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"A lie told often enough becomes the truth." -- Vladimir Lenin


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READER: I am going to say this and whether or not you agree with my assessment is irrelevant at this point. First, Russia and the United States have no business being in close proximity in the same country's airspace whatsoever. To think any other way is a fools errand and dangerous. Secondly, a war between the United States and Russia would eventually lead to an all out nuclear conflict, and who would win, nobody. This is what I see happening if the temperature in this situation does not lower drastically. There will inevitably be an accident. One country will shoot down the other country's aircraft or fire upon a naval vessel, or one side could accidentally kill the other sides troop regiment. Then accidents will lead to mistakes, but how many "mistakes" can one side or another take before it becomes a major problem.

Despite what anyone wants to say about Vladimir Putin He is an old KGB guy. he was in the KGB during the Soviet era. One quote from him was when the Soviet Union collapsed he viewed it as the great catastrophe. Also with his background, his mind is a lot more militaristic than those in the west, and he is very quick to mistrust the other side if in his view it becomes a threat to his nation. Donald Trump on the other hand is a business man, a negotiator, his mind is not as militaristic as has rival Putin. Given that, Putin will have no compunction at all in launching a nuclear strike if he deems it necessary do do so, Trump on the other hand will not.

We are having way too many close calls with Russian forces, a recent close call between a Russian fighter jet and a U.S reconnaissance plane should say a lot. This business of us being anywhere near Syria could set off something that would be next to impossible to stop. Both the United States and Russia needs to lower the temperature drastically or this will spiral so far out of control it will be impossible to stop it diplomatically, and it can lead to an all out war between us. Either way it is a loose-loose situation. Both countries needs to get out of Syria and let the Syrians themselves sort things out, we the superpowers often muck up the works. Furthermore you do not push Russia and China together, it would provide an existential threat to the west. Unfortunately it has been allowed to occur to a great extent.

Lets face facts here, the United States is so thinly stretched that we simply cannot fight in two theaters at once little lone take on an adversary such as Russia and for that matter China, taking on either one would be suicide at this time. We have been in this quagmire in the Middle East for far too long and it is time we ended it now. It is not in our backyard, it is in theirs, and they are the ones that have to sort these things out , not us. Yes if they need our help then okay, but we are not there to fight their battles for them, and we are not there to take sides. We should be a neutral arbiter, and promote peace and security in the region, but leave the war fighting to them and not get into the middle of it. We have gone in there wielding our big stick around knocking down all these hornets nest and look at where it has gotten us, thousands dead, thousands with limbs missing, thousands eating scrambled brains for breakfast, lunch, supper, and snacks in between, and trillions more to the private central banks and the military industrial complex. Yes we getting stung, and there are more hornets coming. Europe and North America is becoming overrun by refugees, the rapes of women have increased, violence has gotten worse, and they are creating sleeper cells all over the free world.

In conclusion, we need to stop, and do it now before it spirals so far out of control that WWIII is inevitable. We are already at its doorstep, and if we cross that threshold, chances are we can never turn back that clock. Vladimir Putin interfering in our elections, really, he has too many problems in his own country to deal with than to be concerned about who is on our ballots. This is all silly, but a dangerous silly, and everyone had better cool it, and do it now.

WRH: I agree with most of what you way with the following two exceptions. Putin historically has avoided war, such as when he brokered the Syrian chemical weapons deal. He knows a war with the US could easily go nuclear and like you, he probably understands nobody wins.

I am not sure that Trump is really fully in control of our military policy. He seems to have delegated that to the Pentagon. Certainly the fact that he has broken his "no more foreign interventions" campaign promise suggests that he had been co=opted by the neocon agenda at this point.

READER: Yesterday's interview was Excellent Excellent Excellent thank you so much for that! I just found out I'm going to be a grandfather and I am going to be directing my daughter to your podcast to listen to that wonderful interview.

Thank you sir

READER: Subject: Yellowstone Volcano Observatory

How come the earthquake and volcano pages I am used to viewing are not showing listings of even small seismic activity at Yellowstone?


WRH: The quakes are very small. That map doesn't show them, but they show up at http://earthquaketrack.com/r/yellowstone-nat-park-wyoming/recent

Also, if you get the USGS Earthquake add-on for Google Earth, you can see them all. The main cluster is 36 miles northwest of the lake, where the borders of Wyoming and Montana meet.

READER: S. Pieczenik

His 7 min talk today June 20 raises some flags for me. Fishy, shifty come to mind.

READER: The US, Israhell and KSA previous coalition of the killing has collapsed, they are desperate, and desperate regimes do stupid things. Attacking the Syrian Government results in one thing only, more support from Syrias allies. This race has being played for 6 years, but now it is getting its pick, the big difference is that the remaining active coalition of the killing are poorer and at the brink of a collapse.

Israhell got the message from Iran: Hizballah has those missiles near you.

KSA is now going through a coup inside a coup, soon the king and his abominable son will be dead, assassinated by his own family.

And the US we all know, no money, no global hegemony, it will be hit by a financial collapse and be no more.

Time plays for the Syrians and allies, just they do not have to fall into provocations and keep on driving the long term plan.

READER: If you haven't had a chance to watch the Oliver Stone interview with Putin, I highly recommend it. It is really eye opening. Putin is right on with his assessment of American politics and our "leaders".

READER: With the U.S. government being in violation of the U.N. Charter, where is the U.N. in all this, and why don't they hold the U.S. government to account? (I know, ask a silly question). Logically, I know the U.N. is just a part of this One World Order nonsense meant to give the illusion that they care, when it's clear they couldn't give a mokey's. If this body of blood-sucking creatures really DID care about violations of and enforcing its useless charter, the member countries would have done something long ago.

Literally, from politicians to the political brainwashed masses, nothing anyone says or does shocks me anymore -- angers yes, but never shocks. I guess my cynicism is getting the better of me today. Thank you for letting me vent.

READER: "U.S. pilots over Syria will defend themselves if attacked by Russians, a Pentagon spokesman said Monday, following a report that Russia will treat U.S. or coalition aircraft as targets if they fly over areas in western Syria controlled by Russia."

"Defend themselves"?

As in Syria DEFENDING itself for two decades now against the threat posed by Israel and USA-sponsored "terrorists"?

As in those defenseless civilians being bombed by USA warplanes DEFENDING themselves as best they can?

As in the sovereign government of Syria DEFENDING itself against "terrorists" or "rebels" or whatever the current term being used is?

As in Iraqis DEFENDING themselves as best they could/can against a USA military rape and killing orgy on their nation?

As in the whole world basically DEFENDING itself against American expansionism and imperial designs?

Tell me, does an unwanted and DANGEROUS intruder into someone's house have ANY rights to self defense? Apparently he does if he is the USA or Israel.

All the US military is doing in Syria now is showing the rest of the world what a horse's ass American leaders truly are! They are not a horse's ass, they are Israel's ass! It is way past time that the stain of this current American regime(which to me started right after Carter) will be hard to scrub from the memory of future generations, much like what the TOTAL demonizing of Germany has done since WW2.