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Jan 15 09:00

US illegal rogue state empire shits on ‘former’ colonial targets annually killing millions, harming billions, looting trillions. Demanding .01% arrests for OBVIOUS Crimes Against Humanity, or prefer causing shitholes under propaganda shitstorms?

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hat tip: Kauilapele’s Blog

On January 12th, The Washington Post reported from anonymous “people” at a White House meeting:

“Why are we having all these people from shithole countries come here?” Trump said, according to these people, referring to countries mentioned by the lawmakers.

Corporate media ignores the overwhelming and ongoing emergencies of so-called “former” colonial nations suffering under military attacks by so-called “developed” nations that annually kill millions, harm billions, and loot trillions. These facts cause the US to most accurately be labeled a “lying and illegal rogue state empire” rather than what We the People are propagandized as “limited government under the US Constitution.”

HighImpactFlix’s sharp 13-minute analysis of corporate media’s spin to direct public attention for ad hominem attack on Trump’s vocabulary and character:

Let’s consider excerpts of the data documented in the above links.

Jan 15 08:29

9 People Face Misdemeanor Charges for Giving Food to The Homeless in El Cajon

A city ordinance which restricts residents from food sharing, was issued following a Hepatitis A outbreak
Nine people are now facing misdemeanor charges in El Cajon, California, after handing out food to the homeless Sunday.

Jan 15 08:24

Mandalay Bay security guards, employees, say they don’t know who Jesus Campos or Steven Schuck is: Report

Investigative reporter Jake Morphonois recently stayed at the Mandalay Bay where he met hotel security and maintenance staff who later told him off property that they do not know who Jesus Campos (the purported security officer to have been shot by Stephen Paddock on the 32nd-floor) is, or Steven Schuck (the purported building engineer saved by Campos).

Jan 15 08:04

Raimondo: America’s Civil War

For nearly twenty-five years I have been writing in this space about war: that is, the wars we have waged against other countries. I’ve heard every possible rationalization for these conflicts, from “weapons of mass destruction” to “he’s killing his own people” to babies being bayoneted in their incubators and on down the line.

Now that I’ve reached a milestone in my career as a chronicler of this kind of folly, and thought I’d seen it all, I’ve come upon something entirely new and that totally outdid my experience and expectations: civil war in America.

Oh, and you should hear the rationales!>>>

Jan 15 08:04

Twenty dead in California mudslides, major highway closed

The death toll from Southern California mudslides that swallowed dozens of homes and forced the closure of a major highway along the picturesque Santa Barbara County coast rose to 20 on Sunday, with four other people still reported missing.

Emergency officials said chances of finding more survivors in the ravaged landscape of hardened muck, boulders and other debris had waned considerably since heavy rains unleashed torrents of mud down hillsides before dawn last Tuesday.

Jan 15 07:50

S**t Hole Nations Update: ISIS Affiliate Claims Credit for Attack on US Troops in Niger

In early October of last year, four US troops were killed in Tongo Tongo, Niger, not far from the Malian border. This story was a huge revelation, as it forced the Pentagon to admit they had nearly 1,000 ground troops in Niger, something even the Senate Armed Services Committee members insist they weren’t told about.

Islamists, presumably ISIS, had been blamed for the attack, but on Saturday the local ISIS affiliate, which dubs itself the Islamic State in the Greater Sahara, finally publicly admitted to the attack.

This affiliate almost never issues public statements>>>

(*ISIS Affiliate Claims Credit for Attack on US Troops in Niger
We all know What That Means
nudge-nudge/wink-wink )

Jan 15 07:49

Norway Announces Total Ban on Fur Farming

The Norwegian Animal Rights Organization (NOAH), who have long fought for the rights of animals, announced today that Norway will unroll a total ban on fur farming. According to a rough translation of their post, they’ve been at this fight for over 30 years and have much to celebrate now — though, they’re hardly interested in resting now.

Jan 15 07:49

Vegas gunman’s girlfriend told investigators her fingerprints would probably be on ammo. And they were

Her fingerprints were on the ammunition. Her casino players' card was found in his room. Investigators scoured her social media accounts and emails — one of which he, Stephen Paddock, had access to.
Marilou Danley may not have been present when Paddock unleashed a furious barrage of bullets down on a crowd of 20,000 at a Las Vegas country music festival, killing 58 people and wounding more than 500 others, but her links to his life seemed to be everywhere.

Jan 15 07:46

Indian Army opens retaliatory fire, 7 Pakistani soldiers killed along LoC

The Indian Army on Monday carried out "retaliatory action" against Pakistan, killing seven soldiers and injuring four others in forward areas along LoC in J-K's Poonch district on Monday.

Pakistan government, however said that four, and not seven, soldiers were killed.

Jan 15 07:44

NASA's James Webb Space Telescope passes critical milestone

NASA's James Webb Space Telescope -- the world's premier infrared space observatory of the next decade -- has successfully completed critical testing in a massive thermal vacuum chamber, enabling it to function properly in the extremely cold and airless environment in space in 2019, the agency said.

Webb Space Telescope, developed in coordination among NASA, the European Space Agency, and the Canadian Space Agency, is the most sophisticated -- and expensive -- space observatory ever designed.

Jan 15 07:40

The Trump Peace Plan: Israeli Soldiers Shoot 3-Year-Old Palestinian Child in the Head

Israeli Soldiers Shoot 3-Year-Old Palestinian Child in the Head During West Bank Military Training Exercise

Jan 15 07:17

Naked 'slave' bound in shed and told to eat dog food

A man was tied up naked in a shed for two days and told to eat dog food after fleeing from a member of a family he was working for, a jury has heard.
John Anderson, 43, told the High Court in Glasgow how he feared for his life after a young boy was ordered to light his petrol soaked body.

Jan 15 07:16

‘True Lies’ Stuntman Joel Kramer Dropped By Talent Agency After Eliza Dushku Accused Him Of Sexual Assault

On the heels of Eliza Dushku accusing famed stuntman Joel Kramer of sexually assaulting her on the set of the 1994 movie True Lies when she was 12 and he was 36, Kramer has been dropped as a client by his agency, Worldwide Production Agency.

Jan 15 07:06

Trump’s s***hole comment encapsulates America’s perpetually racist foreign policy

(*Wrapping up this blatant provication of Africa in the all purpose quilt of racism is another way we're being hosed .
People from neighborhoods in need of attention , right here in The U.S.A. , have more eloquent ways of putting forth what The President of The United States botched . Here's an example>>>)

Jan 15 07:05

Revealed: Everything We Know About the Government’s Secret Airline

The government keeps lots of secrets, including its UFO program and its plans for terrifying disaster scenarios. Only a little less outlandish? The secret airline, called JANET, that the government uses to covertly ferry people around. As it turns out, this secret airline not only flies under the radar, but also flies in and out of commercial airports.

Jan 15 07:05

Make Sure You Know These Surprising Rules About Your Passport

Passports are inherently a big hassle. On top of that, just having a valid passport doesn’t mean you can travel internationally. In fact, numerous passport rules can trip you up when you get ready for your trip. From renewal requirements to paperwork to photo rules, a passport isn’t quite as simple as it seems.

Jan 15 06:51

Shocking moment a lion AND tiger violently attack a horse at a circus in China before trainers using whips try to scare them away

Footage shows a white horse being mauled down by two ferocious wild animals
Circus staff trying to free the horse as they whipped and beat the lion and tiger
The horse suffered minor injuries and it's being said as a 'normal situation'

Jan 15 06:50

A plane cherished by its pilots and adored by the public: How the Spitfire became a symbol of national defiance and turned what could of been Britain's darkest hour into its finest

The photos were taken from a Cessna 02A which served as Forward Air Control in Vietnam. The Cessna has has two propellers, one at the front and the other at the back of the aircraft

At the height of the Battle of Britain in 1940, as the Germans sustained increasing losses in the face of the heroic RAF, Reichsmarschall Hermann Göring summoned the top Luftwaffe fighter ace Adolf Galland to his headquarters.

Jan 15 06:46


US forcing Europe to abandon Russian gas & buy more expensive American LNG - Lavrov

The United States is afraid of fair competition in the energy sector, and is hampering the implementation of the Russian Nord Stream 2 gas pipeline project, according to Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov.

"There is reprisal in the energy sector against North Stream 2. It is the US which is calling it politicized, leading to a split in Europe, and the strangling of Ukraine,” he said at a press conference on Monday.

“Washington clearly forces Europeans to abandon Nord Stream 2, despite the fact that gas deliveries to Germany via the pipeline could be 2,000km shorter than through Ukraine, and the cost of transit could be halved,” said the Russian diplomat.

Europeans “are being forced to buy much more expensive liquefied gas from the United States instead of Russian gas,” Lavrov added.


Jan 15 06:37

Study Finds Sugar Feeds Cancer: How Unhealthy Eating Increases Your Risk

Can eating too much sugar increase your disease risk? Your chance of developing cancer and other health conditions increases the more you rely on sugar for fuel. If most of your calories come from processed food and sugar-sweetened beverages, you’re putting yourself in danger. Let’s take a closer look at how sugar destroys our bodies and what you can do to fight back

Jan 15 06:23

Syria Considers US Plan on Creating Border Security Force 'Blatant Aggression'

The Syrian Foreign Ministry has slammed Washington's intention to form a 30,000-strong force inside the country with the proclaimed goal of maintaining security along its borders. The Syrian Army is poised to put an end to any form of US presence in the country, a Syrian foreign ministry source said, according to state TV.

Syria has condemned Washington's announcement of the formation of an armed militia in the northeast of the country, and regards this move a “blatant aggression on the sovereignty and territorial integrity of Syria and a flagrant violation of international law,” the foreign ministry said, as quoted by SANA.


Jan 15 06:22

You're NOT that special! Corbyn says relationship with the US is not 'most important' for Britain - as close ally Emily Thornberry brands Trump an 'asteroid of awfulness falling on this world'

Jeremy Corbyn played down importance of the Special Relationship with the US
Said historic tie was not the most important that Britain has to another country
Labour leader conceded that Donald Trump will come to UK at 'some point'
Close ally Emily Thornberry has branded Trump an 'asteroid of awfulness

Jan 15 06:16

'Everyone around Trump thinks he's a charlatan, a fool, an idiot': Fire and Fury author Wolff twists knife on US President as he boasts 'I got to a truth no one else has gotten'

Michael Wolff's 'Fire and Fury: Inside the Trump White House' has enraged Trump
Claims the president is a 'charlatan, a fool, an idiot' who is 'deeply unpredictable'
He also said he could not say whether the president is 'clinically off his rocker'

Jan 15 06:07

Russia ‘completely understands’ Palestinian anger at Trump

“We completely understand the emotions the Palestinians currently have. For years they made concessions without receiving anything in return,” Lavrov said at an annual press conference in Moscow.


Jan 15 05:50

1 In 8 Americans Has A Drinking Problem: Are You One Of Them?

Have you ever gone out with friends for a drink or two but ended up having four or five? Everyone needs to let loose every once in a while, but drinking too often and too much can lead to an alcohol dependency problem. If you’ve found your tolerance is getting higher or you’re making dangerous mistakes under the influence, it’s time to reevaluate whether or not you might have a drinking problem.

Jan 15 05:50

The U.S. ambassador to the Netherlands finally admits 'no-go zone' claims were false

Pete Hoekstra, the new US ambassador to the Netherlands, has admitted claiming in 2015 that Muslim youths had created so-called "no-go" zones in the country and were burning politicians.
Mr Hoekstra, a Republican congressman appointed to the envoy's job by Donald Trump, last month denied making the claims, calling them "fake news", despite being shown video evidence.