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"...the world is governed by very different personages to what is imagined by those who are not themselves behind the scenes." -- Benjamin Disraeli - British PM - 'Coningsby' pub. 1844



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READER: 15 genders?

maybe i just don't get it but when I was growing up there was male & female - 2 genders

now with pets after they are fix I refer to them as "it" but that doesn't change their DNA they are still male or female

I think the retards have lost it completely mentally

READER: Mysterious Space Object

No mystery. It is a vehicle of the Universal Transit System of which Earth is a lowly flag stop.and somebody forgot to put out the flag so we missed the bus and it will be a million years before the next one comes through and no, lighting a cigarette won't make it come any sooner.

READER: You made some points on Friday about this, and recently Ive been thinking about it also(Not that it matters, but I agree with your view - why would aliens come here? Why would they bother? More importantly, if they have been, they haven't been very effective in whatever it is they are trying to achieve - our real area of focus needs to be our own planet).

I was wondering what you might think about this idea. Steven Greer in this link - he does believe" in aliens, but he has a much more important idea for consideration.

What if all of this "beyond top secret, Roswell, "Area 51", sightings, abductions, cattle mutilations, the movies, was actually the deep deep state preparing us for the mother of all false flags - an alien attack. You could imagine the deep ruling class wetting its pants in excitement of the day they stick up the mothership so as to get our servitude forevermore.

Do you think its possible that they took all of that antigravity et al technology black? i.e. they are keeping a whole range of technology off the books because of its obvious power to manipulate the populace, saving it for a time where, by its sudden and deceptive appearance, they could engineer a higher place for themselves?

The world might be caught completely flat footed. They could even wipe out whole cities at time to get people believing it. They were bold and evil enough to do 911 and all these other things in plain sight, I dont think theres anything they wouldnt consider.

Insert kooky x-files whistling.

One for the trash can - but if that mothership appears - I wont believe it.

WRH: Believe it or not, at one point the government did consider faking an alien invasion to justify more military spending and declare a state of emergency/martial law. It was called Project BLUEBEAM.