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Apr 08 10:28

System of a Down goes on tour to teach the world about the Armenian Genocide

Each of the band’s members share Armenian lineage,

Apr 08 10:27

Tennessee Set to Make SQUIRT GUNS “Near” Schools ILLEGAL

That’s right. Now the stupid isn’t just confined within the school itself. It is legally spilling out all around the school as well.

Apr 08 10:19

Lawyer claims 13 girls framed fellow student of rape because he was a “player” and Facebook evidence shows they were inspired by the movie John Tucker Must Die

Tyler Kost, appeared in court this Monday, he was arrested last May and currently faces 30 charges in three indictments from sexual abuse to child molestation crimes against 13 girls between the ages of 13 and 17, most of whom were former classmates of his at Poston Butte High School.

Apr 08 10:19

Religious Freedom In the Middle East Versus America Brilliantly Illustrated

Evangelical preacher the Rev. Franklin Graham said in an Easter Sunday message that Christians around the world continue facing higher levels of persecution and violence, and warned that “ugly, anti-Christian bias and intolerance” is changing America.

Apr 08 09:45

Billions down the drain: Costly US missile defense project turned into major flop

The US Pentagon has wasted $10 billion on a missile defense project, the sea-based X-Band Radar (SBX), which turned into a major flop, according to media reports. The missile defense failures also appear to threaten US security.

Apr 08 09:43

Louisiana Makes It Illegal To Use Cash For Secondhand Sales

‘One of the good features of cash is the fact that it can be used anonymously. It’s no surprise that the government hates that, but would you ever expect the government to actually outlaw the use of cash?

Apr 08 09:40

Mind-destroying drug Chantix to receive new black box warning label

‘In response to a request from drug giant Pfizer to remove the “black box” warning on the smoking-cessation drug Chantix, the FDA has decided to not only retain the warning but expand it.

Apr 08 09:39

Easter vault raiders steal up to £200million: Hatton Garden gem thieves cut through roof and disabled alarm system before abseiling down lift shaft to loot 300 safety deposit boxes over four days

The estimated £200million-worth of jewels and diamonds stolen in the Hatton Garden gem heist 'are already out of the country', an expert has claimed.
Thieves used heavy-duty cutting equipment to break into a vault packed with jewels in London's diamond district after abseiling down a lift shaft in a meticulously-planned raid over the weekend.
The gang are thought to have struck on the Thursday night after workers had left the City for the long Easter weekend, giving them four days to break into around 70 safety deposit boxes kept in an underground vault.

Apr 08 09:39

This Is How Education Kills Creativity

Is it a coincidence that pretty much all children love to write stories, have fantastic imaginations, enjoy getting messy, painting, making music, inventing characters, acting out plays, drawing and making things? Why don’t we carry this natural capacity throughout adulthood? Why would nature intend us to lose these gifts?

Apr 08 09:31

Shock Video: South Carolina police officer murders fleeing black man

A white police officer in South Carolina has been arrested after video surfaced showing him shooting an unarmed suspect as he ran away.

Apr 08 09:24

Strapped Americans Headed for “Civil Unrest and Riots,” With Poor Spending 60% on Bare Essentials

Mac Slavo

It is clear that the economic realities falling upon the masses in America are driving us towards a crisis point.

Even with substantial government subsidies, the bottom 10% of Americans are beyond struggling, spending more than 60% of their meager incomes on the bare essentials. According to the latest official numbers, the poorest in the United States are spending 42% of their income on housing and another 17% on food, statistics that are unsustainable for individuals and families.

The Wall Street Journal reported:

Apr 08 09:16

How many die from medical mistakes in U.S. hospitals?

It seems that every time researchers estimate how often a medical mistake contributes to a hospital patient’s death, the numbers come out worse.