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Today's Top Voted Stories

Feb 20 08:51

Hackers could take control of MILLIONS of smart cars through insecure Android apps

Many car manufacturers now supply proprietary apps which allow users to open doors and even start the car using only their phone.

But according to a report by Russian anti-virus and computer security firm Kaspersky, several flaws in such apps could be exploited by attackers.

Once successfully exploited, an attacker could gain control over the car, unlock the doors, turn off the security alarm and, even steal the vehicle.

As well as opening up cars to potential thefts, hackers using mobile apps could possibly get the GPS coordinates of a car, trace its route, open its doors, start its engine, and turn on its auxiliary devices.

Feb 20 08:54

Brazil's $12 billion Olympic legacy lies in ruins: Five months after the Rio Games, stadiums are crumbling as cash-strapped nation is left with crippling debts

Billions of dollars were spent on bringing the flagship sporting event to Brazil, with the overall cost estimated to be around $12billion. This was at a time when the Brazilian economy was in a huge recession, and state workers were being paid late, if at all.

But now the Olympic legacy lies in ruins, new photos have revealed, with arenas crumbling and already falling into disrepair.

Feb 20 08:54


Fox News’ Shepard Smith proved once again that he should be fired. He went off on President Trump and defended CNN after Trump’s press conference.

Feb 20 08:54

Like Trump, Russia Declares War On Fake News

As the “information war” heats up between east and west, Russia’s Foreign Ministry wades in the battle by planning a fact-checking service of its own to debunk “fake news.”

Feb 20 09:00

Video: Trump On Russia: Getting Along Is Great, Sinking Their Ship Is Not

Donald Trump would love to get along with Moscow, but due to “false, horrible and fake” news reporting, Americans would likely see it as weakness.

Feb 20 09:00

Child’s Play: Team Trump Rewrites A Department Of Energy Website For Kids

Almost 20 years ago, the U.S. Energy Information Administration had an idea: Make an educational website for children about energy sources and the science behind them.

In short order, the EIA created “Energy Kids,” which now features energy-themed sudoku and crossword puzzles, colorful pie charts and a know-it-all mascot called Energy Ant. Images of a school bus parked between a coal plant and an oil rig adorn the bottom of the web page, along with drawings of wind turbines, solar panels and an energy-efficient lightbulb.

Feb 20 09:01

‘No Red Carpet’: London Mayor Insists On Denying ‘Cruel’ Trump State Visit

The UK should not be “rolling out the red carpet” for the US President due to his “cruel and shameful” policies targeting Muslims and migrants, London Mayor Sadiq Khan said ahead of Parliament’s debate on Donald Trump’s planned trip this summer.

Feb 20 09:02

Trump is set to SOFTEN his immigration ban: New executive order will exempt green card holders and dual citizens but target the SAME Muslim countries

According to an AP report, a draft of President Donald Trump's revised immigration ban targets the same seven countries listed in his original executive order and exempts travelers who already have a visa to travel to the U.S., even if they haven't used it yet.

Feb 20 09:05

German Spy Scandal Triggered by Broken Connection Between Gov't, Intel Agencies

On Thursday, German Chancellor Angela Merkel was invited to the Bundestag parliamentary committee to testify on the NSA and BND espionage scandal that shocked German residents in 2015. During her speech Merkel stuck to her old position, saying that she knew nothing about the spying activities of German intelligence.

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Feb 20 09:05

Russia to be Debt Free by Year's End

Moscow will pay off the balance of the debt inherited from the old Soviet Union days this year, according to a report on Friday in the Russian newspaper, Izvestia.
The final Russian state debt is owed not to banks, but to Bosnia and Herzegovina. $125.2 billion is still owed to those nations as part of an agreement after the breakup of Yugoslavia.

Feb 20 09:14

The Solution: Making the “Voluntary” Tax System Voluntary

All of the inherent problems of taxation – the corruption, lack of accountability, waste, inefficiency of collection and spending, etc. – are rooted in the fundamental and simple fact that the government always receives however much it wants from us – regardless of whether it is spent honestly, wisely or effectively. The government – unlike individuals, companies and charities – has the unique ability to raise funds in a way that is completely unrelated to its performance.

What if that changed?

What if the government actually had to earn your money?

What if you could redirect your tax dollars whenever you saw them wasted by a government department; spent in support of a policy that does more harm than good; paid out to cronies for supporting a particular politician or campaign, or just deployed much less efficiently than by a local charity or non-profit that does a particular government job better than the government does it?

Feb 20 09:18

Souther California! Flash Floods Were Heartbreaking! Under Reported!

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California has a massive flood control system. But like the Oroville Dam, the storm drains in New England, and the New Orleans levees, what was once a working system has suffered from years of neglect and does not work properly any more. The channels and drains are choked with debris, the walls are cracked and broken. And THAT is why there isn't a lot of reporting on the southern California floods, because it is a report on the ongoing failure of government to put the safety and needs of the American people as a top priority.

Feb 20 09:19

Fakest News: The Iraq War

A new poll from YouGov shows that most Americans still believe that Iraq had weapons of mass destruction at the start of the Iraq war:

That’s stunning, given that President Bush, Prime Minister Blair, the CIA, SecDef Rumsfeld, SecState Powell, National Security Advisor Rice, Bush’s chief strategist Rove, “Curveball” (the alias of the name of the unreliable WMD information) and other top officials have all publicly admitted that Iraq had no WMDs.

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Yes, corporate media is still pushing the story that Iraq had WMDs that were never found, but in many cases, Americans who supported the invasion of Iraq do not want to have to admit to themselves they were wrong to have done so, and grasp any piece of propaganda, no matter how flimsy, to save themselves from self-examination.

Feb 20 09:21

FLASHBACK - The Trump Dodgy Dossier: Created by “Spies R Us”?

Shunning Buzzfeed and ostracizing CNN for their irresponsible broadcasting of the “dossier”, Mr. Trump was crystal clear in pointing the finger at crooked media and the people behind. The incoming president was also clear in identifying his adversaries, a fact that has been corroborated.

The Steele dossier was contracted by both Republican and Democratic adversaries of Mr. Trump. Senator John McCain, the notoriously hawkish Arizona arms industry puppet, admitted he turned over the dossier to the FBI. While McCain’s involvement is shocking enough, I believe other familiar faces funded the extended smear campaign. The Guardian has done some of the homework in tracking down how this dossier came into being, but this “Steele” character is still a bit of an enigma.

Feb 20 09:22

Sweden 'covering up' migrant rape and violent crime for the sake of 'humanitarianism'

OFFICIALS in the Swedish government have been accused of "covering up" migrant rape and refugee violence for the sake of appearing politically correct.

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Feb 20 09:27


Country music star Charlie Daniels, steeped in the history of his beloved South, sees a disturbing parallel between modern liberals and the stiff-necked secessionists who preferred civil war to compromise. “The pot is boiling and it’s only a matter of time before there will be blood on the streets,” Daniels wrote in an op-ed published on CNS News.

Feb 20 09:40

CHAOS at NATO air base after 'MISSILE INBOUND' warning accidentally sent to US airmen

The bright-red test message was only meant to be sent to one person but was instead sent to all wing personnel at Nato’s Spangdahlem Air Base, 100 miles west of Frankfurt.

The message was labelled “high severity" and read: “MISSILE INBOUND. SEEK SHELTER IMMEDIATELY”.

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Jahn Badham's movie, "Wargames", starting Matthew Broderick, was based on a similar incident. The real event was not triggered by an outside hacker. Someone at Cheyenne Mountain accidentally fed a training simulation tape into the system which made it look like there was a real Russian attack underway. That was one of the many times we came very close to a real nuclear exchange with Russia.

Feb 20 09:43

‘Globalism’ Is the Victory of Western Ideals

President Donald Trump does not like “globalism.” Last April in the first major foreign policy address of his campaign, he said, “We will no longer surrender this country or its people to the false song of globalism.” He Tweeted in June that Americans face a “choice between Americanism and [Hillary Clinton’s] corrupt globalism.” Breitbart, a mouthpiece for Trumpism, ran a piece last month touting “Trump’s nationalist vision” against the “Gospel of Globalism.” And Robert Merry, a contributing editor at the National Interest, agreed, characterizing the 2016 election as a contest between nationalism and globalism.

Feb 20 09:43


According to pundits, politicians, and even the executive branch itself, the Trump administration is at war with the so-called “Deep State.” Though the Deep State – sometimes also called the Shadow government – is hard to define, it is essentially the part of the political establishment that are permanent power factions operating within Washington. These factions guide policy according to a unified agenda regardless of who is in office, often exercising their power secretively which frees them of any sort of accountability.

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Great start, bravo!!

Feb 20 09:44

North Korea's Regime In Jeopardy After China Bans All Coal Imports

China’s move to ban coal imports from North Korea, effectively crippling the country’s already battered economy, will have two implications: it may prompt Beijing and Washington to sit deal and figure out how to "resolve" the problem, and it may risk the start of a political crisis with unpredictable regional consequences.

Feb 20 09:47


Belurusian leader Alexander Lukashenko calls himself "Europe's last dictator": he's a thug who steals elections and sends opposition politicians to forced labor camps, the kind of guy who can get away with arresting a one-armed man for clapping -- but when he imposed a "social parasite tax" on unemployed people in the recession-devastated country, it proved too much.

The mass-marches in the capital of Minsk have now spread to Gomel, the country's second city, with more demonstrations nationwide. 470,000 people are caught by the tax, but fewer than 10% have paid it.

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Absoflippinglutely unbelievable!!