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Mar 19 09:16

U.S. City Declares Itself A 'Sanctuary City For The Unborn'

Members of the Roswell, New Mexico City Council voted Thursday to make their jurisdiction a de facto "sanctuary city for the unborn."

Mar 19 09:13


Several websites including 4chan have been blocked by major Australian telcos for continuing to host footage of the Christchurch terrorist attack.Telstra on Tuesday blocked access to 4chan, 8chan and Voat, the blog Zerohedge and video hosting platform Liveleak.

Mar 19 08:39

College students are asked who's the new face of the Democratic Party — Nancy Pelosi or Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez?

Campus Reform's Cabot Phillips recently ventured upon the campus of Georgetown University to ask students who they believe is the new face of Democratic Party: powerful Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi, a decadeslong veteran of the congressional battlefield, or 29-year-old, far-left U.S. Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, who seems to grab headlines just about every day as the end of only her third month in office approaches.

Mar 19 08:39

Muslim Doctor Stuns CNN: President Trump And GOP 'Beloved' In Much Of The Muslim World

On Saturday, a Muslim doctor who has been highly critical of radical Islam appeared on CNN and must have given that network heart palpitations as she insisted that in many parts of the Muslim world, not only is President Trump beloved, but so is former President George W. Bush, and that the Trump administration is not Islamophobic.

Mar 19 07:58

Flashback: Remembering the Ibrahimi Mosque massacre

Twenty-two years have passed since Israeli settler Baruch Goldstein murdered 29 Palestinians at this Hebron mosque, but Rajabeh can recall the events leading up to that deadly morning with precision.
"The revered Dr. Baruch Kapel Goldstein… Son of Israel. He gave his soul for the sake of the people of Israel, The Torah, and the Land. His hands are clean and his heart good… He was assassinated for the Sanctity of God”

Mar 19 07:44

Have You Seen the Safety Warning Hidden Inside Your Cellphone?

Journalist Wendy Mesley investigates the safety of cellphones, focusing on a little-known warning from the manufacturer hidden within your cellphone manual that advises you to keep the device at a certain distance from your body to ensure you don’t exceed the federal safety limit for radiofrequency (RF) exposure.

Mar 19 07:43

FDA Wants to Shut Down Adult Stem Cell Therapy as its Healing Successes are Experienced Around the World

Adult stem cell therapy is enjoying widespread success around the world, but if the FDA gets its way, it may soon be banned in the U.S.

Mar 19 07:38

Beto O'Rourke evades direct question on third-trimester abortion, says 'I trust' the woman

Democratic presidential candidate Beto O'Rourke answered evasively when asked about his stance on third-trimester abortion during a campaign event in Cleveland on Monday.
O'Rourke, who announced his candidacy for the Democratic nomination last week, has already been criticized for a lack of concrete positions on crucial campaign issues.

Mar 19 07:37

Man walks into his house, intruder exits room 'yelling and screaming.' The next sound is the homeowner firing his gun.

Brown told the station that the homeowner pulled his gun and started firing "because he felt like his life was in danger."
Wounded and suddenly finding the accommodations lacking, the intruder high-tailed it out the back door, WAGA said.
He made it about a mile before he was knocking on a door begging for water, the station said.