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Sep 17 09:48

Flashback -- Rep. Gabbard talks about the chemical attack in Syria and the US military strike of a Syrian base

with CNN's Wolf Blitzer


Sep 17 09:39

US Army Suffers Casualties in ISIL's Offensive in Northeastern Syria:

BEX ALERT P.O.T.U.S. TWEETS: US Army Suffers Casualties in ISIL's Offensive in Northeastern Syria:

(*I admit it , I made up the part about the potus tweeting about it .
Thats the BEX part !


(*THIS did get a tweet though )

Sep 17 09:09

Syrians Vote in First Local Polls since 2011:

Sep 17 09:02

Efforts To Protect Us From Unproven 5G Cell Towers Radiation Health Effects

By Catherine J. Frompovich

Americans for Responsible Technology and Grassroots teamed up the week of September 9, 2018 to visit members of the U.S. Congress House and Senate Commerce Committees, which have jurisdiction over the Federal Communications Commission, in order to inform legislative directors and aides about the science on wireless radiation, which has been “memory-holed” by all who fast track 5G wireless with its special cell towers that must be placed within very close proximity to consumers residences, or even on their properties, in order to implement that technology...

Sep 17 08:59


THE UNDERGROUND CALIPHATE: ISIS Has Not Vanished. It Is Fighting a Guerrilla War Against the Iraqi State.

Sep 17 08:49

Conceding Defeat in Iraq: The US Has Only Itself To Blame For Iran’s Growing Influence In The Country

***Press Secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders blamed “proxies” of Iran for recent attacks at the US consulate in Basra and near the American embassy compound in Baghdad’s ‘Green Zone’, adding that “Iran did not act to stop these attacks by its proxies in Iraq, which it has supported with funding, training, and weapons.”
There can be no disputing that Iran wields immense, if not overwhelming, influence in Iraq and that Gen. Qasem Soleimani, commander of the Revolutionary Guards’ Qods Brigade, is a kingmaker in Baghdad. He oversaw the process of foiling the independence referendum which Masoud Barzani held in Iraqi Kurdistan. He also played the key role in establishing the Popular Mobilization forces and other armed groups that fought a ferocious campaign to eject the Islamic State group (Daesh) from Mosul and other Iraqi cities. At present, he is focusing his efforts on putting together the new Iraqi government.
But this growing Iranian influence is a consequence of the American invasion of the country 15 years>>>

Sep 17 08:36

Bolton Escalates Blackmail

John Bolton Escalates Blackmail to Shield US War Criminals
On September 10, Bolton told the right-wing Federalist Society that the United States would punish the ICC if it mounts a full investigation of Americans for war crimes committed in Afghanistan or of Israelis for human rights violations committed in the Occupied Palestinian Territories.

ICC Prosecutor Has “Reason to Believe” US Military Committed Torture


(*Oh sure; just because the potus prefers it over football ?)

Sep 17 08:14

Trump’s War on Palestinian Refugees

Trump’s War on Palestinian Refugees Is as Heartless as Anything He’s Done
My father was a Palestinian refugee who came to America in search of a better life in the 1950s. At that time and through 2016, America represented a nation that welcomed “huddled masses yearning to breathe free.” But clearly that has changed with Trump, a man who simply doesn’t embrace the values that made America truly great.


(*CAUTION: The Griffen Photoshopped Image doesn't hold a candle to the strain the language in this article puts on 1st ammendment freedom of speech)

Sep 17 08:12

Five baby squirrels rescued after being found tied together by their tails

Five infant squirrels have been rescued after being found tied together by their tails.
The entanglement is thought to have happened by chance with the giant knot forming as the young greys moved about their nest and each other.
Grass, twigs and bits of plastic had also become interwoven into the entanglement.

Sep 17 07:49

There are now 2 ways the Mueller probe can go for Trump

On Friday, Former Trump campaign chairman and international influence peddler Paul Manafort made a plea deal to cooperate with special counsel Robert Mueller’s investigation into Russia’s interference in the 2016 election and whether the Trump campaign cooperated with those efforts.