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Apr 26 04:32

Donbass Shelled Under NATO Command

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Breaking: Donbass Shelled Under NATO Command
By Inessa S On Apr 25, 2018
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Earlier today, Fort Russ published an op-ed by Russell Bentley, who revealed that a new offensive is about to begin on the Donbass in early May.

Apr 26 02:49

Russia, Syria to Bring 17 Eyewitnesses of Events in Douma to OPCW

Permanent representative to the OPCW said in a press release on Monday Russian and Syrian officials plan bringing 17 eyewitnesses of the April 7 incident in the Syrian city of Douma to The Hague, where the Organization for the Prohibition of Chemical Weapons (OPCW) has its headquarters, in order to prove that the alleged poison gas attack was a setup.
"Taking part in the news briefing will be the eyewitnesses of shooting of the footage that featured the fake pseudo-humanitarian action staged by the White Helmets and that provided grounds for the US/UK/French missile strikes at Syria on April 14," the press release said, adding that "In all, there will be seventeen people, including physicians who were right at the scene on that day. They will recount the true story of the incident."

"The delegations [of the OPCW member-states] will get first-hand evidence on the forged footage that misled the world community," the Russian mission stressed.

"The briefing is organized in support of the OPCW fact-finding mission currently deployed in Syria to investigate the incident," the press release stated.


Apr 26 02:40

Iran Arrests Members of London-Backed Spying Cell

Members of a team affiliated to Britain with links with the groups leading the 2009 unrests were arrested by the security forces, a source said on Thursday.

"Recently, members of a network affiliated to Britain have been arrested", who sought to launch espionage operations in Iran and had contacts with the leaders of 2009 unrests and other anti-Iran groups, the source told FNA.

Abbas Edalat was also among those arrested in Iran.

British sources said last night that Edalat is a British-Iranian citizen and a professor of computer sciences and mathematics at Imperial College in London.

Imperial College plays a special role in training spies in different disguises to launch espionage operations inside Iran.


Apr 26 02:33

Small Business is the Mainstay of the Economy

Apr 26 02:22

North Korea’s Nuclear Test Site Has Collapsed

North Korea’s nuclear test site has collapsed ... and that may be why Kim Jong-un suspended tests

North Korea’s mountain nuclear test site has collapsed, putting China and other nearby nations at unprecedented risk of radioactive exposure, two separate groups of Chinese scientists studying the issue have confirmed.

The collapse after five nuclear blasts may be why North Korean leader Kim Jong-un declared on Friday that he would freeze the hermit state’s nuclear and missile tests and shut down the site, one researcher said.

The last five of Pyongyang’s six nuclear tests have all been carried out under Mount Mantap at the Punggye-ri nuclear test site in North Korea’s northwest.


Apr 26 02:14

Chinese Tech Company Huawei Probed ‘For Violating US Sanctions On Iran’ By US Department of Justice

The US Justice Department is investigating China’s Huawei Technologies, the largest maker of telecom equipment in the world, for violating US sanctions in relation to Iran, The Wall Street Journal reported on Thursday, amid growing concern in Washington about Chinese technology companies.

The report follows news last week that the Justice Department activated sanctions on another Chinese telecom equipment producer, ZTE, on charges related to its equipment sales in the same Middle Eastern country.

Huawei had previously been subpoenaed by the US Commerce Department and the US Treasury Department’s Office of Foreign Assets Control, the source said. But the Justice Department’s criminal inquiry suggests more serious misconduct - and consequently more serious repercussions.


Apr 26 01:58

Symbolic US Treasury Bond Yields Matter Less Than The Impact Of Soaring Debt Levels

Over the past several days, international investors have fixated on the 3 per cent level in the yield on 10-year US Treasury bonds, a crucial benchmark for financial markets, breached on Tuesday for the first time since early 2014.

The rise in the 10-year yield, which stood at 2 per cent as recently as last September, above the psychologically important 3 per cent mark comes at a critical time for markets. Not only are there worries about stronger inflationary pressures, fuelled by the recent surge in commodity prices, there are equally important concerns about a slowdown in the global economy, centred around Europe. If that were not enough, markets have become a lot more twitchy following a sudden eruption in volatility in early February.

A sharper increase in the 10-year yield would fan fears about inflation, causing investors to speculate that the Federal Reserve will raise interest rates aggressively. This could put more strain on stock markets already under pressure due to concerns about lofty valuations and signs that growth has peaked. Higher bond yields, moreover, are likely to drive up the dollar which, as I noted in an earlier column, is starting to reflect the divergence in monetary policies between the United States and Europe. A sustained rally in the US dollar would be a major headwind for emerging markets.

Still, despite the significant risks posed by a further rise in the 10-year Treasury yield, it would be wrong for investors to continue obsessing over its precise level.


Apr 26 01:40

Peninsula One Step Closer To Peace

The forthcoming meeting between DPRK leader Kim Jong-un and ROK President Moon Jae-in is expected to promote communication between the two sides and enable the families separated by the Korean War to meet, which will help advance efforts to secure permanent peace on the Korean Peninsula. The summit is also expected to prepare the ground for the proposed summit between the US and DPRK leaders in late May or early June.

Since January, Pyongyang and Seoul have been sincerely seeking progress in the peace process. They have not only agreed to resume inter-Korean talks, but also made efforts to organize a summit between US President Donald Trump and Kim.

But the United States administration has said that the DPRK should dismantle its nuclear arsenal to get sanctions relief from Washington, and Pyongyang seeks phased denuclearization and sanctions relief after the completion of each phase.>>>

Apr 25 20:05

VIDEO - Leakin' Comey fails to explain away his leaking to CNN

Comey Gets Triggered After Anderson Cooper Calls Him a Leaker Over and Over Again:

Apr 25 18:23

Poison Gas Attack Is Fake News False Flag

doctors and eyewitnesses say the alleged “poison gas attack” in Douma—in response to which the U.S. fired 105 Tomahawk missiles on three Syrian targets—never happened. The real question: Who benefits from drawing the U.S. into yet another no-win war?

Apr 25 16:30

Has YOUR kid's data been stolen? More than 1 million US children were victims of identity theft or fraud in 2017, study finds

It seems that no one is too young to become a victim of identity fraud.

Over 1 million US children had their identities stolen in 2017, according to a new study released Tuesday by Javelin Strategy & Research.

Even more worrisome, two-thirds of child identity fraud victims are younger than eight years old.

The fraud resulted in more than $2.6 billion losses, with families paying a staggering $540 million in out-of-pocket costs because of the identity theft.

Apr 25 16:24

Japanese knotweed 'cannot be killed off': Scientists fail to destroy the invasive weed after 19 attempts

Homeowners have been warned there is no end to their worst garden nightmare - scientists have proved that the dreaded Japanese Knotweed cannot be killed off.

Experts have spent five years on the world's biggest field study of knotweed to test different ways of annihilating the invasive plant - but have come up empty handed.

After 19 attempts to kill the plant, scientists failed to find a successful way of managing the species.

Apr 25 16:20

One of the world's longest gas pipelines from Russia to China almost complete

The construction of the 3,000km Power of Siberia gas pipeline or the eastern route, which is aimed to deliver Russian gas to China, will be completed by the end of the year.

The announcement was made by Deputy Chairman of Gazprom Management Committee Vitaly Markelov, who said: “By 2019, we plan to eliminate technical gaps after testing.”

The Power of Siberia pipeline is one of the biggest projects between Russia and China. Analysts say it could help Russia become one of China's main providers of natural gas as demand in the country increases.

Apr 25 16:19

Russia ready to build another pipeline & provide Europe with as much gas as it needs

Gazprom, Russia’s leading natural gas producer, says it's ready to supply as much blue fuel as Europe wants. The company is ready to build the Nord Stream 3 pipeline, if necessary.

"We have proven reserves, we have transport, we are building new transport routes. If Europe is ready… I do not rule out new gas transportation projects – Nord Stream 3, for example," said Gazprom Deputy Chairman of the Management Committee Aleksandr Medvedev in an interview with the Rossiya 24 TV channel.

Apr 25 16:18

City beneath city: RT films massive network of militant-built tunnels under Syria’s Douma (VIDEO)

The Syrian military has been combing through a vast network of tunnels built by jihadists in Douma, not far from Damascus. RT Arabic filmed vehicles easily fitting in the passages and asked locals how the militants treated them.

Located 15 meters deep under the surface, the massive tunnels are supported by metal pillars and are paneled with some sort of liner plates, creating a subway look. They stretch for kilometers under the town, located in the area of eastern Ghouta, forming an entire city beneath the city.

Apr 25 16:15

Ukrainian neo-Nazis demolish Roma camp in Kiev, brag on FB – and even the US begins to notice

A group of Ukrainian neo-Nazis has forcibly evicted Roma from a camp in Kiev, bragging about the violent pogrom on Facebook. The move was slammed by Amnesty International as Congress voiced concern over Nazism glorification.

The neo-Nazis forced the Roma to flee their camp and then burned some of 15 tents belonging to the Roma, the NGO said. The radicals themselves boasted about their pogrom in a Facebook post and described their actions as “convincing and legal arguments.” They also claimed they “disposed of the litter” left over by the Roma and “safely burnt” their tents, as well as uploaded the photos of the devastated camp to social media.

Apr 25 15:17

Joe Brewer PCT Hike

This young guy has done all three major trails. AT,PCT and CDT!

Apr 25 15:13

NOLS North Cascades Mountaineering 5.27.15

Expedition included successful summits of El Dorado Peak, Mt. Sahale, and SnowKing Mtn.

Apr 25 15:05

Macron: 'We must create a new world order based on Globalism we must not fear change"

Emmanuel Macron breaks record, promotes New World Order 7 times during speech while denouncing Nationalism inside our own congress.

Apr 25 14:59

Bombshell: FEC Records Indicate Hillary Campaign Illegally Laundered $84 Million

The press continues to feed the dying Russia collusion conspiracy theory, spending Friday’s news cycle regurgitating Democrat talking points from the just-filed Racketeer Influenced and Corrupt Organizations Act lawsuit against the Trump campaign, WikiLeaks, and Russia.