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"The war now proposed is for the purpose of establishing Jewish hegemony throughout the world." -- Brigadier General George Van Horn Mosely, The New York Tribune, March 29, 1939.


Brute forcing

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READER: more double standards

"The governmentís failure to comment on Hashemiís detention makes it difficult to analyze specifically what her arrest means. However, her detainment should serve as a chilling wake-up call for journalists, Muslim Americans, and all U.S. citizens."

"A chilling wake up call"? If this lady was being detained or was MURDERED by Saudi Arabia, you wouldn't hear a thing from the Trump administration! The same goes for Israel, which ROUTINELY murders/imprisons journalists! In fact, ANY nation that kisses the USA's ass is immune from this critique as far as abuse of journalists goes.

The "wake up call" here is not Iran's treatment of journalists, but the double standard that comes from the USA stinking up this planet. We have already seen what the USA does to journalists with the treatment meted out to Julian Assange and the murder of Gary Webb for trying to expose CIA drug-running. It almost seems like(once again) the USA is lecturing some nation about something it does ROUTINELY!

READER: Why ISIS killed 4 people in bombing

It makes perfect sense why ISIS did what they did. ISIS is a creation of the U.S. (CIA), and the U.S. is equipping, financing and training them, and probably running interference and intelligence for them as well. If the U.S. pulls out, they will be destroyed.

READER: Maybe instead of building the wall we just enforce the laws we already have on the books. If we would lock up a few CEO'S, head of company's, helping or housing, transporting Illegals and stop the BENEFITS I think the problem would mostly go away. As long as it is profitable for business and lots of FREE STUFF the problem will not go away. Now we just need congress to get its butt in gear and things will start improving. Have a good one.

READER: Hi Mike, Do you know if Mike Flynn would tell Mr. Trump what he knows about Benghazi and not get into trouble? Just wondering about Mr. Flynnís set up and firing? Maybe other followers of your show would also like to know, Either way I would like to know what you know or think. You seem to have a good handle on things and I respect your knowledge or opinion.

READER: Perfect Example of the 2nd & 4th Amendment in action...!


3 & 1/2 minute video of Matewan, West Virginia circa 1920, during the Miner's Strike and eventual Civil War which led to West Virginia being placed under Martial Law for 1 year.

This conflict was the first ever where aircraft dropped bombs on U.S. Citizens who were camped-out under UMW Tents.

Police Chief Sid Hatfield protected his town...and was later assassinated on the steps of the McDowell County Courthouse later that year by the 1920's version of the Deep State...

READER: If the tax rate is 10%, and a person who makes $50K a year and pays $5K a year, and another person earns $1 million a year and pays $100K a year in taxes, are they not both paying their "fair" share?

READER: I have read that there is no mechanism in place to account for over 60% of defense spending, i.e, it is unaccounted by design. I read that 2 or 3 years ago.

READER: How about making it a little more competitive in this free market of the welfare state.

All those who are not being paid, replaced with illegal immigrants and dreamers to do their jobs? They can work for less and protect us from ourselves.

Then those who work in the government jobs hurt by the shut down can find other kinds of work because they are considered privileged Americans, according to those who want open borders.

All solved. Vote for me.

READER: I donít think there should be anymore taxes. They should be cut. The govít has more than enough money to run. I want to see them get into the confines of the Constitution and we will have more than enough. We should stop all foreign funds, especially to Shitreal. Downsize the military industrial complex. There is a ton of waste there. Get rid of agencies that the Constitution does not authorize, like the National Parks Service, TSA, IRS, EPA, BLM. Send the illegals back and not give them free shit. Also get rid of the HSA act, which was a form of treason against the American people by Nixon for his cronies. That will lower medical costs and Medicare will be able to buy more. Get rid of that goddamn Federal Reserve and have the govít print itís own currency. That will save billions.

Now a word about the National Parks System and why I hate them. I enjoy metal detecting. I love to find stuff with the detector. The NPS will not let you detect on any of the property they have illegally confiscated. Not even the swimming beaches. In fact if they catch someone detecting they can take your detector, car, and fine you and then leave you there w/o a way to get home. In fact I have heard that if they see a detector in your car when you enter they can take your stuff, even though youíre not using it. So if you want to detect a place after visiting a park you either canít bring it with or you have to break it down, which can be difficult if itís been put together for a long time. There are several national parks people like me would love to hunt. Iím near Lake Mead and there are several beaches there and I canít hunt even one of them because they are all a part of the NPS. I used to be in a metal detecting club and we had this guy come in once a year or so and he would show all the civil war stuff he would find from areas that werenít govít land. He said him and a friend went to Gettysburg Nat. Park. They have a museum there with all kinds of artifacts. The thing is is that they were all replicas. None were actually real. They offered to hunt the park and return anything they find to the museum. They just wanted to fun of finding it. The govít said no. So we are spending tax dollars to. make replicas when guys are willing to find the real stuff for free. And the longer itís in the ground the more it rots away. It is getting very difficult to find areas to detect today. Most State parks wonít let you and now some county and city parks are forbidding it. Most of us are responsible hunters and we always cover up our holes. Itís a harmless hobby that hurts absolutely no one and if we find a ring that is returnable most of us will spend our personal time to find the owner. I have done that 3 or 4 times. We also keep the parks clean because we remove the trash we find. We donít want to find it again. I have a friend who corresponds with a treasure hunter in Russia and he says they can hunt just about anywhere in Russia. So I look forward to a total govít collapse.

WRH: I love metal detecting as well. And for those of you who feel the same you need to check what laws your state has passed about using metal detectors. Here in Hawaii we can detect on private land with the owner's permission or anywhere on the beaches.

I can understand why metal detecting would not be allowed in the National Parks. The landscape would wind up full of holes! There is also the fact that many parks sit over archaeological sites where artifacts might be found and carted away.