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Jul 27 02:09

Random Russian Guy Removed From US Flight After Being Accused of "Invading Crimea"

We hope this isn't true, for the sake of humanity, but unfortunately it's par for the course: A Russian citizen, who apparently has lived in the United States for the last 22 years, was kicked off a domestic US flight because a fellow passenger accused him of invading Crimea... "Got kicked out from the plane Delta airlines!!!! Seattle Atlanta. Despite the fact of having platinum membership with the sky team alliance," Yeryomin wrote in his message quoted by the embassy. "Flight 1588. For being Russian citizen. Not kidding. Passenger next to me refused to fly with me because according to him I was an occupant of Crimea as well as other Russian citizens. WTF." According to Yeryomin, Delta Air Lines "supported his (the complainer’s) case. "As a result (I) had to take another flight much later. Funtime idiots. God bless America. Time to go home after 22 years of living here lol."

Jul 27 02:02

"Flawed Intelligence Has Led to Civilian Casualties": Peter Tatchell on US Drone Program

President Donald Trump is dramatically increasing the covert drone warfare, killing civilians more than ever in Iraq, Syria, Pakistan, Yemen, Somalia, Lybia and Afghanistan. In June, five months in the White House Trump averaged attacks every 1.8 days, far superior to his predecessors Barack Obama and George Bush... According to the Bureau of Investigative Journalism (BIJ), 1600 US strikes were recorded in Afghanistan from January to June this year, killing 366-575 people, at least 18 were civilians. "More US strikes hit Afghanistan in the first six months of the year than in 2015 and 2016," reported the BIJ early in July 2017. In Yemen, 90 strikes killed from 81 to 120 people this year, at least 33-40 civilians including nine children. From 2001 to 2016, 254-276 strikes were confirmed on the country, which killed 890-1228, at least 166-210 were civilians...

Jul 27 02:00

North Korea responds to the CIA plan to change the regime

A spokesman of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Democratic People's Republic of Korea stated to KCNA state agency that his country is going to respond severely if the United States tries to change the regime of Kim Jong Un. "The DPRK legally stipulates that if the supreme dignity of the DPRK is threatened, it must preemptively annihilate those countries and entities that are directly or indirectly involved in it, by mobilizing all kinds of strike means including the nuclear ones", he said on Tuesday (25). "Should the U.S. dare to show even the slightest sign of attempt to remove our supreme leadership, we will strike a merciless blow at the heart of the U.S. with our powerful nuclear hammer, honed and hardened over time".

Jul 27 01:51

Russian UHF guns capable of burning electronic instruments

Russia’s electromagnetic guns are capable of burning electronic instruments and their testing at laboratories of the radio-electronic concern KRET continues non-stop, an adviser to KRET’s First Deputy CEO Vladimir Mikheyev, has told TASS in an interview. "Ultra-high frequency (UHF) weapons are a reality. Their laboratory tests continue non-stop. For instance, we may burn down some electronic device to see how much electromagnetic energy this will require". Mikheyev said other countries were testing such weapons, too, so KRET was also working on a system of protection from the enemy’s UHF weapons. "Receiving devices may be equipped with filters blocking the incoming energy. The sensor will then receive only informative and other useful signals. These protection systems are to be computer-adjustable, which would prevent the enemy from identifying potential holes in the filters. We are conducting this type or research, too".

Jul 27 00:43

Brownlee says GCSB is checking claims that North Koreans accessed internet through NZ

More Booga Booga

Foreign Minister Gerry Brownlee says the Government Communications Security Bureau is looking into claims that North Koreans could be hacking into New Zealand computer servers for backdoor access to the internet.

But he said if it was allowing ordinary North Koreans access to outside world, that was "a good thing."

The claims about access have been made in a report by Recorded Future, a Massachusetts-based company that specialises in providing private companies with cyber-threat intelligence.

It said there had been near absence of malicious cyber activity from North Korea from April to July this year which indicated that most of its state-sponsored activity was perpetrated from abroad.

Jul 27 00:25

Extra spying on Dotcom confirmed - and police have known since 2013

There is now official confirmation that the unlawful interception of Kim Dotcom's communications carried on two months longer than anyone previously admitted.

But still no one is talking about it.

The confirmation came from police who investigated the Government Communications Security Bureau over the illegal spying.

The GCSB surveillance operation was carried out in support of the police raid on Dotcom's mansion on January 20, 2012, to assist the FBI takedown of the internet entrepreneur's Megaupload business over copyright breaches.

A High Court judgment released last week revealed the unlawful spying by the GCSB on Dotcom and others carried on two months after the arrests were made.

Jul 26 17:40

AT&T Loses Record Number of Traditional TV Subscribers in Q2, Drops 156,000 DirecTV Satellite Customers

AT&T’s pay-TV business continues to sink, as the telco lost a record 351,000 traditional video customers in the second quarter — with the internet-delivered DirecTV Now over-the-top service failing to fully offset the losses.

Jul 26 17:33

Why building a better browser doesn’t translate to a better marketshare

The Desktop market is not growing much any more, so Google can’t acquire new users easily which threatens Google’s revenue growth. Instead, Google is going after Firefox and other browsers to grow. Chrome allows Google to lock in a user and make sure that that user heads to Google services first. No wonder Google is so aggressively converting everyone to Chrome, especially if the marketing for that is essentially free to them.

This explains why the market share decline of Firefox has accelerated so dramatically the last 12 months despite Firefox getting much better during the same time window. The Firefox engineering team at Mozilla has made amazing improvements to Firefox and is rebuilding many parts of Firefox with state of the art technology based on Mozilla’s futuristic rendering engine Servo. Firefox is today as good as Chrome in most ways, and better in some (memory use for example). However, this simply doesn’t matter in this market.

Jul 26 17:27

Apple has to pay $506 million for using processor technology patented by a school

A US judge ruled that Apple must pay the University of Wisconsin-Madison $506 million for infringing on its patent. This amount is more than double the amount originally decided on by a jury, according to Reuters. The ruling continues a two-year-old patent-infringement battle, which may not be over.

In October 2015, a jury ruled that Apple committed patent infringement when creating mobile chips used in its iPhone, iPad Mini, and iPad Air. The A7, A8, and A8X processors used in the iPhone 5S, 6, and 6 Plus were found to have benefited from the university’s patented technology. Apple was ordered to pay $234 million in damages, although the company maintained its innocence and claimed that it had its own patent for the technology in question.

The increased amount of $506 million is punishment for Apple’s continual infringement of the patent following the 2015 ruling, said district judge William Conley.

Jul 26 17:22

Plummeting July 26 Temperatures In The US

Over the past century, July 26 afternoon temperatures have dropped almost three degrees.

Jul 26 17:12

'Ignore the LOONY-LEFT’S crackpot idea for 100 per cent inheritance tax', expert warns

Amid a wave of criticism leveled at the idea of stopping relatives passing on their wealth to their offspring, John O’Connell, the Chief Executive of the TaxPayers' Alliance, has spoken out against the “unfair and immoral” tax.

Mr O’Connell told "This is just yet another crackpot policy idea from the loony-left and should be flat out ignored.

“Inheritance tax is already an unfair and immoral double tax, that hits families at the worst possible time.

“For many hard-working ordinary people, building a legacy for their children and grandchildren is a key reason they get up to go to work every day, but on too many occasions that legacy disappears when the taxman comes knocking at their door."

Jul 26 17:07

Italy’s largest bank HACKED in major security breach as data from 400,000 accounts stolen

ITALY'S top bank UniCredit has been targeted in a huge hacking attack in Europe’s largest banking security breach this year.

Biographical and loan data from 400,000 client accounts was stolen in the hack as the bank insisting it "immediately took all necessary actions" to tackle the breach.

Jul 26 16:23

There Is Only One Empire

Any nation-state that meets these four requirements is fully exposed to a global loss of faith in its economy, debt, balance of payments and currency.

There’s an entire sub-industry in journalism devoted to the idea that China is poised to replace the U.S. as the “global empire” / hegemon. This notion of global empire being something like a baton that gets passed from nation-state to nation-state is seriously misleading, in my view, for this reason:

Jul 26 16:09

Hyundai-Kia Brutally Crushed in China, Mauled in the US

Its largest & second largest markets. In how much trouble is it?

Jul 26 16:03

Declassified Memos Show Obama's NSA Spied On Americans Way More Than You Thought

"Americans should be alarmed that the NSA is vacuuming up their emails and phone calls without a warrant. The NSA claims it has rules to protect our privacy, but it turns out those rules are weak, full of loopholes, and violated again and again."

Jul 26 16:01

Swedish Government On Verge Of Collapse After Admitting 'Accidental Leak' Of Entire Nation's Info

Finally we wonder how long before Sweden blames Russia for leaking this 2-year-old secret.

Jul 26 15:54

Learning To Love Perpetual War

For Americans who oppose perpetual war, no member of Congress has been more admired than Barbara Lee. Ever since she cast the only vote against a blank-check war resolution, three days after the Sept. 11 terrorist attacks, the Oakland Democrat has earned a reputation for bravely speaking antiwar truth to militarist power.

Jul 26 15:43

SEC Regulates “Initial Coin Offerings” Virtual Tokens Subject To Securities Laws

By Aaron Kesel

The Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) has issued a press release cautioning market participants that offer “Initial Coin Offerings” or “Token Sales” that these “virtual” organizations are subject to the requirements of federal securities laws. So what does this mean for Bitcoin and other altcoins that were primarily operated inside U.S. jurisdiction?...

Jul 26 15:39

Emerging Markets; Run out of gas again here?