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another Smoking Lie (blog comments to article)

Comments to my article found here:

This IS total Bull People ! Do your own study and become a "Researcher" ! Follow these steps... Kill your reincarnated in the years of 1950 to 1970 (seemed to me everyone was smoking then) and then come back to the present and tell me how brain damaged you are! HELLO Knock Knock Any non brain damaged people out there listening ? Another test you "Researchers" can do is take up smoking and get a pet (Dog's and Cat's will do just nicely) and watch them die in the masses ! Plus think about it smokers would be brain dead after 2 smokes because they breath "First" AND "Second" hand smoke !!!!!!

Do not get me wrong, I AM NOT "Brain Damaged" yet! so i am NOT saying smoking is good for you! what i AM saying IS they try semantically and through Bogus "Research" to make it a thousand times more damaging then it is !

Please leave a comment if you agree OR if you disagree with my point of view....