Mar 21 15:30

Meet the 52 Year-Old Father Who Identifies As a 6 Year-Old Girl

In an interview with gay news site The Daily Xtra, a 52 year-old Canadian father of seven explains how he now identifies as a 6 year-old girl.

“I can’t deny I was married. I can’t deny I have children,” Stefonknee Wolscht says. “But I’ve moved forward now and I’ve gone back to being a child. I don’t want to be an adult right now.”

Mar 21 15:25


This is very, very interesting...


Mar 21 14:48

BREAKING | McCabe Opened Criminal Probe of Sessions In 2017

Pure hit job story from ABC. And guess who urged McCabe to open the probe... none other than Al Franken. Worst of all, the allegations against Sessions were completely debunked by an FBI employee. All of the details are here...


Mar 21 14:18

Students organizing a pro-life walk out, challenging the school’s administration after they allowed the anti-gun walk out

and fired a teacher for asking if they would allow a pro-life walk out. Let’s help them: #life

Mar 21 13:05


Welcome to South Africa! The country where you get stabbed in the neck, in broad daylight, in the middle of the supermarket, just for… fun… or something. And because you’re white.


Mar 21 12:43

Ivanka Trump Roundtable on Anti-Sex Trafficking

c-span video

Mar 21 12:36

Mysterious note written on a $1 bill may hold clues into the disappearance of an 11-year-old girl who vanished 19 years ago while waiting for an ice cream truck

Mikelle Biggs, 11, was last seen outside her Arizona home in January 1999
Police were given a dollar bill last week with a cryptic message written on it
It read: 'My name is Mikel Biggs kidnapped From Mesa AZ I'm Alive'
Police fear the potential clue may not be legitimate and could be a cruel joke

Mar 21 12:35

SWAT team descends on Austin bomber's home and speak to shirtless man just hours after the homeschooled Christian blew himself up during police chase, ending 19-day campaign of terror

Austin bomber Mark Anthony Conditt, 23, blew himself up as police tried to arrest him about 2am Wednesday
Police were able to zero in on the bomber after obtaining CCTV footage of him posting two packages at a FedEx office in Austin on Sunday night

Mar 21 12:35

Jeh Johnson Blames The Anti-Trump Media…

It’s a giant circus, all of it lies. Johnson’s comments are a sideshow, but relevant because he blames the anti-Trump media this morning during testimony.


Mar 21 11:57

Stay focused Brexiters – Russia is not the enemy

Better to live free for a day in a Britain full of rogue killers than to live a thousand years as the slaves of Brussels

Mar 21 11:54

Confederate War Memorial in downtown Dallas must come down

Dallas made a powerful statement about the kind of city we want to be when it removed the statue of Confederate Gen. Robert E. Lee in September.

The City Council vote signaled that the time had come for the painful reminders of this country's racist past to go. Now the council faces decisions about how to move forward with other proposals offered by Mayor Mike Rawlings' Confederate monuments task force.

Mar 21 11:53

Zuckerberg has sold more Facebook stock in the last 3 months than any insider at any other company

In the two weeks before Facebook's latest struggles, CEO Mark Zuckerberg sold 1.14 million shares as part of regularly scheduled programs.

Mar 21 11:52

Former players charge NFL with obstructing billion-dollar concussion settlement

The NFL faces another legal fight relating to its billion-dollar concussion settlement with thousands of ex-players. (AP)
In a court filing this week, lawyers for former players seeking compensation as part of last year’s estimated billion-dollar class-action concussion settlement with the NFL charged the league with trying to game the system in order to avoid paying medical benefits, according to multiple reports.

Mar 21 11:51

U.S. Starter Homes Are Scarcer, Pricier, Smaller and More Run-Down

Homebuyers in the U.S. have plenty to grouse about these days. Prices have climbed steeply in many metro areas, mortgage rates are rising and inventory is thin. But for people looking to purchase their first home, it’s ugly out there.

Mar 21 11:45

Did Austin Bomber Target Alex Jones?

Here's the Reddit chat yesterday with the kid who claimed to be the Austin bomber. ATF is still trying to verify whether it was actually him. Read it for yourself.


Mar 21 11:33

Zuckerberg saved tens of millions of dollars by selling Facebook stock ahead of Monday’s decline

Facebook Inc. Chief Executive Mark Zuckerberg saw his net worth decline by more than $5 billion since Monday, but it could have been worse.

Ahead of Facebook’s worst one-day decline since 2012, prompted by news that data affecting 51.3 million members was improperly shared with a political consulting firm, Zuckerberg had been busy selling stock. So far this year, he has sold more than 5 million shares.

Disposing of those Facebook shares FB, +1.62% before Tuesday ended up saving about $70 million, according to Securities and Exchange Commission filings and some arithmetic by MarketWatch.

Mar 21 11:08

20,000 Republicans just voted for an actual Nazi

The former head of the American Nazi Party ran for the Republican nomination of Congress in Illinois’ 3rd Congressional District. No Republican stepped up to oppose him.

Mar 21 11:08

Fox News analyst blasts network as 'propaganda machine' while announcing departure

A longtime Fox News analyst sharply criticized the network on Tuesday, denouncing the outlet as a "propaganda machine" devoted to President Trump, and saying that it was "wittingly harming our system of government for profit," in a stunning internal email announcing his exit from the company.

Mar 21 11:05

Son Accused of Killing Parents After Dad’s Chilling Warning: 'If You Don’t Hear From Me, Call 911'

A Washington state couple was found dead in their home after one of their sons called police concerned for his parent’s safety.
Jared Standley, 21, was kicked out of his parent’s home before he returned to allegedly shoot his father and beat his mother to death, according to The News Tribune.

Mar 21 11:04

Bedridden Obese Woman Found Decomposing While Still Alive, Crawling With Maggots and Covered in Feces

An obese mother close to death was found laying in her own feces, her legs decomposing, and the blackened dying flesh being eaten by maggots and cockroaches, during a visit by firefighters to her home in Georgia.

Mar 21 10:51


Here's who won and lost last night in Illinois...


Mar 21 10:42

Retired FBI agent guilty of sex abuse Was bureau's chief of internal affairs

The alleged bomber Mark Anthony Conditt makes remarks on social media in 2012 about how a sex offender should not have to register after he has done his time.
Is this person related to former FBI official John H. Conditt?

By Associated Press | February 18, 2004

WASHINGTON -- The former chief internal watchdog at the FBI has pleaded guilty to sexually assaulting a 6-year-old girl and has admitted he had a history of molesting other children before he joined the bureau for what became a two-decade career.

John H. Conditt Jr., 53, who retired in 2001, was sentenced last week in Tarrant County Court in Fort Worth to 12 years in prison after he admitted he molested the daughter of two FBI agents after he retired. He acknowledged molesting at least two other girls before he began his law enforcement career, his lawyer said.

Conditt sought treatment for sex offenders after his arrest last year, said his attorney, Toby Goldsmith.

Mar 21 10:41

Near Death, John McCain Isn’t Done Bashing Trump…

The Deep State runs strong in McCain...


Mar 21 10:33

Fox military analyst says network makes him ashamed

A military analyst for Fox News said Tuesday that he was quitting the network because he believed it had turned into a propaganda machine for President Donald Trump's administration.
Ralph Peters, a retired U.S. Army officer, said he told Fox at the beginning of the month that he did not want his contributor contract renewed.

Mar 21 10:31

Florida school shooting survivor David Hogg urges others to 'use white privilege' to ensure gun violence in 'black community' is heard

Florida school shooting survivor David Hogg urges others to 'use white privilege' to ensure gun violence in 'black community' is heard

Mar 21 10:27

Trump, deemed not 'above the law,' must face defamation lawsuit

NEW YORK (Reuters) - A New York state judge on Tuesday said U.S. President Donald Trump must face a defamation lawsuit by a woman who accused him of sexually harassing her after she appeared on his former reality TV show.

Mar 21 10:17

Stormy Daniels Says She ‘Technically’ Didn’t Sleep With Donald Trump

President Trump’s lawyers have threatened Stormy Daniels with a $20 million lawsuit in advance of her “60 Minutes” interview.
But it is her Twitter account that should make them nervous.

Mar 21 10:17

Abortion rates go down when countries make it legal: report

Abortion rates have fallen over the past 25 years, even as more countries have made the procedure legal and easier to get, according to a new report released Tuesday.

Mar 21 10:16

Sarah Sanders TROLLS Trey Gowdy

Sarah has had enough...


Mar 21 10:01

Girl critically hurt in HS shooting may have had relationship with suspected gunman, police say

Two teenagers were shot and injured at a high school in Great Mills, Maryland this morning, allegedly by a classmate who may have had a prior relationship with one of them, authorities said.
"I'm kind of traumatized," one student told ABC News. "I could have died."

Mar 21 10:00

How to take your data back from Facebook and delete your account

Facebook (FB), the world’s largest social network, is in hot water yet again. The company, which was already facing scrutiny for selling ads to foreign groups seeking to disrupt the 2016 U.S. presidential election and inadvertently facilitating the spread of fake news and conspiracy theories, is getting hammered for allowing the profile data of 50 million Americans to be used by political operatives without users’ consent.

Mar 21 10:00

Judge denies Trump bid to get sexual accuser Summer Zervos' defamation suit tossed: 'No one is above the law'

A Manhattan Supreme Court judge Tuesday denied President Trump’s attempt to dismiss a defamation lawsuit filed by a former reality show contestant who accused him of sexual misconduct.

Mar 21 09:59

Austin bombing suspect blows himself up as SWAT moves in

ROUND ROCK, Texas (AP) -- The suspect in the deadly bombings that terrorized Austin blew himself up early Wednesday as authorities closed in on him, bringing a grisly end to a three-week manhunt. But police warned that more bombs could be out there.

Mar 21 09:54

New GOP Superstar Wins | Erika Harold Is Harvard Grad, Former Miss America And From Biracial Family

Erika Harold won the Republican nomination for Illinois Attorney General last night. Here is her background and a few photos of the rising superstar.


Mar 21 09:42

Lobbyist Investigating Seth Rich Murder Is Shot Twice and Run Over by Car – Suspect in Custody

Former Marine Charged - 2nd attack since he began casework

Mar 21 09:39

Austin Bomber Identified | Here’s Everything We Know…

Several good details and photos here...


Mar 21 09:37

15 completely insane things about babies, biology, race and genetics that delusional “progressives” actually believe

In case you haven’t been keeping track of the lunacy of the biological subjectivism being aggressively pushed by the “progressive” Left, its advancement has become a dangerous militant movement spearheaded by cultural crybullies and victimizers who demand we all bow down and accept an entire series of insane, anti-science delusions that we are not allowed to question without being accused of engaging in “hate.”

Mar 21 09:36

Trump’s national security advisers warned him not to congratulate Putin. He did it anyway.

President Trump did not follow specific warnings from his national security advisers Tuesday when he congratulated Russian President Vladi­mir Putin on his reelection — including a section in his briefing materials in all-capital letters stating “DO NOT CONGRATULATE,” according to officials familiar with the call.

Mar 21 09:36

Facebook’s Stock Tumbles Again, Value Drops By More Than $50 Billion

Facebook’s stock is sliding for the second day in a row.
Shares of Facebook fell another 5 percent Tuesday on the heels of the company’s worst day in four years. More than $50 billion has been wiped off Facebook’s market value this week.

Mar 21 09:21

Exclusive: Mark Zuckerberg AWOL From Facebook’s Data Leak Damage Control Session

Facebook employees gathered to discuss the widening scandal over the 2016 election. But company chiefs Mark Zuckerberg and Sheryl Sandberg were nowhere to be found.

Mar 21 09:17

An Elementary School Teacher Left a 4-Year-Old Alone So She Could Buy Marijuana, Police Say

Authorities say a Florida elementary school teacher left a 4-year-old child alone while she went to buy marijuana.
A Polk County Sheriff’s Office news release says 26-year old Marsha Dolce was arrested Saturday and charged with child neglect and marijuana possession.

Mar 21 09:16

Florida 16-year-old allegedly beats friend to death with a baseball bat over a girl, officials say

A 16-year-old Florida boy is suspected of beating his friend to death with a baseball bat, authorities said, alleging that the teen was jealous of his friend's relationship with a girl.

Webmaster addition: BAN BASEBALL!

Mar 21 08:58

Pompeo and Haspel are Symptoms of a Deeper Problem

President Trump’s recent cabinet shakeup looks to be a real boost to hard-line militarism and neo-conservatism. If his nominees to head the State Department and CIA are confirmed, we may well have moved closer to war.

Before being chosen by Trump to head up the CIA, Secretary of State nominee Mike Pompeo was one of the most pro-war Members of Congress. He has been militantly hostile toward Iran, and many times has erroneously claimed that Iran is the world’s number one state sponsor of terror. The truth is, Iran neither attacks nor threatens the United States.

At a time when President Trump appears set to make history by meeting North Korean leader Kim Jong-un face-to-face, Pompeo remains dedicated to a “regime change” policy that leads to war, not diplomacy and peace. He blames Iran – rather than the 2003 US invasion – for the ongoing disaster in Iraq. He enthusiastically embraced the Bush policy of “enhanced interrogation,” which the rest of us call “torture.”

Mar 21 08:50

"You can't CENSOR stupidity" Smart Comedian Ricky Gervais EDUCATE Joy Behar on Political correctness

If these fools had an IQ above 100, they’d realize he’s criticizing them

Mar 21 08:49

Nearly 200 people including schoolkids 'poisoned in Moscow after chemical leak'

AROUND 200 people - including school children - are reported to have been poisoned in a chemical leak just outside Moscow.

Mar 21 08:48

Zuckerberg has sold more Facebook stock in the last 3 months than any insider at any other company

In the two weeks before Facebook's latest struggles, CEO Mark Zuckerberg sold 1.14 million shares as part of regularly scheduled programs.

Mar 21 08:46

Facebook Sent Auditors to Ensure Cambridge Analytica Wasn't Hiding User Data. The U.K. Said 'Get Out'

Facebook failed in an attempt to get a handle on the Cambridge Analytica scandal Monday, after British authorities ordered its auditors to vacate the political consultancy’s offices.

Over the weekend, reports claimed that Cambridge Analytica had bought data on tens of millions of Facebook users that had been extracted from the social network by an academic named Aleksander Kogan. Kogan did so using a personality quiz app, and claimed at the time that the data would just be used for academic purposes, not for targeting voters with tailored messaging.

Facebook apparently knew about the data abuse in 2015, and said it had gained assurances from Cambridge Analytica that the data had been deleted. The weekend reports stated that this was not the case, so Facebook on Monday said it was sending its auditors to Cambridge Analytica’s offices.

Mar 21 08:43

Facebook's stock drops AGAIN as thousands vow to quit the social network amid Cambridge Analytica row which saw 51 MILLION users profiles harvested without their knowledge - but Zuckerberg is nowhere to be seen

Facebook's stock plummeted again on Tuesday as the row over how Cambridge Analytica, a political data firm, obtained the data of 51 million users by harvesting profiles on the social network without their knowledge.

The social network's stock opened on the NASDAQ at $167.47 on Tuesday marking a decrease of 2.8% since Monday's close.

It climbed back up to $170 on Tuesday throughout trading but closed at 4pm at $168.15 after dropping as low as $162 per share during the day, its lowest in 2018.

Zuckerberg's own stocks - of which there are 400 million - fell by $6billion in market value as a result of the scandal, dropping from $74billion to $68billion.

Until Friday, Facebook's shares were worth $185.09 each. The company is valued at $488 billion.

Mar 21 08:36

Transgender beauty pageant turns ugly as jealous rival pushes winner off stage after missing out on crown

A beauty pageant turned ugly when a jealous runner-up PUSHED her winning rival off stage.

Footage shows Cristian Carrillo, known as 'Lady', being awarded second place in the Miss Gay Queen of Queens transgender beauty pageant.

A member of staff walks across the stage to give Lady her sash, but furious beauty queen throws the garment on the floor in protest.

Lady then storms up to the winner, Kenia, who is wearing a white dress, and shoves her in the back, sending her flying from the stage.

Mar 21 08:33

George Galloway delivers bombastic blast on Sergei Skripal

Mar 21 08:29

Cambridge Analytica’s Facebook MI6 Psyop

If ever there was smoking gun evidence as to who is behind the constant manipulation of global geopolitics, it is the emerging scandal involving Facebook & Cambridge Analytica. The case unravels the Gordian knot which binds British and Israeli intelligence in the service of the City of London bankers.

I have long contended that Mark Zuckerberg’s Facebook is an Israeli Mossad intelligence operation designed to gather a dossier on every person on the planet while destroying both the social fabric necessary to challenge banking hegemony via disinformation, division and conflict creation; and the emotional well-being of humanity through cleverly orchestrated psychological warfare.

Mar 21 08:24

Killing of Israelis met with calls for war crimes

The wife of an Israeli settler killed in February is calling on Benjamin Netanyahu to build 800 new settlement units in the occupied West Bank.
A Palestinian man was shot dead by Israeli forces near the entrance to the al-Aqsa mosque compound in the Old City of Jerusalem on Sunday after he allegedly stabbed an Israeli man who died of his injuries that same day.

(*53 Days until Palestinians , and human rights , will have to just forget about it .)

Mar 21 08:23

White House claims it doesn’t dictate how other countries operate

The White House is refusing to comment on the legitimacy of the recent Russian elections because it doesn’t dictate how other countries operate, press secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders claimed during Tuesday’s White House press briefing.

“We’re focused on our elections,” Sanders said. “We don’t get to dictate how other countries operate.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Mar 21 08:06

Watch Ralph Peters’ Wildest Hits: From Calling Obama a Pussy to Comparing Tucker to a Nazi Sympathizer

Lt. Col. Ralph Peters says he's 'ashamed' of Fox News and leaves his role as analyst

Mar 21 07:55

The @NSAgov worked urgently to target Bitcoin users around the world,

according to classified documents provided by @Snowden.

Mar 21 07:54

New Documents Reveal FBI Spied on Black Activists, Declared Them 'Threat Actors'

Two U.S.-based civil rights groups, Color of Change and the Center for Constitutional Rights, have obtained some heavily redacted FBI documents.
A new report published by the Intercept has revealed that the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) not only spied on the Black activists but has actively surveilled the anti-racism activists since 2014.

The report is based on heavily redacted FBI documents accessed through a Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) filed by two U.S.-based civil rights groups, Color of Change and the Center for Constitutional Rights, in July of 2016. The files contain FBI emails and intelligence reports from 2014 tracing the U.S. agency's steps to monitor social media activities of some Black activists also associated with the Black Lives Matter movement.

Mar 21 07:50

Austin Bomber Kills Himself as Authorities Advance – President Trump Weights In

Early this morning, the Austin bomber was found by authorities. As law enforcement moved in to capture him, he detonated another bomb, ultimately killing himself. It was an all-too-fitting end for a terrorist who left residents of the prominent Texas city living in fear.

The Daily Mail reports:

The man behind a string of deadly bombings in Austin has died after blowing himself up when police tried to arrest him early Wednesday morning.
The bomber, a 24-year-old white male who was from central Texas, killed himself and injured an officer when he detonated a bomb inside his car as police surrounded him 18 miles north of the city at about 2am.

Despite his death, police have warned that more bombs could still be out there because they do not know where the bomber has been in the last 24 hours.

Mar 21 07:45

The co-founder of WhatsApp just told everyone to delete Facebook

In 2014, Facebook bought WhatsApp for $16 billion, making its co-founders — Jan Koum and Brian Acton — very wealthy men. Koum continues to lead the company, but Acton quit earlier this year to start his own foundation. And he isn’t done merely with WhatsApp — in a post on Twitter today, Acton told his followers to delete Facebook.

Mar 21 07:45

After a decade Israel admits: We bombed Syria nuclear reactor in 2007

Until now, Israeli media have been blocked from publishing details of the reactor’s discovery and the decision- making process that led to its destruction – even as many of those details were being published in the foreign press and in the memoirs of former president George W. Bush and vice president Dick Cheney

Mar 21 07:25

Israelis forced off of Turkish plane after joking about bringing bombs onboard

Three Israeli nationals removed from Turkish Airlines plane, interrogated after falsely claiming to be carrying explosives.

ed note–a textbook case of the nature of ‘the Jewish problem’ and why it–along with its inevitable by-product, ‘anti-Shemitism’–has existed for thousands of years. Whether it is Jews making jokes about bringing bombs on board an airliner and all the disruption that this causes or whether it is a penniless nomad named Abram selling his wife into sexual slavery under the false pretext that she was his ‘sister’, the adherents of this peculiar cult mindset never seem to figure out that engaging in such behavior is (A) unacceptable, and (B) likely to result in negative backlash against them.

Mar 21 07:13

Cambridge Analytica's parent company reportedly offered a $1.4 million bribe to win an election for a client

The parent group of Cambridge Analytica, the political-research company at the center of a massive Facebook-data scandal, offered up a bribe to win an election for a client.

Mar 21 07:12

'I've been given my sight back' - Two people with severe vision loss due to a degenerative eye disease are able to read after embryonic stem cell treatment.

Doctors have taken a major step towards curing the most common form of blindness in the UK - age-related macular degeneration.
Douglas Waters, 86, could not see out of his right eye, but "I can now read the newspaper" with it, he says.

Mar 21 06:55

Rand Paul: Why I’ll Fight Gina Haspel and Mike Pompeo Nominations

In a TAC exclusive, the Kentucky senator explains why we can't afford any more war-happy neocons.

Since President Trump took office, our country finally seems to be heading in the right direction. In just the past year, the American people have seen enormous tax cuts more judges appointed who take the Constitution seriously, relief from the massive regulatory state, and an economy rapidly gaining strength and offering greater opportunities for those seeking to turn their dreams into reality.

But when it comes to our place on the world stage>>>

Mar 21 06:40

Job Destroyers or Helpers? Amazon, FedEx Hiring More Robots & Humans

But even with the increased automation at their shipping facilities, these companies continue to hire people and, in some cases, are struggling to find workers to fill open positions, according to the article. The takeaways are that the explosion in online shopping has led e-commerce and logistics companies to invest in both technology and people—and that there are still tasks in warehouses that machines can’t perform or that humans simply do better

Mar 21 03:51

20 worst landlords in NYC.