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Jan 14 05:32

7 Deadly Types of Cancer Directly Linked to Alcohol Consumption

By now, you’re probably aware that alcohol can do some pretty significant damage to your body. Drinking even moderate amounts of alcohol can and will do some lasting damage to your system if you’re not careful. Of course, almost everyone is going to have a drink here and there. Aside from the well-known issues associated with alcohol consumption, you should know that drinking has a direct relationship with one of the deadliest diseases in the world: cancer.

Jan 14 05:16

US Congressional candidate seeks help against critics ‘working for Jewish media’

Paul Nehlen, who lost the support of Steve Bannon over anti-Semitism, active in private Twitter group where he coordinates online attacks on opponents — report

Paul Nehlen, a congressional candidate who lost the support of alt-right platform Breitbart due to his anti-Semitic comments, has reportedly been using anti-Jewish sentiment posted online to urge activists into harassing his opponents.

Among comments posted by Nehlen to a private Twitter direct message group titled CityRevoltVoteNehlen were accusations that his critics were “working for the Jewish media,” Buzzfeed reported on Friday.

Nehlen is running in 2018 to unseat Representative Paul Ryan (Republican of Wisconsin), the speaker of the US House of Representatives.>>>

Jan 14 04:58

'He feels really bad': Civil Defense employee who sparked terror in Hawaii by accidentally triggering ballistic MISSILE warning will be 'retrained' say officials after thousands fled to bomb shelters

The alert was issued to residents' phones at 8.07am on Saturday morning
It told them to seek shelter and warned of an 'inbound ballistic missile threat'
It took 38 minutes for a second phone alert to be issued across the state
By then, terrified residents had flocked to shelters and into their garages
Civil Defense employee accidentally hit alert, was unaware until his phone got it
An FCC investigation into the incident is underway, officials said.....

Jan 14 04:56

Rhouani: Trump has ‘failed to undermine’ nuke deal

Iranian President Hassan Rouhani boasted Sunday that recent efforts by US President Donald Trump have “failed to undermine” the 2015 nuclear deal.

Rouhani said that “the American administration has failed to undermine the nuclear deal” and that “Trump, despite his repeated efforts, has failed to undermine the accord.”>>>

Jan 14 04:34

Trump Supporters Attempt to Arrest London’s Muslim Mayor

Far-right supporters holding aloft American flags and shouting pro-Donald Trump slogans have attempted to perform a “citizen’s arrest” of London’s Muslim mayor, Sadiq Khan.

Khan was delivering a speech at a Fabian Society conference in London on Saturday when protesters disrupted his talk, presstv reported.

The protesters were from a group called the White Pendragons. They were hiding in the audience and started holding up American flags when the mayor started speaking. They called for Khan to be arrested, reportedly referencing his religion, Muslim

Khan’s address had to be suspended briefly as a result of the incident.

(*Oddly enough , there's a rock&roll song , for that , too !)

Jan 14 04:16

Kremlin accuses U.S. of anti-Russia fearmongering after State Department travel warning

Russia’s Foreign Ministry on Friday accused the U.S. State Department of cultivating “blind fear of Russia among Americans” after the department issued a travel warning this week urging U.S. citizens to reconsider visits to the country.

Foreign Ministry spokeswoman Maria Zakharova dismissed the travel warning, which included terrorism and harassment as serious concerns. She referred to it as an example of what the Kremlin has said repeatedly is a growing wave of Russophobia in Washington tied to allegations that Moscow interfered in the 2016 U.S. presidential elections.

"In our opinion, this is another unsubstantiated statement, whose primary goal is to trigger another round of anti-Russian hysteria in the U.S., and to cultivate blind fear of Russia among Americans," she said during her weekly news conference.


Jan 13 22:18

Pa. regulators reverse course; Medical marijuana won't stop patient gun purchases

Pennsylvania will no longer provide the names of medical marijuana patients to law enforcement agencies.

The state Department of Health made the announcement late Friday afternoon in the wake of an Inquirer and Daily News story that called attention to the fact that marijuana patients would not be able to buy firearms.

Jan 13 21:03

Is becoming a VEGAN the secret to hitting peak fitness? Jermain Defoe, 35, reveals how cutting back on meat gave him MORE energy – and credits it with extending his football career

Defoe, of Bournemouth FC, says he now hopes to play into his early 40s
He credits not getting any injuries last season with his new near-vegan diet
He says cutting down on meat stopped him feeling lethargic or bloated

Jan 13 21:01

The kick that ended a career: WWE star Paige ‘will NEVER wrestle again’ after suffering horror ‘stinger’ neck injury in New York bout just as she was putting sex tape scandal behind her

The 25-year-old wresting star's days in the boxing ring are said to be 'done'
She was kicked in the back during a fight by competitor Sasha Banks last month
Paige received what was believed to be a 'stinger', an injury to the head or neck can lead shooting pains

Jan 13 20:31

Donald Trump's 's**thole' remark sparks outrage in Africa

Addis Ababa: Vulgar comments attributed to US President Donald Trump have caused outrage across Africa. Trump reportedly used the word "s**thole" to describe Haiti and El Salvador, as also African countries while discussing immigration issues with US lawmakers on Thursday.

Speaking to Xinhua, Abebe Ayente, senior researcher at Ethiopian Foreign Relations Strategic Studies (EFRSS), a local think tank, said the comments will further reduce the influence of US on the global stage.

Jan 13 20:30

Pakistan calls India 'sinister', threatens to start nuclear war

A day after Indian Army Chief General Bipin Rawat warned of calling out Pakistan's "nuclear bluff", the country's top civil and military leaders threatened to stir a 'nuclear encounter' with India.

Issuing the nuclear threat, Pakistan foreign minister Khawaja Muhammad Asif took to Twitter on Saturday:

Jan 13 19:39

Living under a bridge doesn't stop this homeless woman from staying positive.

A few months back I logged onto Facebook and was greeted by a smiling homeless woman's selfie in front of a tent holding up a cup of coffee. It was captioned "good morning." Today, I met Manda at her homeless encampment where she made me a cup of coffee!
Manda is an amazing woman. She is disabled from severe brain trauma, yet because she is high functioning, she falls through the gaps in the safety net. I have been working with her trying to help find a path out of homelessness, but the walls bureaucracy are impossible to break through.
For all the people that believe homeless people are lazy, I wish they could just spend an hour in Manda's shoes! She works hard to keep her tent camp clean. She works hard getting to treatment and therapy. She works hard every single day trying to survive. And she works extremely hard to stay positive while facing the madness of homelessness each and every day!

Jan 13 18:30

CIA ANALYST | Tillerson, McMaster Will Be Gone Within 120 Days

Former CIA analyst Fred Fleitz drops some new inside knowledge...


Jan 13 18:18

Artificial sweeteners associated with a higher risk of stroke and dementia

In a 2014 study published in the American Journal of Industrial Medicine, researchers declared aspartame a carcinogen, and advised a re-evaluation of the current position of international regulatory agencies regarding the chemical. They also found that it impaired memory and increased oxidative stress in the brain. Aspartame side effects can include headaches, mood disorders, dizziness and even episodes of mania.

Jan 13 16:22

The Case of Judge Roy Moore, Proof of Deriliction of Duty is Why Sen. Mitch McConnell Must Resign.

If we don’t deal with election fraud , both the house and senate could be under democrat control with the voter fraud system intact. Sen Mitch McConnell and Paul Ryan are perfectly content with throwing the election to the Democrats to keep the power structure in DC intact.
That would be a major step back Making America great again

Jan 13 16:02

Alabama Declares State of Emergency for the Flu Epidemic as the US Death Toll Rises

Citing a strain on "overwhelmed" health resources, Governor Kay Ivey declared an official State of Emergency in Alabama on Thursday due to the rapidly spreading flu epidemic.

But it isn't just Alabama.

The flu epidemic is spreading across the US.

In total, the flu has killed 85 adults and 20 children in the United States and last week, the CDC reported that the hospitalization rate for people with the flu DOUBLED.

Jan 13 15:56

FALSE ALARM: Missile Warning Panics Hawaii...and It Was a Mistake!

Residents of Hawaii received an urgent message to their phones to seek immediate shelter due to an inbound missile. The warning stated:


But Hawaii Civil Beat reports that Hawaii Emergency Management has deemed the alert a "mistake."

Jan 13 15:11

Hear The SHOCKING Comments From April Ryan

April Ryan should never be allowed at a White House event again after this...


Jan 13 13:33

OUCH! Nancy Pelosi Sticks Foot In Mouth Again

Twice in the same day...


Jan 13 13:27

How Will President Trump Deal With A Rogue California Government Making the State a Third World S-hole?

The state of California government has gone rogue and out of control. What happens in California can have some major ramifications nationwide if something is not done to put the state government in check. The state Legislator has passed laws that go far beyond infringing on people’s personal liberties. What is going on in the state is a major train wreck getting ready to happen that could have been preventable.

Jan 13 13:22

Korea: Peace Breaks Out Despite McMaster

This isn’t just about the Olympics: it’s the beginning of a new phase in North-South relations, and the start of the decoupling process that was begun, ironically, by this President when he brought up the US-South Korean trade imbalance and raised the possibility during the presidential campaign of withdrawing US troops and having the South take care of their own defense. This no doubt got the South Koreans – particularly then candidate Moon – to thinking that maybe it’s time to strike out on a more independent course … and start putting Korea first.

Jan 13 12:26

Threat message cancelled: ‘U.S. Pacific Command has detected a missile threat to Hawaii, this is not a drill’

An emergency broadcast alert was sent out over the airwaves in Hawaii Saturday telling residents and tourists that the U.S. Pacific Command had detected a “missile threat” to Hawaii before the alert was retracted some 40-minutes later.

Jan 13 12:08

'I can't look at a toddler knowing that our daughter should be alive today’: NHS physio and her doctor husband mourning 'preventable' death of their stillborn baby reveal why they called for criminal charges against hospital where they both worked

Harriet Hawkins was stillborn at the same hospital both of her parents worked at
They have launched legal action against Nottingham University Hospital Trust
Independent report has found Harriet's death was ‘almost certainly preventable’
Jack and Sarah Hawkins have referred case to the Crown Prosecution Service
They are also campaigning for a change in the law on stillbirth investigations

Jan 13 12:04

India makes space history as ISRO launches 100th satellite [Video]


Jan 13 11:59

‘A great sport and a huge comedy talent’: Russ Abbott leads tributes to his ‘Blunderwoman’ co-star Bella Emberg as the actress dies aged 80

Tributes been paid to British actress Bella Emberg, who passed away yesterday
Former co-star Russ Abbot led the tributes, describing her as a 'one off'
Paul Chuckle, Cheryl Fergison and Charlie Hanson also paid tribute to Emberg

Jan 13 11:58

DOJ unseals indictment involving Uranium One scandal

The Department of Justice unsealed an 11-count indictment on Friday to a former DoD intelligence analyst-turned uranium transportation executive who stands accused of a bribery and money laundering scheme involving a Russian nuclear official connected to the Uranium One deal.

Jan 13 11:57

Game-changing discovery: Scientists believe massive ice sheets on Mars could create oxygen for humans

Researchers previously believed that Martian surface might have absorbed water on the Red Planet. However, in a game-changing development, scientists have discovered huge ice sheets on Mars and they believe that it could provide an unlimited supply of water for the humans.

Jan 13 11:51

Netanyahu basically spelled out that Israel was the source of the intel Trump leaked to Russia

Speaking to a conference of NATO ambassadors on Tuesday, Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu all but spelled it out.

"When we talk about ISIS, it's important to understand that Israel helps Europe in two fundamental ways," Netanyahu said.

He continued: "The first is... we have, through our intelligence services, provided information that has stopped several dozen major terrorist attacks, many of them in European countries. Some of these could have been mass attacks, of the worst kind... even worse, because they involve civil aviation. Israel has prevented that, and thereby helped save many European lives."

Nowhere did Netanyahu say the word "laptops."

He also did not confirm Vanity Fair's November 2017 story about the daring raid by Mossad and IDF special forces deep into Syria to bug the ISIS cellphone from which IDF Unit 8200 reportedly eavesdropped in on the laptop plot.

But the reference to ISIS, attacks on Europe and civil aviation were undeniable.


Jan 13 11:32

Who or What Is Feeding the Unrest in Iran? Philip Giraldi

Given the history of foreign interventions in the Middle East, is the United States or Israel plausibly involved in the demonstrations?
The answer to that is both yes and no. There is considerable evidence that the United States and possibly Israel, joined by Saudi Arabia, have set up several command centers in Iraq and Afghanistan to support the protests. They have been using social networking as well as radio broadcasts to encourage the people to get out and demonstrate. One such station called AmadNews, broadcasting from outside Iran, called on demonstrators to attack police stations and government buildings. It appears to be a US government front manned by Persian speaking Israelis.