairly, the former mayor of New York said he acted “extremely unfairly.”

“Particular in his interference with regard to the unconstitutionality of a case called Terry v. Ohio,” Giuliani told this reporter. “I forgive Hillary Clinton for not understanding that stop-and-frisk was not held unconstitutional — only unconstitutional as applied by Michael Bloomberg and Ray Kelly.”

“I happen to disagree with that,” he said. “I was out of office 12 years when it was held unconstitutional. It was never held unconstitutional when I was mayor.”

“Stop-and-frisk is being done tonight all over America,” Giuliani continued.

Sep 27 15:08

When ‘deplorables’ took back their country

Could we have a second Jacksonian Revolution? That depends on whether the American people trust Donald Trump to lead one. Jackson’s policies were controversial at the time, and are still vigorously debated by historians, but Jackson rocked the political establishment and made government more accountable to the people.