Oct 10 09:54

Kids Playing Outdoors May Have Better Eyes

By Mae Chan

The ready availability of technology may make the children of today faster at configuring a new smartphone, but does all of that screen time affect the development of their eyes?

While conventional wisdom dictates that children should do less up-close viewing, sit farther from the television and perhaps even wear their eyeglasses less, we have found in recent studies that another factor may be at play: Kids need to go outside, and, if not play, at least get some general exposure to outdoor light...

Oct 10 09:54

Health Insurers in Florida Request Premium Rate Hikes as High as 71%

Obamacare plan premiums may increase an average of 45 percent in Florida next year due to health care insurers rate hike requests, according to Florida's Office of Insurance Regulation.

There are six insurers in Florida selling plans on and off the exchanges in 2018 including Blue Cross and Blue Shield, Celtic Insurance Company, Florida Health Care Plan, Health First Commercial Plans, Health Options, and Molina Healthcare of Florida.

Molina Healthcare requested the highest rate increase of 71.2 percent. Individuals with this coverage can expect their monthly premium to increase from $402 to $688.

Oct 10 09:12

WARNING Fracking An Inconvenient Truth Watch Learn about Fracking Shale Gas what they dont say

Oct 10 08:47

A major quake in Chile the 4th in 36 hours 9 volcanoes showing activity and a Coronal hole on our Sun facing Earth the ring of fire is flexing it's muscles

Oct 10 08:46


a Palma was rocked by more than 40 seismic movements of low magnitude and intensity between 1.5 and 2.7 on the Richter scale, according to the data of the National Geographic Institute.

The biggest earthquake, recorded at around 1pm on Saturday, had a magnitude of 2.7 and took place in the area of the Natural Park Cumbre Vieja, 28 kilometres deep.

The second largest quake, of 2.6, took place at 1.23pm on Sunday in the same area, while the third quake erupted at midnight on Monday, reaching a magnitude of 2.1, according to the Volcanological Institute of the Canary Islands (Involcan).

Webmaster's Commentary: 

While not on the Ring of Fire, this is of concern as the entire western-facing side of Cumbre Vieja is showing signs of slippage into the ocean. Were there to be a massive landslide triggered by quakes/eruption, the resulting mega-tsunami would wreck much of the east coast of the US.

Oct 10 08:30

The USDA Dietary Guidelines Committee Gets The Spanking It Deserves

Among other things, the report finds that the guidelines process for reviewing the scientific evidence falls short of meeting the “best practices for conducting systematic reviews,” and advises that “methodological approaches and scientific rigor for evaluating the scientific evidence” need to “be strengthened.”

In other words, the Dietary Guidelines for Americans are far from the “gold standard” of science and dietary advice they need to be. In fact, they may be doing little to improve our health at all.

Oct 10 07:40

M 6.3 - 36km SSW of Putre, Chile

Oct 10 06:19

Congress Should Investigate the Organic Scam

Consumers have been duped with fraudulently labeled foods.

lawmakers just introduced a bill that would nearly triple the budget for the USDA’s National Organic Program (NOP), the federal agency in charge of overseeing the U.S. organic market. But before we hand over more tax dollars to this feckless bureaucracy, Congress should demand hearings about NOP’s complicity in what might be the biggest consumer scam in decades: the sale of phony organic food.

Last month, the USDA’s inspector general released a shocking report detailing widespread fraud throughout the global organic-food supply chain and noting the failure of federal officials to ensure the integrity of the organic market in the U.S. The report is proof that millions of consumers have been — and are still being — duped, buying pricier “organic” products that do not meet federal organic standards>>>

Oct 09 15:51

Bali volcano: Earth set to become cooler after Mount Agung erupts

BALI’s largest volcano, Mount Agung, looks set to erupt any day now and the event will have a shocking impact on the world’s temperature.

Even though the enormous volcano is likely to spew out molten lava and vast amounts of ash and sulphur dioxide, the Earth is actually set to become a little bit cooler.

The gases and dust particles thrown into the atmosphere during the eruption will help cool the planet by shading incoming solar radiation - effectively providing a partial sun block.

WEBMASTER COMMENT: This is not accurate. It merely moves the absorption of sunlight from the ground to the haze.

Meanwhile, the sulphur dioxide reacts with the water vapour in the air to form droplets of sulphuric acid.

These droplets accumulate in the Earth’s stratosphere and form a haze, which acts as a barrier to UV rays and results in a cooling effect.

Oct 09 15:48

Where HAVE all the insects gone? Experts warn windscreens free of dead flies, gnats, moths and wasps signal an alarming decline in bugs

Have you noticed you're scrubbing fewer squashed flies off your windscreen of late?

You're not alone. Drivers across the UK have been reporting an absence of flies, gnats, wasps and moths on their vehicles - prompting fears from scientists that such insects could be in decline.

And this is no new phenomenon, with experts noting a decline in insect numbers over the past few decades.

Oct 09 15:03

Asthma attacks cut in half by vitamin D supplements, study finds

Researchers examined the individual data of 955 study subjects in seven previous randomized controlled trials. They found that the rate of asthma attacks which required steroid treatments or injections was lowered by 30 percent, from 0.43 attacks per person a year to 0.30. Moreover, they found that the risk of experiencing at least one asthma attack that required hospitalization was reduced by 50 percent.

Oct 09 15:00

Opioid prescription drug deaths dwarf shooting deaths, yet there’s no call to ban Big Pharma

According to federal statistics, opioid prescription drugs killed 33,091 Americans in 2015 alone. Estimates put those numbers above 36,000 deaths for 2017.

The death toll at the Las Vegas Mandalay massacre was 59 (so far). Though a horrifying tragedy, opioid drugs alone are killing 560 times more people each year than died in the Vegas tragedy.

This means that opioid drugs alone are causing the near-equivalent of two Las Vegas massacres PER DAY in terms of the number killed.

Oct 09 14:57

Plastic particles are found in up to 80 per cent of mussels taken from British beaches

Plastic rubbish has been found in up to 80 per cent of mussels taken from British beaches.

The pollution is a worrying sign of the scale of the amount of plastic rubbish in our seas, scientists said.

The ‘microplastics’ come from the breakdown of old water bottles, plastic bags and a myriad of other debris.

Oct 09 11:42


Most people eat chicken eggs for their high protein content and healthy fats – but in the future eggs could ward off diseases, such as cancer and hepatitis. That’s because researchers at Japan’s National Institute of Advanced Industrial Science and Technology (AIST) have genetically engineered chickens to lay eggs that contain drugs capable of boosting the immune system. The controversial technique was developed to make pharmaceutical drugs more affordable and, as a result, more accessible.

Oct 09 09:47

Plague is Starting in Africa

Panic has ensued in Madagascar where a recent outbreak of the plague has claimed the lives of at least 24 people. Prime Minister Olivier Mahafaly Solonandrasana has announced a ban on all public gatherings and demonstrations in effect until the outbreak can be contained.
The plague is a deadly disease caused by the Yersinia pestis bacteria. It usually begins as the bubonic plague, which is spread from small mammals (such as rats) and fleas to humans. If detected early, the bubonic plague can generally be treated and controlled with antibiotics and proper environmental measures. However, half of all reported cases in Madagascar are the pneumonic plague –- the deadliest form of the disease.

The pneumonic plague is transmitted person to person. Since this form of the plague is airborne, it spreads extremely rapidly and can have catastrophic consequences. Those who contract the pneumonic plague must be treated immediately as it can be fatal within less than 24 hours of onset.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

If you have been to, or from, Madagascar recently, please go to your local health provider and get tested, and possibly pre-emptively treated.

If you have even been thinking about going to Madagascar for any reason, please don't, until this has been irradicated.

Oct 09 09:14

California Hepatitis A Outbreak on Verge of Statewide Epidemic

California health officials have reported that at least 569 people have been infected with the hepatitis A liver disease and 17 have died since a San Diego County outbreak was first identified in November. Cases have migrated north to homeless populations in Los Angeles, Santa Cruz, San Francisco and Sacramento over the last 11 months.

Although local and state authorities have tried to underplay the risks and severity of the outbreak, the most recent annual totals for cases of hepatitis A in the United States was 1,390 in 2015, according to the Center for Disease Control (CDC). California only reported 179 cases during the same year.

Oct 09 09:13

San Diego’s hepatitis A outbreak is among nation’s worst in decades

Experts say San Diego took all the right steps in addressing what is now one of the largest hepatitis A outbreaks the country has had in decades, but variables unique to the city’s situation contributed to the outbreak.

Oct 09 08:59

The FBI’s Hunt for Two Missing Piglets Reveals the Federal Cover-Up of Barbaric Factory Farms

This article includes graphic images some readers may find disturbing.

FBI AGENTS ARE devoting substantial resources to a multistate hunt for two baby piglets that the bureau believes are named Lucy and Ethel. The two piglets were removed over the summer from the Circle Four Farm in Utah by animal rights activists who had entered the Smithfield Foods-owned factory farm to film the brutal, torturous conditions in which the pigs are bred in order to be slaughtered.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

We need to have a national conversation about the humane raising of animals we eat, and even some big box outlets are getting the message that inhumane raising of food animals is not what consumers want.

Remember Sinclair Lewis' masterwork "The Jungle", about the horrific state of a meat packing plant, which spurred Congress to create some legislation regarding standards?!?

We seem to be right back to square one, with these horrific conditions witnessed at Springfield.

Oct 09 08:51

Drug resistanceMassive increase in antimicrobials use in animals to lead to widespread drug resistance in humans

Homeland Security News Wire
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Drug resistance
Massive increase in antimicrobials use in animals to lead to widespread drug resistance in humans
Published 9 October 2017Share|
The amount of antimicrobials given to animals destined for human consumption is expected to rise by a staggering 52 percent and reach 200,000 tons by 2030 unless policies are implemented to limit their use, according to new research. represent an alarming revision from already pessimistic estimates made in 2010, pushed up mostly by recent reports of high antimicrobial use in animals in China.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

At least for the moment, the answers are simple for an educated consumerm who understands the risks here.

Demand from the managers of the stores where you shop that there should be a selection of non-gmo/non-antibiotic treated meat to choose from; otherwise, you will shop elsewhere.

Oct 09 08:23

Hidden 'megathrust' fault could hammer New Zealand with 8.4 quake

An 8.4 magnitude quake off the East Coast of New Zealand could release 2000 times more energy than the 2011 Christchurch earthquake, experts say.

It could cause a "megathrust" earthquake, and the dangers it poses are being discussed at a summit in Napier this week – with local councils, iwi and civil defence involved.

The potential risk comes from the Hikurangi subduction zone, a massive fault line running from Marlborough and right past the East Coast where the Pacific and Australian tectonic plates collide.

Oct 09 08:22

WHO Warns of Dangerous Madagascar Pneumonic Plague Outbreak

The plague outbreak in Madagascar island has resulted in some 200 confirmed infections and more than 30 deaths since August. Although the disease is endemic to the Indian Ocean island nation, with hundreds of cases reported annually, it normally hits in the form of Bubonic plague, transmitted when people are bitten by infected fleas carried by rats. Those outbreaks generally occur in remote rural areas of the island.

Oct 08 16:07

M 6.6 - 60km E of Buldir Island, Alaska

Oct 08 12:32

Bill on Guardianship Abuse Goes to Trump—But What Does it Actually Fix?

By Janet Phelan

Senate Bill 178, The Robert Matava Elder Abuse Prosecution Act of 2017, has passed both the Senate and House and has gone to the President for signing into law. The Bill contains provisions on multiple issues involving abuse of older people, including telemarketing scams and elders incarcerated in foreign countries.

The Bill also takes a stab at addressing guardianship abuse, which has now become rampant in the US. This sort of elder abuse, however, involves multiple levels of government officials, including judges, officers of the court, non-responsive APS and police agencies, as well as already documented complicity by the very Department of Justice which is now mandated with investigating these crimes...

Oct 08 08:52

Dramatic eruption of Popocatepetl volcano sends column of ash and gas 3000 meters above crater

Today, Oct. 7th, the Popocatepetl volcano in Mexico exploded dramatically, sending a plume of ash and gas more than 3,000 meters above the crater.

This last eruption is part of a strong volcanic unrest of the Mexican volcano that has started this week and has put residents of nearby areas on alert.

Oct 08 08:18

Massive increase in antimicrobials use in animals to lead to widespread drug resistance in humans

The amount of antimicrobials given to animals destined for human consumption is expected to rise by a staggering 52 percent and reach 200,000 tons by 2030 unless policies are implemented to limit their use, according to new research.

Oct 08 08:00

Don't Let Gravity Bring You Down (42 pics

These people have had it and they've decided once and for all to show gravity who's boss.

Oct 08 07:56

STATIN WARNING: Patients ‘used as guinea pigs’ - shock claim from experts

Cardiologist Aseem Malhotra told a conference that doctors were unwittingly practising “unethical medicine” by prescribing statins which he said offered little or no benefit to patients at low risk of heart disease.

He also claimed patients were not being told the true benefits and harms of the cholesterol lowering drug.

His comments have fuelled the debate surrounding the group of medicines, the most widely prescribed treatment in the UK given to up to 12 million patients, or around one in four adults.

Oct 08 07:27

M 6.1 - 153km NW of Pangai, Tonga

Oct 08 07:07


Oct 07 20:17

12 Proven Ways to Drastically Reduce Your Colon Cancer Risk

We all know that food is medicine, but when it comes to drastically reducing your colon cancer risk, it could not be truer. Simply making a few dietary tweaks can slash your colon cancer risk. Here are the 12 proven ways to do so.

Oct 07 07:48


The U.S. Army secretly tested carcinogenic chemicals on unknowing residents of Canada in Winnipeg and Alberta during the Cold War in testing linked to weaponry involving radioactive ingredients meant to attack the Soviet Union, according to classified documents revealed in a new book Behind the Fog: How the U.S. Cold War Radiological Weapons Program Exposed Innocent Americans by Lisa Martino-Taylor, an associate professor of sociology at St. Louis Community College.

The incidents occurred between July 9, 1953 and Aug 1, 1953 when they sprayed six kilograms of zinc cadmium sulfide onto unsuspecting citizens of Winnipeg from U.S. Army planes. The Army then returned 11 years later in 1964 and repeated the experiments in other parts of Canada including Suffield, Alta. and Medicine Hat, Alta., according to Martino-Taylor, National Post reported.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Apparently, neither the US nor Candian government gave a rat's anus about to what happend to the people exposed; they were "simply expendable" in the name of a scientific experiment.

Oct 07 07:36

The Palatability of Cancer Prevention

The most extensive report on diet and cancer in history is constantly being updated with all the new research. As I discuss in my video The Palatability of Cancer Prevention, in its update on colorectal cancer a few years ago, various meats were implicated, including processed meat as “a convincing cause of colorectal cancer,” which is its highest level of evidence that “effectively means ‘beyond reasonable doubt.’”

Oct 07 07:21


Oct 06 19:04

Do you want coke with those fries? Night shift manager at Bronx McDonald's is arrested for selling COCAINE with meals (6 Pics)

A McDonald's manager was arrested early Wednesday after he was caught serving customers a side of cocaine with their burgers and fries.

Frank Guerrero, 26, was captured by authorities after they received a tip on the suspicious matter and sent an undercover cop to the fast food joint located on Bruckner Boulevard in Soundview, Bronx.

Oct 06 17:27

REVEALED: U.S. Tested Carcinogenic Chemicals On Unknowing Canadian Civilians During The Cold War

By Aaron Kesel

The U.S. Army secretly tested carcinogenic chemicals on unknowing residents of Canada in Winnipeg and Alberta during the Cold War in testing linked to weaponry involving radioactive ingredients meant to attack the Soviet Union, according to classified documents revealed in a new book Behind the Fog: How the U.S. Cold War Radiological Weapons Program Exposed Innocent Americans by Lisa Martino-Taylor, an associate professor of sociology at St. Louis Community College.

The incidents occurred between July 9, 1953 and Aug 1, 1953 when they sprayed six kilograms of zinc cadmium sulfide onto unsuspecting citizens of Winnipeg from U.S. Army planes. The Army then returned 11 years later in 1964 and repeated the experiments in other parts of Canada including Suffield, Alta. and Medicine Hat, Alta., according to Martino-Taylor, National Post reported...

Oct 06 15:37

Synthetic biology “breakthrough” could allow your body’s cells to be hacked with BIO-MALWARE that takes over cellular function

It seems like with every modern scientific “breakthrough” we become more vulnerable as a species. The latest such leap for mankind was announced recently in the journal Nucleic Acids Research, and involves programming cells to fight diseases like cancer and the flu. The research team, led by Professor Alfonso Jaramillo of the University of Warwick, claims that this new technology can also be harnessed to reverse agricultural issues, while strengthening plants against pest issues and making them more resilient in general.

While this all sounds good on the surface, all genetic engineering carries an element of risk, and this particular type of meddling could make us vulnerable to being hacked with bio-malware that could take control of all the cellular functioning of our bodies.

Oct 06 13:53

New research - Morgellons proven to be a real disease

Morgellons has historically been linked to genetically modified organisms (GMOs; a specific bacteria known as Agrobacterium)(4), Lyme Disease (1,6,9), immune weakness (1,2) and environmental toxicity (1,2,6).

According to researchers at the State University of New York, "Agrobacterium represents a universal gene and protein transfer machine" (7) and hence laboratory (genetically modified) creations now have the ability to alter the DNA of humans (4). Hence, agrobacterium allows horizontal transfer of DNA and would be a likely culprit in the creation of Morgellons although other environmental factors appear to also be involved.

Oct 06 12:52

Shinmoedake volcano Japan is the latest ring of fire colossus to rumble back to life after volcanic tremors are observed in the area

The Meteorological Agency has raised warning levels against volcanic eruptions by one notch for the Shinmoedake peak in the Kirishima mountain range on the border between Kagoshima and Miyazaki prefectures.
The agency took the step late Thursday night, saying it issued a Level 2 warning for Shinmoedake in light of a recent series of small volcanic tremors observed in the area.
A Level 2 warning restricts entry to areas near the mouth, while a Level 1 warning only tells the public the existence of a volcano.

Oct 06 12:47

Ominous Earthquake Swarm At Yellowstone Supervolcano Now One Of Longest Ever Recorded

The rumblings beneath the formerly dormant supervolcano known as the Yellowstone caldera just won’t quit. And the ongoing earthquake swarm at the Yellowstone National Park supervolcano is now one of the longest ever recorded, having started on June 12.

Over the past three and a half months, almost 2,500 earthquakes have been recorded in the western part of the national park. This is on par with the biggest swarm ever recorded, where more than 3,000 earthquakes took place over three months, Newsweek reports.

In its latest monthly update about activity at Yellowstone, the US Geological Survey said 115 earthquakes had been reported in the park during September. Of these, 78 were part of the ongoing swarm 6 miles north of West Yellowstone. The biggest event in the swarm last month was magnitude 2.3.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

I'm no volcanoligist, but this... is intense.

Oct 06 12:23

At least 22 people killed as Tropical Storm "Nate" hits Central America

As of early October 6, 2017, Tropical Storm "Nate" is blamed for the deaths of at least 22 people, 15 in Nicaragua and 7 in Costa Rica. However, there are 15 people still missing in Costa Rica and the death toll is expected to rise. The storm hit Nicaragua and Honduras on Thursday and is expected to hit or pass very near the Yucatan Peninsula before it enters warm waters and rapidly strengthens on its way toward US Gulf Coast.

Oct 06 12:23

M6.0 earthquake hits off Japan parallel to the Fukushima prefecture

The Pacific Tsunami Warning Center currently says there are no tsunami advisories or watches in place.

Oct 06 09:26

Electric car breakthrough - Battery with 200 miles of range can be recharged in MINUTES

Toshiba this week unveiled a new type of battery that uses a new “titanium niobium oxide” anode material.

The company claims that the battery is destined for the automotive industry and can achieve a range of 200 miles (320km) on a single charge.

This may not blow anyone away but with a claimed recharge speed of six minutes, it could be a revolutionary.

Oct 06 09:24

Mexico volcano on BRINK of eruption: Three blasts EXPLODE out of Popocatepetl in TWO hours

THE Popocatepetl in Mexico has erupted three times, throwing debris almost a kilometre away.

Oct 06 09:03

Split of Antarctic iceberg the size of Delaware has revealed an underwater ecosystem that has been hidden for 120,000 years (but scientists warn it could soon die out)

An iceberg the size of Delaware that broke away from an ice shelf in the Antarctic Peninsula in July is beginning to reveal an undersea ecosystem.

The ecosystem - which may include new species - has thrived under sea ice in Antarctica for up to 120,000 years, but could soon die out, experts have warned.

The race is on to reach the Southern Ocean by the hemisphere's summer, to allow biologists to assess the unique environment before the loss of the ice causes it to change.

Oct 06 08:52

Tropical Storm Nate is expected to strengthen as it moves across NW Caribbean today FRIDAY and central Gulf of Mexico this weekend.

Oct 05 17:42

American Heart Association Says Meditation May Reduce Heart Disease

By Derrick Broze

The American Heart Association has joined the chorus of voices recognizing the benefits of a regular meditation practice. In a statement titled, “Meditation and Cardiovascular Risk Reduction: A Scientific Statement From the American Heart Association,” the AHA calls meditation a “potential attractive cost?effective adjunct to more traditional medical therapies.”

The AHA conducted a systematic review of the studies on potential benefits of meditation on cardiovascular risk and found that, “Overall, studies of meditation suggest a possible benefit on cardiovascular risk.”...

Oct 05 14:12

CONFIRMED: Vegas Shooting Suspect Prescribed Dangerous Drugs – Just Like Many Previous Mass Shooters

While many in mainstream media are quick to blame weapons themselves for the criminal actions of wicked individuals, the linkage between the consumption of psychotropic drugs and mass shootings in the United States is the real story. While all people on psychotropic drugs are not mass shooters, most mass shooters are on psychotropic drugs.

Oct 05 14:03

Black Tea Found To Help With Weight Loss Too

Sometimes it takes awhile for science to widen their scope of study. Poor black tea! It has lived in the shadow of green tea’s health benefits…

Oct 05 13:48

CRISPR Human Gene Editing 101

GENE EDITING: A summary overview of the science, research, regulations, ethics and hazards of Gene Editing/CRISPR

Oct 05 12:30

Over half of new cancer drugs 'show no benefits' for survival or wellbeing.

Of 48 cancer drugs approved between 2009-2013, 57% of uses showed no benefits and some benefits were ‘clinically meaningless’, says BMJ study.

Oct 05 09:26

MEDICAL SHOCKER: Baby foreskin from circumcisions being used to manufacture vaccines that are injected into other babies

It seems like whenever we start thinking that the ugly truth about vaccines couldn’t get any worse, another dangerous or disgusting fact surfaces. One such fact that many parents are not aware of, is that the foreskins of babies who are circumcised are sometimes sold off to Big Pharma developers for the research and growth of vaccines. Hidden in the fine print of the consent forms that parents sign when they agree to having their baby boys circumcised, is permission for the foreskin to be sold to such companies. Of course, most of these parents would be appalled if they knew, as would the parents who allow their children to receive such vaccines.

Oct 05 07:06


Oct 05 06:51

Superbolide fireball explodes in the sky of China changing night into day

Oct 05 06:49

Mother who refused to vaccinate son gets 7 days behind bars

Rebecca Bredow's anti-vaccination stance landed her in the big house.

The Detroit mother was sentenced to one week in jail on Wednesday when she appeared in court for failing to comply with the court's order, according to 7 Action News.

Bredow was found in contempt of court for refusing to vaccinate her 9-year-old son after being ordered by a judge to do so.

"I would rather sit behind bars standing up for what I believe in, than giving in to something I strongly don't believe in," Bredow said in court.

According to 7 Action News reporter Brian Abel's tweets from the courtroom, the judge informed Bredow that her son would be vaccinated today regardless and that Bredow could go to jail for contempt or not, it was her choice.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

the Occupied, Unhinged, Surveilled States of America have become a very interesting place, with regard to children and their parents; parents no longer have control of their children, but when it comes to vaccination, the State has full control, and can punish the parent with its full force for refusing vaccination for their child.

As soon as she is out of court, Rebecca Bredow needs to have her son tested for the presence of nagalase in his body. The ugly reality is, nagalase is now a component of most vaccines, and works against the body's ability to process vitamin D, which blocks disease naturally.

REVEALED: Cancer industry profits 'locked in' by nagalase molecule injected into humans via vaccines... spurs tumor growth... explains aggressive vaccine push

Oct 05 06:40

Top Democratic Senator Urges State Department to Not Send Collection of Jewish Artifacts Back to Iraq

On Tuesday, Schumer — the Senate minority leader from New York — stated, “This collection does not belong to the Iraqi government, it belongs to the ancient and proud Iraqi Jewish community — many now here in the States — that was exiled many years ago and forced to leave their belongings behind.”

“It’s disheartening that parchments of a Torah scroll and prayer books were discovered in such poor condition inside a flooded Baghdad Intelligence Center,” he went on to say. “After the United States preserved this ancient collection, it makes no sense to return the items to the Iraqi government, where they will no longer be accessible to the Jewish community. Therefore, I am once again urging the State Department to do everything in their power to ensure that these treasured artifacts remain available and accessible to Jews worldwide.”

Oct 05 06:36

Highly contagious plague in Madagascar kills dozens

Madagascar is struggling to contain an outbreak of plague in several cities. Over 20 people have died. Plague can be treated when diagnosed early, says WHO Madagascar country representative Charlotte Ndiaye.

Oct 05 06:19

Norway's Psychiatric Patients Given Shock Treatment Without Consent

No fewer than 40 patients at Norwegian psychiatric institutions have been given electric therapy over the last three years without ever giving consent, a disturbing report has revealed, triggering an ethical debate on the acceptability of such treatment, which is known to have irreversible side-effects.

Oct 05 06:11

The Fuego Volcano in south Guatemala explodes one of "the largest recorded eruptions" in the volcano's history

The Fuego Volcano in south Guatemala burst into life on Wednesday plumes of ash blew into the sky in what has been described as one of "the largest recorded eruptions" in the volcano's history.

Oct 04 16:51

U.S. Based Charity Is Robbing Mexico’s Indigenous Communities of Water

By Derrick Broze

A religious charity based in the United States claims to be helping the poor, but in reality, Living Water is contributing to a shrinking water supply for Mexico’s indigenous communities.

A report from Open Democracy details a disturbing system of corporate and state privilege and theft of indigenous resources. Journalist Tamara Pearson investigated the situation in Puebla, Mexico, specifically looking at the activities of Coca Cola, the charity Living Water, and non-profit Techo. “Here, people living in the wealthy part of town get all the water they need, and Coca Cola gets first dibs on the best water in the state. Meanwhile, the rest us get running water for half an hour a week, or none at all,” Pearson writes...

Oct 04 15:54

Mike Adams Breaks Down How Prozac is 94% Fluoride!

Oct 04 15:30


This website, DOGS AGAINST FLUORIDATION, is a collection of dog photos along with Fluoride information in the quest to have the City of Dallas stop adding Fluoride to the Metropolitan Water Supply (which includes 25 suburbs, like Irving, Grand Prairie, Cedar Hill, etc).

Oct 04 14:24

Bad Vibrations: Smart Sex Toys Vulnerable To Hackers, Researchers Find

Security researchers have discovered a vulnerability in smart sex toys, including those made in the US, that allows hackers to easily take control of the devices from the street.

Oct 04 10:15

40 percent of US cancers linked to excess weight

About 40 percent of all cancers in the United States -- more than 630,000 in all -- are associated with excess weight, health officials said Tuesday, urging a renewed focus on prevention.

In a nation where 71 percent of adults are either overweight or obese, the findings by the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention "are a cause for concern," said the agency's director Brenda Fitzgerald.

"A majority of American adults weigh more than recommended -– and being overweight or obese puts people at higher risk for a number of cancers," she said in a statement.

"By getting to and keeping a healthy weight, we all can play a role in cancer prevention."

Carrying excess weight has been shown to boost the risk of 13 types of tumors, including cancers of the esophagus, thyroid, postmenopausal breast, gallbladder, stomach, liver, pancreas, kidney, ovaries, uterus, colon and rectum.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

I'm seeing these numbers, but I do not see at all the hard science behind them, or from where they are derrived.

And of course there is one issue that the CDC is treating as though it were cryptonite, which is the presence of nagalase in vaccines, particulary those created from live viruses.

REVEALED: Cancer industry profits 'locked in' by nagalase molecule injected into humans via vaccines... spurs tumor growth... explains aggressive vaccine push

You have to understand: cancer is more than a disease in Western medicine; it's a huge profit center for the Medical/Industrial Complex.

If people understood how to remain healthy, and avoid illnesses through that golden triangle of research, nutrition, and exercise, the chances are that they wouldn't get as ill with degenerative diseases, like cancer, and... BOOM; there goes the profit margin.

Oct 04 08:27


Webmaster's Commentary: 

For those who believe in a god or gods that command all things to happen, he, she, or they are obviously very pissed at the United States! :)

Oct 03 17:43

Mosquito trap in Florida catches 26,000 bugs in just 16 HOURS as researchers warn of record levels of insects following hurricane Irma

A single mosquito trap in Ridge Manor near Tampa, Florida collected approximately 26,000 mosquitoes in just six hours.

The trap, which ran from 3pm to 7am on Friday, September 29, caught 10 different species of mosquitoes - both daytime and nighttime biters.

The findings are significant because normally during this time of year, a count of less than 500 would be expected.

Oct 03 15:49

'A huge discovery' - Kiwis hail Nobel win

New Zealand scientists have congratulated the winners of this year's Nobel Prize in Physics - and paid tribute to the influential Kiwi mathematician who helped build the body of science their landmark discovery was based on.

Overnight, the coveted honour was awarded to Professor Barry Barish and Professor Kip Thorne, of the California Institute of Technology, and Professor Rainer Weiss, Massachusetts Institute of Technology, for their ground-breaking work to detect gravitational waves for the first time.

Gravitational waves are ripples, comparable to sound, that travel through space at the speed of light.

Before Barish, Thorne, Weiss and their colleagues at the Advanced Laser Interferometer Gravitational-Wave Observatory (LIGO) last year confirmed their existence, they had only been theorised, having been predicted a century before by Albert Einstein.

Oct 03 11:17

Government Won't Remove Thousands of Tons of Potentially Toxic Chemical Weapons Dumped Off US Coasts

By 1972, when the US officially ended its practice of dumping munitions out to sea, tens of thousands of tons of chemical weapons, conventional munitions and radioactive wastes had been disposed of in the Atlantic Ocean, the Pacific Ocean, and the Gulf of Mexico at sites up and down the nation's coastlines, including Alaska, Hawaii and the Caribbean.

Oct 03 10:01

Full Auto AK47 - 100 Round Drum Mag Dump (Ep34)

The guns used in Vegas were probably AK'S. Take a listen.

I find it interesting that no description of the guns found in Paddock's room have been released, and no photos.

Oct 03 08:52

Bad news! Astroboffins find the stuff of life in space for the first time

Scientists have announced today that a stable organohalogen, a class of compounds normally produced by organisms on Earth, has been detected for the first time in space.

But discovering the faint traces of the chemical known as Freon-40 or methyl chloride (CH3Cl) or chloromethane in places that predate life has dashed hopes of it being used as marker of finding life in space.

Data taken from the Atacama Large Millimeter/submillimeter Array (ALMA) Telescope in Chile and the ROSINA instrument aboard the Rosetta orbiter revealed that organohalogens are present around a young star system, codenamed IRAS 16293-2422, 400 light years away, and the well-known comet 67P/Churyumov-Gerasimenko in our Solar System.

Oct 03 08:05

An Earth-Sized Space Shield to Protect Us From Solar Storms Is Less Crazy Than It Sounds

A new paper by Manasvi Lingam and Avi Loeb from Harvard-Smithsonian Center for Astrophysics is the first to consider the economic impacts of a sizeable solar storm in the future, when our reliance on technology is far greater than it is today. In addition, the authors propose a strategy to mitigate the effects—and they’re not thinking small. Lingam and Loeb say we should construct a massive shield in space, and that the costs would be far lower than having to deal with the aftermath of a solar storm.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

I think it is crazy, compared to simply hardening our electric/electronic systems against solar storms (and EMP attacks).

Oct 03 07:11

America:The Dictatress of The World

When the Constitution called the federal government into existence, the last thing the American people wanted was a powerful military. They were overwhelmingly opposed to what they called “standing armies,” which was a term used describe a big, permanent military establishment. That was why there was Pentagon, no big, permanent military-industrial complex, no CIA, and no NSA for more than 100 years after the country was established. The American people didn’t want those types of governmental apparatuses to be part of our nation’s political system.

The reason Americans were so opposed to standing armies is because they believed that standing armies constituted a grave threat to their freedom and economic well-being. They knew, from both first-hand experience and through history, that dictators and despots used powerful military establishments to destroy the freedom and prosperity of the citizenry, oftentimes in the name of keeping them safe, secure, and prosperous.

Oct 02 22:50

Puerto Rican Cop Reveals The Truth About The Ongoing Humanitarian Crisis From Hurricane Maria

A Hispanic radio station in NYC (La Mega) takes a call from a police officer in Puerto Rico. She tells the truth about the situation on the ground in Puerto Rico in the aftermath of Hurricane Maria and who is to blame for aid not being distributed throughout the island. English subtitles are in the video.

Oct 02 19:19

Sniper 66 - the Charles Whitman Murders Part 1

Charles Whitman was a former Marine who had a Sharpshooters badge.
If not for the good citizens of Texas pulling out their deer rifles he would have killed more people. Once he was receiving return fire the police were able to kill him.

Oct 02 17:41

The “FREE” Press Is NOT Free To Tell The Facts About Vaccines

By Catherine J. Frompovich

Ever since the U.S. Congress gave the U.S. pharmaceutical and vaccine manufacturers a “get out of jail free” card exonerating them of all legal and financial product liabilities, vaccines have proliferated to the point of extreme infringements and health harms upon humans, including their rights to self-determination for themselves and their children.

However, outside the USA there is no such “collusion” going on between government agencies and Big Pharma. Many legal lawsuits against vaccine makers have been filed, especially against those who manufacture the HPV vaccines, which are damaging both male and female youngsters...

Oct 02 11:27

Fluoride Action North Texas Urges the Dallas City Council to Halt Fluoridation Due to Landmark 12 Year Fluoride Study Citing IQ Concerns

Fluoride Action North Texas founder, Regina Imburgia is encouraging people to speak to the Dallas City Council, Ms. Imburgia says, "On Wednesday October 11th, we will go and speak to Mayor Rawlings and the Dallas City Council during the Open Microphone portions of the Council Meeting. Prior to the 11th we are encouraging everyone to call Dallas Council-member and Chair of the Quality of Life and Environment Committee, Sandy Greyson 214-670-4067 informing her about the Landmark 12 year Fluoridation Study that was just published September 19, 2017."

Oct 02 09:47

Best Highlight Clips From 60 Minutes Segment On Hubble Telescope… Spectacular Images From Space…

I'm a science nerd, but these new images are absolutely incredible.


Oct 02 09:08

Yasur Volcano (Tanna Island/Vanuatu)

Oct 02 08:36

The mass shooting problem, like organised terrorism, is a DRUG PROBLEM

The United States has the highest rate per capita use of anti-depressant drugs and boasts the highest consumption of opiates in the world. However, according to the World Health Organisation, the United States is not the country with the highest rates of clinical depression, in spite of US doctors tending to over-diagnose mental disorders in comparison with the global average.

Moreover, there is a clear linkage between criminals who engage in mass shooting attacks and their use of psychotropic anti-depressant drugs. This relationship has been ignored for too long.

Oct 02 06:59

This Photographer Was Born With No Hands And Legs But That Did Not Stop Him From Pursuing His Dream (22 Pics)

If you looked at Indonesian photographer Achmad Zulkarnain’s work before looking at him, you would never guess that he has to use his mouth to turn a camera on. The 24-year-old shutterbug was born without hands and legs, but with a resourceful and passionate spirit.

Oct 01 16:44

Catalonia: What’s Next?

Spain’s repression has failed

by Justin Raimondo Posted on October 01, 2017
As the Spanish government reveals the true nature of its “democratic” pretensions, injuring hundreds in an effort to stop Catalans from voting, one thing is clear: Catalonia is no longer Spanish. In the very effort to prevent the referendum Madrid has handed the victory to the separatists: this is what the sight of Spanish police clubbing people at the polls means. While previous polls showed that the advocates of Catalan independence were neck-and-neck with those opposed, there is every reason to believe that now the overwhelming majority are for secession. The government of Prime Minister Mariano Rajoy has lost whatever legitimacy it once had.

Oct 01 12:25

Don’t look now, but Arctic sea ice mass has grown almost 40% since 2012

Astoundingly, the mainstream media, in spite of having this information at their fingertips, continues to spout the same old global warming nonsense.

Oct 01 09:29

Vermont’s New Experimental Healthcare: Paying Doctors for Keeping Patients HEALTHY

By Paul A. Philips

More and more folks are wising up to the sad fact that our healthcare system would rather see us ill than cured. Illness means mega-bucks for Big Pharma who, in turn, give cash kickbacks to doctors and great business for hospitals…

For many patients this has brought dire consequences, having been prescribed detrimental, highly addictive or useless drugs and unnecessary surgery… However, in response to this and all the connected racketeering such as, for example, the great cancer racket, hospitals in Vermont, U.S.A have devised a different experimental healthcare approach...

Sep 30 18:31

Baby foreskin being used to make vaccines

Baby foreskins are used to research rubella, varicella and human papillomavirus (HPV) vaccines. They are used to make cytomegalovirus vaccines, which is something pharmaceutical companies have been working on the last few decades. This vaccine is being created using foreskin cells and clinical trials have already begun. The child’s DNA whose foreskin was used to make the vaccine cannot be fully removed from the vaccines prior to administration. Researchers are also using foreskin to create a human telomerase reverse transcriptase (hTERT) immortalized cell line for use in vaccines.

Cells isolated from infant foreskin are preferred because the infant cells have a longer lifespan than those isolated from adult foreskin. The ongoing issue with companies using infant foreskin to develop vaccines and other products is vast; only a small fraction can be discussed here.

Sep 30 11:34

The U.S. and Russia Plan To “Build” A Moon Base Together

By Aaron Kesel

The two nations that have been seen as bitter rivals since the Cold War and especially after the American 2016 election which Russia was accused without evidence of hacking are now moving to build a moon base together according to NASA.

NASA and the Russian space agency Roscosmos have announced a new partnership for human exploration of the moon and deep space. Both agencies signed a joint statement on the collaborative effort. It all stems from NASA’s “deep-space gateway” concept, a mission architecture designed to send astronauts into lunar orbit by 2020 (the statement sets a mid-2020s goal for beginning the project.)...

Sep 30 08:30

"Cholera cases in Yemen could reach a million by the end of 2017" - Red Cross

The International Committee of the Red Cross (ICRC) said on Friday that the humanitarian situation in Yemen was catastrophic and that the number of cholera cases in the country could amount to one million by the end of the year.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Cholera has been used as a biological weapon as far back as WW2, when Japan dropped cholera cultures into Chinese wells. Like most biological weapons, cholera has a low secondary communicability, meaning that transmission from one human to another is very low. The primary means of infection is by eating and drinking food and water contaminated with the cholera bacteria. Cholera as a bioweapon is ineffective in modern industrialized nations as cholera can be cured, but is still effective against poorer nations that lack resources for treatment. The paid spread of cholera in Yemen (and for that matter in post-quake Haiti) has caused many to suggest that the outbreak is in fact a biological attack.

Sep 30 07:14

Chicken safety scandal: 2 Sisters faces parliamentary inquiry after revelations

Three of the UK’s biggest supermarket chains have halted deliveries of chicken from a factory belonging to the country’s biggest poultry supplier after undercover filming revealed poor hygiene standards and food safety records being altered.

The 2 Sisters Food Group, which owns the site, is also facing a “short, sharp” parliamentary inquiry in the wake of evidence uncovered by a joint investigation by the Guardian and ITV News, which showed footage of workers altering the source and slaughter date of poultry being processed at the plant in West Bromwich. Experts said their actions could artificially stretch the commercial life of the meat and dupe consumers into buying chicken past its use-by date.

Sep 30 07:13

Revealed: Johnson & Johnson's 'irresponsible' actions over vaginal mesh implant

A vaginal mesh implant made by Johnson & Johnson (J&J) was launched without a clinical trial, and then marketed for five years after the company learned that it had a higher failure rate than their two earlier devices.

Internal company emails disclosed in a US court case, in which a 51-year-old woman was awarded a record $57m in damages this month, also show that senior executives even briefly considered suppressing unfavourable data that “could compromise the future” of the device.

Sep 29 13:58

Even The Cheapest Obamacare Plans Are "Unaffordable" In 94% Of American Cities, New Study Finds

We've frequently warned that Obamacare is locked in an inescapable death spiral that will result in its inevitable failure. The problem is that the folks who make too much to qualify for subsidies (currently defined as roughly $80,000 for a family of 3) are increasingly being priced out of the market for individual insurance by Obamacare's 30%+ price hikes that consistently come year after year. Meanwhile, those "rich" families making $80,000 a year are the ones expected to overpay for their health insurance so that a portion of their premiums can be "spread around a little bit" (as Obama likes to say) to subsidize the premiums of others. Of course, it's easy to see the circularity here as higher premiums equals less "full-paying" customers and less subsidies equals higher premiums...until the whole system collapses.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

This is just completely insane, and until and unless Congress moves its collective derriere with regard to affordable, workable healthcare, more Americans will be priced out of the health care system in this country.

Sep 29 13:27

Americans burdened by Obamacare now face even higher costs

Jim Hansen and his wife considered themselves fortunate when they retired five years ago. The Denver couple, both electrical engineers, were healthy. They'd socked away an ample nest egg. And they found health insurance that, if not cheap, seemed reasonable for two people in their late 50s. Then, the math started to change. Since 2015, the couple's annual premiums have more than tripled and may hit nearly $18,000 next year.

Sep 29 12:32


As you might have guessed, local officials started pushing HepA vaccines in response, which hasn't stemmed the death toll, which is predominately affecting the homeless population.

Sep 29 09:56

Monsanto banned from European parliament amid allegations it interfered with regulations

The European parliament has banned Monsanto lobbyists after the chemical company refused to attend a hearing into allegations that it interfered with safety studies.

Monsanto representatives are now banned from meeting MEPs and attending parliamentary inquiries. It is the first time MEPs have used powers to block access for companies that ignore summons to give evidence.

“One has to assume it is effective immediately,” a spokesman for the parliament’s president Antonio Tajani told the Guardian.

Sep 29 09:43

Mexico hit by over 5,400 aftershocks after September 7 quake

The 8.2-magnitude earthquake which happened on September 7 in southern Mexico caused more than 5,400 aftershocks, which are still continuing, TASS reported Thursday. Up to now, “5,402 aftershocks have been registered in the Isthmus of Tehuantepec,” according to the National Seismological Service. On September 19, Mexico was hit by a destructive 7.1-magnitude earthquake. The death toll from that earthquake has risen to 343, with 204 of the deaths coming in the nation’s capital, AP quoted National Civil Defense chief Luis Felipe Puente as saying Thursday.

Sep 29 09:38

Controversial plans for $1.4bn giant alien hunting telescope on land sacred to Native Hawaiians gets go ahead

A long-running effort to build one of the world's largest telescopes on a mountain sacred to Native Hawaiians is moving forward after a key approval, reopening divisions over a project that promises revolutionary views into the heavens but has drawn impassioned protests over the impact to a spiritual place.

Hawaii's land board granted a construction permit for the $1.4 billion Thirty Meter Telescope atop the state's tallest mountain, called Mauna Kea, but opponents likely would appeal the decision to the state Supreme Court.

Protesters willing to be arrested were successful in blocking construction in the past.

Sep 29 09:12

Fish populations are absolutely COLLAPSING across the oceans of the world… may lead to fall of human civilization

It’s time to update that old saying that “there are plenty of fish in the sea” as scientists warn that the numbers of old fish are declining at an alarming rate, putting future generations of fish and even humans in peril.

According to studies of fisheries in the seas surrounding Europe and the U.S. carried out by University of Washington researchers, populations of older fish have dropped by 72 percent on average. In some specifies, including the Atlantic cod, Pacific cod, Pacific hake, and red snapper, the population of older fish has dropped by more than 95 percent. They found that old fish are completely missing in many populations across the planet.

Sep 29 08:30

MEPs agree to ban Monsanto lobbyists from European Parliament

European MPs agreed that lobbyists representing controversial US-based agricultural giant Monsanto should be barred from the European Parliament after the company refused to attend a hearing on allegations that it influenced studies on the safety of its products.

Sep 29 07:00

More reason to be a prepper: Aid is NOT getting to the people of Puerto Rico because the logistics chain has been destroyed

The problem is that the logistical chain has been destroyed; there’s no way to quickly distribute the tons of food and supplies that are being shipped in, and it’s not clear that food and water will be distributed quickly enough before people start dying.

Sep 29 05:59

Total Individual Control Technology: Insider Exposes How You & Your DNA are Being Targeted

Hopefully this testimony can serve as a wakeup call for those on the fence who can’t quite bring themselves to believe or act. In many ways, time is running out and the net is being drawn tighter and tighter. The more technology advances, the more weapons the cult of power will have to enslave those who stand for truth and freedom. At a certain point, there will literally be nowhere to run or hide. The only option is to face it now before it’s too late.

Sep 28 15:48

Scientists ignored fatal results of TB vaccine, went ahead with trials on human babies

Professor Pete Beverly, a former principal research fellow at Oxford University says that researchers from the university went ahead with human baby trials of a tuberculosis (TB) vaccine booster, known as MVA85A, that had already been tested on monkeys and found not to work. Beverly contends that the scientists ignored concerning data that showed primates given the TB booster shot had a tendency to “die rather rapidly,” and that there was “no evidence whatsoever” that the inoculation even worked. Doesn’t it seem like that’s always the case?

As Daily Mail explains, the experiments on the monkeys first began in 2006 and featured 18 monkeys infected with TB. Of those, just six were given the experimental booster shot that would later be used on infants.

Of the six who were given the booster shot, five “became unwell and had to be put down.”

Sep 28 15:45

The same sewage spilled all over Houston and Florida is routinely spread on food farms across America

In the wake of Hurricanes Irma and Harvey, we’ve been hearing a lot about the dangers of flood waters. Filled with sewage, these waters are complicating life and putting people’s health at risk in the flood zone. It’s a disturbing problem, but if you don’t happen to live in the affected areas, it’s nothing you need to worry about, right?

Unfortunately, there is a good chance that you routinely eat food that comes from farms spread with sewage and don’t even realize it. That’s right; the same sewage that is sounding off health warnings in Texas and Florida is likely on your dinner plate and even the parks where your children play.

Sep 28 12:01

‘Radioactive Russian roulette’: Lake Michigan NPP stays open amid public health concerns

Entergy Corp will keep open its Michigan nuclear plant through to 2022, reversing a decommission plan. Dubbed the “most dangerous atomic reactor in the US,” by activists its continuing operation raises the specter of risks to public health and the environment.

Sep 28 08:56

BREAKING: France to criminally prosecute drug company for false marketing of diabetes drug that killed 2,000 people

How would you feel if a beloved family member died because of the greed of a pharmaceutical company that knowingly continued marketing a deadly drug for 30 years after they found out it could kill people? That is the position of the families of nearly 2,300 French patients who died after using the drug benfluorex – marketed in France under the name Mediator – to treat diabetes. The drug’s history is shrouded in a veil of corruption and cover-ups, but the French government is now pursuing pharma giant Servier to the full extent of the law.

Sep 28 08:54

BREAKING: Statin drug-pushing doctors now targeting blacks and low-education patients for medication prescriptions

As more people start to learn about the dangers of a particular drug and seek alternative remedies, those who make and market these money-making pills shift gears and start targeting less-educated people in hopes of finding new customers. Case in point: A new study has found that most of the people who are being recommended cholesterol-lowering medications like statins in recently revised guidelines come from disadvantaged populations.

The American Heart Association and the American College of Cardiology recently released guidelines that would see 18.6 million more people in the U.S. taking statins. Of those, two thirds are non-Caucasian and have less education or a lower income, while 16 percent do not have health insurance.