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Sep 24 23:22

Do You Need More Evidence? Yet More Documented Proof of Kiev’s Guilt in Malaysian Shootdown

This was convenient.
10 Jan 2016:-Important MH 17 EVIDENCE DESTROYED in Missile Storage Fire

The only evidence the Dutch 'Kangaroo Court' has accepted is the Bellingcat report which was totally debunked the day after it came out. Big mistake letting Russia see the serial numbers on the BUK.

Bellingcat - Who is Eliot Higgins?

Sep 24 22:27

U.S. judge suggests he may dismiss Stormy Daniels lawsuit against Trump

LOS ANGELES (Reuters) - President Donald Trump likely had a free-speech right to make a Twitter comment disputing allegations by adult film actress Stormy Daniels, a federal judge said on Monday, indicating he was inclined to dismiss her defamation lawsuit against Trump.

Sep 24 21:11

Testimony by Kavanaugh accuser set; new allegation surfaces

WASHINGTON (Reuters) - The university professor who accused Brett Kavanaugh, U.S. President Donald Trump's Supreme Court nominee, of sexual assault will testify before a Senate panel on Thursday about her allegation, her lawyers and the committee said on Sunday.

Sep 24 21:02

Trump leads aggressive, all-out GOP drive to save Kavanaugh

WASHINGTON (AP) — Republicans mounted a combative, coordinated drive Monday to salvage Brett Kavanaugh's Supreme Court nomination as they fought to keep a second woman's allegation of long-ago sexual misconduct from derailing his confirmation. President Donald Trump leapt to his defense, the top Senate Republican accused Democrats of a "smear campaign" and an emotional Kavanaugh pledged to fight for his nomination and proclaimed, "I've never sexually assaulted anyone."

Sep 24 18:05

FCC Wants to Give $2B to Wireless Carriers on September 26

By B.N. Frank

According to a recent article in ARS Technica, this FCC proposal will also force cities and towns to act on small cell tower and wireless infrastructure applications within 60 or 90 days. It will be voted on September 26, 2018 and statements are still being accepted.

Numerous U.S. municipal governments, organizations, medical professionals and environmentalists are extremely ticked off...

Sep 24 17:09

Fears for America's national parks as scientists discover they're being hit harder by climate change than other parts of the country

Over the last 100 years, many of the 417 national parks in the US have experienced more dramatic effects than the rest of the country as the climate shifts, with hotter and drier conditions compared to their surroundings.

Researchers now warn that the trend could see many small mammals and plants become extinct before the end of the century if we don’t take action to limit greenhouse gas emissions.

Sep 24 15:56

UK begins ‘resettling’ White Helmets as refugees

The first Syrian White Helmets have arrived for resettlement to the UK, where officials call them “brave volunteers” and heroes. The group only works in militant-controlled areas and has been seen rubbing shoulders with jihadists.

Sep 24 15:55

US to stay in Syria so long as ‘Iranians’ are there – Bolton

US forces will remain in Syria so long as any Iranian-related forces operate there, the Trump administration has declared. Syria invited Iran to help fight jihadist rebels and ISIS, while denouncing the US presence as illegal.
“We’re not going to leave as long as Iranian troops are outside Iranian borders, and that includes Iranian proxies and militias,” national security adviser John Bolton told reporters at the UN General Assembly session in New York on Monday.

He also blamed Iran for “attacks in Syria and Lebanon” and said it was “really the party responsible for the shooting down of the Russian plane” last week.

Sep 24 15:51

Less Talk, More Texting

Sep 24 15:39

The banking problems of India are mounting

Sep 24 15:38

IDF Chief Says Israel Is Becoming Like Nazi Germany, Refuses to Back Down

scroll down

The outgoing IDF chief has doubled down on his highly controversial comments

Sep 24 15:32

Gigantic dust storms spotted on Titan for the first time raise hopes of life on Saturn's 'very active' moon

Data from the Cassini spacecraft that explored Saturn and its moons between 2004 and 2017 made the discoveryin equatorial regions of Titan.

It makes Titan the third body in the Solar System where dust storms have been observed – the other two are Earth and Mars.

Sep 24 15:30

Be careful with your new iPhone ...Apple's 'toughest ever' handset fails drop tests

Apple has billed the iPhone XS and XS Max as having the 'most durable glass ever in a smartphone.'

But neither device could survive being dropped onto a cement sidewalk.

New drop tests from device insurer SquareTrade confirmed that both of Apple's latest high-end smartphones are prone to shattering when dropped from six feet above the ground.

The iPhone XS and XS Max are made up of a glass display on the front, as well as a glass panel on the back side of the device.

And while SquareTrade found that the new models are much more durable than their predecessor, the now-discontinued iPhone X, they still managed to fail every drop test.

Sep 24 15:12

Kavanaugh Fights Back: "These Are Smears, Pure And Simple"

Judge Brett Kavanaugh released a forceful statement on Monday denouncing the "smears" against him and said he "will not be intimidated into withdrawing" and "the coordinated effort to destroy my good name will not drive me out."

Sep 24 15:12

McConnell Defends Kavanaugh: 'Even By the Far-Left's Standards, This Shameful Smear Campaign Has Hit a New Low'

Senate Majority leader Mitch McConnell blasted Democrats' "shameful smear campaign" against Judge Brett Kavanaugh in a fiery speech on the Senate floor on Monday.