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Nov 20 13:35

VIDEO: Leftist anti-trump protest gone bad

Hillary Clinton in Austin: At book signing

Nov 20 13:08

Sexual Assaults At Highest Ever Level In Sweden, New Figures Reveal

Sweden’s National Council on Crime Prevention released their latest Swedish Crime Survey on Wednesday which revealed that a growing number of Swedes are victims of crime, when compared to figures from previous years. The figures, which are for 2016, revealed that crime levels at at their highest level since records began in 2006.

Nov 20 12:57

Russell Simmons And Brett Ratner Face New Allegations Of Sexual Misconduct

Ratner was an up-and-coming music video director and a protege of Simmons, the Def Jam Recordings mogul. They took Khalighi to dinner one night in 1991 at Mr. Chow in New York, and then back to Simmons’ apartment to show her a music video they’d been working on.

Nov 20 12:52

Video: Swedish Minister Refuses To Mark Ethnicity Of Rapists, Reports State 90% Are Migrants

Sweden’s justice minister has rejected a proposal by the country’s conservative party to mark the ethnicity of people accused of sex crimes in official reports.

Nov 20 12:49

Britain’s Ruling Establishment In Crisis

Barely five months after a general election in the United Kingdom, the government of Prime Minister Theresa May looks doomed. It could fall any day, next week or next month. Within her Conservative Party and elsewhere in the United Kingdom, in other European countries and beyond, speculation is rife that Theresa May’s days in office may be numbered.

Nov 20 12:33

Here Are PHOTOS OF The 17 Year-Old Model Russell Simmons Is Accused Of VIOLENTLY Raping

And Simmons' good buddy, sleazebag Brett Ratner is accused of watching the rape happen and not helping her. She was just an innocent kid from Nebraska.


Nov 20 12:32

The Spark: UK Band Enter Shikari At An Artistic Cross-Roads

British band Enter Shikari, formed in 2003, recently released their fifth album, The Spark.

The radical and raucous rhetorical element of the band’s previous work is still there, but the music has in addition something more introspective, escapist and pessimistic about it—reflected in a less frenetic, more mellow sound.

Nov 20 12:30

Video: Liberation Is Love… Or Terrorism? Activist Jailed For Releasing 2K Mink From Fur Factory Talks To RT

US animal rights activist Kevin Johnson was jailed for releasing thousands of animals from a fur factory.

Nov 20 12:28

LAPD Investigates Nearly Two Dozen Sex Crime Cases Tied To Hollywood

Los Angeles police are investigating almost two dozen cases of alleged criminal sexual misconduct connected to multiple people within the entertainment industry, a senior department official told NBC News.

Nov 20 12:28


It’s a cultural stereotype as old as the landline: teenagers love their phones. But for North American teen girls, especially, increasing smartphone use could have a darker side. Depression and suicide rates in teenagers have jumped in the last decade—doubling between 2007 and 2015 for girls—and the trend suspiciously coincides with when smartphones became their constant companions. A recent study places their screen time around nine hours per day.

Nov 20 12:25

Amazing Color Images of the First World War

Amazing Color Images of the First World War

Nov 20 12:11

10 Mysteries Surrounding Royal Children

Mysteries Surrounding Royal Children.

Nov 20 12:11

‘Free Speech’ Activists Met By Hundreds Of Counter-Protesters In Boston

A “free speech” rally took place on Boston Common on Saturday under heavy police scrutiny. As with an earlier rally in August, those in attendance were heavily outnumbered by counter-protesters, including black-and-red clad “antifa.”

Nov 20 11:49

RAW VIDEO | Watch The Georgia Dome Blow Up

Cool clip if you like destruction. Georgia Dome was razed this morning.