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Nov 02 21:05

Syria FM: US may face 'painful' measures over raid

Syria's foreign minister says his country may resort to more "painful" measures if the United States doesn't give an official explanation for a deadly cross-border raid.

Syria retaliated to the Oct. 26 U.S. raid that it says killed eight people by ordering the closure of an American school and cultural center in Damascus.

But Foreign Minister Walid al-Moallem says those measures were "introductory." He warns Syria could escalate its response in the future. He did not elaborate.

Nov 02 18:43

Why voting is A COMPLETE WASTE OF TIME ...

Although Obama would seem to be the better choice for President, on account of his youthful energy, generally positive dynamic attitude and eloquent use of English, the sad fact is that he is in the pockets of his plutocratic masters just as McCain is and must end up doing their bidding - if he wasn't his funding would have dried up and he would have been run into a ditch long ago.

Nov 02 18:25

The Presidential Candidates Learn About Them and “Weep”!

The Zionist Jews who control the U.S. Government and ALL elections, certainly ALL elections since they publicly assassinated President John F. Kennedy in 1963, hand-pick and “handle” from behind the scenes ALL candidates who have any chance of winning the Presidency.

Nov 02 17:50

British prime minister says he believes Gulf states will help with financial bailout

British Prime Minister Gordon Brown said Sunday he believed that oil-rich Gulf states would be willing to help bail out countries stricken by the global credit crisis.

The British leader has said that he wants "hundreds of billions" of extra dollars pledged to the International Monetary Fund, noting that the Middle East has significant foreign exchange reserves fueled by previous surges in the oil price.


What makes Brown think the people of the Middle East are as complacent and unmotivated as American tax payers?

Nov 02 15:02

Terrorists try to infiltrate UK's top labs

The security services have intercepted up to 100 suspects posing as postgraduate students who aim to acquire weapons material and expertise

Extremist groups are known to have targeted students, offering to fund courses in return for using their newly acquired expertise. It is unclear if any of those denied 'clearance' to study in the UK during the past year were funded by grants from host governments such as Tehran.

Nov 02 12:47

FLASHBACK: Ron Paul Exposes Neo Conservatives A.K.A. NEOCONS

Here is the fundamental philosophy of the Neocons:

1. The Neocons agree with Trotsky on permanent revoultion: violent as well as intellectual.
2. The Neocons are for redrawing the map of the middle east through force, if necessary.
3. The Neocons believe in preemtpvie war to achieve desired ends.
4. The Neocons believe the ends justify the means.
5. The Neocons are not opposed to the welfare state.
6. The neocons believe in an American empire.
7. The Neocons believe lying is necessary for the state to survive.

Nov 02 11:09

Undetectable data-stealing trojan nabs 500,000 virtual wallets

Unlike many trojans, it doesn't rely on tricking the end user into clicking on a link or file to get installed. Rather, it spreads silently via websites that prey on unpatched vulnerabilities in the Windows operating system or in third-party applications, such as Adobe Flash and Apple's QuickTime media player.

"This particular trojan can get installed without even awareness of the end-user that they have agreed to anything or that anything has been installed," Sean Brady, manager of identity protection at RSA, said in an interview.

Nov 02 11:03

US defense secretary expands pre-emptive war doctrine to include nuclear strikes

In a remarkable speech on nuclear policy delivered October 28 at the Carnegie Endowment for International Peace (CEIP), US Defense Secretary Robert Gates painted a dire portrait of international affairs and argued that Washington should expand the doctrine of pre-emptive war formulated by the Bush administration to include possible nuclear strikes.

Nov 02 10:59

Locked in toilet for four days

A MAN has told how he endured four days trapped in a toilet at his local bowling club.

David Leggat, 55, had to endure 16 hours a day in complete darkness with no food, no heating and no idea when help would arrive.

Crucially, he had no mobile phone to summon rescuers. And because the lavatory is in the depths of the building, his cries for help went unheard, the UK's Daily Mail reported.

Sleep was practically impossible on the cold, hard tiles and the only way to keep warm was by putting his feet in a sink he filled with hot water.

Nov 02 10:53

CBS/NY Times: Obama Has 19 Point Lead With Early Voters

And he has a 13 point lead among likely voters.

The details…

(CBS) With just three days left until Election Day, a new CBS News poll finds that the Democratic presidential ticket of Barack Obama and Joe Biden leads its Republican counterpart by 13 points among likely voters, 54% to 41%. That margin reflects an increase of two points in the Obama-Biden ticket’s lead from a CBS News/New York Times poll released Thursday.

Nov 02 10:18

FRIDAY Tally Of Newspaper Endorsements -- Obama In Landslide, at 240-114

We're in the homestretch! And the Obama-Biden ticket maintains its strong lead in the race for daily newspaper endorsements. The Democratic team now leads by 240 to 114, a better than 2-1 margin and an even wider spread in the circulation of those papers -- see full tally below as of today. The circulation of the Obama-backing papers stands at over 21 million, compared with McCain's 7 million.

Nov 02 10:08

Vote Flipping & Vote Fraud In 9 States Stealing Votes From Obama

Vote flipping and vote fraud has been documented by voters in 9 different states with early voting. The overwhelming number of reports of vote flipping have come from voters trying to vote for Barack Obama.

Nov 02 09:57

EU condemns settler 'acts of brutality' against Palestinians

The European Union on Friday issued a harsh condemnation of settler violence against Palestinians after a recent upsurge in clashes in the West Bank.

"The European Union once again condemns in the strongest possible terms the acts of violence and brutality committed against Palestinian civilians by Israeli settlers in the West Bank," the EU presidency said.

The censure came after a series of violent clashes between settlers, Palestinians and the Israel Defense Forces during the current olive harvest.

Nov 02 09:46

AOHell presidential election poll [pic]

AOL presidential election poll has John McCain laughably ahead of Barack Obama.

Nov 02 09:46

AOHell presidential election poll [pic]

AOL presidential election poll has John McCain laughably ahead of Barack Obama.

Nov 02 09:42

Half the Seats Were Empty at Schwarzenegger Rally for McCain in Ohio

[The appearance of McCain and Schwarzenegger] at Nationwide Arena drew what was a large crowd for McCain, but about half the arena was empty. Four years ago when Schwarzenegger campaigned in the same venue for Bush, the arena was packed to capacity with about 20,000 people.

Nov 02 09:38

Obama-Inspired Black Voters Warm to Politics

Growing up in St. Louis in the 1950s and ’60s, Deddrick Battle came to believe that the political process was not for people like him — a struggling black man whose vote, he was convinced, surely would not count for much of anything. The thought became ingrained as an adult, almost like common sense.

But a month ago, at age 55, Mr. Battle registered to vote for the first time.

Senator Barack Obama was the reason.

Nov 02 09:31

Comrade Obama?

The Obama tax plan is pure Robin Hood class warfare: Use the tax power of the state to rob the successful and reward the faithful. Only in Sherwood Forest it was assumed the Sheriff of Nottingham and his crowd had garnered their wealth by other than honest labor.

Nov 02 09:30

Rejoin the World

An unscientific poll of 109 professional historians this year found that 61 percent rated President Bush as the worst president in American history.

A couple of others judged him second-worst, after James Buchanan, whose incompetence set the stage for the Civil War. More than 98 percent of the historians in the poll, conducted through the History News Network, viewed Mr. Bush’s presidency as a failure.

Nov 02 09:27

NH recounts no check and balance for its privatized corporate-controlled elections

Nearly 90% of NH votes are counted IN SECRET by a private corporation with a criminal history, criminal personnel, and partisan ties. The State of NH has approved the outsourcing of our elections, in clear violation of the NH Constitution, which states that vote counting must be observable, and in violation of the concept of "non-delegable governmental functions. This legally binding principle is outlined in the Office of Budget and Management Policy Letter 92-1, as quoted below the video at bottom of this article.

Nov 01 22:38

Pakistan quake relief efforts focus on bitter winter

Relief efforts in a Pakistani valley hit by a powerful earthquake this week are turning to preparing thousands of homeless for a freezing winter, officials said on Saturday, as aftershocks jolted survivors.

The 6.4 magnitude quake struck Baluchistan, Pakistan's largest but most poor province on Wednesday, destroying or damaging thousands of mud-walled homes and killing at least 215 people.

The epicentre was in Ziarat district, a picturesque valley framed by jagged mountains and one of the region's main tourist spots. Night-time temperatures are falling below freezing.

Nov 01 22:32

100,000 Sony batteries recalled

About 100,000 Sony Lithium-Ion batteries used in Hewlett-Packard, Toshiba and Dell notebooks have been recalled. 35,000 batteries of these batteries were sold in the US.

Some details about these batteries:

They were sold at the same time as the batteries involved in the widescale 2006 Sony battery recall.

These batteries can “overheat, posing a fire and burn hazard to consumers.”

The damage so far: “There have been 19 reports of the batteries overheating, including 17 reports of flames/fire (10 resulting in minor property damage). Two consumers experienced minor burns.”

Nov 01 22:28


This public relations mind control industry has grown completely out of control and is now fabricated completely illusory reality to the masses through the media. Whole artificial realities have been generated for us, with 911 being the culmination of this process: the biggest single false reality designed to manipulate public opinion.

Nov 01 22:25

Troops may run out of time to cast ballots

For U.S. troops serving overseas, nothing comes easy. Not even voting.

Military members may not have enough time to complete and mail in their absentee ballots for Tuesday’s election, thanks to slow mail delivery, lack of information sharing among election officials, and procedural errors.

Nov 01 18:06

Previously unseen WTC7 collapse video - C'mon people - fire?

Here's what I can tell from viewing this video:
1. The building is tan in color.
2. The building is not engulfed in flames.
3. The building falls straight down just like a building imploded via controlled demolition.

Nov 01 17:40

The lying woman of Washington

The death of nearly a million Iraqis is more than enough to judge the American invasion and occupation of Iraq as a criminal act of immense proportions, especially in light of the fact that the invasion was based on lies concocted by evil-minded people like Bush, Rice and Powell. The blood of hundreds of thousands of victims in Iraq, Afghanistan, Gaza, Somalia and other places is squarely on their evil hands.

Nov 01 17:38

Prominent Zionist Congressman Rahm Emanuel Floated as Obama Chief of Staff

As Barack Obama continues to absorb accusations that he is not committed to maintaining America's staunch support for Israel, knowledgeable Democrats have leaked word that he is considering a well-known, pro-Israeli Jewish congressman to be his chief of staff if elected.

Nov 01 17:32

Syria accuses U.S. of terrorism

Syria's Foreign Minister accuses the U.S. of an act of "criminal and terrorist aggression" after a raid near Syria's border with Iraq.

Nov 01 17:18

George Carlin on Voting