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Oct 21 09:55

JFK 2017 Release - Advanced Look at Documents


1. Thread: What follows is an advance look at a few previously secret JFK files not yet online

Oct 21 09:48

British Musician Takes On Vaccine Issues With A Musical Video

By Catherine J. Frompovich

Isn’t there something dramatically and incongruously wrong about such a deliberate refusal to stop medical child abuse perpetrated upon infants, toddlers and teens by federal, state and local health agencies with apparent greased lightning support of advertising and lobbying from Big Pharma to extol vaccines as safe and effective?

Nevertheless, one songwriter, Daz Nez, has stepped up to the plate and hit a home run with his song “Word to the Wise” he co-titled to “Always Reject Vaccines” with a video version of it...

Oct 21 09:47

Astute Point On Frederica Wilson

Wilson's comments about slain FBI agents sound awfully familiar.


Oct 21 09:29

Latest Fear Mongering About Self Sufficiency: Salmonella in Backyard Chickens

By Joe Jarvis

I just read a report about how the trend of raising backyard poultry is contributing to a rise in salmonella infections. Fox, the New York Times, NPR and other popular outlets have reported the same thing within the last few months. CBS actually titled their article: “Backyard Chicken Trend Turns Deadly.”

All the reports are based on a Centers for Disease Control warning about the “outbreak” of salmonella among small-scale chicken keepers.

Now I certainly don’t object to good information about staying healthy while raising livestock. A lot of people who keep chickens on a small scale are new to it.

But looking at the numbers of infections, I doubt the salmonella risk is even as great as buying chicken and eggs from the store...

Oct 21 09:24

Good Clip From Bannon Speech At California GOP Convention

Bannon was the headline speaker last night.


Oct 21 09:11

Bigfoot Video Is 50 Years Old Today

I remember being mesmerized by the footage when I was a kid.


Oct 21 09:09

Why Are Restaurants' Profit Margins So Low?

Oct 21 09:01

AAPL Not Confirming Market’s Higher Highs

Oct 21 08:53

NY Police: No, we can't tell you how much we took in civil asset forfeiture, as our database fell down the stairs by accident and injured itself.

New York City cops claim they can't tell anyone how much cash they have seized from people under civil asset forfeiture laws – because its database is knackered.

Oct 21 08:53

Former cop charged with manslaughter for killing his daughter's non-white boyfriend, claiming that he feared for his life when he saw a black person offering a handshake

On Wednesday a jury finally convicted a former Oklahoma police officer for fatally shooting the black boyfriend of his daughter in a racially charged case that featured three mistrials before a fourth trial found the ex-cop guilty.