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Dec 13 10:24

FBI texts reveal anti-Trump, pro-Clinton comments

Texts between two senior FBI officials involved in both the probe of Hillary Clinton’s emails and possible connections between Trump associates and Russia show the pair frequently discussed their political views, their intense dislike of candidate Donald Trump and their fear he might win.

A review of the texts between senior FBI agent Peter Strzok and senior FBI lawyer Lisa Page were sent to lawmakers Tuesday night. The texts are the subject of an ethics investigation by the Justice Department’s inspector general, and they show the senior officials repeatedly offering harsh opinions about political figures. Among many other comments, the two called Trump “an idiot.”

Dec 13 10:21


Great hearings so far. Rosenstein is being grilled on anti-Trump bias within the Mueller team, and they're killing him over Peter Strzok's text messages which were just released this morning.


Dec 13 10:14

Stressful Year Ahead for Spanish Banks

The “spillover effects.” 

Dec 13 09:53

Thunderclap: Replace NAFTA Day Of Action National Call In Today

“The underlying crisis afflicting rural America–rural poverty–is a result of federal agriculture, dairy, food and trade policies that do not provide farmers a..."

Dec 13 09:42

Why eminent scientists (including Stephen Hawking) say this quarter of a mile long cigar-shaped object hurtling through space at 196,000mph could be an alien spaceship

Could this finally be our first close encounter, the visit from ET we have waited our whole lives for?
Scientists led by Stephen Hawking are today using high-tech scanners to discover if a huge, cigar-shaped space object currently hurtling through our solar system was sent by an alien civilisation.

Dec 13 09:09

Brain abnormalities in US and Canadian diplomats living in Havana were caused by a mystery microwave WEAPON and not 'noisy crickets', claims scientist

In August, diplomats reported hearing sounds believed to be a sonic weapon
Brain scans revealed that the sounds were causing changes to the white matter
Expert claims that microwaves may have caused the sounds and brain changes
It comes as Cuban scientists claimed the sound was produced by crickets
The FBI is now planning a follow-up study to verify these findings

Dec 13 08:59

Does Special Counselor Mueller Have An Obstruction Of Justice Case Against President Donald Trump – How Can The Words Of James Comey Be Taken Seriously?

When James Comey testified before the Senate Intelligence Committee, he would not actually say that he believed President Trump obstructed justice when he said he “hoped” the investigation of Michael Flynn would end. But Comey said he clearly believed Trump was trying to influence his decisions.

Dec 13 08:48

US World War Two spy Aline Griffith who became grandee of Spanish high society as the Countess of Romanones, dies aged 94

At the start of the war she volunteered to join the forerunner of the CIA
She was sent to Madrid to infiltrate the social elite that had ties to the Nazis
Griffith booked into the Ritz and soon mixed with aristocrats, singers and actors
She fell in love with an aristocrat, becoming a countess and giving up spying

Dec 13 08:41

Without Concealed-Carry Reciprocity, Self-Defense Is A Second-Class Right

When civil rights advocates on the Left speak of the Bill of Rights, they are generally not referring to all ten amendments. The Ninth and Tenth are frequently forgotten or dismissed as tautologies. The Second Amendment, especially, gets ignored altogether.

Dec 13 08:40

How Nightmare Traffic In These Cities Costs Drivers Trillions Of Dollars

We live in some seriously polarizing times. But if there are two things we can agree on it’s that time is money, and no one likes being stuck in traffic. But until now, you might have never known just how intertwined the two are.

Dec 13 08:39

Reversal after Arrest --- Charges filed against woman at UConn speech

charges dropped against conservative commentator Gregory, who is free on a $1,000 bond

Dec 13 08:39

Facebook: Just three Russian Brexit ads found by inquiry

Facebook says its investigation into Russian attempts to influence the Brexit vote has determined the activity amounted to just three adverts.

The Electoral Commission had asked the social-media giant for information on any meddling in the 2016 referendum.

Facebook said it had looked into activity by Russian accounts.

It said the identified ads had cost less than $1 (75p) in total to post, and had reached no more than 200 UK-based viewers over four days.

Dec 13 08:33

Muslim nations urge recognition of East Jerusalem as Palestinian capital

The leaders of 57 Muslim nations have called on the world to recognise "the State of Palestine and East Jerusalem as its occupied capital".

An Organisation of Islamic Co-operation communique declares US President Donald Trump's decision to recognise the city as Israel's capital as "null and void".

It also says the move has signalled Washington's withdrawal from its role in the Middle East peace process.

Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas earlier said the UN should take over.