Oct 04 22:58

US Elderly death agenda, nursing homes lose funding

US nursing homes pushed to brink: fund cuts, recession force layoffs, cutbacks, closings
October 4th, 2009
HARTFORD, Conn. — The nation’s nursing homes are perilously close to laying off workers, cutting services — possibly even closing — because of a perfect storm wallop from the recession and deep federal and state government spending cuts, industry experts say. A Medicare rate adjustment that cuts an estimated $16 billion in nursing home funding over the next 10 years was enacted at week’s end by the federal Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services — on top of state-level cuts or flat-funding that already had the industry reeling. And Congress is debating slashing billions more in Medicare funding as part of health care reform.

Oct 03 06:34

Terry Yeakey knew too much.

On May 11, 1996, the New York Times ran a story with the headline “A Policeman Who Rescued 4 in Bombing Kills Himself.” Sergeant Terrance Yeakey, Oklahoma City Police Department, was 30 years old and was about to receive the police department’s Medal of Valor for his heroic rescue efforts the day of the Oklahoma City bombing, which occurred on April 19, 1995.

Yeakey was the first to arrive on the scene that terrible day and saved the lives of countless people from the rubble of the building and the horrific effects of the explosion. The article says Yeakey committed suicide,

Oct 02 21:20

The Strange Death of Terry Yeakey (Oklahoma city bombing case)

It is important to note how, exactly, Yeakey is supposed to have killed himself. He was said to have slit his wrists and neck, causing him to nearly bleed to death in his car, and then miraculously climbed over a barbed wire fence. He then was purported to have walked over a miles distance, through a nearby field, eventually shooting himself in the side of the head at an unusual angle. Startlingly, no weapon was found at the scene of the body, no investigation was conducted, no fingerprints taken, and no interviews with family members or friends were had to try and determine why Yeakey would have been suicidal, or if he had, in fact, been suicidal at all. Instead, the conclusion that Yeakey’s death was a suicide was reached immediately, without an autopsy. Yeakey had witnessed things during his response to the bombing which did not agree with the ‘official version’ of events touted by the national media and law enforcement at that time. Yeakey was in the process of collecting evidence which supported and documented the inconsistencies he witnessed the morning of the bombing at the scene itself.

Oct 02 15:27

Police officers in Jean Charles de Menezes shooting escape punishment

Relatives of Jean Charles de Menezes have been told that police officers involved in the fatal shooting will not face punishment.

Sep 30 23:03

History: Indonesia's Suharto, Monster of the CIA and U.S. Empire

Suharto: Monster of the CIA and U.S. Empire
July 7th, 2009 9:28 AM
Suharto, who was the brutal U.S.-backed military dictator of Indonesia from 1965 to 1998, is now dead.
One of the greatest crimes of the 20th century was committed in Indonesia. On October 8, 1965, right-wing mobs ransacked the offices of the Communist Party of Indonesia (PKI) and its mass organizations in Jakarta, the capital city.
Tens of thousands of PKI cadre and supporters were rounded up at night, detained, and executed....It is not known exactly how many were killed, but Indonesian activists estimate the number at from one to three million people....In the 1990s, some details of the U.S. hand in the massacre became known as several former State Department officials admitted their role publicly.

Sep 29 09:21

Ousted Honduran president: Israelis sent to kill me

Manuel Zelaya takes refuge in Brazilian Embassy in Honduras since coming back to the country. He claims Israeli mercenaries hired by the de facto government tormenting him, planning on murdering him

Sep 28 07:58

Iranian bioweapon researcher dies suspiciously

A US-based Iranian doctor working to discover an antitoxin therapy for biological weapons has purportedly died a "suspicious death."

One of the leading bioweapon researchers and a regular keynote speaker at international conferences, Dr. Nasser Talebzadeh Ordoubadi died on Saturday in what his doctors described as a "suspicious death".

Media reports have linked Dr. Talebzadeh Ordoubadi's mysterious death to his notable accomplishments in discovering an antitoxin treatment for bioweapons.

Sep 25 22:07

Undercover FBI agents' 2-yr collaboration with bombing patsy

Undercover agents gave man chances to back out of plot to bomb Springfield federal courthouse
GateHouse News Service
Fri Sep 25, 2009, SPRINGFIELD -
Over the two years that authorities tracked the man accused of trying to bomb Springfield’s federal courthouse, they gave him plenty of chances to drop the idea...Authorities say Finton tried Wednesday to ignite what he thought was a huge quantity of explosives contained in a van parked near Sixth and Monroe streets....As it turned out...a man Finton allegedly thought was a low-level operative of the al-Qaida terror network was actually an undercover FBI special agent, and there were no explosives in the van.

Sep 23 18:02

Gadhafi points finger at Israel over JFK assassination

Speaking Wednesday at the United Nations General Assembly, Gadhafi implied that Israel may have plotted to kill Kennedy in 1963 because he allegedly wanted to launch a probe into its clandestine nuclear program.

“Jack Ruby, an Israeli, killed Lee Harvey Oswald,” the Libyan leader was quoted by the translator as saying. “Why did this Israeli kill Harvey? Ruby later died mysteriously. The whole world should know that Kennedy wanted to investigate the actions of the Israeli nuclear reactor in Dimona.”

Sep 23 10:29

New Discoveries about Hemingway…along with Some New Questions

The first official report of Hemingway’s death was a joint statement by the coroner Ray McGoldrick and the sheriff Don Hewitt, “Ernest Hemingway died this morning at about 7:30 at his home near Ketchum from gunshot wounds. His wife thinks it was accidental while he was cleaning his gun.”

The UPI reported, “Officials did not see any gun-cleaning equipment in the room.”

The following day the UPI said McGoldrick was asked if “self-inflicted gunshot wound in the head” on Hemingway’s death certificate meant he killed himself or died accidentally. McGoldrick responded, “I wasn’t there so I don’t know. Maybe the truth will never be known. No one saw it. The family is willing to let it go that way and that’s all right with me. The wife thinks it was an accident.”

Sep 21 10:32

Blackwater involved in Bhutto and Hariri hits: former Pakistani army chief

Pakistan’s former chief of army staff, General Mirza Aslam Beg says the security company Blackwater, now known as Xe, was directly involved in the assassinations of former Pakistani prime minister Benazir Bhutto and former Lebanese prime minister Rafik Hariri.

Sep 19 09:29

Seven Ex-CIA chiefs seek halt to interrogations probe

The seven former CIA directors included Michael Hayden, Porter Goss and George Tenet, who served under Bush; John Deutch and James Woolsey, who worked for President Bill Clinton; William Webster, who served under President George H.W. Bush; and James Schlesinger, who ran the agency under President Richard Nixon. Tenet also served under Clinton.

Sep 17 12:35

Terrance Yeakey Truth

Most people today believe someone other than James Earl Ray shot Martin Luther King. They have judged the facts, not the standard news media spin. Someday the world opinion will do an about-face and swing in favor of another unjustly convicted man, Tim McVeigh. If AP and the talking heads would only report the truth about ANFO and its impotency, most of the thinking public would have to conclude that Tim McVeigh could not be guilty of murdering anyone. This is already a known fact, but the media are suppressing it. Contrary to news reports, the persons found guilty could not have been solely responsible. An Oklahoma City police sergeant became aware of this before anyone else, apparently during the first hour of rescue. He paid for that discovery with his life.

Sep 16 13:57

Mysteries remain in Blago aide Chris Kelly's death

Mayor Dwight Welch said police hope the interview with Clarissa Flores-Buhelos will help tie up some of the many loose ends in the case, including how Flores-Buhelos reached the lumberyard where she found Kelly slouched over in his Cadillac Escalade late Friday, and the content of text and phone conversations between the two in the hours before Kelly's death.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

The facade on this one is starting to unravel.

Sep 16 08:31

CIA linked to Benazir Bhutto’s assassination?

According to investigative journalist and RT contributor Wayne Madsen, “This assassination team may have targeted politicians in other countries. One name mentioned was former Pakistani Prime Minister Benazir Bhutto, who may have been a victim of this program. The other name is Jonas Savimbi, the former Angolan UNITA leader, who may have outlived his usefulness as far as Mr Cheney is concerned.”

Sep 16 08:16

CIA after me, says shoe-thrower Zaidi

Shoe-throwing Iraqi journalist Muntadar al-Zaidi said during a news conference on his release from prison Tuesday that the CIA tried to kill him.

Sep 16 05:24

The Mysterious Collapse of WTC Seven and the Mysterious death of Barry Jennings

from Inside WTC 7: Besides ignoring these and other reports of explosions made by people outside Building 7, NIST distorted the testimony of two highly credible men who were inside: Michael Hess, who was New York City’s corporation counsel, and Barry Jennings, the deputy director of the Emergency Services Department of the New York City Housing Authority.

Sep 15 17:28

Four Apparent Suicides/Deaths in 48 Hours – CEO-Financiers-Fundraiser

Webmaster's Commentary: 

The bodies are starting to pile up!

Sep 15 12:56

The Kelly mysteries

There are plenty of questions surrounding the death of Christopher Kelly, the one-time confidante of Rod Blagojevich who was headed off to prison soon.

Questions about what drugs Kelly took. Questions about the "mystery man" with gray hair who tried to pick up Kelly's Cadillac SUV from the hospital. Questions about whether the pressure to cooperate with federal authorities or the prospect of a long stretch in prison, drove him to suicide. Questions about how his death will impact the prosecution of Blagojevich.

There's something else that deserves real scrutiny: What kind of medical care did Kelly get at Oak Forest Hospital and Stroger Hospital?

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Was it really a suicide, or had Kelly agreed to cooperate with prosecutors?

Sep 13 09:38

Did pressure from feds help kill Chris Kelly?

The decision Kelly was facing, I wrote, was whether to flip.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Did someone decide for him?

Sep 12 08:29

27-Year CIA Vet says Obama May be Afraid of the CIA ... For Good Reason...

Alluding to the assassination of JFK, long-time high-level CIA analyst says Panetta and the President 'afraid of these guys because these guys have a whole lot to lose if justice takes its course'...

Webmaster's Commentary: 

The CIA did not act alone. Among its other members,m the Warren Commission included John J. McCloy, of Chase Manhattan Bank and former President of the World Bank.

Sep 11 15:59

9/11 info feud: Raimondo's Israel involved, Sheen's Inside Job

9/11: Our Truth, and Theirs
by Justin Raimondo, September 11, 2009
There had to have been some form of outside assistance – outside al-Qaeda, that is – for the plot to have gone as far as it did right up until zero hour: and I believe there was, because there is plenty of evidence that strongly suggests it.
"What, I wondered, was the Israeli connection to 9/11?"
2009 September 9
On 8 September 2009, Prison has an article (“20 Minutes With The President,” )

Sep 11 00:39

9/11 Truth: Thermite & The Case for Controlled Demolition

9/11 Truth: Thermite & The Case for Controlled Demolition
Published 31 months ago
Even more evidence in support of the case that the World Trade Center towers were brought down via controlled demolition. This is a clip from the documentary "9/11 Mysteries".

Sep 05 15:06

Nanothermite explosives evidence in video of WTC 2 collapse

More evidence of nanothermite reacting during the collapse of WTC 2
Posted on August 22, 2009
Active Thermitic Material Discovered in Dust from the 9/11 World Trade Center Catastrophe
Global Research, April 3, 2009
Based on these observations, we conclude that the red layer of the red/gray chips we have discovered in the WTC dust is active, unreacted thermitic material, incorporating nanotechnology, and is a highly energetic pyrotechnic or explosive material.

Sep 03 12:29

Antique Terrorist Training Film-No Sound

If blowing up airplanes = terrorism then this is a terrorist training film.

Sep 03 09:29

BBN, Raytheon and a fresh JFK conspiracy theory

Aug 30 10:29

ACLU Lobbyist Larry Frankel Found Dead in Washington

Longtime Pennsylvania ACLU lobbyist and Executive Director Larry Frankel, who in the last year or so has become the lobbyist for the national ACLU, has apparently been found dead in Washington under mysterious circumstances. Larry was 54. This is a breaking news story in which most key facts are still generally unknown.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

ACLU used Freedom of Information Act to uncover Torture scandal

Aug 28 11:02

Prince Muhammad escapes assassination attempt

Prince Muhammad bin Naif, assistant interior minister for security affairs, escaped an assassination attempt on Thursday night when a wanted terrorist blew himself up inside the prince's house here.

The minister escaped with minor injuries in the suicide bombing that was staged by the terrorist posing as a well-wisher. The body of the terrorist, the only death in the incident, was shattered into bits and pieces.

Aug 27 20:17

2 Va. Tech students found slain in Va. forest

The latest killings are hitting a campus still reeling from the worst mass shooting in modern U.S. history and the beheading of a student earlier this year.

Aug 26 16:35

Cobbins' guilty verdict of Christian, Newsom torture murders

Updated: 6:34 PM Aug 25, 2009
Christian, Newsom families get guilty verdicts, await Cobbins' sentencing
It's up to the jury whether Cobbins will get the death penalty, but their decision must be unanimous. One person opposed to seeing Cobbins killed for his crimes can keep him alive behind bars. Torture,slayings trial, Day 8: Cobbins guilty; jurors to consider death penalty
* By Jamie Satterfield
* Posted August 25, 2009

Aug 26 10:53

Mammon Nightmare

For the love of money is the root of all evil and the quest of fitly lucre has spawned a monster so hideous that the history books of human depravity will have to be rewritten. A beast yet in its infancy with the ugliness trumping Medusa forcing the weak of heart too cast away vision for fear of ones very livelihood. The knowledge of this menace has the potential to spawn nightmares so for the weak of heart stop now, but for the bravest of the keyboard warriors I invite you to join me as we descend into Satan's realm.

Aug 25 19:54

Swine Flu Crime: 1918 Flu by Vaccination, Wayne Madsen cover-up

May 4, 2009 Swine Flu Expose
a book by Eleanora I. McBean, Ph.D., N.D.
Is the past prologue for A/H1N1?
By Wayne Madsen Aug 25, 2009, 00:38
(WMR) -- Perhaps one of the best presentations at the International Swine Flu Conference was delivered by Scott Sproul, chief of the Emergency Preparedness and Response Service for the Oklahoma Department of Health. Sproul recapped how Oklahoma City dealt with the 1918 Spanish flu, which contained genetic elements similar to the present avian flu, itself a recombinant genetic part of A/H1N1.

Aug 21 18:39

The CIA's kill teams were modeled on Israel's hit squads

A ferocious dispute between the CIA and congressional Democrats centers on an ultrasecret effort launched by agency officials after 9/11 to draw up plans to hunt down and kill terrorists using commando teams similar to those deployed by Israel after the 1972 Munich Olympic massacre, according to a former senior U.S. official.

Aug 21 09:45

CIA Hired Private Military Firm Blackwater for Secret Assassination Program

The New York Times is reporting the CIA hired contractors from Blackwater in 2004 as part of a secret program to locate and assassinate top operatives of al-Qaeda. The CIA spent several million dollars on the program, which the Times claims did not successfully capture or kill any terrorist suspects.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

But they did blow up a lot of civilians and piss off Pakistan with those exploding drones!

Aug 20 08:22

Report: CIA hired Blackwater contractors for secret hit squad

The specter of private contractors carrying out assassinations on behalf of the US government has been raised in a New York Times article that says the CIA hired contractors from security firm Blackwater to help carry out its recently-revealed hit squad program.

The CIA hit squad, ostensibly meant to target al Qaeda’s leadership in the years after 9/11, became public news when CIA Director Leon Panetta informed congressional intelligence committees about it in late June. Since then, stories have appeared linking Vice President Dick Cheney to the decision to keep the hit squads secret — a decision that may violate the National Security Act, which mandates congressional oversight of the CIA.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

"Congressional oversight?!? We don't need no stinking congressional oversight!" - former official white horse souse.

Aug 20 08:00

Report: CIA hired Blackwater contractors for secret hit squad

The specter of private contractors carrying out assassinations on behalf of the US government has been raised in a New York Times article that says the CIA hired contractors from security firm Blackwater to help carry out its recently-revealed hit squad program.

The article, which appeared at the Times Wednesday night, says that in 2004, contractors from Blackwater “helped the spy agency with planning, training and surveillance” in the secret program that, according to media reports, never became fully functional.

Aug 20 06:27


Israeli officials and spokespersons have been railing against a leading Swedish newspaper for publishing a report claiming that the Israeli occupation army murders Palestinians in order to use their organs for transplants for Jewish patients.

The Tabloid Aftonbladet, one of Sweden’s most popular newspapers, on Tuesday, 18 August, reported that Israeli occupation soldiers had been murdering Palestinian youngsters in the West Bank in order to extricate their organs and sell them. The report carried a photograph showing the body of a victim of such an execution, with a large scar running from his chin to abdomen.

Aug 19 10:04

FLASHBACK - The Death of Vincent Foster

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Relinked in honor of Bill Clinton's birthday.

Aug 16 13:20

Child Abuse: Using children to TEST flu vaccine

12,000 Oklahoma children to be tested with new H1N1 flu vaccine to see any side effects
July 28,
Because H1N1 flu is a novel virus, parents are concerned as 12,000 children in Oklahoma are going to be tested with vaccinations for H1N1 to see whether there are any serious side effects. Some parents are complaining the only benefit is going to be for the vaccine manufacturers.
Among the parents' fears are the fear of autism, fear of children becoming paralyzed by novel reactions similar to the syndrome that occured with a different type of swine flu vaccine in 1976.
The problem is that the onset of serious side effects could take four weeks or longer to appear.

Aug 15 21:16

US Hospitals to use children to TEST swine flu vaccine

Children’s Mercy will test swine flu vaccine on 120 kids
Testing of swine flu vaccine on children could begin next week at Children’s Mercy Hospital and other medical centers nationwide.
Unless studies under way on adults turn up unexpected side effects, Children’s Mercy anticipates receiving the vaccine early in the week. Children 6 months to 17 years old are eligible for the test vaccine for the H1N1 virus. The vaccine will be given to 120 children.
Public distribution of the vaccine could start in October.
For more information about the program, call Children’s Mercy at 816-460-1041.

Aug 15 09:03

Who killed Tamara Greene?

The most incredible plot is a simple one: She is said to have danced at a party at the mayor's mansion and was executed because she knew too much.

The party, of course, has never been proven, and the facts about Greene, as told by investigators, friends and family members,reveal something far less sinister. A portrait emerges of a woman who ran with bad men and died with two black eyes.

Greene, 27, was Detroit murder victim No. 113 in 2003. There were 366 homicides in the city that year, just half of those resolved. At first, her death was considered an ordinary blue-collar murder -- a drive-by job -- in a city with too many of them. She died in a hail of bullets, slumped over her steering wheel, her eyeglasses broken, the car still in drive, creeping down the street.

Aug 15 07:19

Lockerbie links to Franklin, Dutroux, Mossad, McKee

The Lockerbie bomb has links to:

1. Mossad

2. Iran-Contra

3. The Dutroux and Franklin child abuse scandals

4. Major Charles McKee.

According to a BBC report (BBC News Lockerbie: Conspiracy theories):

A Pan Am investigation is believed to have concluded that the Lockerbie bomb was targeted specifically to kill a small band of US Defence Intelligence Agency operatives (including Major Charles McKee) who had uncovered a drugs ring run by a CIA unit in Lebanon.

The drugs-ring is said to have been set up by Israeli Mossad

Aug 13 10:29

Lockerbie bomber 'to be released'

Lockerbie bomber 'to be released'

I would just be horrified, says Kathleen Flynn who lost her son in the bombing

The Libyan man convicted of the Lockerbie bombing is likely to be freed on compassionate grounds next week, the BBC understands.
Jim Swire interview

Interview with Jim Swire, whose daughter was killed in the Lockerbie bombing, on the meeting between the Justice Secretary and Abdelbaset al-Megrahi.


Aug 13 10:10

TD Bank executive Papotto dies in golf course accident

TD Bank Senior Vice President Frank Papotto died from head trauma Friday after falling from a moving golf cart on a South Jersey course, according to the Philadelphia Inquirer.

Officials said the 46-year-old Moorestown, N.J., resident was pronounced dead at Cooper University Hospital, where he had been airlifted following the accident at the Rancocas Country Club Golf Course in Willingboro, according to the Inquirer.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

And if you believe THAT one ...

Aug 12 15:45

August 12, 2009 -- UPDATE 1X. JFK Jr.'s plane crash was originally treated as murder investigation

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Normally I will not link to a page that requires payment to read. But I was sent a copy of this report by Wayne Madsen, and while I cannot link it here for free, it does pretty much confirm everything I had written at my own JFK Jr. page.

Aug 12 08:36

Saying Goodbye to Another Single-Payer Warrior, a Shooting Star

Then we learned this week of yet another devastating loss. On Sunday, August 9, 2009, Nicholas Skala died in his sleep in Chicago. Nick was only 27 years old, but as a third year law student at Northwestern University and as a researcher for Physicians for a National Health Program, Nick's influence reached far beyond what most of us will ever achieve. His death was not only shocking and unexpected, it was an absolute reminder of the finite nature of our time on this earth and of our responsibility to one another to leave this a better place than we found it.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Died in his sleep at 27??????

Aug 11 12:01

The Rat Hole

Why is it that the race that is a religion is always getting strung up like so many sides of beef by countless countries throughout recorded history? Why is it that these countries can’t see the light and accept these hooked nosed scull capped ringlet sporting bearded circumcisers into the fold? Now this is indeed a great question so without further ado, let us have ole Mr Morphed shine a bit of light on these poor souls that are so innocent and pure that to hate them will most likely be a death sentence soon.

Aug 11 10:13


On Monday, 10 August, it was revealed that Fadi Hamadneh, died at the notorious Juneid lockup in Nablus . The circumstances of his death remain unclear as of the time of preparing this report, but his family and relatives are accusing security agents of the Western-backed Palestinian Authority (PA) of torturing him to death.

Hamadneh’s brother dismissed the official PA narrative that he committed suicide in his cell as “hogwash” and “blatant lies.”

He pointed out that his brother was a religious man and that it was inconceivable that he would embark on committing suicide. Suicide is a grave sin in Islam.

Aug 07 11:55


Now we see Israel denying any involvement in the death. Is this assasination going to join the list of so many others? Will we ever really know who killed President John F. Kennedy, Martin Luther King Jr. and Yasser Arafat? So far, all we are hearing are denials from all the assumed gulty parties. Below is the latest denial from Israel.

Aug 07 07:04

Keeping Track of The Empires Crimes

Aug 01 09:13

FLASHBACK - victim who charged FBI agent with pedophilia found murdered?

Federal prosecutors have moved to dismiss charges against a retired FBI agent who was indicted on child sex charges dating back more than a decade when he was a Boy Scout leader, in response to the death of his accuser.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

"Never embarrass the agency!" -- J. Edgar Hoover

Jul 30 12:54

FLASHBACK - The mysterious deaths of top microbiologists

In the report printed in the New York Times on November 27th, the FBI's Memphis office distanced itself from the case saying that the available facts did not add up to a suspicion of foul play. I guess at the FBI it's a perfectly everyday occurrence for a Harvard Professor to stop his rental car on a bridge in the middle of the night before he is supposed to leave for Iceland and just walk away into the Tennessee dark.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Relinked in light of the strange rush to job over the "When Pigs Fly" flu.

And note that the microbiologists stared vanishing shortly after the samples of the 1918 flu virus were dug up in Alaska.

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WRH Exclusive
Jul 30 08:53

Obama slammed as 'racist' at Jerusalem rally

"Obama beware. This insolence will bring about the downfall of the American leadership. Anyone who dares give an order to prevent Israeli life in Jerusalem or anywhere else in the land of Israel is destined to fall," he said.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

That sounds like an actual threat on the President to me.

It is time to cut off sending America's taxpayer money to Israel.

One of the founding principles of this nation is that the government rules with the consent of the governed and We The People do NOT consent to have any more of our money sent to such an ungrateful and disrespectful nation.

So, will President Obama be a man and stop sending billions to Israel, or will he be an obedient schmuck and continue to sign the checks?

Jul 29 18:43

Obamas' Plan: Take healthcare from elderly, give free to illegals

The Greatest Transfer from the Greatest Generation
July 27, 2009 8:00 am R.D. Walker
The bulk of this rationing will fall on the elderly. We’ll have to revisit the idea that the elderly have, in the words of former Colorado Gov. Dick Lamm, “a duty to die. ”Let’s see if this can be refined down to a more succinct point. Obama care is a massive transfer of health care services from the elderly, who have spent their lives building the economy, to illegal immigrants who have come to this nation in violation of its laws. Essentially, grandma and grandpa are going to have deal with less medical access so that illegals can have more.That is what spreading the wealth means in the Obamanation.

Jul 29 18:29

ObamaCare: It will make you sick to your stomach.

ObamaCare: It will make you sick to your stomach.
July 29, 2009 9:43 am Van-a-gram
[Must see graphic: Vomiting For Dummies]PG 50 Section 152 in HC bill – HC will be provided to ALL non US citizens, illegal or otherwise.PG 65 Sec 164 is a payoff subsidized plan for retirees and their families in Unions & community organizations (read: ACORN).Pg 354 Sec 1177 – Government will RESTRICT enrollment of Special needs people! PG 425 Lines 4-12 Government mandates Advance Care Planning Consultations. Think Senior Citizens end of life prodding. PG 427 Lines 15-24 Government mandates program for orders for end of life.

Jul 29 11:46

Report: Stormy Daniels's Adviser Has Car Bombed

This is the same guy who worked with Deborah Jeane Palfrey.

Jul 29 09:12

CIA Code Expert Found Dead on Palm Springs Trail

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Note the lame "People die on that spot all the time" excuse.

Jul 29 08:52

Figure in NJ corruption scandal found dead at home

DeFazio told The Jersey Journal newspaper of Jersey City the death doesn't appear to be a homicide.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

And if you believe that one, I have a hot kidney to sell you!

Jul 27 06:08

Suicide: Kuwaiti Charged With Fraud In The US Kills Hiimself

KUWAIT CITY — A Kuwaiti businessman linked to Citigroup and charged in the United States with fraud committed suicide Sunday, a security official said.

Hazem al-Braikan was found dead in his bed with a gunshot wound to the head and a handgun at his side, said the official, speaking on condition of anonymity because he did not have the full details.

The U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission charged al-Braikan last week with scheming to make millions by manipulating the stock of certain U.S. companies. The SEC said it was freezing more than $5 million in profits believed to have been made off the questionable deals by al-Braikan and three companies with whom he is associated.

Jul 25 09:48


Accusations of conspiracy to murder continue to reverberate across the Palestinian arena, threatening to break the Fatah movement in two, writes Khalid Amayreh in the West Bank

Jul 25 09:25

JFK and the Unspeakable

The subtitle sums up Douglass's purpose: Why He Died and Why it Matters. In his beautifully written and exhaustively researched treatment, Douglass lays out the "motive" for Kennedy's assassination. Simply, he traces a process of steady conversion by Kennedy from his origins as a traditional Cold Warrior to his determination to pull the world back from the edge of destruction.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

E.O. 11110

Jul 24 08:57

Bolivian police raid local Chabad center

Head of center in Rurrenabaque reports several Israelis arrested in number of police raids in recent days; center shut down. Rabbi says given no reason for raids, but rumors say they could be related to assassination attempt on president's life

Jul 23 05:05

The US Has No Business Being in the Murder Business

The new CIA director, Leon Panetta, has just informed the US Congress he canceled a secret operation to assassinate al-Qaida leaders. Panetta said the campaign was authorized soon after 9/11 by the Bush White House, but had not yet become operational in 2009.

I respect Panetta, but his claim is not credible. The US has been trying to kill al-Qaida personnel (real and imagined) since the Clinton administration. These efforts continue today under President Barack Obama.

Does Panetta mean that CIA and its masters in the White House sat on their hands and delayed this CIA project to kill senior al-Qaida cadres for eight long years? Sounds unbelievable. It also sounds illegal.

Jul 23 01:08


The word 'evil' is much overused and I don't say it lightly; but we are dealing with evil in the sense that the word is the reverse of 'live'. Those behind the conspiracy to cull the human population and turn the rest into little more than computer terminals are anti-life. They have no respect for it and no empathy with those who suffer the consequences of their actions, no matter how appalling.

I have been warning of what was coming for nearly 20 years and it is not 'coming' any more - it's here. No more excuses from anyone, please. We have to deal with it. We have to draw a line in the sand and say no more.

Jul 21 15:34

Yannone's Blog-Interesting Reading

A violent overthrow of our government,Constitution and Bill of Rights by our government. Is it any wonder that Mr.Yannone is dead.

Jul 21 15:27

Patriot Mark Yannone Found Dead In His Arizona Home

What was that story recently about CIA hit squads!

Jul 20 15:44

Senior Obama Official Backs Cheney and C.I.A., Says Concealment of Assassin Program Legal

Early moves, however, by the Obama administration indicate that it is backing Cheney and the C.I.A.

Jul 20 11:09

CIA claims of cancelled campaign are hogwash

CIA director Leon Panetta just told Congress he cancelled a secret operation to assassinate al-Qaida leaders. The CIA campaign, authorized in 2001, had not yet become operational, claimed Panetta.

I respect Panetta, but his claim is humbug. The U.S. has been trying to kill al-Qaida personnel (real and imagined) since the Clinton administration. These efforts continue under President Barack Obama. Claims by Congress it was never informed are hogwash.

The CIA and Pentagon have been in the assassination business since the early 1950s, using American hit teams or third parties. For example, a CIA-organized attempt to assassinate Lebanon's leading Shia cleric, Muhammad Fadlallah, using a truck bomb, failed, but killed 83 civilians and wounded 240.

Jul 19 10:26

Now David Kelly’s former Iraq aide joins call for inquiry into his 'suicide'

Mai Pederson, a US Air Force linguist who served in Iraq with Dr Kelly’s weapons inspection team, has called on Attorney General Baroness Scotland to carry out a ‘formal, independent and complete review’ into the ‘suspicious circumstances’ of his death.

Ms Pederson’s intervention comes a week after The Mail on Sunday disclosed that a team of doctors are mounting a legal challenge to the Hutton Inquiry’s conclusion that he committed suicide.

Jul 19 09:00

Government Hit Squads, Minus the Hits

The real surprise is that in eight years of off-again, on-again brainstorming, planning and training, the program did not kill a single terrorist. It did not even mount an attempt, C.I.A. officials say.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

"We were too busy whacking real threats like Dr. David Kelly, Deborah Jean Palfrey, and Paul Wellstone!"

Jul 18 09:20

Israel planned 'Ahmadinejad assassination'

Israel, in collaboration with Iranian terror groups, planned to assassinate Iran's President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, says Tehran's top intelligence official.

Intelligence Minster Gholam-Hossein Mohseni-Eje'i said Israeli officials met with the terrorist Mujahedin-e-Khalq Organization (MKO) to execute the plan, according to a report by the semi official Fars News Agency.

"The Zionist regime had met with the MKO on the sidelines of the Sharm el-Sheikh meeting in Egypt and in Paris to assassinate Mr. Ahmadinejad," Mohseni-Ejeie was quoted as saying on Friday.

The terrorist group had, however, set conditions for carrying out the assassination, he added. "They had asked that the US and the West remove their name from their blacklists."

Jul 18 08:56

The presidential hit squad

Jul 17 13:12

The Billings Murders

The Billings Murders
by Chuck Baldwin
July 17, 2009
I believe murder, not robbery, was the motive. Extraordinary planning and the number of personnel involved indicate to me that the Billings were executed, and that robbery was an afterthought--or was even intended to be a ruse to mislead law enforcement. The real reason behind the killings may never be known, of course.
Regardless of the "why" and "how" of the killings, one thing is painfully obvious: a violent attack took place against a man and his wife inside their own home. And while the circumstances of the Billings case may be sensational, the simple fact that a couple was murdered inside their own home has become rather commonplace throughout the United States. Nationwide, home invasions are skyrocketing.

Jul 17 12:16

Israeli art students show up at interesting times

Jul 17 11:24

Was John F. Kennedy Jr. Murdered?

Jul 17 10:56

CIA Assassin Program Was Nearing New Phase

“The finding imposed no geographical limitations on the agency’s actions, and intelligence officials have said that they were not obliged to notify Congress of each operation envisaged under the directive.”

Webmaster's Commentary: 

No geographical limitations = YOUR HOME.

Jul 17 10:38

SBY says he was the real target for the Jakarta hotel bombings

Indonesia's President Susilo Bambang Yudhyono has suggested to reporters that he was the target for the Jakarta hotel bombings. At a press conference a short time ago, the President held up intelligence supplied photographs of himself which he claimed had been used as target practice by hooded men.

Jul 16 11:43

Independent UN probe into Bhutto killing starts work in Pakistan

The independent commission charged with examining the facts and circumstances behind the December 2007 assassination of former Pakistani prime minister Benazir Bhutto arrived today in Islamabad as it began its first working visit to the country.

Jul 16 11:41

CIA death squads 'copied Mossad'

Former US officials claim CIA was to hire assassination teams modeled after the Israeli intelligence agency Mossad's targeted killing specialist squads.

Jul 16 09:45


In an impromptu news conference in the Jordanian capital, Amman , on 12 July, Fatah Secretary-General Farouk Kaddumi revealed that Palestinian Authority (PA) leader Mahmoud Abbas and former Gaza strong man Muhammed Dahlan conspired to murder Yasser Arafat in connivance with Israel and the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA).

Jul 16 09:41

Assassination Teams and Mysterious Deaths

It is disturbing to me that my tax dollars are used for what can only be described as murder. No trial, no jury, no nothing - just kill them. What qualifications does a person need to be murdered by my government? I can only guess but here are a few mysterious deaths for you to think about:

Jul 16 09:06

Did MI5 kill Dr David Kelly?

Just another crazy conspiracy theory? But, amid claims he wrote tell-all book that vanished after his death, it's one that refuses to go away

Jul 16 08:53

Natalia Estemirova Killing The Latest In Attacks On Russian Activists

A report was released on the same day as Estemirova's killing, which calls for Russian officials, including Prime Minister Putin, to be held accountable for crimes while they have been in office.

Estemirova's death is the latest in an increasing list of reporters, lawyers and activits who have been killed in Russia, according to Amnesty International.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Who benefits from such a high-profile assassination? Who WANTS to make the Russian leadership look bad right now? (Hint: Who is still pissed off about Putin's removal of the oligarchs who were bleeding the new Russian Republic dry?)

Jul 16 08:46

‘CIA suspect in Bhutto’s assassination’

Slain Pakistani opposition leader Benazir Bhutto could have been targeted by the CIA as part of its recently-exposed alleged assassination program, reports say.

Jul 15 12:25

A death shrouded by war, mystery

There are only two ways that Durkin could have died: She either shot herself or was shot by someone else on the base. Her first e-mail suggests she had something to fear. And friends and family have said that she was a passionate young woman who had many plans for her life after the service. They insist she would never have killed herself, and are increasingly anxious for the Army to offer some definitive answers. Soon.

Jul 15 10:31

Evidence of Revision (1 of 5) : The Assassinations of Kennedy and Oswald

Jul 15 10:25

Yes, the U.S. DID Carry Out Foreign Assassinations . . . And STILL IS

U.S. Government officials have claimed that foreign assassinations were never carried out.

However, in 2002, the New York Times wrote the following about the government's assassination program:

Jul 15 10:24

List of Iraqi Academics Assassinated in Iraq during the US-led occupation

Jul 14 15:41

Death squads and US democracy

The revelation that the CIA initiated a covert program, apparently involving assassinations, and kept it secret from the US Congress on the orders of Vice President Dick Cheney marks a deepening of the crisis in the American state apparatus and an indication of the degeneration of democratic processes within the US.

Jul 14 14:40

FLASHBACK - Trish Schuh: The Salvador Option in Beirut

Unlike Iraq, there is no “weapons of mass destruction threat” to facilitate toppling the Syrian regime. This time, a United Nations Tribunal could provide the means, deploying Lebanese Prime Minister Rafiq Hariri's murder as the weapon. But like the US show trial to convict Saddam Hussein, the show trial to convict Syria for Hariri's murder, built by the United Nation's International Independent Investigation Commission (UNIIIC), has a history of problems.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

In hindsight, Trish was correct!

Jul 14 12:32

Neocon Rodeo

Imagine this headline "George Bush arrested and extradited to the Hague for crimes against humanity." Upon further reading, "Prosecutors say George Bush is allegedly guilty of mass murder for the atrocities of 911 where over 3000 innocent people were murdered." One would think, "justice is served," but lets take a journey down this phantasmal path and weigh the ramifications of this price of corruption.

Jul 14 08:09

CIA Vet: Agency Doesn't Need Secret Program To Target al Qaeda

Earlier today, we raised a few questions about the notion that the secret CIA program that Dick Cheney reportedly withheld from Congress concerned an effort to kill or capture al Qaeda leaders. And now a top counter-terror expert is doing the same.

Vince Cannistraro, a former CIA counterterrorism chief, told TPMmuckraker that because we've been in a state of war against al Qaeda since just after September 11, there would have been no need for a secret CIA program that received special legal authorization

Webmaster's Commentary: 

The claim that Dick Cheney's assassination squad targeted Al Qaeda appears to be a cover, most likely for the assassination squad targeting people closer to home, like Dr. Kelly and Paul Wellstone.

Jul 14 08:07

John F. Kennedy Jr. - John and Carolyn Kennedy

As first reported by United Press International, John F. Kennedy Jr. on approach to Martha's Vineyard in 8 mile visibility, was in radio contact with the ground, calmly informing them of his intentions to drop off a passenger before proceeding to Hyannis airport. Then, according to ABC News, JFK Jr's plane went into a steep dive, and crashed.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Another sad anniversary this week.

Jul 14 07:49

C.I.A. Had Plan to Assassinate Qaeda Leaders - comments

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Some obvious pro-government shills cheering along assassinations, while the rest see this story as a distraction from the economy.

Jul 13 14:57

FLASHBACK - Paranoia Grips the U.S. Capital

The film Seven Days In May is one of my all-time favourites. The gripping 1964 drama, starring Burt Lancaster, depicts an attempted coup by far rightists in Washington using a top-secret Pentagon anti-terrorist unit called something like "Contelinpro."

Life imitates art. This week, former military intelligence analyst William Arkin revealed a hitherto unknown directive, with the Orwellian name "JCS Conplan 0300-97," authorizing the Pentagon to employ special, ultra-secret "anti-terrorist" military units on American soil for what the author claims are "extra-legal missions."

In other words, using U.S. soldiers to kill or arrest Americans, acts that have been illegal since the U.S. Civil War.

Jul 13 12:20


The U.S. media is indulging in war mongering "yellow journalism" by repeating baseless allegations that Syria is behind the "car bombing" of a popular Lebanese nationalist, while the evidence suggests that the assassination was carried out using a guided missile launched from a plane - a precision penetration bomb - a "targeted killing" technique perfected by Israel.

Jul 13 12:04

'The Salvador Option'

The Pentagon May Put Special-Forces-led Assassination or Kidnapping Teams in Iraq

Jul 13 11:29

CIA Organization Linked to Plot Against Evo Morales

The Bolivian district attorney’s office has identified Hugo Achá Melgar who, according to the AFP news agency, is Bolivia’s representative to the U.S. Human Rights Foundation (HRF), as providing the bulk of the funds for the terrorist gang foiled in Santa Cruz while plotting to assassinate President Evo Morales.

The HRF is a New York-based nongovernmental organization known for its activities of interference and CIA links.