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Mar 23 11:34

Secrets of the New World Order Exposed

• British researcher provides incontrovertible evidence of the New World Order.

If you’ve ever wanted to examine whether the New World Order is real or just the stuff of conspiracy theory, it’s time to check out the work of prolific author Dr. John Coleman. Besides authoring over 25 books and over 400 white papers on subjects AMERICAN FREE PRESS and its forerunner The Spotlight have covered over the past four decades, Coleman is a constitutional scholar, museum researcher, historian and lecturer.

Mar 23 11:33

AIPAC, Netanyahu Sabotaging Iran Deal

Under the watchful eye of the American Israel Public Affairs Committee (AIPAC), Senators Mark Kirk (R-Ill.) and Robert Menendez (D-N.J.) have introduced the Nuclear Weapon Free Iran Act of 2015 (S. 269). The proposed legislation was read twice and referred to the Senate Committee on Banking, Housing, and Urban Affairs on January 27, 2015 and approved by the committee in a bipartisan 18-to-4 vote on January 29, 2015. Kirk believes the bill “is within striking distance of a veto-proof majority.”

Mar 23 11:32

Black Days Coming for Whites

On the heels of recent reports stating that the number of non-white children under five years of age will surpass whites by 2020 and that whites will be a minority within the United States by the year 2043, seven years sooner than previously projected by the Census Bureau, on March 4 AMERICAN FREE PRESS interviewed popular radio talk show host Robert Reyvolt to get a better understanding of the situation.

Mar 23 11:30

Rotten to the “Common Core”

The Common Core State Standards Initiative (CC) for primary and secondary education in public schools are the latest in a long line of bureaucratically imposed directives pushed by cultural communists and multinational corporations in order to establish a single, uniform educational system throughout the United States.

Mar 23 11:28

Bilderberg 2015 Dates Confirmed

Amid rumors and various online reports that typically fail to quote specific sources directly, police in western Austria have directly confirmed for AMERICAN FREE PRESS that Bilderberg 2015 will indeed take place at the Interalpen Hotel near Innsbruck in the Tyrol region, Thursday through Sunday, June 11-14.

Mar 23 11:27

U.S. General: West Created ISIS

General Wesley Kanne Clark, Sr., former Supreme Allied commander of the North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO) during the war against Yugoslavia and presidential candidate, revealed recently on CNN that the Islamic State (ISIS) was “funded by our friends and allies in order to fight Hezbollah.” Although hailed by many as a whistleblower for this revelation, is it really possible that a man of his stature, who led NATO in slaughtering tens of thousands of innocent Serbs under the completely fabricated charges that they were genociding Muslims, really be telling the American people the truth now, or was this “leak” a half-truth designed to mislead?

Mar 23 11:25

The Electromagnetic Assault on Our Brains and Bodies

Just how bad is electromagnetic pollution to our health and well-being? Don’t ask authorities who have their heads in the sand or corporate interests who are aligned with the military-industrial complex.

Mar 23 11:25

FBI lets a criminal walk rather than give details of their cell phone spying system "Stingray".

The FBI has a secret device to locate criminal suspects, but they would apparently rather let suspects go free than reveal in court the details of the high tech tracker.

Mar 23 11:25

World's largest asteroid impact zone believed to be uncovered in central Australia

A team lead by Dr Andrew Glikson from the Australian National University (ANU) said two ancient craters found in central Australia were believed to have been caused by one meteorite that broke in two.

Mar 23 11:01

Political influence for sale: The sordid world of illegal donations

Prime Minister David Cameron, Liberal Democrat leader Nick Clegg, and Labour chief Ed Miliband are beset by ‘cash-for-access’ allegations, after it emerged all three men met an undercover business tycoon posing as a possible donor.

Mar 23 10:56

USA police hold world record for murder

It would seem that the police in the U.S. are committed to breaking a murder record 2015, as the total body count at the hands of police is up to 138. That’s 1 person every 8 hours! Moreover, every police officer killed this year was murdered by other cops. Continue reading below for the gripping article from with statistics sure to shock and enrage you.

Mar 23 10:51

64 Flowers That Are Good For Local Bee Populations

Here is an exhaustive list of flowers that help bees - a very easy way to help the dying population...

Mar 23 10:50

"Forest Bathing" Increases Immunity

But researchers in Japan, where the tradition called shinri-yoku, or “forest bathing” is still strong, have discovered some biochemical reasons...

Mar 23 10:45

A teacher swims through a polluted river everyday to get to his students. He goes on to say

Malik swimming to work
Why does he have to swim? Malik lives in the Padinjatumuri village of Mallapuram district, which is traditionally a poor area. Therefore the only other feasible option for Malik is to take a bus. However, taking a bus would mean a 20-minute wait at the stop and a further 90 minutes to complete his journey, that is if Malik can even get on the bus. Often the bus is overcrowded and late so Malik feels he has little option but to swim as he wouldn’t be able to guarantee getting into work on time.

Mar 23 10:44

Graph Shows that All Tax Revenue Will Go Towards Entitlements and Net Interest by 2031

Time to mark your calendars for 2031, folks.
Because that’s when all tax revenues collected by the United States will have to go toward covering the rising costs of entitlement programs and interest on the national debt.

Mar 23 10:35

Neocon McCain Defends Racist Netanyahu

In an interview with CNN on Sunday, Arizona Senator John McCain (R) defended Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu's racist election-day tirade against Palestinians, dismissing criticisms of the head of state as "Orwellian."

Mar 23 10:33

The News Covers For Florida Trooper That Nearly Crushed This Motorcyclist

Thanks to a citizen dashcam - a Florida Highway Patrol officer doesn't get to claim any rationale for nearly killing a motorcyclist recently. However, at least one news report has eagerly swept up the bad publicity FHP received following the visual upload.

Worse yet is the department response...

With PR fire fighters like these - who needs attorneys?

Mar 23 10:30


Shane Tusch faked his suicide in an attempt to test the authenticity of Facebook suicide prevention tool and got detained for 72 hours Facebook has rolled out a set of tools to keep a check on its users who are having suicidal tendencies and prevent these users from suicidal attempts. In case some user is having suicidal thoughts and mentions that in the Facebook posts and if a friend of that user reports it to Facebook then a third party will immediately review the post and Facebook would lock the suicidal user’s account and the user will be made to read Facebook’s suicide prevention materials.

Mar 23 10:29

Gosh Darnit Hoo Diddly! Ted Cruz Announces 2016 POTUS Run

Oh, goody!

Now it is official: Bush shill and NWO puppet Sen. Ted Cruz (R-Texas) announced just after midnight on Monday he’ll mount a bid for president of the United States.

Mar 23 10:26

One of U.S. White House’s Top Ukrainian Gangsters Gets U.S. Reprimand

Ihor Kolomoysky, a Ukrainian oligarch and friend of the Obama White House (he is the employer of U.S. Vice President Joe Biden’s son Hunter Biden), has now been reprimanded by America’s own Ambassador in Ukraine, after he had used physical force in a corporate dispute.