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"You will do well to try to innoculate the Indians by means of blanketts, as well as to try every other method that can serve to extirpate this execrable race..." -- Approval by Lord Gen. Jeffrey Amherst, British Commander-in-Chief of America, for Col. H. Bouquet's suppression of Pontiac's Rebellion with smallpox laced-blankets, July 1763. The attack partially backfired when Bouquet infected his own troops.


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READER: Mike this is James from a Ireland, on the London sky news at 18:00hrs they were interviewing people on the phone from Ireland and England that where at the scene, while interviewing a Irish girl from Northern Ireland working in the same street,

She made a comment that she had some idea something was up, as there was an unnatural amount of heavily armed police in the area all day before the incident. Been from Northern Ireland she knows what trouble is like.

I have now watched the 19:00hrs, 20:00hrs, 21:00hrs news and the interview has not been repeated. What has become very clear in other interviews was how quick emergency services were on scene.

READER: You know what I can't stand? All these lemmings boiling over with rage with calls to tear down everything linked to slavery, all while completely overlooking the BIS, the IMF, the World Bank, the Federal Reserve, the City of London, and even their friendly neighborhood 40 year adjustable and interest-only mortgage lenders.

Or in short, slavedrivers brainwashing slaves to empower slavery by destroying the last symbols of when Americans rebelled against overreaching centralized power.

This isn't like living in a movie, it's like living in stroke.

READER: I could not even begin to understand why US military would illegally invade Venezuela, which poses absolutely zero risk to America or our interests. One inane standby excuse was that President Maduro was abusing his citizens and people are suffering, and they are dying. Isnt that the problem of Venezuelan citizens to solve, not US military? And can that not be said for the US as well? If so, will the military invade the US as well?

Finally, one sentence in a recent article gave the answer: Venezuela does have the largest oil reserves on earth.

READER: For those people offended, I will accept all of your paper money with the pictures of slave owners for disposal. (wink wink)

READER: "Police in crisis-hit Venezuela believe animals stolen from a zoo were taken to be eaten amid chronic food shortages in the South American country."

Yeh military industrial complex - you tell us just how dangerous Venezuela is to the US - as justification for illegally invading the country. The citizens of that country are eating zoo animals just to stay alive ....

READER: Has anyone ever actually investigated the Charlottesville permit holders to see if there were ANY "white supremacists," "neo-Nazis," "KKK" members in the group? ANYONE?

Anyone have the permit applicant's name and political affiliation for example?

I tend to suspect they were simply people objecting to the removal of Confederate historical statues, and that all those slurs being ladled out by the media were purely imaginary.

If so, the media should be called on their possible lies.

READER: How about the irony of a civil war beginning over the destruction of the last civil war monuments.