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Oct 20 10:44

INTERVIEW WITH STUDENT | New Jersey High School Stages Walkout After Teacher Tells Student To Speak ‘American’

Speak whatever language you want in the hallways or at lunch, but during class it should be English only. Otherwise you get students like this Einstein who are still struggling with the language in high school. This is the girl who was originally called out by the teacher.


Oct 20 10:39


This is the raw video from the actual phone call from President Trump.

---This is the raw video from the actual phone call from President Trump. Gold Star widow Natasha De Alencar chose to release the clip yesterday after she became upset with how the media was corrupting the issue in order to damage the president. The call was made in April of this year.

Oct 20 10:27

Peter Schiff Warns Of "Calm Before The Storm"

Oct 20 09:58

Millions Of Americans Are Still Sharing Apartments And You're Worried About A Bubble?

Though the number of apartments under construction has reached a cyclical high, fears of an approaching bubble may be premature.

Those wary of the impact on fundamentals of 480,000 units under construction this year can be assuaged by the fact that apartment demand in the U.S. is still exorbitant
The trend of shared housing indicates how burdened renters are.>>>

Oct 20 09:50

There's now a clear reason why September's jobs report was terrible

strong>>State-level data on employment in September shows that Florida's jobs market suffered the most from recent hurricanes.
>The jobs report last month showed that net nonfarm payrolls were negative for the first time in seven years.
>The October jobs report may also be weak, as hiring may not have gained enough momentum by last week, when the monthly survey was conducted.

Oct 20 09:35

Nikki Haley Absolutely Smashes It on Russian Interference

U.S. Ambassador to the United Nations Nikki Haley said Thursday that interference in U.S. elections by another nation “is warfare,” telling an audience in New York that such meddling has become Russia’s go-to tactic.

“I will tell you that when a country can come interfere in another country’s elections, that is warfare. It really is, because you’re making sure that the democracy shifts from what the people want to giving out that misinformation,” Haley said Thursday at a forum hosted in New York by the George W. Bush institute. ”And we didn’t just see it here. You can look at France and you can look at other countries. They are doing this everywhere. This is their new weapon of choice. And we have to make sure we get in front of it.”


Oct 20 09:28

Former FEC Chair Wants Law To Charge Readers Who Spread Fake News With Libel

By Aaron Kesel

A former commissioner of the Federal Election Commission, Ann Ravel, has proposed an insane new law that seeks to punish readers of news with libel if a story is deemed false. Yes, you read that right, she wants to charge you the person reading this right now. Talk about an Orwellian law.

The new proposal is titled Fool Me Once: The Case for Government Regulation of ‘Fake News.’ and would be implemented to “improve voter competence.”...

Oct 20 09:03

#LasVegasShooting victim shares same name with professional actress?

California resident Rachel Sheppard, who filed suit against MGM Resorts following the Oct. 1 shooter event, has made progress in court, reports say.

Oct 20 08:30

British Airways 'sorry' after passenger BED BUG fiasco on flight to London

BRITISH AIRWAYS have apologised to passengers who were badly bitten by bedbugs on a flight to London.

Oct 20 08:28

Misco UK plunges into administration – around 300 jobs lost at Northamptonshire-based firm

AROUND 300 jobs have been lost at the UK arm of computer reseller Misco after the operation plunged into administration.

Oct 20 08:27

REVEALED: The EU's £450TRILLION derivative market

THE European Union (EU) has more than £450TRILLION of exposure to derivatives - the investments that underpinned the financial crisis, it has been revealed.

The scale of the derivatives market has been laid bare for the first time in en effort to avoid a devastating repeat of the 2009 market crash by the Paris-based European Securities and Markets Authority (ESMA).