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"I refuse to contribute to a government that uses my name and taxes to kill others... I don't wish another to die so I may live..." -- Dan McWilliams


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READER: Suppose Ruth Bader Ginsburg drops dead today. Trump is entitled to nominate a judge to replace her on the Supreme Court. But since the Supreme Court will be conducting Trump’s impeachment, shouldn’t he recuse himself from nominating anyone? The Constitution has nothing to say about this admittedly hypothetical – but not far-fetched -- situation.
WRH: The Supreme Court is not involved in the impeachment process.

READER: Mike and Claire,

I was thinking about how you do such a good job of left-brain analysis of political issues, and I was thinking about trying to get a right-brain focus developed for further and deeper inquiry into some issues.

How about a section of your program called, "What's Wong with This Picture"? You could compare how things actually are with how they should be, if your accepted insights, inferences and understandings are correct.

In other words, exploring for new hypotheses to explain apparently inconsistent facts. Brainstorming. You could involve your audience by notifying them in advance that you are asking for their insights concerning certain topics to be discussed along those lines at a certain date in the future. Make people think, including yourself. Might be fun to see what comes out of peoples' heads?

Just a suggestion.

Merry Christmas,

READER: Mike we had some customers in our office from Eastern Kentucky yesterday. They knew about the gun battle in Virginia. They informed us that Harlan County Kentucky had passed to become a SANTUARY COUNTY for the purposes of the 2nd Amendment.

These guys were pretty well informed, like they may be listening to your show.

I am the one that lives about 90 miles north of you. We sent you the HEAVY black Jacket, and a lighter jacket for your better half.

If you do not yet have electric blankets for your bed, get them. Turn them on an hour before going to bed and it is the best.

READER: I can tell you as a winemaker, and someone who has worked in the industry, (Sonoma County), that there is no wine that is worth 900 dollars. Wine experts can not distinguish a 60 dollar Cab from a 900 dollar cab. It's all image, and a way to show off your wealth. Bragging. My wines stood toe to toe with the 45 dollar red wines of Napa. Why pay more than you have to?

READER: Sanders on guns

Sanders is originally from NYC. He never seemed like a Vermont native to me. He has been out of state politics for a long time and seems to be against assault rifles. The tide against guns has gotten very strong so I would not assume anything sanders might say as the test is what would he actually do and I have doubts on that

READER: Hope you’re enjoying the snow. Anyways it has occurred to me that I haven’t heard anything about the Virginia gun situation from groups like the ACLU. Isn’t owning a gun a civil liberty? And where is the NRA? What about the gun manufacturers themselves?

READER: Regarding yesterday's show, you said that "human nature changes very slowly" I would contend that it never changes. Go back to the beginning of recorded history, and find any period in history where lying, stealing, cheating, murder, adultery and fornication ever subsided, and it certainly is no better today.

READER: So I'm sure you've seen the video of Ginsberg...or perhaps "Ginsberg" since I think the old vampire died in January and they've been concealing it...suggesting that "partisan" senators can be removed.

...what? I'm not US Constitutional Scholar but everything I have read says this is a load of bovine fertilizer. This is VAST over-reach.

But everything the Democrats (or Communists as I've been calling them...may as well take off the mask) has been utterly against law, order and the constitution so far...and they keep getting away with it.

Perhaps it is because the other side still thinks they are playing by the rules? There is no rule of law if the insane Communists get to just do whatever the hell they want. The Republicans...scratch that, they're compromised too...American Citizens need to act as though the rule of law is gone...because it is.

If "Ginsberg" and the heavily compromised Roberts intervene, I suspect this will be the final straw for most people. What they did with Bush v. Gore was dicey enough, but this will have people reaching for their guns. And I have a feeling this is going to be connected with the Communist take-over of Virginia...a test case perhaps?

By the way did you see the picture of the Bezos Post staff celebrating the impeachment? That picture alone shows there is no impartiality in the mainstream lying media. They work for the Democrats. How's that for partisan, Ruth? Oh but it's okay when liberals do it.

READER: I've taken the Liberty of updating Mrs. Pelosi's articles of impeachment so they can be delivered accurately to the Senate:

1. Use of power

2. Obstruction of Hillary

I believe the Senate will be able to find Mr. Trump guilty of both charges.