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Oct 19 10:40

Ragamuffin Day: The Precursor To Halloween That The NYT Tried To Erase

Kids dressed in crazy costumes going door to door begging for treats---it sounds a lot like Halloween, doesn't it? It could be, except for a few notable differences, like the fact that it took place on Thanksgiving morning. We are talking about the long-forgotten Ragamuffin Day, a tradition among the Irish immigrants of New York City that was popular before Halloween's trick-or-treating started. Let's look at this beloved tradition and how it was squashed by the New York Times and well-to-do residents of New York City.

Oct 19 10:35

To Think Or To Work? That Is The Question

By John Klyczek

On both sides of the political aisle, workforce-training reforms are being touted as the be-all, end-all of America’s public education system. Right-wing “school choice” proponents, such as President Donald Trump and Education Secretary Betsy DeVos, push corporate charter school programs with workforce-training curriculums. Left-wing “community schooling” advocates, such as Democratic Presidential candidates Joe Biden and Julián Castro, push “lifelong-learning” programs with school-to-work curriculums. Both “conservatives” and “liberals” concur: the purpose of public education is workforce development.

Oct 19 10:20

Rydex Bears Come Out Of Hibernation

Oct 19 09:54

'I worked HARD for this!': Moment fearless shopkeeper, 63, fends off knife robbers who threaten to 'cut his FACE off' after bursting into store he's owned for 30 years

A fearless 63-year-old stood up to armed robbers who threatened to slash his face and steal from his family business of 30 years.
Peter Waller was confronted by two masked men, one armed with a blade and the other with a screwdriver, who entered the One Stop convenience store in Pallister Park, Middlesbrough, at 5.20am on Tuesday.

Oct 19 09:54

PIERS MORGAN: Mocking American war heroes, betraying allies, joking about kids fighting as kids are dying, and willfully fueling impeachment… this has been President Trump’s worst week and he only has himself to blame

President Trump was on full self-aggrandizing Trumpian form last night as he addressed a packed stadium of loyal supporters in Dallas.
Like a veteran rock star, he swaggered through his greatest hits from ‘Crooked Hillary’ and ‘Sleepy Joe’ to ‘Crazy Nancy’ and ‘Shifty Schiff’.

Oct 19 09:19

Donald Trump was allegedly recorded having a threesome with a teenage girl and a porn star in a Mafia-run Times Square brothel in the 80s, book claims

A Mafia henchman claims Donald Trump was videoed at a New York City brothel allegedly having a threesome with a teenager and a porn star in 1982 - and the recording was then sent to a Mob boss.

Oct 19 09:18

Inside a Russian tank factory: Fascinating photographs show the construction and testing of the deadly 45-ton T-72B3 battle tank used in Syria (13 Pics)

These fascinating photographs show the construction and testing of the deadly 45-ton T-72B3 battle tank used in Syria.
The devastating war machine is an upgrade of the T-72 Soviet tanks that first entered production in 1971 and were first used in the Iraq-Iran conflict and the Chechen wars in the mid-90s.

Oct 19 09:14

A Week in the Life of a Homeschool Family is Probably Not What You Think

By Sarah Surette

When it comes to homeschooling, there are no two families with the same approach. Some families run like well-oiled machines, others thrive on a very fluid schedule and some, like our family, settles comfortably, somewhere in the middle...

Oct 19 08:53

Riots Now in Lebanon