Apr 26 11:15

US violating intl law by breaking into Russian consulate in Seattle – embassy

The US government is violating international law with its decision to break into Russia’s locked consulate in Seattle, the Russian embassy in Washington said in a statement.

“What we see now is a gross violation of the Convention on Diplomatic Relations and the Convention on Consular Relations,” commented Nikolay Pukalov, the head of the embassy’s consular department. “The Russian side did not agree on stripping diplomatic status from our property in Seattle and did not give permission to American officials to enter our territory.”

The spokesperson for the Russian Foreign Ministry, Maria Zakharova, called the development “a hostile takeover” of the compound by the US.

Apr 26 10:52

Western Countries Find Loophole To Veto Russia At UNSC

The British newspaper The Guardian notes that Russia has already used the right of veto 11 times to stop Western actions against Syria. In this regard, the West intends to use the UNGA resolution of 1950, which allows the transfer of the issue from the Security Council to the General Assembly.

68 years ago this resolution was already used to ignore the position of the USSR on the war in Korea. Then the US and its allies could act in the DPRK under the ‘auspices of the world community.’

Earlier, Ukrainian President Petro Poroshenko called for increasing the effectiveness of NATO and immediately reforming the UN by depriving the “aggressor country” of the right to veto.

Apr 26 10:46

India and Pakistan DESPERATELY attempt to prevent WORLD WAR 3 with joint military drills

INDIA and Pakistan appear desperate to prevent World War 3 breaking out as the two nuclear armed nations engage in joint military drills with Russia and China, it has emerged.

Apr 26 10:45

WHOSE SIDE ARE THEY ON? Fury as EU states BLOCK Britain from hitting Russia with sanctions

BRITAIN has been prevented from slapping Russia with a raft of tough sanctions by a small number of rebel European Union states.

The UK, along with the majority of other EU member states, are determined to send Russia a warning after the attempted poisoning of former spy Sergei Skirpal and the suspected chemical attack in Syria.

But a handful of rebel EU states is blocking the rest from issuing sanctions against the increasingly erratic Russian leader Vladimir Putin.

The shock block was revealed today by Chancellor Philip Hammond, who told MPs of his frustration at the “varying degrees of appetite” for tough action during a meeting of the Commons Treasury Select Committee today.

Apr 26 10:41

'I'm Very Optimistic': German Diplomat on Possible Moscow-Berlin Rapprochement

Germany's former ambassador to Poland and India, Frank Elbe, has recently sparked vivid debate after writing an article in which he spoke about the need for diplomatic rapprochement with Russia. In an interview with Sputnik, the diplomat expressed his opinion on ties between the West and Moscow and prospects for improvement in their relations.

A low point in relations between Moscow and European countries may have a positive effect and bring about new initiatives, Germany's ex-ambassador Frank Elbe argued.

"I'm very optimistic. […] I very much hope that during his visit to Russia, Macron will clearly identify his and Mrs. Merkel's common positions regarding the need to resume positive cooperation with Russia," the diplomat told Sputnik.

Apr 26 09:57

Russia and China Militaries Reach ‘New Heights’ Together, Agree to Challenge U.S. in Middle East

Russia and China have pledged to strengthen their bilateral military and political ties as part of a strategic cooperation that challenges U.S. interests, especially to Washington's stance on Middle East allies Syria and Iran.

Russian Defense Minister Sergei Shoigu met Tuesday with Air Force General Xu Qiliang, deputy vice chairman of China's Central Military Commission, and other regional military officials as part of the Shanghai Cooperation Organization (SCO) summit in the eastern city of Qingdao. As increasingly powerful Russia and China build up their clout on the world stage, they sought a more united front against the U.S., which frequently challenged their rise.

Apr 26 09:18

Russian Military Shows Wreckage Of US Missiles Intercepted In Syria

One unexploded Tomahawk cruise missile and one high accuracy air-launched missile launched by the US and its allies on Syria on April 14 have been brought to Moscow, the chief of the Russian General Staff’s main operations directorate Colonel-General Sergey Rudskoy said during a press briefing on April 25.

“Some of the missiles failed to reach the designated targets apparently due to technical failures, which created the risk of destroying civilian facilities and causing civilian casualties. Two of them, a cruise missile Tomahawk and a high-accuracy air-launched missile, have been brought to Moscow.You can see the Tomahawk’s warhead in this slide,” Colonel-General Rudskoy said.

The colonel-general added that Russian specialists are studying them.

“The results of this work will be used to improve Russian weapon systems,” Rudskoy said.

The Russian military also revealed wreckage of the intercepted missiles.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

So, to recap... 105 munitions launched against targets the OPCW says were NOT chemical weapons facilities. 22 hit their targets, half fell out of the air due to technical problems, and the rest were intercepted.

Apr 26 09:10

Kiev threatens Russia with ‘full-scale conflict’ if gas transit to Europe through Ukraine stops

Kiev has warned Moscow of ‘geopolitical consequences’ if Gazprom ceases gas transits through the territory of Ukraine.

"If there is no transit through the territory of Ukraine, then the likelihood of a full-scale conflict between Russia and Ukraine is also increasing. European politicians need to understand not only the economic consequences for Ukraine, but also geopolitical consequences for the whole world," the commercial director at Ukraine’s main gas company Naftogaz Yuri Vitrenko told the 112 Ukraine TV channel.

Apr 26 04:32

Donbass Shelled Under NATO Command

Israel vows to destroy Russia’s S-300s in SyriaWestern countries find loophole to veto Russia at UNSCBreaking: Donbass shelled under NATO commandCrisis in Orthodoxy: Constantinople comes to UkraineREVERSAL? Armenia’s ‘Color’ situation just became a lot more interestingVictory Day 2018 – Ours or Theirs? An update from DonbassInvestigation: Russian politicians embezzle billions offshoreBetter late than never – EU mimics Putin’s words on SyriaRussia creates aviation squads for the World Cup 2018Newest long-range bomber to be launched in August 2018
Breaking: Donbass Shelled Under NATO Command
By Inessa S On Apr 25, 2018
0 3,065
Earlier today, Fort Russ published an op-ed by Russell Bentley, who revealed that a new offensive is about to begin on the Donbass in early May.

Apr 26 02:49

Russia, Syria to Bring 17 Eyewitnesses of Events in Douma to OPCW

Permanent representative to the OPCW said in a press release on Monday Russian and Syrian officials plan bringing 17 eyewitnesses of the April 7 incident in the Syrian city of Douma to The Hague, where the Organization for the Prohibition of Chemical Weapons (OPCW) has its headquarters, in order to prove that the alleged poison gas attack was a setup.
"Taking part in the news briefing will be the eyewitnesses of shooting of the footage that featured the fake pseudo-humanitarian action staged by the White Helmets and that provided grounds for the US/UK/French missile strikes at Syria on April 14," the press release said, adding that "In all, there will be seventeen people, including physicians who were right at the scene on that day. They will recount the true story of the incident."

"The delegations [of the OPCW member-states] will get first-hand evidence on the forged footage that misled the world community," the Russian mission stressed.

"The briefing is organized in support of the OPCW fact-finding mission currently deployed in Syria to investigate the incident," the press release stated.


Apr 25 16:20

One of the world's longest gas pipelines from Russia to China almost complete

The construction of the 3,000km Power of Siberia gas pipeline or the eastern route, which is aimed to deliver Russian gas to China, will be completed by the end of the year.

The announcement was made by Deputy Chairman of Gazprom Management Committee Vitaly Markelov, who said: “By 2019, we plan to eliminate technical gaps after testing.”

The Power of Siberia pipeline is one of the biggest projects between Russia and China. Analysts say it could help Russia become one of China's main providers of natural gas as demand in the country increases.

Apr 25 16:19

Russia ready to build another pipeline & provide Europe with as much gas as it needs

Gazprom, Russia’s leading natural gas producer, says it's ready to supply as much blue fuel as Europe wants. The company is ready to build the Nord Stream 3 pipeline, if necessary.

"We have proven reserves, we have transport, we are building new transport routes. If Europe is ready… I do not rule out new gas transportation projects – Nord Stream 3, for example," said Gazprom Deputy Chairman of the Management Committee Aleksandr Medvedev in an interview with the Rossiya 24 TV channel.

Apr 25 16:15

Ukrainian neo-Nazis demolish Roma camp in Kiev, brag on FB – and even the US begins to notice

A group of Ukrainian neo-Nazis has forcibly evicted Roma from a camp in Kiev, bragging about the violent pogrom on Facebook. The move was slammed by Amnesty International as Congress voiced concern over Nazism glorification.

The neo-Nazis forced the Roma to flee their camp and then burned some of 15 tents belonging to the Roma, the NGO said. The radicals themselves boasted about their pogrom in a Facebook post and described their actions as “convincing and legal arguments.” They also claimed they “disposed of the litter” left over by the Roma and “safely burnt” their tents, as well as uploaded the photos of the devastated camp to social media.

Apr 25 14:30

Breaking: Donbass Shelled Under NATO Command

Earlier today, Fort Russ published an op-ed by Russell Bentley, who revealed that a new offensive is about to begin on the Donbass in early May.

Today, mortar shelling has been carried out on the Yasinovaya town by the Ukrainian army, under the command of NATO. Such a statement was made by the deputy head of the operational headquarters of the self-proclaimed Democratic People’s Republic of Donetsk, Eduard Bazurin.

“According to our information, the operation was conducted by NATO artillery advisers, who arrived the day before to conduct field tests and training of Ukrainian security forces” said Basurin.

He added that American radar systems are deployed on the roofs of several multi-storey houses in Avdeevka, a few kilometers north of Donetsk.

Apr 25 12:41

Russia claims it has a US Tomahawk cruise missile and will use it to improve its own weapons

Russia has gotten its hands on a U.S. Tomahawk cruise missile and it's going to study it to improve its own weapon systems, the Defense Ministry said Wednesday.

However, the U.S. Department of Defense told CNBC that the claims from Moscow are "absurd."

Russia said it would study the Tomahawk and would use it to improve Russian weapon systems.

Apr 25 11:00

A Furtive Glance At Washington's Ongoing War Preparations Against Russia

While the world's attention is riveted on Syria, the US is significantly boosting its forces in Europe. And these are not just divisions streaming in to take part in some exercises that will leave once those are over. This is a serious buildup to create a potentially offensive posture. The beefing up of the US forces is taking place amid preparations for a Russia-US summit. That’s a rather peculiar background for the event, to put it mildly!

Apr 25 10:58

Armenia Heats Up As The Proxy War Continues

Armenia is an important part Russia’s long-term plans. A member of the Eurasian Economic Union Armenia is key to protecting Russia’s southern flank.

So, I was not shocked back in 2016 when the disputed region of Nagorno-Karabakh was activated by the U.S. after a brief visit by then Secretary of State John Kerry as punishment for Russia’s intervention into Syria.

Nagorno-Karabakh had been peaceful for more than twenty years before Kerry’s visit. And within days, fighting broke out on the Azeri side of the region which lies between the two countries.

So, color me not shocked that as the Neoconservatives take control of the Trump White House that they activate a color revolution in Armenia while simultaneously pushing Russia in Ukraine, Syria, the U.K., the financial markets and seemingly everywhere else at the same time.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

The flash points for several potential hot wars are tinder for the kerosine being thrown on them, courtesy of the US and the West.

Apr 25 10:43

Turkey’s Military Offensive in Afrin

In late January, Turkey launched a ground incursion named Operation Olive Branch in the Afrin canton of northern Syria. The offensive is directed against the Kurdish-led Democratic Union Party in Syria (PYD), particularly its armed wing named People’s Protection Units (YPG), which Ankara considers as a terrorist group since 1985 and the Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF) positions surrounding the city of Afrin. Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan stated that the aim of the operation was to give Afrin back to its rightful owners, a statement that has since been used by Kurdish group to claim that he intends to engineer a demographic shift. However, by March, Turkish troops took control of Syria’s Afrin region, deploying “police force” to oversee 115 “strategic forces” and more than 80 villages under its control, the state-run Anadolu news agency reported.

Apr 25 10:23

Kadyrov ready to deploy additional Chechen forces to Syria on Putin’s orders

Chechen leader Ramzan Kadyrov has called recent US coalition missile raids on Syria an “anti-Russian provocation,” and said that “regiments, battalions and brigades” of Chechen infantry can go to the Middle East to enforce order.

In a recent interview with Rossiya-24 television, Kadyrov said that he saw the recent strikes on Syrian locations as a fight against Russia. “When they bomb a sovereign state and don’t ask about any rules, I think that this is the ongoing fight with Russia,” he said.

Apr 25 10:15

Russia said to warn of ‘catastrophic’ result if Israel hits its S-300s in Syria

Russia may hand over its powerful S-300 missile defense system to Syria in the near future, despite opposition from Israel and other Western powers, the Russian daily Kommersant reported Monday, citing anonymous military sources.

The sources told the newspaper that if Israel tried to destroy the anti-aircraft batteries — as analysts have indicated Israel likely would — it would be “catastrophic for all sides.”

But Russian Foreign Minister later said no decision had yet been made on whether to give the S-300s to Syria, and added that it would not keep such a delivery a secret.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

My sense is that Putin will make the decision, and soon, to send the S-300 Defensive Missle System to Syria, and soon; if Israel's government decides to send missiles against it, Russia has told it precisely what will happen.

Apr 25 10:04

Russia's Stand-Off Capability: The 800 Pound Gorilla in Syria

Size does matter and so does range and speed whenever anyone talks about weapons. It seems that there is a great deal of confusion which perpetuates itself in regards to a relatively small Russian military contingent in Syria. The most popular indicator of this confusion is a never ending discussion of a possible American attack on the Russian forces in Syria, primarily on the air base Khmeimim. Can such an attack, once one considers the size of forces US can deploy against Russians, succeed in “defeating” them?

Apr 25 09:58

Trump Again Backtracks on Syria Pullout, Vows ‘Strong and Lasting Footprint’

Just a month after another brief public flirtation with the idea of withdrawing from Syria, President Trump once again said he wants US troops out of Syria, promising “big decisions” very soon. His first talk of a pullout was scrapped days later. This time, he backtracked almost instantly.

With French President Emmanuel Macron in tow, Trump told reporters that he and his allies are taking a long-term approach to Syria, and that this would involve leaving “a strong and lasting footprint” within Syria. He said talk of the long-term issues in Syria was “a very big part” of his discussions with Macron.

The idea that Macron is driving Trump’s decision-making was a big issue last week. Macron claimed credit for Trump agreeing to stay in Syria, but quickly reversed course, and insisted the two had always agreed on the issue.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

My sense is that the US involvement with Syria is not over by a long shot; and there is a grave concern that the US will wind up making a "military miscalculation", and involving Russia in a shooting war here.

Apr 25 09:25

A Furtive Glance At Washington's Ongoing War Preparations Against Russia

While the world's attention is riveted on Syria, the US is significantly boosting its forces in Europe. And these are not just divisions streaming in to take part in some exercises that will leave once those are over. This is a serious buildup to create a potentially offensive posture. The beefing up of the US forces is taking place amid preparations for a Russia-US summit. That’s a rather peculiar background for the event, to put it mildly!

Apr 25 09:15


I write a lot about how, in a political environment that is saturated in disinformation and propaganda, it’s important to ignore people’s words and watch their actions instead to get a clear picture of what’s really happening. You could not ask for a better illustration of this than the recent behavior of the mass media with regard to Syria.

The always excellent Moon of Alabama put out a piece yesterday detailing the immense deluge of attack editorials disguised as information that have been churned out recently about anyone who questions the establishment Syria narrative, including a single day in which no less than seven smear pieces were issued by prominent publications. Seven. In one day.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

The following is a very interesting window on which companies own what in terms of presstitute media:


The article goes on to state:

"GENERAL ELECTRIC --(donated 1.1 million to GW Bush for his 2000 election campaign)

Television Holdings:
* NBC: includes 13 stations, 28% of US households.
* NBC Network News: The Today Show, Nightly News with Tom Brokaw, Meet the Press, Dateline NBC, NBC News at Sunrise.
* CNBC business television; MSNBC 24-hour cable and Internet news service (co-owned by NBC and Microsoft); Court TV (co-owned with Time Warner), Bravo (50%), A&E (25%), History Channel (25%).
The "MS" in MSNBC
means microsoft
The same Microsoft that donated 2.4 million to get GW bush elected.

Other Holdings:
* GE Consumer Electronics.
* GE Power Systems: produces turbines for nuclear reactors and power plants.
* GE Plastics: produces military hardware and nuclear power equipment.
* GE Transportation Systems: runs diesel and electric trains. "

GE is part and parcel of the Unhinged, Surveilled States of Amerika's military industrial complex; therefore, any narrative regarding the reality that the US has NOT been invited to get rid of the Western-sponsored, trained, and funded Jihadis, but Russia has, will be squashed like a bug.

GE wants to see more and more wars against Syria, Russia, China, and Iran and whoever is on the Deep State (and Israel's) "To Regime Change" lists, and those lists are massive.

This is ultimately about who controls the oil in the Middle East, and in what monetary denominations that oil will be sold.

GE is right now in a massive management shakeup, due to lousy performance How GE went from American Icon to Astonishing Mess, and are desperate for something - ANYTHING - to get them out of it. Things are so bad, in fact, that it would be ridiculous for them not to want a war, to turn their flagging fortunes around.

But such a war comes at potentially great geopolitical, military, and fiscal risk to the Unhinged, Surveilled, States of America.

A further US military incursion into Syria will, undoubtedly, bring a military reaction from Russia, and this is where things could get...awkward and ugly in a heartbeat.

We are already hearing the Israeli government making noises, threatening Russia not to use its S-300 or S-400 Defensive system against their missile attacks in Syria, and insists that it will continue attacking Syria.

IF Israel attacks again, and is soundly trounced by these Russian defensive systems, you can almost bet Israel will be crying to the US government that they are being "unfairly attacked", and that the US has to back them up, millitarily, in Syria.

I would like to politely suggest to the Trump administration to not do this; our military doesn't have the troop strength, the weaponry, the manufacturing or the money to insure a positive outcome to a conventional war against Russia in Syria; and those are just the facts.

Corporations like GE or Microsoft do not care that the costs of such attacks will be primarily borne in blood and money by the US; they only care about their profit margins, and the leadership of both companies have had their consciences collectively surgically removed.

Apr 25 09:00

German Press Says US Kneecapped Itself With Its Sanctions On Russian Aluminum

The US sanctions against aluminum producer Rusal seem to be a shot in their own knees: After the US government found that the price of aluminum went up as a result of uncertainty about the future of Rusal, US companies, and the massively hit western allies, the government in Washington backpedaled on Monday.

US Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin said in a statement: “Rusal has felt the impact of US sanctions for its involvement with Oleg Deripaska, but the US government is not targeting the hard-working people who depend on Rusal and its affiliates. Rusal approached us to request removal from the list. Given the impact on our partners and allies, we have decided to postpone the resolution and dismantling phase while reviewing the request from Russia. ”

Apr 25 08:49

'Everyone is tired of MSM': A London encounter that showed why RT's work matters

As we were getting the bill, the manager came up and asked whether I was from Russia. I said ‘Yes.’ Then, apropos of nothing, she said how much she loved and appreciated RT.

Wait, what?

At first I was a bit taken aback. Was someone eavesdropping on my private night out? Had I even mentioned RT over dinner? My friend certainly knows what I do and where I work, which is why – in the context of our chat – even if we had discussed what I’d been up to work-wise, there would have been little need for me to mention my employer by name.

I asked the lady, just to clarify, whether she was referring to something my friend and I had said about RT that evening. It was her turn to be surprised. No, she said, she just made the association with me being Russian and RT being a channel from Russia.

So, I decided to tell her who I was. What came next surprised all the more. In my friend’s words, she'd "never seen someone being fan-girled like this."

Apr 25 08:39

Israel warns of attack if Russia air defences used in Syria

Israel's Defence Minister Avigdor Lieberman said Tuesday that his country would attack Russian S-300 air defence systems in Syria if they were used against Israeli targets.

His remarks came a day after the Russian newspaper Kommersant reported that Moscow could soon start to deliver S-300 systems to its ally Damascus, and cited a source as warning of "catastrophic" consequences if they were attacked.

"What's important to us is that the defensive weapons the Russians are giving Syria won't be used against us," Lieberman told the news website Ynet.

"If they're used against us, we'll act against them."

Russia and Syria signed an accord in 2010 for the S-300 system but the missiles have not been delivered because of Israeli pressure, according to Kommersant.

Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov said earlier this month that no decision had yet been taken on the S-300 missiles.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Translation: what Israel has just guaranteed is that a Russian self-defense unit, like the S-300, or S-400 will be used to take Israeli missiles down, if they are used against syria

When it comes to Israeli hubris in this instance, payback... will be a bear.

Apr 25 08:17

Russia to Hold Briefing With Staged Douma Attack Witnesses Thursday - Official

Russia will hold a briefing at the Organisation for the Prohibition of Chemical Weapons (OPCW) on Thursday, at which people who witnessed the process of staging the recent chemical incident in the Syrian town of Douma will be present, a spokesperson of Russia's Permanent Representation to the OPCW told Sputnik on Tuesday.

Earlier in the month, an 11-year-old Syrian boy named Hassan Diab and his father told the Rossiya 24 TV channel that children got food for featuring in a video that allegedly showed the outcome of what was being considered a chemical attack in Duma. On Sunday, Alexander Shulgin, Russia's permanent representative to the OPCW, said that he would do his utmost to organize the boy's visit to the OPCW so that he could to testify about the staged nature of the incident.

Apr 25 08:02


With Russia considering supplying the S-300 surface-to- air missile systems to Syria, Israel’s air superiority is at risk of being challenged in one of its most difficult arenas.

With a de-confliction mechanism in place with Russia over Syria in order to avoid any unwanted conflict with the superpower, Israel has largely had free reign over Syrian skies to carry out strikes on targets deemed a threat to the Jewish state.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Maybe Israel should learn to stay out of places where it is not wanted!

Apr 25 07:54

One of Novichok's developers has been hit by a car

One of "Novichok"'s developers, who gave several interviews after the poisoning of former Colonel of GRU Sergei Skripal and his daughter in the British Salisbury, was hit by the car on Wednesday, April 25, in Anapa - reports "Interfax" with reference to an informed source. The man was hospitalized with slight injuries to the leg and head, his life is not in danger...

Apr 25 07:46

Ex-ambassador of the #USA: "Having taken #Ukraine into #NATO on Monday, already on Tuesday there will be a war with #Russia"

Former US ambassador Steven Pifer told that Ukraine's entry into NATO will not happen in the near future, since it is an extremely complicated process. In addition, Western countries are afraid of a serious confrontation with Russia.

Former US ambassador to Ukraine, Stephen Pifer, in an interview with Novoye Vremya commented on the Ukrainian President Pyotr Poroshenko's long-standing desire to join the NATO bloc, which he represents to the people, as coming in the near future.

Pifer noted his surprise at the fact that the Ukrainian president "talks about Ukraine's membership in NATO as a close target." Pifer emphasizes that the process of joining the country to NATO is very "difficult and long".

In addition, the deepest fears it causes the possibility of a war between NATO and Russia in connection with the adoption of Ukraine in the alliance of European countries and the United States.

Apr 25 07:42

Hybrid War In Reverse: Why The SDF Can’t Hold The Euphrates

This hybrid war, with multiple and difficult to distinguish sides against the Syrian state, is practically over and isolated now only to Idlib and part of Dara province with no perspective for the future. NATO’s humiliation with its failed cruise missiles strikes proved that NATO’s humiliation with its failed cruise missiles strikes proved that NATO is incapable to win any war without full air supremacy.

So what is left? The only option is prolonging the war, forcing Damascus to liberate all the territory at a cost and not in a quick manner. The meeting between Putin, Rohani and Erdogan was established to put together a statement that they are against any US zone in Syria. But what does that mean in perspective, how will they crush US zone of influence?

The US established the SDF forces in the period of the war which was its last hope for a footprint in Syria.>>>

Apr 25 07:32

OPCW Head Tells Pranksters Skripal Nerve Agent Not ‘Russian’

Ahmet Uzumcu, OPCW head, told the two Russian pranksters – posing as the Polish prime minister this time – that a “Novichok” can be produced by any country, including “absolutely” the US. The conversation lasted for more than 22 minutes. The comedians called the Organization for the Prohibition of Chemical Weapons Director-General on Monday and posted their damning prank call on YouTube. Posing as Poland’s Prime Minister, Mateusz Morawiecki, the duo demanded to know more about what had happened from the international chemical arms watchdog tasked to investigate the chemical attacks in the UK as well as Syria. Vovan and Lexus have already pranked the likes of US envoy to the UN Nikki Haley, Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan and NATO chief, Jens Stoltenberg.

Apr 25 07:29

NYT Indulges Demented Senator on a Crusade to Declare Russia a 'State Sponsor of Terrorism'

Sen. Cory Gardner made a bizarre proposal last week: The State Department should consider adding the country to its list of state sponsors of terrorism, alongside its close allies Iran and Syria. The moral case for such a designation is sound. Russia has invaded its neighbors Georgia and Ukraine, it supports the murderous regime of Bashar al-Assad and our enemies in Afghanistan, and it is engaged in active information warfare against Western democracies, including meddling in the 2016 United States elections... There is also evidence that Russia is playing both sides of the conflict in Syria — defending the murderous Assad regime, but also fueling the radical insurgency against it. Reporting by Ukrainian news outlets has shown that Russia has provided material support to the Islamic State, including assistance in recruitment...

Apr 25 07:11

Belarus To Become A Part Of Russia? Lukashenko Open To The Idea

Developing the Union State of Belarus and Russia remains relevant, Belarusian President Alexander Lukashenko said in an address to the nation and parliament on Tuesday according to TASS. “Our union project with Russia still remains pertinent. Given the extremely difficult global situation, the importance of our partnership has skyrocketed,” the Belarussian leader pointed out. However, in Lukashenko’s words, “the integration capacity of our cooperation is not always employed fully and effectively.” “We are sick and tired of issues over the access of our goods to the Russian market. We have been talking about a common market for 20 years but these issues continue to crop up in various areas, be it over food products or energy resources,” the Belarusian president said, noting that “migration and border control issues have recently been added.”

Apr 25 06:44

Neither EU nor US authorized to amend Iran nuclear deal, notes Russia’s EU envoy

The European Union and the United States are not authorized to amend the nuclear deal with Iran, and no one can talk on behalf of a group of six international mediators (Russia, China, the US, France, the UK and Germany), Russia’s Permanent Representative to the EU, Vladimir Chizhov, said on Wednesday upon his arrival at the international donor conference on Syria in Brussels. "If the European trio reaches an agreement with the Americans on something, neither our Chinese counterparts nor we have anything to do with that. Everyone signed the agreement, and no one has authorized the European trio to talk on behalf of a group of six nations," the Russian diplomat said commenting on reports about closed-door consultations between EU member-states and the US on amending the Iran nuclear deal. "I believe it is premature now to say who struck a deal with whom.

Apr 25 06:42

West conceals details of military drills from Russian inspectors — foreign ministry

Western countries are concealing information about their military drills from Russian inspectors in violations of their liabilities under the 2011 Vienna Document on measures to build up measures of confidence and security (VDOC11), the Russian foreign ministry said on Tuesday after the publication of the US Department of State’s 2017 Compliance Report. "Regrettably, as before, the United States’ report is ‘humbly’ silent about numerous problems with the implementation of the Vienna Document the United States and their allies have," the ministry said. "For instance, a number of signatory nations (Denmark, Spain) keep on dodging notifying of other VDOC11 signatories about large-scale military exercises in a period of 42 days before their beginning. Apart from that, notifications from certain states lack information that is needed for comprehensive planning of inspection activities in a period of such drills," the ministry noted.

Apr 25 06:40

US misinforms Russia about its implementation of INF Treaty

The United States is deliberately misinforming Russia about implementation of its liabilities under the Intermediate-Range Nuclear Forces (INF) Treaty, the Russian foreign ministry said after the publication of the US Department of State’s 2017 Compliance Report. "Washington gives intentionally false information about ‘implementation’ of its liabilities under the INF Treaty. For years, the United States has been simply ignoring Russia’s serious concerns stemming from the implementation of this treaty by the US side," the ministry said. The Russian Foreign Ministry pointed at a number of violations, committed by the US. One of them is the deployment of the Aegis Ashore systems in Romania and Poland. Those systems feature universal vertical Mk.41 launchers that can be used to fire both Standard 3 anti-missiles and Tomahawk cruise missiles. In addition, the increasing production of strike drones in the United States also constitutes a clear violation of the treaty, the ministry said.

Apr 25 05:16

Russia rejects attempts of military inspections in Crimea during Ukraine checks

Russia is free to deploy its troops and military equipment in Crimea, which is a part of its territory, and views as a futile provocation all attempts to inspect the peninsula as part of inspections in Ukraine, the Russian Foreign Ministry said on Tuesday. "The modern status of the Republic of Crimea and the city of Sevastopol as territorial entities of the Russian Federation cannot be reviewed. Respectively, Russia is free to deploy troops and military equipment on its territory, and all attempts to inspect the territory of Crimea as part of inspections in Ukraine are provocative and futile. Naturally, Russia is ready to accept inspectors, observers and the evaluation group in Crimea if it receives relevant requests under the Vienna document," the ministry said, commenting on the US Department of State’s Report on Adherence to and Compliance With Arms Control, Nonproliferation, and Disarmament Agreements and Commitments.

Apr 25 05:07

Revolution in Armenia to continue until logical end — opposition leader

Opposition in Armenia will continue the revolution through to the logical end, parliament deputy Nikol Pashinyan, a leader of the opposition, told a news conference on Tuesday. "There'll be no breaks until our revolution gets through to the logical end," he said when a reporter asked him if he would continue appealing to the nation to join protest actions or would make a pause for talks with the authorities.
Peskov stressed that the Kremlin’s position on Armenia remains unchanged. "We still consider that this is a domestic affair (of Armenia) and hope that our Armenian friends will be able to solve this situation and find a stable structure and a consensus decision soon," he said. "We are very carefully monitoring this situation," Peskov noted.

Apr 25 04:57

End of gas transit via Ukraine to have ‘geopolitical consequences’ — Naftogaz

The end of Russian gas transit via the territory of Ukraine will increase the possibility of a conflict between Russia and Ukraine and entail futher geopolitical consequences, the commercial director of Ukraine’s oil and gas company Naftogaz said. "If there is no transit via the territory of Ukraine, the possibility of a full-fledged conflict between Ukraine and Russia also increases, which will have geopolitical consequences. This is the idea that we are trying to convey, first of all to European partners, who need to understand not only economic consequences for Ukraine, but also geopolitical consequences for the entire world," Yuri Vitrenko was quoted as saying by the 112 Ukraine TV channel on Tuesday. Gazprom Deputy CEO Alexander Medvedev said on Tuesday that the contract with Ukraine after 2019 will not be renewed under any circumstances but this does not mean that the transit of gas will be stopped.

Apr 25 04:55

Detention of Crimean residents shows that crossing Ukrainian border is unsafe

Yelena Odnovol was taken into custody by the Ukrainian authorities at the Chongar checkpoint last Monday and was later charged with high treason. Ukrainian Prosecutor General Yuri Lutsenko said that the woman is suspected of "subversive activities" and damaging Ukraine’s sovereignty and territorial integrity, because she arranged and took part in the collection of voter signatures in support of Vladimir Putin’s presidential nomination in Crimea. Later, Ukrainian prosecutors announced she entered the country with the Ukrainian passport, issued in 2017. The Russian embassy in Ukraine said it had not been notified of the detention. Crimean leader Sergei Aksyonov recommended the republic’s residents to avoid visiting Ukraine. On March 25, Ukraine’s State Border Service detained the Nord fishing vessel with a crew of ten Russian citizens in the Sea of Azov.

Apr 24 14:29

Putin to Cut Military Budget, Plow $160 Billion Into Education, Healthcare and Roads Instead

Russia may see a hike in health care, education and infrastructure spending by around $162 billion in the next six years, with cuts in its military spending, according to a report on Vladimir Putin's plan for his term in office. This means that Russia will be investing around 11.3 percent of its GDP in infrastructure, health care and education over the next six years, compared to the 9 percent it currently invests...

Apr 24 14:01

German Press Says US Kneecapped Itself With Its Sanctions On Russian Aluminum

The US sanctions against aluminum producer Rusal seem to be a shot in their own knees: After the US government found that the price of aluminum went up as a result of uncertainty about the future of Rusal, US companies, and the massively hit western allies, the government in Washington backpedaled on Monday. US Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin said in a statement: “Rusal has felt the impact of US sanctions for its involvement with Oleg Deripaska, but the US government is not targeting the hard-working people who depend on Rusal and its affiliates. Rusal approached us to request removal from the list. Given the impact on our partners and allies, we have decided to postpone the resolution and dismantling phase while reviewing the request from Russia." Speculators who had anticipated the collapse of the US were also able to make a cut: Rusal’s shares rose 15 percent to 26.39 rubles, during trading on the Moscow exchange on Monday. according to a statement by the US Treasury...

Apr 24 13:59

Russian Air Defenses Intercept Objects Targeting Hmeimim Base

Russia's military stated Tuesday that Russian air defenses at Hmeimim airbase in Syria had intercepted and destroyed several unidentified objects targeting the base.

An airbase spokesperson later confirmed that the base was operating normally, with no damages or casualties reported as a result of the attempted attack.

"On April 24 … the airspace monitoring facilities at Russia's Hmeimim airbase detected a group of small-size unidentified airborne targets approaching the base," the spokesperson said in a statement. "All targets were destroyed by air defense means deployed at the base."

According to South Front, the Russian Pantsir-S1 airbase systems shot down two drones armed with projectiles that had been launched by a militant group. It also reported that rockets were also intercepted. Other media reports indicate that two to four objects were destroyed in the air.

Apr 24 13:45

Silk Road To Germany: New Molotov-Ribbentrop-Mao Pact (By Jim Jones)

To understand what is happening, one needs to step back in time and follow the leads that have been given by the various players. The players in this game of world one-upmanship chess are; Germany, Russia and China. It would be easy to say that three more unlikely bed mates would be harder to find; at first superficial glance this may well be so. Germany and Russia hardly have had the best of relationships over the last 200 years and China may well be perceived as a major threat to Russia in the Far East. But if we examine the strategic benefits of such an alliance, we see major benefits to the parties...

Apr 24 13:37

Turkey withdraws its gold from USA

The administration of the Central Bank of Turkey has withdrawn the national gold reserve from the US Federal Reserve System. According to Trend news agency, the Central Bank of Turkey had 220 tons of gold at the US Federal Reserve. At the same time, two other Turkish banks - Ziraat and Vakifbank - also started withdrawing their gold reserves from the United States. Their "gold assets" are evaluated at 95 tons. As of March 2018, the gold reserves of the Central Bank of Turkey amounted to $25.3 billion. Analysts believe that Turkey has made such a move against the background of worsening relations between Ankara and Washington. Earlier, Want China Times wrote with reference to Duowei News that China's enormous gold reserves give the People's Republic of China an opportunity to cause the US national currency to collapse. The publications also noted that Russia had doubled her gold and currency reserves since 2005.

Apr 24 13:34

Yulia Skripal received toxic chemical injection while in a coma, Russian embassy officials say

Russian specialists ask more and more questions. For example, it remains unclear how a non-decomposed toxic chemical established by Porton Down was found in a blood sample of one of the victims 18 days after the contact, even though the other victim, who suffered a more serious poisoning, did not show such a phenomenon. According to him, such an observation was not typical of nerve agents, which may indirectly mean, with a high degree of probability, that a chemical agent had been injected into the blood of Yulia Skripal before her blood samples were collected when she was in a coma...

Apr 24 13:30

Russia may interrupt regular flights with USA

The United States creates visa problems for pilots of Russia's Aeroflot, even though Aeroflot is the only airline that makes regular flights between Russia and the USA. "It is possible that Russia and the United States of America will be left without air service. Aeroflot, the only company that makes regular flights between Russia and the United States, is likely to be forced to stop them, as their crews experience increasing difficulties with obtaining US visas," a statement from the press department of the Russian Foreign Ministry said. Putin's official spokesman Dmitry Peskov admitted that regular flights between Russia and the USA could be stopped, although the Russian administration would not want such a development. Earlier, it was said that the US consulate denied visas to Bolshoi Theater ballerina Olga Smirnova and first soloist Jacopo Tissi. Linda K.

Apr 24 13:27

Russia to deliver S-300 air defence systems to Syria for free

Russia is to start supplying S-300 air defence systems to Syria in the near future. The shipments will be conducted free of charge, the Kommersant newspaper wrote adding that Russia is determined to take a swift effort to create the echeloned air defence system for Syria. The question about the transfer of S-300 systems to Syria remains "mostly political" and has been practically resolved. Components of S-300 systems, including radar stations, transport vehicles, command posts and missile launchers, will be delivered to Syria by military transport aircraft or vessels of the Russian Navy. It is possible that Russia will deliver the systems that have already been used in the Russian Armed Forces. On April 14, the Western coalition fired 103 missiles on Syria, but Syrian air defence forces shot down 71 of those missiles.

Apr 24 13:20

Limescale behind yellow water surfacing on International Space Station

"A household cause is behind the emergence of the yellow admixtures in the water. Routine limescale crust had formed in the water-heating unit, which had reached the end of its service life. There is nothing terrible in that as we are regularly confronted with such things on Earth. The problem is solved quite easily, we will just promptly replace this unit, which cosmonauts normally call ‘samovar’ with a reserve one," First Deputy CEO for Space Systems’ Flight Operation and Tests at Energia Rocket and Space Corporation Vladimir Solovyov told TASS on Tuesday. Some media outlets reported earlier on Tuesday that problems had emerged with the quality of hot water and yellowish admixtures of unknown origin had been discovered in the space station’s Russian segment. Reports stated that the cosmonauts allegedly had to use water in the US segment. As Solovyov noted, the use of water from the American segment is prescribed in this case in the flight program.

Apr 24 12:27

Might Trump Ask Israel to Fund America’s Invasion-Occupation of Syria?

On 16 April 2018, the internationally respected analyst of Middle-Eastern affairs, Abdel Bari Atwan, headlined about Trump’s increasingly overt plan to break Syria up and to establish permanent U.S. control over the parts it wants, “Attempting the Unachievable”. He stated that

“The coming few months are likely to prove very difficult for the Americans, and very costly, not just in Syria but also in Iraq.”

He closed:

“Who will cover the costs of this American move? There are no prizes for guessing the answer: it has already been spelled out.”

The only country that his article mentioned was Israel:

“It would not be surprising if Israel and the various lobbies that support were behind this American strategic volte-face. For Israel is in a state of panic.”

I do not consider this enormous reversal of Israel — from recipient to donor — to be likely. Far likelier, in my view, is Saudi Arabia, to finance the invasion.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

I think this analysis is the correct one, with the US tapping Saudi Arabia for the money to continue its invasion/occupation of Syria.

The question is, how long before there is a real, shooting war with Russia over Syria, which Syria invited into this country to get rid of the Western-backed Jihadis there?!?

Because from where I sit, is is a question of when, not if.

Apr 24 12:14

Media Support US Violence Against Syria, but Long for More

Media Support US Violence Against Syria, but Long for More

Media Support US Violence Against Syria, but Long for More
Atlantic: A Reckoning Will Come in Syria

And by “reckoning,” the Atlantic (4/14/18) appeared to mean “a war with Russia and its allies.”

Corporate media outlets were glad that the US, France and Britain bombed Syria in violation of international law (, 4/18/18), but lamented what they see as a dearth of US violence in the country.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

It is never the children of the monied elite presstitutes and warmongers whose kids will get killed, or maimed for life, in such wars; they always want it to be... other people's children, getting killed or maimed for life to preserve the US's economic, and geopolitical hegemony.

Israel wants Syria balkanized and Tehran regime changed; of course, only at the costs of American or Saudi blood and money; and whatever Israel wants, the editors of our non-esteemed manure spreaders, like the Washington Compost, want Israel to have, and want to make sure that the American people swallow such codswallop whole, and unquestioningly.

Americans can no longer tolerate our government doing this, because of the huge costs, geopolitically, and financially of enabling Israel toward its stated end of complete domination of the Middle East, and its oil.

In fact, the following article, states this quite clearly:

As Israel becomes a political liability it is time to challenge its enablers

Apr 24 11:38

US, EU States Agree on Conditions to Preserve Iranian Nuclear Deal - Reports

The United States, Germany, France and the United Kingdom have agreed on the conditions under which Washington will remain committed to the Iran nuclear deal, also known as the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action (JCPOA), media reported Tuesday.

Under the new agreements, the European and US sides decided that they needed to threaten Iran with new sanctions because of its missile tests and regional policy, but the JCPOA itself would not be altered, according to the Sueddeutsche Zeitung newspaper.

A Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action (JCPOA) was reached concerning Iran's nuclear program in Lausanne, Switzerland, June 2015.

The media also noted citing diplomatic sources that the negotiations had not finished yet.

Trump has repeatedly criticized the JCPOA – negotiated by the previous US President Barack Obama's administration – as being perhaps the worst deal in US history and threatened to withdraw Washington from the deal if it was not amended

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Translation: the US is attempting to use sanctions against Iran for issues which have absoflippinglutely NOTHING to do with the JCPOA, as a way of getting Iran to back out of the deal entirely, thus making the Iranian government look like "the bad guy" to do so, when it will potentially be US sanctions which have caused this.

The only problem is, this is so brazenly idiotic, that the entire world can see what the US is attempting to do here, and has utterly no respect for these sanctions.

Apr 24 11:32

Israel Hints It Can Hit Iran's "Air Force" in Syria if It Retaliates for T-4

According to the Russian Defense Ministry, two Israeli F-15 fighter jets conducted an attack against Syria's T-4 base on April 9. Israeli sources claim the attack was aimed at Iranian fighters in Syria, with Tehran denying the claims of its military presence in the country.

Israeli media released aerial photos of alleged Iranian air bases on Syrian territory early on April 17. Sky News Arabia reports, citing an IDF official, that Israel is determined to strike back if Iran decides to retaliate for its attack on the T-4 air base. Roni Daniel, military editor for Israeli TV station Mako, told Reuters that the exposure of images of the bases is a sign that Israel can conduct a strike on them, if it is forced to do so.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Were I the Israeli government, I would be far more concerned about potential Russian strikes against their aircraft, in these illegal raids against Syria, rather than what Iran or Syria could do.

Of course, the reason the Israelis are panicing right now, is the oil under Syria's Israeli-occupied Golan Heights, where Israel is already selling the oil contracts there illegally.

The other reason for these raids is, that Israel wants to see Syria balkanized, and Tehran regime-changed, for its, and Western banks' interests, but only at the costs of American blood and American money.

Israel wants to find a way of tricking the US into a wider Middle Eastern war, with it, Saudi Arabia, the US and NATO on one side, and Russia and China on the other. The goal is controlling all the oil in the region, even into Africa, and in what denomination that oil is siold.

I would like to hope President Trump is smart enough to appreciate this little factoid of Israeli foreign policy, but that remains to be seen.

I just get the sense, however, that the US is going to be occupying Syria for a long, long time, and that the war here may be widening, thanks to US and Israeli efforts.

Apr 24 11:09


Increasingly it appears that the recent US coalition missile strikes on Syria have utterly backfired: instead of weakening Syria or degrading its military capabilities, the attack may have actually served to strengthen Syria's defenses.

Since the massive strike which involved the US, UK, and France launching over 100 cruise missiles, Russia is rumored to be moving forward on delivery of its advanced S-300 missile defense system, which would be a monumental upgrade allowing Syrian defenses to far surpass current capabilities which utilize the Soviet-made S-125 and S-200 air defense systems.

Crucially, S-300s have a range of up to 150-200 kilometers (or 120 miles), bringing Syrian deterrent reach easily to within Lebanese airspace (as Israel has routinely struck targets inside Syria while firing over "neutral" Lebanese airspace in recent years), and could even extend airspace coverage into Israel itself.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Israel must be made to understand, at a level its top military and civilian leadership comprehends fully, that these attacks against Syria, will simply cause Russia to arm the country to the point where it can fight back against Israel's military aggression, and unless Israel is willing to actually invade Syria (which Russia will block, militarily and diplomatically), it should really back off, and right the hell now.

And either the US Centcom chief Votel can communicate this clearly with the Israeli leadership, or we are looking at World War III, with Russia, Syria, China, and Iran gathering forces on one side, and the US, NATO, Israel, and Saudi Arabia on the other; it is just that simple, folks.

Apr 24 10:15

The Great Game Comes To Syria

An unusual triple alliance is emerging from the Syrian war, one that could alter the balance of power in the Middle East, unhinge the NATO alliance, and complicate the Trump administration’s designs on Iran. It might also lead to yet another double cross of one of the region’s largest ethnic groups, the Kurds.

However, the “troika alliance” - Turkey, Russia and Iran - consists of three countries that don’t much like one another, have different goals, and whose policies are driven by a combination of geo-global goals and internal politics.

Apr 24 09:53

Russia Buys 300,000 Ounces Of Gold In March – Nears 2,000 Tons In Gold Reserves

– Russia buys 300,000 ounces of gold in March and nears 2,000t in gold reserves
– Russia now holds just over 1,861 tonnes, more than officially reported by China at 1,842t
– Both Russia and China have the power to destabilise US dollar by dumping dollar-denominated assets
– Turkey has removed all gold held in the U.S. opting for Bank of England and BIS
– Turkey follows trend set by both Germany, Netherlands and others to remove gold reserves stored in the United States
– Central bank decisions regarding gold reserves are examples of countries becoming nervous about the outlook for the dollar under the Trump administration

Apr 24 09:34

Visa Anyone? Ukrainians Ridicule Poroshenko’s ‘Success’

Twitter users ridiculed the statement of Petro Poroshenko that the value of the Ukrainian passport had grown after the introduction of a visa-free regime with the European Union.

Many Ukrainians found it strange to rejoice at the positions in the rating, while the standard of living in the country leaves much to be desired.

“Raise the standard of living, not the passport rating,” – wrote @ VitaliiA5.

Apr 24 09:32

Ishchenko – ‘Russian Liberal Delusions Destroyed By Electoral Realities’

As you know, greatness is seen from a distance. Therefore, in order to better understand the Ukrainian elite, one should look at the actions and try to understand the motivations of the one, the vanishingly small part of the Russian political elite that the Maidan has not taught anything to, and who is still dreaming of returning to the “blessed” 90’s. For this, let us turn to the recent presidential elections.

Apr 24 09:32

Poroshenko’s End? Who Would Be Ukraine’s Next President?

The current head of the Ukrainian state Petro Poroshenko’s administration and other advisers are trying to convince him that it is more beneficial for him to first hold elections in the parliament, and then conduct presidential elections. Because if you first hold presidential elections, then, accordingly, with a high probability, Poroshenko will not be president.

This was said on the radio station “Voice of the Capital” by an expert of the Ukrainian Institute of Analysis and Management Policy, political scientist Nikolai Spiridonov, reports RIA Novosti Ukraine.

Apr 24 08:18

Armenian-Russian ties to withstand test of time

Following Armenian Prime Minister Serzh Sargsyan’s resignation after staying in office for less than a week amid mass protests nationwide, Karen Karapetyan has been appointed acting Prime Minister, while the new PM and cabinet are expected in a week’s time. Despite the recent developments, economic relations between Armenia and Russia will remain solid as the two countries enjoy well-established and strong ties. More importantly, Moscow is a key economic partner for Yerevan, Izvestia writes with reference to experts...

Apr 24 08:16

UNESCO broke ties with Crimean partners under western pressure, Russian envoy says

UNESCO’s Secretariat is no longer maintaining contact with the administrations of the World Heritage List sites in Crimea, Russian envoy to UNESCO Alexander Kuznetsov said in an interview with Izvestia. "Under the western pressure the secretariat of UNESCO has broken all contacts with their traditional partners in Crimea, including the World Heritage List site - the Ancient City of Tauric Chersonese. The Secretariat even rejects accepting reports on its integrity," he said. According to Kuznetsov, the UN cultural organization uses monitoring results based on Kiev’s reports, which are biased. "They [the reports] are extremely politicized and unilateral. So what ‘monitoring’ in Crimea are we talking about? UNESCO simply ignores the real state of affairs on the peninsula," he emphasized... Kiev and Western states continue to raise the issue of Crimea’s belonging at UNESCO sessions.

Apr 24 07:56

Lavrov Calls French President Stance on Syria ‘Colonial’

The Russian and Chinese foreign ministers have held a joint press conference after talks in Beijing, which were dedicated to the situation on the Korean peninsula in the wake of North Korea's decision to halt nuclear and missile tests, as well as the situation in Syria.

Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov has lashed out at the missile strikes carried out by the US, France and the UK on Syria, saying that they were aimed at hindering the Organisation for the Prohibition of Chemical Weapons (OPCW) investigation into the alleged use of poisonous substances in Douma, Eastern Ghouta.

"Both sides gave an extremely negative assessment of the missile attack of the United States and its allies on the territory of the Syrian Arab Republic. This is a gross violation of international law," Lavrov said at a press conference following a meeting with his Chinese counterpart, Wang Yi.

Apr 24 07:55

‘Putin is a strong leader, we should never be weak with him’ – Macron

French President Emmanuel Macron says Russian President Vladimir Putin is a clever ‘strongman’ who exploits his opponents’ weaknesses, and who has a completely different view on democracy than his Western counterparts.

“I think he’s a very strong man. He’s a strong president. He wants a great Russia. People are proud with his policy,” the French leader said in an interview to Fox on Sunday. However, Macron cautioned that “we should never be weak with President Putin. When you are weak, he uses it.”

Noting Russian-French disagreements on a number of issues, Macron then pulled no punches on Russia’s alleged wrongdoings against foreign democracies.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Here's your rifle...

Apr 24 07:41

US stance leaves no chance for speaking about easing of tensions in relations — Kremlin

Russian presidential spokesman Dmitry Peskov is certain that the real state of affairs and Washington’s stance leave no chance for considering an easing of tensions in Russian-US relations. "The reality - the real state of affairs and real steps that we see Washington take - point in the other direction (not at an easing of tensions in Russian-US relations). Hardly anyone will dare argue with this," Peskov told the media on Tuesday. Earlier, US ambassador to Russia Jon Huntsman said President Donald Trump had repeatedly declared his intention to seek more effective cooperation with Russia.

Apr 24 07:39

Russia’s missile cruiser Varyag holds missile firing exercise in Sea of Japan

"Today, the Pacific Fleet flagship, the Order of Nakhimov Guards missile cruiser Varyag has carried out a combat training exercise as part of the Primorye all-arms flotilla’s tactical drills ongoing in the Sea of Japan to fire Bazalt cruise missiles against a sea shield simulating a notional enemy’s surface ship," the spokesman said. The cruise missiles successfully hit the target, "which was confirmed by live recording equipment and the target’s visual inspection," the spokesman said. The Fleet’s 15 warships and auxiliary vessels, and also anti-submarine warfare aircraft of naval aviation provided security in the area of the combat training exercise, the spokesman said.

Apr 24 07:39

Sudan Invites Russia to Take Part in Country's Oil, Gas Projects - Ministry

Sudan invites Russian companies to participate in oil and gas projects on the territory of the country, Abdel Zahir Mohamed, the adviser to the Sudanese petroleum and gas minister, told Sputnik on Monday.

"In the fields of drilling and oil production there are some sites. These sites have been offered to Russian companies so that they can run these sites and invest in them. These sites do not produce [oil] but they are located close to the main pipelines… There are also [oil] producing sites, they are wholly owned by the state or are occupied by several foreign companies, the Russian companies may also work there and help to increase these companies' production," Abdel Zahir said.

Apr 24 07:39

By Billing Russia 'Terror Sponsor' US Wants to Lay Hands on Europe – Think Tank

Republican senator Cory Gardner is championing a legislative initiative to determine whether Russia should be billed a "state sponsor of terrorism." Radio Sputnik discussed this with Manuel Ochsenreiter, director of the German Center for Eurasian Studies and editor-in-chief of the German news magazine "ZUERST!"

Apr 24 07:38

Moscow finds London's answers on Skripal case just don’t add up

The UK has failed to provide answers to the most important questions on the Skripal case, the Russian Permanent Mission to the Organization for the Prohibition of Chemical Weapons (OPCW) informed TASS on Tuesday. "The materials we have received from the British side do not suit us," the mission stressed. "We will certainly need some time for a more detailed analysis. The first impression is that the British have not given answers to the most important questions that we asked." The mission is currently considering "possible options for further steps." "Anyway, we will seek substantial answers on the aspects which are vital for us," it stressed. On April 13, Russia handed over to Britain a list of questions concerning the Salisbury poisoning in accordance with Article 9 of the Chemical Weapons Convention." The answers to these questions were due to be received by April 23.

Apr 24 07:28

Washington Using Currency War To Destabilize Iran

The neoconservative hawks around the US President, notably new National Security head John Bolton and designated Secretary of State Mike Pompeo, are on record that Iran is in Washington’s sights for regime change or at a minimum, economic sanctions and chaos. The rhetoric is not empty. The ground is being laid by US threats to not renew the Iran nuclear agreement in May, a move opposed by the other signatories and a move that would plunge Iran into a deep economic crisis at a time it can ill afford.
The orchestration of the US-led bombing of Syria, regardless of what targets were or were not hit, now sets the propaganda stage for a dramatic escalation of new sanctions against Iran, and for a major destabilization, something not possible in 2009.

What is taking shape now from the side of Washington is preparation to unleash a new wave of economic and financial sanctions on Iran, regardless.

Apr 24 07:15

Republika Srpska's (part of Bosnia and Herzegovina) president comments on cooperation with Russia

Republika Srpska was not considering the possibility of joining any union. According to Republika Srpska’s President Milorad Dodik, "it is a principled position." While speaking about relations with NATO, Dodik said that "all state agencies and public figures in Republika Srpska are determined to pursue a policy of neutrality towards NATO." "Cooperation between Republika Srpska and Russia cannot depend on interaction with other countries," he said, adding that Republika Srpska’s ties with the European Union could not damage its cooperation with Russia in areas of mutual interest.

Apr 24 07:03

Russian Black Sea Fleet’s warships practice sea battle in Mediterranean

"In compliance with the combat training plan, the Black Sea Fleet’s naval taskforces comprising the frigates Admiral Grigorovich and Admiral Essen, the guard ships Pytlivy and Smetlivy are holding two-side maneuvers in the distant operational zone. In the course of the drills, the crews are practicing the algorithms for a group of warships to conduct a sea battle," the press office said. "During the drills, the frigates as a strike group notionally attacked the guard ships, which in turn practiced measures to jointly repel a simulated enemy’s attack, the press office said. "After that, the personnel of combat posts practiced the procedure to deliver missile strikes against coastal targets. The crews are also being trained in damage control to provide assistance to a ship damaged in a battle," the press office said.

Apr 24 07:00

Russia opposes Bosnia and Herzegovina’s accession to NATO

Russia calls against militarization of European countries, including the accession of Bosnia and Herzegovina to NATO, Federation Council (upper house) Speaker Valentina Matviyenko said on Tuesday after meeting with President of Republika Srpska Milorad Dodik. "Russia’s position is consistent, open and clear: we oppose NATO’s expansion into Europe and are against militarization of European countries and creation of division lines. We believe this worsens the security situation on the European continent," Matviyenko said answering a question about Russia’s stance on Bosnia and Herzegovina’s accession to NATO...

Apr 24 06:51

Everything You Know About The Last Russian Tsar Is a Massive Lie. Here’s The Truth

Father Andrew Phillips, is a long-serving priest in the ROCOR Orthodox church in Essex, UK. Biography. He is a prolific writer, particularly on Russian history and current events, from an Orthodox Christian perspective. In this January 2013 article, he answers readers’ questions about the last Russian Tsar, Nicholas II, debunking decades of deliberate, slanderous lies coming from the media, academia, and governments of the UK, Germany, and America, but mostly from the UK. For another excellent article debunking this anti-Russian propaganda which is so ingrained in the West, see his fascinating article about Rasputin, whom he sees as a hero, also maliciously slandered by Russia's enemies...

Apr 24 06:37

Russian TV Shreds Syria Gassing Fraud - Finds Kid Who Took Part in Hoax Video

The so-called 'journalists' in the mainstream media seem to be the last people to realize that the US/UK/Israel Syrian gassing hoax is coming apart at the seams. Alternative media has gone unanimously against it, as well as some in the mainstream. And now this bombshell from Russian state television. It really is stupendous. Take a few minutes to watch this or read the transcript below. There cannot be any doubt - the so-called Syria gassing was a fraud, and there is no way the countries who launched missile strikes in response didn't know this. The really interesting question is, what happens now? Does anyone get called to account for almost starting WW3 with a fraudulent false flag? Stay tuned. Transcript follows below video...

Apr 24 06:32

US CENTCOM Chief Makes 'Secret and Unprecedented' Visit to Israel as Russia Mulls Arming Syria

Increasingly it appears that the recent US coalition missile strikes on Syria have utterly backfired: instead of weakening Syria or degrading its military capabilities, the attack may have actually served to strengthen Syria's defenses. Since the massive strike which involved the US, UK, and France launching over 100 cruise missiles, Russia is rumored to be moving forward on delivery of its advanced S-300 missile defense system, which would be a monumental upgrade allowing Syrian defenses to far surpass current capabilities which utilize the Soviet-made S-125 and S-200 air defense systems. Crucially, S-300s have a range of up to 150-200 kilometers (or 120 miles), bringing Syrian deterrent reach easily to within Lebanese airspace (as Israel has routinely struck targets inside Syria while firing over "neutral" Lebanese airspace in recent years), and could even extend airspace coverage into Israel itself. Could this be the reason for some major behind-the-scenes diplomatic scrambling?..

Apr 24 06:26

G7 States Agree With UK That Russia ‘Highly Likely’ Responsible for Skripal Case

"We share, and agree with, the U.K.’s assessment that it is highly likely that the Russian Federation was responsible for the attack, and that there is no plausible alternative explanation. We call on Russia to urgently address all questions related to the incident in Salisbury," the ministers said in a joint communique.

"Russia should provide full and complete disclosure of its previously undeclared Novichok programme to the OPCW in line with its international obligations. We call on Russia to live up to its Chemical Weapons Convention obligations, as well as its responsibilities as a permanent member of the UNSC to uphold international peace and security," the statement reads.


Apr 24 06:16

Putin Will Take An Unprecedented Decision After His Inauguration

Following his inauguration on May 7, the head of the Russian Federation, Vladimir Putin, will adopt an unprecedented decision, said the newspaper Moskovski Komsomolets quoted Focus.

Bloomberg sources reveal that the Kremlin leader will sign a decree containing a plan for Russia's economic development for the next six years. It is supposed to be presented as a plan to improve the quality of life of the Russians. And if it comes to specific measures, it is reported to increase spending on infrastructure development, education and healthcare.

The amount to be mentioned is 10 trillion rubles.>>>

Apr 24 04:36

Russian Security Council: US Challenges UN System by Striking Syria

The Assistant Secretary to Russian Security Council Alexander Venediktov said that the US attack against Syria is an example of disregard for the norms and principles of international law, and a challenge to the entire UN system.
Russian officials have also condemned the attack, with Russian Defense Minister Sergei Shoigu calling the situation around the alleged chemical attack a provocation designed to derail the Syrian constitutional process. The strikes came on the very day, when experts from the Organization for the Prohibition of Chemical Weapons (OPCW) were to arrive at the site of the alleged chemical incident.

The Fact-Finding mission of the OPCW is currently deployed in Syria, probing into the reported Douma chemical attack.


Apr 23 10:55

In Surprise Twist, Europe Now Pushing Trump Administration To Ease Russian Sanctions

Something strange happened in the days immediately preceding Trump's airstrikes on Syria: first Germany, then Italy, refused to join the US-led effort, which ultimately also included the UK and France. Commenting on this curious split within the European core, we said that "there are at least two European nations who remember that when it gets cold in the winter, there is one country they call to provide the natural gas they need for heating. Russia"

Apr 23 10:52

Did The West Just Lose World War III By Forfeit?

Almost immediately upon reports of the staged chemical attack in Douma on April 7, speculation began as to the likely response from the west – which in reality meant from the United States, in turn meaning from President Donald J. Trump. Would Trump, who had repeatedly spoken harshly of his predecessors’ destructive and pointless misadventures in the Middle East, and who just days earlier had signaled his determination to withdraw the several thousand Americans (illegally) stationed in Syria, see through the obvious deception?

Apr 23 10:47

Haley is representative of US Deep State, an enemy of Russia: Analyst

US Ambassador to the United Nations Nikki Haley is the representative of the US Deep State, which is determined to go to war with Russia, says E. Michael Jones, a political analyst in Indiana.

Jones, a writer, former professor, media commentator and the current editor of the Culture Wars magazine, made the remarks in a phone interview with Press TV on Saturday.

US President Donald Trump has reportedly invited Russian President Vladimir Putin during a phone conversation for a meeting at the White House.

“On the surface it seems a kind of paradoxical because it looks as if we are engaged in Cold War II, and Russia is the enemy. However, appearances are deceiving here,” Jones said.

“If we take a step back I think the invitation is perfectly consistent with the events of the past month,” he added.

Apr 23 09:53

Another Dodgy British Dossier: the Skripal Case

The British government shared what was supposedly a dossier containing sensitive intelligence to convince allies and EU member states to support its accusation of Russian culpability in the poisoning of Sergei and Yulia Skripal in Salisbury, England on March 4.

But like the infamous 2003 “dodgy dossier” prepared at the direction of Prime Minister Tony Blair to justify British involvement in the U.S. invasion of Iraq, the intelligence dossier on the Salisbury poisoning turns out to have been based on politically-motivated speculation rather than actual intelligence

Apr 23 09:45

Ukraine’s far-right honors SS unit, but guess what the Western MSM is really worried about

A notorious Waffen SS division is celebrated with an exhibition of swastikas, Nazi attire and pictures in Lvov, Ukraine, but for some Western journalists, the greater concern is how the Russian media will cover it.

As neo-Nazi extremists prepared to celebrate Adolf Hitler’s birthday on April 20 across Germany, Ukraine’s far-right set up an open-air exhibition in the city of Lvov to mark the 75th anniversary of the formation of the 1st Galician Division, a notoriously cruel SS fighting force made up predominantly of Ukrainian volunteers.

Dressed in Nazi uniforms of the era, local right-wing extremists organized a display of photographs rarely seen in public before. Nazi-made weapons, vehicles, ammunition, and personal items pertaining to the Galician Division were also exhibited. The event, which will run until May 6, was opened as a precursor to a neo-Nazi march which organizers plan to hold on April 28.

Apr 23 09:44

German MPs want Moscow back in G8, say peace in Europe possible ‘only with Russia’

The West should resume meaningful dialog with Moscow on all major international issues, and Russia should be invited to return to the G7, German opposition lawmakers say.

“If the West seriously intends to engage in a constructive dialog with Russia, it would be the right moment to do it now,” the head of the parliamentary faction of the Left Party, Sahra Wagenknecht, told DPA news agency. She added that the G7 group should once again become the G8.

Apr 23 09:06

BEX ALERT - Former Russian spy codenamed ‘Gordon’ is ‘identified by police as suspect in poisoning of Sergei and Yulia Skripal’…but officers fear they will never be able to catch him

British intelligence investigating the Salisbury poisonings have identified a Russian assassin who could be behind the attack.

Codenamed 'Gordon', the 54-year-old former FSB spy is thought to use the cover name Mihails Savickis and two other aliases.

However, police fear the suspect has already travelled back to Russia and may never be brought to justice.

British authorities believe there were six agents acting in the poisoning of Sergei Skripal and his daughter Yulia.

Apr 23 08:42

Extended Stay: US Carrier May Reportedly Remain in East Med. to 'Contain' Russia

Earlier this week, a US strike group led by the aircraft carrier Harry S. Truman entered the Mediterranean Sea, six days after the US, Britain and France launched a missile attack on Syria.

The US military is debating whether to keep its aircraft carrier Harry S. Truman near the Middle East instead of rotating it after a set period of time, according to the Defense News website.

It quoted US Defense Department officials as saying that the move is still under discussion and that it "would be a response to "increasingly assertive Russian activities in the region," while also being in line with Washington's new National Defense Strategy.

Apr 23 08:37

US Acting Secretary of State Sullivan calls on Ukraine’s authorities to raise gas tariffs

U.S. Acting Secretary of State John Sullivan at a meeting with Ukraine’s Foreign Minister Pavel Klimkin has called on the Ukrainian authorities to raise gas tariffs as well as to establish an anti-corruption court, State Department Spokesperson Heather Nauert told reporters.

"He urged Ukraine to redouble reform efforts and adhere to IMF programs by adopting legislation to establish a truly independent anti-corruption court and raising gas tariffs to import parity levels," she said.

Sullivan met with Ukrainian Foreign Minister Pavel Klimkin on April 21, on the margins of the G7 Foreign Ministers’ Meeting in Toronto, Canada.

Apr 23 08:20

Austrian Politician on EU-Russia Sanctions: 'The Negative Circle Must Be Broken'

Russia's Crimea is hosting the 2018 Yalta Economic Forum. The event is being held just a few weeks after several European nations decided to expel Russian diplomats and to follow Washington’s lead in toughening sanctions against Moscow. Austria wasn’t among the «hardliners». Sputnik sat down with Detlef Wimmer – the deputy mayor of Austria’s Linz.

Apr 23 08:14

‘Even Cold War did not come to this’: Moscow slams US after Bolshoi ballet dancers denied entry

Washington is trying to “fence off” Americans from Russians with a “visa wall,” the Russian Foreign Ministry said regarding the visa denial of Russian Bolshoi Theater performers.

Moscow has slammed the US for “artificially” creating conditions to halt the issuance of visas. “Even during the Cold War it did not come to this,” the Russian Foreign Ministry said in a statement on Saturday, adding that art has always served for easing tensions and “melting the ice of distrust.”

Apr 22 17:25

US respected Russia’s red lines in Syria during air strikes, says Lavrov

Russia’s foreign minister has said the US sought out and respected Moscow’s positions in Syria when it launched its air strikes last week.

Sergey Lavrov noted that despite the escalating tensions between Moscow and Washington, the US made sure it did not harm any Russian personnel and positions during the strikes against the regime of President Bashar Assad following a suspected chemical attack on the town of Douma.

“We told them where our red lines were, including the geographical red lines,” Mr Lavrov told Russian state television. “The results have shown that they haven’t crossed those lines.”

Apr 22 06:20

US Carrier May Reportedly Remain in East Med. to 'Contain' Russia

The Defense News website quoted US Defense Department officials as saying that the move is still under discussion and that it "would be a response to "increasingly assertive Russian activities in the region," while also being in line with Washington's new National Defense Strategy, Sputnik reported.

At the same time, Defense News reported that the Harry S. Truman staying on in Europe "would be a major departure from the normal rotational presence missions the Navy has conducted since Operation Desert Storm, in which a trip through 'The Ditch' is almost a foregone conclusion."

Additionally, the aircraft carrier's deployment in the Mediterranean should "serve as an imposing reminder" of US President Donald Trump's warning against the alleged use of chemical weapons by the Syrian government forces, according to the Defense News.


Apr 21 13:12

VIDEO: Syrian Army armor, artillery and shock troops pulverize ISIL’s first line of defense in south Damascus

Syrian Army is kickin the crap out of Donald's terrorists with their shiny new Russian weapons.
Great combat footage.

The footage shows the Syrian Army employing a tremendous amount of artillery (including rocket forces), armor and shock troops against ISIL in the districts of Yarmouk Camp and Hajjar al-Aswad.

Apr 21 10:11

Putin Warns Russian Students Living In Britain: "Come Home Immediately"

Facing the "noticeable negative impact of Russophobic attitudes," Russian authorities have launched a campaign aimed at bringing home young people studying in the UK and other Western countries.

Apr 21 09:56

Russia entrusts its gold to no one, has zero bullion in US

The Central Bank of Russia keeps all its bullion at home, since only in Russia can its gold be completely safe, according to Anatoly Aksakov, the chairman of the State Duma Committee on Financial Markets.

Answering a question about Turkey’s decision to repatriate its gold from the US Federal Reserve, Aksakov said: "We do not have a gold reserve in the US, we have only Forex (foreign exchange) reserves abroad. No one can lay hands on our gold."