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"All propaganda must be so popular and on such an intellectual level, that even the most stupid of those toward whom it is directed will understand it... Through clever and constant application of propaganda, people can be made to see paradise as hell, and also the other way around, to consider the most wretched sort of life as paradise." -- Adolf Hitler


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READER: The new Russian hypersonic missile systems make much of the USA's defense infrastructure worthless. I have a solution to the whole thing that would save the USA TRILLIONS in unnecessary spending- Try and get along with nations instead of trying to subjugate them. That's all it would take. The USA's military spending dwarfs the rest of the world's! Obviously the technology is not keeping up with the spending in the USA. That means there are too many people with their hands out worrying about their own wealth instead of the quality of the weapons systems that are being subcontracted out.

The Gandhian non-violent solution would end all this madness, but madness is what the elite tyrants of this planet want, no? This is an economic solution that Trump, being the astute businessman he supposedly is, should accept. More wealth can be stockpiled in this world in times of extended peace than in times of war. The problem is that a tiny elite group wants all this wealth for themselves. In times of peace this wealth would be more equally distributed among the human race.

WRH: The problem is that the companies that make weapons have a lock on Congress. They WANT more wear and military spending. Itis what Eisenhower tried to warn us about in his farewell adress when he talked about the military industrial complex.

READER: Regarding vocational training.......

Right out of High School I joined the JOB CORPS.

A Government program to train young people in a Vocation. Paid room,board and small

income while you learn a useful skill.

ie: Welding, Construction, Heavy Equipment operator, etc.

2 year commitment.

I joined, learned Welding. Distinguished myself during Mt. St Helens-got a FULL College

Scholarship via J.C. 'special program' for 'Gifted" students.

READER: jeff kuhner doesn't believe condit was the only one involved. kuhner feels the gloves/wig(?) the person in the fedex video was wearing didn't set off a red flag to the fedex employee.

then the use of multiple cars to get around the different scenes of the crime, gets a friend pulled over who mentions sometimes condit used this or another car.

salt of the earth parents, shocked it was jeff, no military background, a computer tech/sales guy.

graduated from austin community college. working formerly at Crux semiconductor in austin.

was out of work at the time.

kuhner feels the bombs made were too complicated and that condit was not an internet hound to construct such devices in a house with 3 room mates went undetected by his mates.

condit built a house with his father.

where did he get the knowledge to build tripwire devices?

by himself with no accomplices, no lookouts?

kuhner feels condit did not look crazy.

condit more likely to have been used and working with someone.

the choice of victims is too random and crossed races. motive is hard to pin down.

that he "died" is too convenient.

field agents were surprised condit had these sophisticated types of bombs and died by a powerful complicated device.

where did he get the money to do all this if he even did this at a hotel away from his house with the room mates? unless he saved up for it a while.

still no motive no consistent patterns of places and victims.

READER: i agree the sun is weaker hence the colder surface climate but the volcanoes going off are not connected to the sun if the sun is going to sleep. something else is heating up the earth's core. and what that is needs to be explained.
WRH: The interior of the Earth is heated by radioactive decay. There is even geological evidence of natural fission taking place. One other factor to consider is that as the Earth cools, the crust shrinks, opening up more vents for volcanic/thermal release.