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Oct 29 18:32

District Judge Concludes E-mail Not Protected by Fourth Amendment

The Fourth Amendment protects our homes from unreasonable searches and seizures, requiring that, absent special circumstances, the government obtain a search warrant based on probable cause before entering. This is strong privacy protection for homes and the items within them in the physical world.

When a person uses the Internet, however, the user’s actions are no longer in his or her physical home; in fact he or she is not truly acting in private space at all.

Oct 29 17:17


The word from many of our establishment lecturers and cozy media pundits is that the fall of American power is now. And it’s sinking fast, headed for sunset at about year 2025. But not all is as it seems.

Witness one Michael Klare – an apparent expert on the issue, he offers 6 signs of U.S. pride before the fall. Based on U.S. secret police findings, his reasons published at the Nation magazine and other sites are shocking to some and incredible to others.

…The real hands-on reasons are as important as it gets.

Oct 29 15:47

Clunkers: Taxpayers paid $24,000 per car

The Cash for Clunkers program gave car buyers rebates of up to $4,500 if they traded in less fuel-efficient vehicles for new vehicles that met certain fuel economy requirements. A total of $3 billion was allotted for those rebates.

The average rebate was $4,000. But the overwhelming majority of sales would have taken place anyway at some time in the last half of 2009, according to That means the government ended up spending about $24,000 each for those 125,000 additional vehicle sales.

Oct 29 15:44

[Pic] 300 Days

How much of a killer is swine flu?

This chart puts things into perspective.

Oct 29 14:20

What Israel Knocks Down, The Palestinians Raise Up Again

"I will sit on a chair in the street!" shouted Maysoun Al Ghawi, her voice shaking with anger and distress. "With my children, without a tent. Without anything. I will stand opposite my house. I have a right to live here with my children. They stole the house from me by force!"

Oct 29 13:54

Is The Holocaust A New 'Religion' w/10 Commandments?

Jerusalem -- According to the Israeli philosophy professor Yeshayahu Leibowitz (photo), the 'Holocaust' is a new religion. Leibowitz' countrymen Shraga Elam, Gilad Atzmon, Yoshua Shalev and others have further developed this concept, reasoning like this: Most Jews today are either atheists or shun the religion of Judaism. Therefore, the Jewish people had to adopt belief in the 'Holocaust' as their new religion. They have spread this religion all over the world. 'Holocaust' museums are the new houses of worship and are present in most major cities. The new religion has its commandments, its decrees, its prophets, its high priests, its circle of saints, its rituals and its pilgrimages. It knows neither mercy, nor forgiveness, nor clemency but only the duty of vengeance.

Oct 29 13:44

Ron Paul - Sanctions on Iran are an Act of War!

Oct 29 13:10

Amazing Pictures, Pollution in China

Oct 29 13:09

Cluster Bomb Trade Funded by World's Biggest Banks

The deadly trade in cluster bombs is funded by the world's biggest banks who have loaned or arranged finance worth $20bn (£12.5bn) to firms producing the controversial weapons, despite growing international efforts to ban them.

Oct 29 12:57

Death stats for US

Here is a list of Stats for 2006.Note combined deaths for

Influenza and pneumonia 56,326.

Influenza 849

Pneumonia 55,477(the vast majority in elderly patients ie <70years )

see stats on page 42 of the PDF file.

next time someone bullshits about Swine flu stick this in their face.

Oct 29 12:48

The Message is Clear; It's Perfectly Okay to Betray Your Nation if You're a Zionist.

If you find the below story appalling, you're a "hater," a "Nazi," and an "anti-semite!" If you're Jewish you can sell nuclear weapon detonators and get three years in prison, but if you're a non-Jew you'll get life for giving away useless and antiquated information on weapon systems that are more than twenty years old, just ask Ryan G Anderson. If you're a Jew, the media will bury any and all information related to what you did and the fact that you're a Jew. See Ariel Weimann.

Oct 29 12:15


Great article about Swine Flu.

This has been a big week for swine flu vaccines. With the money machine in full swing to get the untested swine flu vaccine out to the public ASAP, it's hard to keep up with the level of deception in mainstream media. But we'll give it a try.

One final important revelation about the AP article, and perhaps the agenda of the Director of the NIH:

"Younger children simply don't have as mature an immune system," Fauci explained. "So a first dose of vaccine against a flu strain they've never experienced acts as an introduction for their immune system, and a booster shortly thereafter revs up that immune response."

Oct 29 11:56

Mark of stupidity: Burglary suspects drew masks and beards on their faces using permanent marker pen

There was no disguising what these two characters had been up to moments before police pulled them over in America.

Would-be burglars Matthew McNelly and Joey Miller's masterplan contained one tiny flaw - their 'disguises' comprised of masks drawn on their faces using pemanent marker pen.

Oct 29 11:37

Another Child Given Swine Flu Vaccine Without Consent

A boy in Ohio has received the swine flu vaccine despite the fact that his mother clearly refused consent for her child to be inoculated, in another example of how health authorities are blatantly disregarding the wishes of parents in the pursuit of a mass vaccination mandate.

Oct 29 11:24

Why Israel Will Lose

Notice that the title does not read Why Israel is Ultimately Doomed. This wording is important. Its important because it explains why the Israelis will eventually leave the Occupied Territories. They will go because when these territories are lost, Israel will still survive. The Israelis just dont see it that way right now.

Oct 29 10:04

Secret court seizes £3.2bn from elderly... and even forces furious families to pay to access own bank account

Secret court seizes £3.2bn from elderly... and even forces furious families to pay to access own bank account


3,000 complaints in first 18 months of new system

Families made to pay to access own bank account

Homes of elderly raided in search for documents

The Court of Protection

Threatening: The Court of Protection's anonymous London tower block

A secret court is seizing the assets of thousands of elderly and mentally impaired people and turning control of their lives over to the State - against the wishes of their relatives.

Oct 29 09:24

After all I am a Proper Zionist Jew by Gilad Atzmon

Yes, I am a survivor, for I have managed to survive all the scary accounts of the Holocaust: the one about the soap (1), the one about the lamp shades, the one about the camps, the mass shooting, the one about the gas (2) and the one about the death march (3). I just managed to survive them all.

Oct 29 08:34

15 dead soldiers return home from Afghanistan, and 3 dead US Drug Enforcement Officers.

Get past the ad at the beginning of the vid.

Why were drug enforcement officers in Afghanistan in the first place?

Oct 29 08:33

Video: UK/USA made use of Uzbek torture

Former Brit ambsdr Craig Murray says UK and USA sent prisoners to Uzbek to be tortured

Oct 29 08:15

The Houla Massacre

It took place on October 26, 1948 in Lebanon. Houla is located in Southern Lebanon, only a few kilometers from the Israeli border. When Arab volunteers gathered to liberate Palestine from “Israel” occupation, they established their headquarters in Houla, on hills overlooking Palestine. The force was successful in fending off major attacks on Lebanese villages, but the fighters suddenly withdrew on October 26, 1948.” “Jewish militants attacked the town to avenge the residents’ support of Arab resistance forces.

Oct 29 06:18

Did Richard Goldstone hide more sinister crimes in Gaza? - Part 1: White Phosphorus and Flechettes

There was much praise for the UN investigations into war crimes committed in Gaza, led by Richard Goldstone. However, I feel that this report did not go far enough to investigate some other more serious allegations that were made.

There is a sense of urgency to bring this investigation forward and to put those responsible on trial but one must understand that something much more sinister did not even get a mention and has since been swept under the carpet.

Let's take a closer look at some aspects of this report which certainly showed a distinct weakness in the team's ability to understand what constitutes a breach of the Geneva Convention.

Oct 29 06:14

Snow storm disrupts Colo., Wyo. travel

A storm bringing the first heavy snows of autumn to a large portion of the Rockies and western plains crippled parts of Colorado and Wyoming Wednesday, forcing road closures and sending students home from school as more than 2 feet piled up with much more expected.