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"This is the time to buy stocks. This is the time to recall the words of the late J. P. Morgan... that any man who is bearish on America will go broke. Within a few days there is likely to be a bear panic rather than a bull panic. Many of the low prices as a result of this hysterical selling are not likely to be reached again in many years." -- W. McNeel, market analyst, as quoted in the New York Herald Tribune, Oct. 30, 1929


Bletchley Park

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READER: Mike, you've been saying it for a long time!


READER: The Epstein Saga - What you’re not being told


The kid is right, it's all one big "dog and pony show" 24/7/365, to keeping everyone thoroughly distracted, bemused, amused, and hypnotized at the same time everyone's pockets are being picked by the monkey that works for the organ grinder. That's the game Sports Fans, really it is the only game in town, and always has been for the most part; to keep the general populace mentally tied down with inane rules and laws that have at the heart of their intent, the sucking off of as much human energy as possible to feed the vampires who run this world. It truly is all about energy, yours, mine, everyone's, the quality of it and amount depending on the dietary needs of those needing the most of one type or another. The miscreants who run 'the really big show', need heavily charged fear energy to sustain them, hence is why They spend so much of their time and resources in perpetuating such misery and suffering because the derived energy of so many people subject to and trapped within the vacuum of fear, self-doubt and lack, all, one-and-all, make for exquisite dining at the devils buffet table.

Please allow me to introduce myself
I'm a man of wealth and taste
I've been around for a long, long year
Stole many a man's soul to waste.

Sympathy For The Devil

READER: I wouldn't be flying in a small aircraft here soon, and I certainly wouldn't entertain the thought of going to Israel. Accidents happen if you know what I mean. There will be GRAVE consequences for those who criticize Israel.

READER: Mike, I am curious as to how you and Claire came to choose Indiana as your new home? I've lived in NJ most of my life, near Philadelphia and have been wanting to move. The two areas I looked into were Sandusky, OH and Greenville-Spartanburg, SC. Both are pretty cheap to live, although my brother in law has family in Ohio and said that the winters will wreck your car. In all the reports I get from AARP about cheap places to live and retire, Indiana never comes up.
WRH: Claire has family there who have been very generous in helping with the move.

READER: http://dogsareloyal1s.com/video/PhillyCop_240.mp4

the officers were spreading fake blood. Another False Flag. They were filmed planting evidence. Never let a good crisis go to waste.

READER: The Epstein "Suicide" Fairy Tale

Should make people more receptive to "The Assassination of James Forrestal" and "The Martyrdom of Thomas Merton" while driving the final nail in the coffin of the credibility of the MSM.

READER: "I have a friend who's daughter will be attending a major university in the US this fall. The universities counselor informed the family that they will be checking all relatives Social Media accounts before the daughters admission. Welcome to Amerika."

READER: Hey Mike got a money saving tip for you. Instead of buying boxes go to a local print shop. They will usually have a bunch of boxes paper comes in they just throw away. They can be 19X13 or 18X12, or other depending what they order.
WRH: Thanks

READER: Explosion in London Ontario

Evidently the woman who started this was intoxicated, swerved onto lawn Hit house- natural gas caused explosion Seven other homes damaged Hopefully woman will be charged with a number of crimes There have been more than a few incidents lately in Toronto area of intoxicated drivers swerving off road and hitting houses And as to London business owners and others have stepped up to help those who had to leave their homes