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Oct 18 10:16

BEX ALERT!: Why AI and advertisers should team up to fix fake news

Pathetic piece advocating censorship! GRRRR!!!

Fake news is as old as the written word, and probably older, but it’s technology that’s created the insidious version of fake news we know today. Now, the question is whether technology, and artificial intelligence in particular, can also be the foil that will prevent the eventual fakenewspocolypse.

Oct 18 10:06

Ben Garrison Cartoons --- Stormy Daniels Horses Around #horseface

Like Mr. Ed, Stormy Daniels keeps talking and talking and won't go away. Stormy lost her horse race when a judge dismissed her defamation …

Oct 18 09:57

Trump Spins Cover-up For Saudi Killing

The original Magnitsky Act, signed into law in 2012, was designed to punish Russia with sanctions over alleged human rights abuses. In 2016, it was expanded to place the rest of the world under US authority as well. Its targeting of Russia has been disputed as a controversial political weapon, not reflecting actual human rights abuses. Nevertheless, the law has international application against any foreign government or individual deemed by the US congress as a violator of human rights.

In the case of Saudi Arabia and the missing journalist Jamal Khashoggi that would seem to be a clear incident meriting Magnitsky-type sanctions.

But whether US legislators actually follow through with threats to punish Saudi Arabia and its rulers is a moot question.>>>

Oct 18 09:51

Rep. Eric Swalwell : Trump and Saudia Arabia Colluding

on Murder Cover-up

on Rachel Maddow


Oct 18 09:46

Pompeo: U.S. Will Give Saudis 'Few More Days' on Khashoggi

Pompeo Reportedly Told Saudi Crown Prince: ‘Every Fact is Going to Get Out’ About Khashoggi

Oct 18 09:42

Saudi Journalist Disappearance Has Accomplished What 50,000 Yemeni Deaths Could Not:

Recent condemnations of the Saudi government are welcome, but the kingdom's brutality in Yemen has not drawn nearly as much attention.

Oct 18 09:24

'Hit it between the eyes': Elephants charge at hunters after they shoot and kill a member of the herd in Namibia

This is the moment the tables turned on two hunters, who found themselves under attack from a herd of elephants after they shot one of the bulls.
Video footage shows two men armed with rifles trying to sneak up on the herd of elephants in Namibia.
They are seen aiming at the elephant herd from a distance, with one of them telling the other 'hit it between the eyes'.

Oct 18 09:23

High School Girls Admitted to Making False Sexual Assault Accusations Against a Male Student Because They ‘Just Don’t Like Him’

Seneca Valley School District in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania is facing a lawsuit from a former male student who was forced out of school—and investigated for sexual assault—due to a series of false accusations made by female students.
The girls—dubbed "mean girls" in the lawsuit, a reference to the 2004 Lindsay Lohan film—admitted on tape that they made up the assault story. One said, "I just don't like him" and "[I] would do anything to get him expelled," according to The Toronto Sun.

Oct 18 09:18

Policeman tells 11-year-old carrying BB gun 'I could have killed you' in powerful bodycam recording

A police officer told an 11-year-old boy carrying a BB gun "I could have killed you" in a powerful body cam recording.
Officer Peter Casuccio got a call over his radio that a boy wearing red tracksuit bottoms had been seen with a weapon.

When he saw the youngster, who was with a 13-year-old friend, he demanded they drop the weapon and get on their knees.