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Oct 13 09:55

ACORN voter fraud myths dispelled

Oct 13 09:23

Lobster poacher caught with 'bugs' in his pants

Over the years, poachers have done some creative things to hide illegally taken lobsters from game wardens, but one San Diego man takes the all-time Hidden Bug Award.

Binh Quang Chau, 33, of San Diego, who has been cited four times for poaching, figured out a creative way to hide his catch.

Chau was cited two times and arrested once by Department of Fish and Game wardens in a one-month period in 2007 and charged with taking lobsters out of the La Jolla State Marine Conservation Area, closed to all take.

Oct 13 09:18

Up to 1.7m people's data missing

A missing computer hard drive may have contained details of 1.7 million people who had enquired about joining the armed forces, the government has said.

The drive was reported missing last week by EDS, a firm contracted to the Ministry of Defence.

Armed Forces Minister Bob Ainsworth told MPs the information, which went missing at an EDS site in Hampshire, was "unlikely" to have been encrypted.

It is not known if the drive was lost or stolen. An investigation has begun.

Oct 13 08:57

Stunning Sun Photos

The Sun is now in the quietest phase of its 11-year activity cycle, the solar minumum - in fact, it has been unusually quiet this year - with over 200 days so far with no observed sunspots. The solar wind has also dropped to its lowest levels in 50 years. Scientists are unsure of the significance of this unusual calm, but are continually monitoring our closest star with an array of telescopes and satellites.

Oct 13 08:45

Jim Rogers again on absurd bailout

Video interview features Jim Rogers on absurdity of bailout.

Oct 13 08:43

Infinite dollars on the way

The Federal Reserve led an unprecedented push by central banks to flood the financial system with dollars, backing up government efforts to restore confidence and helping to drive down money-market rates. The ECB, the Bank of England, and the Swiss central bank will auction unlimited dollar funds with maturities of seven days, 28 days, and 84 days at a fixed interest rate, the Washington-based Fed said today.

Oct 13 08:32

how to make $15,000 a week, investing $80,000 in SILVER BULLION

Thanks to the huge spread between Small silver bars and coins and 1,000 ounce bars, you can now make a big profit buying the 1,000 ounce bars and converting/reselling silver in smaller denomination.

Oct 13 06:11

Obama Up by 10 Points as McCain Favorability Ratings Fall

With just over three weeks until Election Day, the two presidential nominees appear to be on opposite trajectories, with Sen. Barack Obama gaining momentum and Sen. John McCain stalled or losing ground on a range of issues and personal traits, according to a new Washington Post-ABC News poll.

Overall, Obama is leading 53 percent to 43 percent among likely voters, and for the first time in the general-election campaign, voters gave the Democrat a clear edge on tax policy and providing strong leadership.

Oct 13 06:00

Brown under pressure as Lords prepares to reject 42-day law

Controversial plans to detain terror suspects without charge for up to 42 days are likely to be rejected overwhelmingly by the House of Lords today, piling fresh pressure on Gordon Brown to abandon the proposal.

Oct 13 05:57

Bond Market Collapse is Imminent

Imagine a country such as Venezuela announced that it was bailing out an investment bank, then just days later said it was nationalizing its mortgage industry, and then just days later that it was bailing out its biggest insurance company, and then just days later its government pledged 700B$ to inject into its failing banks, and then just days later its stock market fell 20%. Would you feel comfortable having your money invested in such a country, in its stock market, in its bond market or in its currency?

Oct 13 05:56

Al-Maliki: British troops not necessary in Iraq

Iraq's prime minister has told a London newspaper that the 4,100 British troops in southern Iraq are no longer necessary to provide security.

Prime Minister Nouri al-Maliki has told the Times of London that there may be a need for a few British troops to remain for training and technical issues. But as a fighting force, al-Maliki says the British were no longer needed.

Oct 12 23:55

Google Megalomaniacs in Bed with Pentagon/NWO Lunatics

Original title: Google’s A.I. quest to become God-On-Earth

The vision of Google’s future, according to Google co-founder, Sergey Brin, is “it would be like the mind of God”. And it’s a future that they’re working feverishly to make a reality today.

Oct 12 21:37

Whatcha Gonna Do When They Come for You?

The reason governments inflate their currency is to surreptitiously confiscate wealth from those individuals who store their wealth in that currency. If too many citizens shield their wealth by investing in gold, they nullify the entire scam. Inflation "works" because citizens are forced – by legal tender laws – to store their wealth in a medium controlled by the government. As a government counterfeits its currency, it sucks wealth from all of those people who hold that currency.

Oct 12 20:30

The Man Behind the Whispers About Obama

Until this month, the man who is widely credited with starting the cyber-whisper campaign that still dogs Mr. Obama was a secondary character in news reports, with deep explorations of his background largely confined to liberal blogs where he is a bête noir.

But an appearance in a documentary-style program on the Fox News Channel watched by three million people last week thrust the man, Andy Martin, and his past into the foreground. The Fox program allowed Mr. Martin to assert falsely and without challenge that Mr. Obama had once trained to overthrow the government.

Oct 12 20:26

[Video] 1998: Sarah Palin On Video 10 Years Ago

"All media inquiries to City Hall will go through me, and me alone, because I have a media background."

Oct 12 20:20

[Video] Jim Rogers: “Central Banks Are Unleashing A Inflationary Holocaust”

"The way to solve this problem is let people go bankrupt...the people who are sound will take over the assets from the people who are unsound and we will start over"

Oct 12 18:56

Former CIA official: 9/11 could not be averted

A top former CIA official said the intelligence agency had more than 100 Afghans acting as spies before the Sept. 11 terrorist attacks, but told a magazine in a rare interview that nothing could have averted the attacks.

Cofer Black, the former head of the CIA's counterterrorism center, said that looking back, he can't think of a thing "we could have done that would have changed anything."

See also:

The Afghanistan War was Planned Months Before the 9/11 Attacks

Oct 12 18:50

Great Myths of the Great Depression

Students today are often given a skewed account of the Great Depression of 1929-1941 that condemns free-market capitalism as the cause of, and promotes government intervention as the solution to, the economic hardships of the era. In this essay based on a popular lecture, Mackinac Center for Public Policy President Lawrence Reed debunks the conventional view and traces the central role that poor government policy played in fostering this legendary catastrophe.

Oct 12 17:13

Virginia GOP Head Tells Volunteers: Compare Obama To Osama

If John McCain is as serious as he says about running a "respectful" campaign against an opponent he considers "a decent person," word hasn't yet trickled down to his newly opened storefront field office in Gainesville, Virginia. ...

Oct 12 17:09

A 2.2% McCain lead is greater than a 13.8% Obama Lead

The Washington Post maintains a webpage titled "Political Landscape 2008." This webpage has been updated recently enough to reflect Obama's 13.8% polling lead in Pennsylvania, a trend that uses polls released as recently as Wednesday. On this webpage, the Washington Post collects recent polling data, and then declares a state to either be a "battleground," or leaning toward one party or the other. Here are some of their polling averages and diagnoses:

Obama +13.8%: Battleground state (PA)
Obama +10.4%: Battleground state (NH)
Obama +10.0%: Battleground state (NJ)

Oct 12 17:04

Failing Lehman in $100m payout plan

THE Lehman Brothers board signed off on more than $100m (£59m) in payouts to five top executives just three days before the bank went bankrupt leaving thousands of employees out of work in London.

The payoffs, approved on September 12 by the Wall Street giant’s compensation committee, included over $24m in severance packages to the collapsed firm’s top three London executives.

Oct 12 17:00

The Woman Who Could Have Prevented This Financial Mess Was Silenced by Greenspan, Rubin and Summers

"Break the Glass" was the code-name high-level Treasury Department figures gave the $700 billion bailout; it was to be used only as a last-resort measure.

Now millions have been sprayed and damaged by broken glass.

Oct 12 16:57

The last 8 years encapsulated

Here’s what Sarah Palin said today on a conference call with Alaskan reporters about the Troopergate report; her lying is so brazen that it’s nothing short of despicable (first ellipses in original):

Palin: Let me talk a little bit about the Tasergate issue if you guys would let me and, Meg, you want me to just jump right on in there?

Stapleton: Sure governor, go ahead.

Palin: OK cool.

Oct 12 16:23

NY election mix-up: 'Osama' on the ballot

Oct 12 16:21

UK DNA Database Reaches 4.8 million, grows by 660,000 every year

More details about the growing tendency of the UK government to log, track and catalog its citizens have been provided by the National Policing Improvement Agency in its first annual report.

According to the NPIA and the Telegraph, the police took nearly 1 million samples in since March 2007, that amounts to nearly 28,000 per month, a substantial amount of whom have yet to commit any crime (although some have voluntarily given their DNA sample in a police inquiry).

Oct 12 16:19

Urgent talks to avert rise in council tax

Town hall and charity leaders will meet Treasury ministers this week to thrash out emergency measures to stave off council tax rises, missed wage payments and service cuts as a result of the Icelandic banks crisis.

Oct 12 16:14

'New Lloyds TSB Deal Negotiated'

Lloyds TSB's original takeover of HBOS has collapsed and now the terms of a new deal are being negotiated, Sky News has learned.

Lloyds had initially agreed to pay £9.8bn for its rival but there were fears it was paying too much because HBOS shares have plunged.

Oct 12 16:10

UK govt set to rescue RBS, HBOS

The UK government will on Monday launch the biggest rescue of Britain's high-street banks when the UK's four biggest institutions ask for a £35 billion financial lifeline. The unprecedented move will make the government the biggest shareholder in at least two banks.

The Royal Bank of Scotland (RBS), which has seen its market value fall to under £12 billion, is to ask the government to underwrite a £15 billion cash call. HBOS, which is UK's biggest provider of mortgages, is requesting up to £10 billion.

Oct 12 14:34

The David Icke Newsletter

Hello all ...

Well, well, well. What a couple of weeks. It is a strange and surreal feeling to watch your books of nearly two decades unfold before you on the TV screen and I can confirm that it gives you no satisfaction at all.

'I told you so' is far less the reaction than 'What are we going to do about it?'

although ickes is somekind of nut.. he deserves to be heard

Oct 12 13:50


From George Ure's

A sharp-eyed reader in Germany is piecing it together this way:

"Hi George,

Cliff's accuracy is amazing! Not only did he predict correctly the current financial crash, but also his prediction of the three unwanted guests is on the spot - at least for one "guest".

He spoke of "an ['accident' (real or claimed)] which causes a [derailing]. This last may be in the political realm."