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READER: Re: French yellow vest vs. French army

I think we've had this debate many times before: would the army of a nation open fire on the civilians of that nation. Most say NO. I'm not so sure anymore. I think we had better pay heavy attention to what happens in France. The restraints have been lifted. The French love their country just like we do, but whether the military obeys unlawful orders or refuses those orders will tell us what to expect here. Pray for the yellow vests.

READER: Replacing the UK with Israel in the EU doesn't sound like a political election ploy by Netanyahu.

Rather, it sounds like Israel just wants to replace the US with the EU as its financial sponsor, now that the US is nearing the point of total bankruptcy, and considering that Israel has always only been able to exist with endless billions in external "donations."

One of the chief reasons Europeans want out of the EU is because supporting economically failed nations at the cost of the successful ones is what the EU does by function. That would make the EU the perfect replacement for the US to Israel.

READER: If Fox goes hard left, I will give up cable again.

READER: Do you remember "Bagdad Bob"?

Shown on CNN at the time, here was "Bagdad Bob" on Iraqi TV, "no, no, everything is OK, we're not being taken over", while behind him you could here outside the tanks rolling in.

Now, at the time, I was blinded by this and thought it humorous from the arrogant point of view of Americans being led around by the nose by the media, and after the looting of the antiquities of the Museum of Natural History, while at the same time, tanks closely guarded the Ministry of Oil, my view started to change.


Today, on coverage of the State Dept. there was Elliot Abrams, trying to explain how Guido was the president when only Maduro was actually in charge, arresting terrorist cells in Venezuela backed by the US, and stumbling over his own words, and I was severely reminded of Bagdad Bob, that the shoe was now on the other foot.

READER: Regarding what you just said about third world cultures imposing themselves on us, etc.:

To play devil's advocate for a moment, one thing Europeans have historically been great at is sailing afar and conquering others, followed by imposing their culture on them.

That being the case, it seems to me like the tribe's Barbara Specters have been the first subdemographic of swindlers to come along and notice whitey's 0-day exploit -- which is (to borrow from "War Games") setting the white man's "number of players" setting to "0".

Because right now, Europeans literally seem to be using their ancient aptitude for conquest to conquer themselves right out of existence.

READER: Do you think anyone else but Israel could get the video and his manifest globally banned from the internet and make it an offense to possess them? Maybe the shooter messed up when he showed his face in the car.