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Sep 16 05:47

Wasn't Tweeted About: US Army Suffers Casualties in ISIL's Offensive in Northeastern Syria

A number of US soldiers were killed and wounded after ISIL targeted their column in Hasaka city on Sunday, a Lebanese media outlet reported


(*but this was: Trump: 'Fake news media’ didn’t cover when Obama said '57 states' in 2008 )

Sep 16 05:16


A wave of 4 Israeli missiles were launched toward Damascus International Airport and were successfully intercepted by SyAAD; without any hits being recorded. This is according to a statement by the SAA.

A second larger wave followed targeting several locations including an Air Defense regiment and number of SAA points in an attempt to distract SyAAD batteries from the original target; all of which were foiled and intercepted successfully.


Sep 16 03:11

Gunmen wearing mariachi garb kill 5, wound 8 in Mexico City

MEXICO CITY (AP) — Mexicans heading into the weekend's Independence Day celebrations were jolted by a brazen shooting by men dressed as mariachi musicians who killed five people and wounded eight in Garibaldi Plaza, an iconic square in the capital where the bands serenade tourists.

Sep 16 03:07

Trump Says Democrats Are Playing GOP 'Like A Fiddle' On Border Wall

President Donald Trump on Saturday lashed out at Republican legislators for slow-walking consideration of his demand for border wall funding until after the November midterm elections.
A spending bill to keep the federal government running past Sept. 30 reportedly will not include funding for the wall, which was Trump’s key presidential campaign promise.

Sep 16 01:03

Judge hearing case on 2014 Maidan killings attacked in Kiev

A judge of a district court in Kiev, who is hearing a case on the 2014 killings during the Maidan protests, has been attacked in the Ukrainian capital, according to a statement published on the official website of the country’s Council of Judges. Judge Sergey Dyachuk of Kiev’s Svyatoshinsky District Court was attacked late on Friday near his house. He has been hospitalized, and the attacker fled the crime scene. A search for the assailant is underway. Dyachuk said in a statement that the attack was linked to his professional activity. In May 2015, Kiev’s Svyatoshinsky District Court started hearing the case on the merits against five former fighters of the elite Ukrainian Berkut police unit. They are charged with fulfilling a criminal order on using weapons, abuse of power, illegal use of weapons and also carrying out a terrorist attack on the central Maidan square in 2014. The defendants plead not guilty to all counts.

Sep 16 01:01

Moscow won't react to US demands concerning chemical weapons' inspections

Russia will neither implement nor react to the United States’ unilateral demands for additional inspections concerning chemical weapons in Russia, Russian Foreign Ministry Spokeswoman Maria Zakharova said on Friday. "Naturally, we are not going to satisfy or even react to Washington’s illegitimate ultimatum demands going far beyond the Chemical Weapons Convention that additional inspection be arranged in Russia on the basis of this or that American domestic national law," the Russian foreign ministry quoted her as saying in an interview with Russia’s VGTRK television channel. She stressed that Russia had completed destruction of its chemical arsenals under strict international control as far back as September 2017 and continues to properly implement all of its liabilities under the Chemical Weapons Convention (CWC).

Sep 16 00:59

UFC tournament in Moscow becomes Russia’s most attended MMA event ever

The Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) tournament in Moscow has set the attendance record for a mixed martial arts (MMA) event in Russia, UFC Vice President David Shaw told reporters. According to the official, the event in Moscow was attended by 22,603 people, the highest ever attendance in Russia and the fifth-ever for an UFC event worldwide. Shaw said the organization now plans to hold one or two tournaments in Russia next year and views Russia’s second largest city of St. Petersburg, Black Sea resort of Sochi and Far Eastern city of Vladivostok as possible venues. The CEO of the Russian Direct Investment Fund (RDIF), Kirill Dmitriev, whose organization is among co-founders of UFC Russia, described the event in Moscow as a success. "We witnessed a successful start of UFC in Russia.

Sep 16 00:56

Kalashnikov to start batch production of new Lebedev handgun in 2019

The Izhevsk Mechanical Plant (an affiliate of the concern Kalashnikov) will launch the batch production of the new Lebedev handgun (PL-15) in 2019, the plant’s managing director, Alexander Gvozdik, told the media on Friday. "It will meet customer requirements as a combat weapon and as a civilian firearm," he said. The plant in Izhevsk declared the intention to start the serial production of the Lebedev handgun back in March 2018. The handgun may be in great demand from the Defense Ministry and other law enforcement agencies. The handgun’s prototype was for the first time presented at the international military-technological forum Army-2015. It was designed to be equally suitable for right-handed and left-handed people. Recoil and muzzle flip have been minimized. The gun’s return to the aiming line is fast and easy. A special indicator lets the shooter instantly feel if there is a cartridge inside the cartridge chamber and the handgun is loaded.

Sep 16 00:51

Group of S.Korean officials head to DPRK for inter-Korean summit preparations — Yonhap

An advance group of more than 90 South Korean officials headed to North Korea on Sunday for preparations to hold the inter-Korean summit due next week, the Yonhap news agency said. According to the agency, the group comprises 93 South Korean state officials, technical specialists and reporters. It crossed the border between the two states on 19 buses. South Korean President Moon Jae-in is expected to meet with North Korean leader Kim Jong Un in Pyongyang on September 18-20. According to a presidential administration official, the South Korean delegation to the event will comprise up to 200 people. The names of at least two members of it have already become known: former prime minister Lee Hoi-chang and Samsung Electronics President Kim Ki-nam.

Sep 16 00:46

Georgian official dismisses reports of experiments on humans in Georgian lab

Georgian Prime Minister’s Special Representative for Relations with Russia Zurab Abashidze dismissed as "absurd" reports of experiments on humans in the Richard Lugar Public Health Research Center near the Georgian capital Tbilisi. "The reports about secret tests on humans in the [Lugar] center are baseless and absurd. The laboratory works in the regime of transparency, its doors are open for foreign scientists and experts," Abashidze said in an interview with the Georgian Public Television. "In order to ensure the center’s transparency, the laboratory will host an international seminar with the participation of experts and specialists from almost 20 countries," the Georgian official added.

Sep 16 00:42

Syrian air defenses shoot down several Israeli missiles - SANA

Air defense units of the Syrian armed forces are confronting an Israeli missile attack near the Damascus International Airport, several missiles have already been shot down, the SANA news agency reported on Saturday. "Our air defense units responded to an Israeli missile attack against the Damascus International Airport," the agency quoted a Syrian military source as saying. "Several enemy missiles have been shot down." No information about damage or casualties on the ground is available so far. According to the Al-Mayadeen TV channel, several blasts were heard in the vicinity of the airport.

Sep 15 14:40

Taco Bell employee fired for not serving English-speaking customer

A hispanic Taco Bell drive-thru worker in Florida has been fired after refusing to serve an English-speaking customer earlier this week after a video of the incident went viral.

Sep 15 14:09

LOCAL Mayor Fires Back After Trump Blames Lawrence for NH Opioid Problem

President Donald Trump singled out the city of Lawrence, Massachusetts, as a significant source of the drugs pouring into New Hampshire during a speech on his new opioid plan Monday


(*he may have cut the food stamps , and we're definitely not nation building in Afghanistan , but N.H. has it's own problem . )

Sep 15 13:52

Narrative Collapse: Mueller Probe Reveals Manafort Was Lobbying Against Russia

Paul Manafort was lobbying against Russian interests in Ukraine -- not for them as Rachel Maddow and others have been claiming for months -- according to new documents released from special counsel Robert Mueller's investigation.

Sep 15 13:51

Turkish State TV: 'White Genocide' In South Africa Is A 'Myth' Of The 'Far-Right'

Turkish state broadcaster TRT World released a video last week stating "white genocide" is a "myth" and there's "no reliable data to suggest white farmers are being targeted" in South Africa.

Sep 15 13:50

Anti-Immigration Party Favored to Win Quebec Election, Plans 'Values Tests' For Newcomers

Are we finally witnessing a turning of the tide?