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Mar 24 05:28

Putin's aide explains why Russia has no fear of supplying S-400 systems to Turkey

Russia sees no problem in supplying the S-400 air defense missile systems to Turkey despite the country's NATO membership, Vladimir Kozhin, the Russian President's aide for cooperation in defense-related technologies said on Thursday in an interview with Rossiya'24 news channel. "Yes, Turkey is a NATO member, it's true, but we are not afraid," the official said. "You may ask why. Well, first of all, we always regulate strictly the products of intellectual activity before we supply anything anywhere and each country assumes obligations on what it can or can't do with the [Russian] weaponry it purchases. Secondly, what we sell today is current manufacture [not the prospective one - TASS]," he said answering the achor's question...

Mar 24 05:11

Belarus opens case into plotting riots, 26 suspects detained

Belarusian President Alexander Lukashenko said Thursday the country’s authorities were not trying to silence any individuals or groups, but will crack down on all those who violate the law. Belarusian authorities have opened a criminal case into plotting mass riots and detained 26 suspects, the country’s STV channel said citing the state security service, the KGB. "The KGB launched a criminal case into training and preparations for taking part in mass riots. In total, 26 people were detained," the channel said in its Thursday broadcast, adding that all the detainees were members of the unregistered nationalist group White Legion and pro-Western Young Front organizations. According to earlier media reports, the riots were planned to take place on March 25 and coincide with the so-called Freedom Day, marking the anniversary of the 1918 creation of the Belarusian People's Republic under the German occupation. The date is honored by groups opposed to the current Belarusian government.

Mar 24 04:52

Terrorist gang eliminated in foiled attack on National Guard in Chechnya

All members of an armed gang who attacked a unit of Russia’s National Guard in Chechnya have been killed, the National Anti-Terrorism Committee told TASS on Friday. "This night at around 02.30 a.m. a group of six unknown individuals carried out an armed attack on a facility of Rosgvardiya’s military unit in Chechnya’s Naursky district. During the armed clash, all members of the gang were neutralized," the NAC said. The militants carried firearms and rounds of ammunition, and two of them wore fake explosive belts.
Commander says National Guard prevented numerous civilian deaths in Chechnya: "The vile attack of terrorists-suicide bombers on the 140th artillery regiment and the 46th separate brigade claimed lives of six our fellow soldiers, who fulfilled their military duty with honor and prevented numerous deaths among the civilians".

Mar 24 04:44

Russian consulate in New York sends note over citizen’s detention

The Russian consulate in New York has sent a note to the US authorities requesting information on Monday’s detention of a Russian woman in New York, an informed diplomatic source told TASS. An earlier New York Post reported that 41-year-old Viktoria Nasyrova, who has been on the Interpol wanted list on murder charges since 2015, was detained in the United States. Nasyrova is suspected of killing a 54-year-old woman in Krasnodar in October 2014 and stealing a large sum of money that the victim received for selling her house. ‘We still did not receive an official notification about the detention of Nasyrova," the source said. "The Russian consulate general in New York has sent a formal note to the authorities." An informed source earlier said that in line with international agreements, the US side has 72 hours to notify Russia about the detention of its citizen.

Mar 24 04:30

Kommersant: Russia to skip UN’s ‘nuke ban treaty’ talks

Envoys from more than 100 countries will gather in New York on Monday to hammer out an agreement on the total prohibition of nuclear weapons under the UN’s auspices. However, Russian delegates along with the representatives of other countries possessing nuclear weapons will not attend the meeting, Kommersant writes. Mikhail Ulyanov, Director of the Russian Foreign Ministry’s Non-Proliferation and Arms Control Department, informed the paper that Moscow considers the proposed move "poorly calculated and even pernicious." "Russia fully shares the goal of building a nuclear-free world, but it is necessary to move towards it meaningfully, step by step and with due account for all circumstances. This is not the case now," the official stressed. According to the diplomat, given the current political climate, "nuclear weapons ensure deterrence and, as a consequence, are one of the pillars of global strategic stability"...

Mar 24 04:21

France 'ceased to be a fully sovereign nation' — Le Pen

France has ceased to be a fully sovereign nation, leader of the French National Front political Party, Marine Le Pen, said at a meeting of Russia’s State Duma (lower house of parliament) International Affairs Committee on Friday. "The fact is that at the moment the problem we are facing can be summed up in the following way: France has ceased to be a fully sovereign country," she said. According to Le Pen, this stems from the fact that France has "delegated some of its powers, at least those concerning trade negotiations and diplomatic functions, to the European Union. "The EU is behaving like an opponent of the idea, which we are upholding in our policy," she stressed. "I hope France will regain its sovereignty, and there will be no reasons whatsoever to prevent resumption of the Russian-French relations so that they could reach the cruise speed necessary for their development," the politician stated.

Mar 24 04:16

Russian scientists discover body’s own ‘cannabis’ fights epilepsy and brain damage

Scientists from RAS’ Institute of Theoretical and Experimental Biophysics (ITEB RAS) and Moscow Institute of Physics and Technology (MIPT) have demonstrated that analogues of cannabis-acting substances produced by the body are very effective disease-fighting agents, the MIPT press office said. The results of the study have been published in the journal, Brain Research. "We have shown that symptoms of epilepsy might substantially subside or be completely blocked if the test animals are injected with the epilepsy-simulating substances together with the formula triggering the activity of the endocannabinoid system of the brain," Chief of the Laboratory of System Organization of Neurons at ITEB RAS and Doctor of Biological Sciences Valentina Kichigina said...

Mar 24 03:43

Member Of Congress Warns Of A 1,000 Point Stock Market Crash If Obamacare Lite Does Not Pass

But fixing our failing healthcare system is far more important than trying to prop up the financial markets, and so the strong conservatives in the House are quite right to stand by their principles.

Simply “tweaking” Obamacare is not going to fix anything, and it is extremely disappointing that President Trump and Paul Ryan are advocating such an approach.

Mar 24 03:09

Watch the entire Stop AIPAC conference. It starts at 9Am eastern

Watch the entire Stop AIPAC conference live it starts at 9Am eastern.
Thank you WRH

Mar 24 03:00

CANADA moves toward sharia-compliance as House of Commons easily passes M-103 “anti-Islamophobia” motion

MPs pass M-103 even as new poll says most Canadians would vote down the anti-Islamophobia (aka anti-Islamic blasphemy) motion which discriminates against all other religions.

Mar 24 02:12

Washington Police: Kids Should 'Stay Home' Due to "Fake" Pedophilia Issue? (Video)

One of the reasons that the DC pedophile rings have been able to operate unhindered for so long is the disbelief of the American public. Any attempt to expose the existence of this ring is more often than not met with derision and laughter, as if pedophiles in DC were the equivalent of the belief in a flat earth. However, word is slowly but surely spreading and today more and more people are realizing that these corrupted perverts have indeed placed themselves in high places.

Mar 24 01:59

Dr. Phil Exposes Elite Government Pedophile Ring On Mainstream TV (Video)

It’s been decried as ‘fake news’ for far too long at the expense of putting our children at risk. Finally, some in the mainstream are catching on to one of the plagues of Washington today – the DC pedophile rings. Media personality Dr. Phil conducted an interview with a former child sex slave under these pedophile rings, and disturbing doesn’t even begin to describe her story. Read on with caution.

In the following video, Right Wing News looks at the utterly disgusting and horrifying reality that these pedophile rings force upon children. The victim, Kendall, in addition to recounting the countless abuses perpetrated upon her, specifically mentions being passed around groups of rich and prominent men as her earliest memories. Even more shocking, her parents had sold her to the ring at birth, and she definitely isn’t the only one.

When will the public be made aware of this problem so the corrupting and perverted influence of these pedophiles can be wiped out once and for all?

Mar 23 21:35

London terror attacker 'previously on MI5's radar and had STABBED a man in the FACE'

THE British-born terrorist who killed five and injured at least 29 others during a sickening attack in Westminster was reportedly once charged with GBH after stabbing a man in the face.

Mar 23 17:57

Meals On Wheels Is Just The Beginning: Economist Mark Price On Trump's Proposed Cuts

A disabled pilot opens a prepared meal at his home in Portland, Oregon, July 12, 2010. Meals on Wheels, a program that Donald Trump plans to cut, has been the subject of many peer-reviewed studies in the medical literature, most of which show that the program improves the quality of people’s diets, increases their nutrient intake and reduces their food insecurity and nutritional risk.

Mar 23 17:04

The Season of Sacrifice

With the attack in London yesterday the season of sacrifice has begun. Take the time to listen to this broadcast about this time period of the year. Pay attention to all of the events that have happened in this time period over the years. It's a pattern that can be clearly seen when one's eyes are open to it. Remember ladies and gentlemen, it does not matter if you believe in this, the powers that shouldn't be do. To have any chance of winning a battle one must fully understand the opponent.


On this edition of DTRH Popeye welcomes back to the broadcast close friend, and occulted knowledge specialist Mark Passio. The two of them cover “The Season of Sacrifice” that takes place every year in the beginning of April, it’s origins, and what it means to the powers that shouldn't be. They showcase how many different tragedies have happened during this time period.

Mar 23 16:24

Thousands of people now have non-Hodgkin’s Lymphoma due to glyphosate (Roundup) exposure, warns legal firm that’s suing Monsanto

Email evidence indicates that not only did Monsanto help write the so-called cancer studies on Roundup, but that EPA officials colluded to keep reports on glyphosate’s carcinogenic status in favor of the industry. Former EPA scientist Marion Copley’s heartbreaking email not only illustrates the cancer-causing capacity, but that the EPA is riddled with corruption and greed.

Mar 23 16:23


President Trump said during the campaign that he would put people on the Supreme Court that would overrule Roe V. Wade and give abortion rights to the states. Sen. Lindsey Graham (R-SC.) asked Gorsuch if Trump asked Gorsuch if he would overturn Roe V. Wade.

Mar 23 16:23

Google Maps & Local Utilities Team Up To Fight Methane Leaks

Google Maps is about to chart out more than just streets and roads. They’re going to locate methane leaks in cities. A collaboration between scientists, advocacy groups and Google found that equipping the cars with methane sensors helped locate natural gas leaks.