Sep 09 07:25

Star Trek: Discovery to tackle Trump-era political divide

If you are a Trump supporter you are now a big mean ugly Klingon. Hollyweird has totally lost it. They just killed the Star Trek franchise

“The Klingons are going to help us really look at certain sides of ourselves and our country. Isolationism is a big theme. Racial purity is a big theme.......

Sep 09 07:14

Double trouble: Mexico is hit by tropical storm Katia, less than 24 hours after devastating 8.1 magnitude earthquake

One day after suffering from a massive 8.2 magnitude earthquake, Mexico is hit with another natural disaster as tropical storm Katia made landfall Friday evening. The US National Hurricane Center said the storm hit Tecolutla in Mexico. State Officials say that Katia is expected to produce a 'total rain accumulations of 10 to 15 inches over northern Veracruz, eastern Hidalgo, and Puebla.'

Sep 09 06:17

Bill Maher: It’s An ‘Inconvenient Truth’ That Climate Change Deniers’ Homes Are In Irma’s Path

With Irma barreling toward the state, Maher also urged people in Florida who were watching his show to “stop” and “get the fuck out right now.”

“I’m seeing colors on the hurricane maps I’ve never seen before,” Maher said, before interpreting them in his own way. “If you see yellow like Trump’s hair, take extra care. If you see orange like his face, shelter in place. Red like his ties to Russia, just evacuate now.”

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Sep 09 05:00

Hurricane Irma headed for “catastrophic” impact… fuel shortages strand Floridians… no escape for many

There’s something to be said about getting out of the way when bad things are headed in your direction. In the same way that you should never stand on the railroad tracks and play chicken with an approaching train, you probably shouldn’t challenge a category-5 hurricane to a game of “who’s the bigger badass.”

Truth be told, Irma is the bigger badass.

Updated storm tracks from the NOAA predict the storm savaging Miami, then barreling its way through Georgia and even Tennessee. Along the way, it’s going to unload outrageous winds on Orlando, Gainesville and possibly even Macon, Georgia. Mass evacuations have been announced and over 650,000 Floridians are currently attempting to flee the state.

Sep 09 04:59

Race/class-baiting attacks against vaccine doubters

“The Vaccine Culture War is heating up. Ground zero is America, Europe and other economically developed countries, where the pharmaceutical industrial complex is raising an iron fist to protect multi-billion dollar profits by disempowering the people.”

“In America, professors and doctors in academia and government are profiling parents by class and race to shame and discredit those challenging vaccine orthodoxy. Elite members of the highest paid professions in our society are using academic journals and mainstream media to openly preach fear, hate, prejudice and discrimination against people who disagree with them about vaccination.”

Sep 09 04:53

Dying Cancer Patients are Being Milked of Every Last Dollar

Recent studies and reports have revealed that terminal cancer patients are frequently given harsh chemotherapy drugs and radiation treatments long after they have been diagnosed as hopeless. In many instances such treatments continue up until the moment of death. As a result, many cancer patients are subjected to needless expense and suffering and little time is left for alternative treatments that otherwise might have saved their lives.

Sep 09 04:46

HURRICANE JOSE - Current Track

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Curving back east. Bermuda now out of danger.

Sep 09 04:37

HURRICANE IRMA - current track

Sep 08 12:39

Nigeria cholera outbreak threatens more than 1 mln people in refugee camps

At least 1.4 million people uprooted by Boko Haram's insurgency in northeast Nigeria are living in 'cholera hotspots', prey to an outbreak of the deadly disease which is sweeping through camps for the displaced, the United Nations said on Thursday.

An estimated 28 people have died from cholera in the conflict-hit region, while about 837 are suspected to have been infected with the disease, including at least 145 children under the age of five, said the U.N. children's agency (UNICEF).

The outbreak was first identified last week in the Muna Garage camp in Maiduguri, the capital of Borno state, which is the heart of jihadist group Boko Haram's brutal eight-year campaign to carve out an Islamic caliphate in northeast Nigeria.

About 1.8 million people have abandoned their homes because of violence or food shortages, U.N. agencies say, and many live in camps for the displaced throughout northeast Nigeria.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

This, like the cholera epidemic in Yemen, is an absolute catastrophe.

Sep 08 12:32

The Slow Poisoning of Our Soldiers, Families on U.S. Bases

While it is generally understood that the U.S. Armed Forces are among the world’s largest polluters, it is not generally recognized that some of the most significant pollution occurs here in the United States at military bases and facilities.

As most pollutants have the greatest effect on those whose immune systems are not fully developed, their impact on military dependent communities, whose populations are disproportionately young children and pregnant women, are of particular concern. Everyone living in communities which host military installations, however, is at great risk, as chronic toxicity—the exposure to and ingestion of toxins over an extended period—can be devastating even to those with fully developed immune systems.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

This government cannot possibly "for the troops" while they allow this slow-mo poisoning of our troops and their families.

This has got to get sorted, and NOW, thank you very much!!

Sep 08 09:52

Quorn changes labelling to reveal mould is main ingredient

The makers of the meat substitute Quorn are changing their labelling in the US to highlight its main ingredient is a type of mould linked to the death of an 11-year-old boy.

Quorn Foods Inc., which makes substitutes for products including mince and sausages, has agreed to clearly label Mycoprotein which can cause an allergic reaction in rare cases. Mycoprotein is made using the Fusarium venenatum fungus in vats, similarly to yoghurt and beer.

The US campaign group the Centre for Science in the Public Interest (CSPI) claimed that around 2,500 consumers have complained of experiencing adverse reactions after eating Quorn products, including anaphylactic shock and vomiting, according to the Daily Mail.

Sep 08 09:03

Not Just Florida: Georgia And South Carolina Face "Catastrophic Storm Surge"

As Hurricane Irma looks to be hurdling straight for a direct hit on Southern Florida, meteorologists from Weather Underground are warning that the most devastating impacts of the storm could be felt much further north in towns along the coast of Georgia and South Carolina where the storm surge could be a catastrophic 20-28 feet high in certain areas. To put that in perspective, Hurricane Katrina in 2005 set a record for the largest storm surge ever recorded along the U.S. coast at 27.8 feet.

Sep 08 09:02

How Israel Weaponizes Archeology

From the Zionism’s earliest days in the late 1800s until the present, Israel’s battle has always been about land, but for some the issue goes much deeper—literally. What is underground is as valuable as what is above ground, and the battle has been raging for years.

The battle is over ancient artifacts, from Jerusalem to Gaza to Qumran.

The “Jewish State” prioritizes anything that might boost its legitimacy as rightful owner of Holy Land real estate, and has appropriated the science of archeology to help create its narrative.

Sep 08 08:10

How Kim Jong-un would escape in caves if a nuclear war occurs

This is a really cheesy story focusing on how Kim Jong-un and his favorite stash of Swiss Cheese will be very difficult for the US to take out.

NORTH Korean dictator Kim Jong-un will escape to a vast complex of underground tunnels if a nuclear war breaks out — with a huge supply of his favourite cheese.

Aiden Foster-Carter, an expert on North Korea and honorary senior research fellow in Sociology and Modern Korea at Leeds University, said that Kim Jong un is unlikely to go without his favourite treats in the event of war.

He added that the dictator had to retreat from public life after eating too much Emmental cheese after receiving a huge shipment of it from Switzerland.

When asked about whether Kim will stockpile his favourite cheese, he added: “I’m sure that wherever he goes he’ll be provided for.”

Sep 08 07:57

Hurricane Jose path forecasters say storm to become Category 4 within HOURS

HURRICANE Jose is on track to become a Category 4 storm as the battered region grapples with Irma, Katia and a killer earthquake.

Sep 08 07:52

'We're running out of time': Miami is turned into a ghost town as Floridians wait in bumper-to-bumper traffic to flee Hurricane Irma's wrath after the storm leveled entire islands and killed at least 18 in the Caribbean

Miami is now in the 'worst possible position' as Hurricane Irma heads for the U.S. mainland.

With the storm barreling toward the southern tip of Florida for perhaps a catastrophic blow this weekend, the U.S. National Hurricane Center forecast reported that the most likely path of the eye of the storm had shifted and that it could hit Florida earlier than expected.

The center said it had become likely that Irma will make landfall late Saturday in southern Florida as a dangerous major hurricane and bring 'life-threatening storm surge and wind impacts' to much of the state.

'It looks like it's shifting, even though it may be just 20 miles, it puts Miami right in the worst possible position,' CNN meteorologist Tom Sater said.

Sep 08 07:19

Vaccination now scientifically linked to learning disabilities in children; vaccinated children show 520% increased risk compared to non-vaccinated

Recent research led by the well-known epidemiologist, Dr. Anthony Mawson, has led to many shocking revelations about the risks associated with vaccination. One of the most concerning findings of this study, as Robert F. Kennedy Jr. notes, is that vaccinated children are substantially more likely to develop a learning disability.

In their study of 666 children, the team found that those who had been vaccinated were a staggering 520 percent more likely to develop a learning disability than unvaccinated children. The researchers also found that vaccinated children were 420 percent more likely to develop autism or ADHD.

Sep 08 06:14

Colourful flashes are seen above Mexico as buildings and street lights shake during the most powerful earthquake to hit the country in a century

According to National Geographic, scientists in 2014 wrote a paper suggesting such lights were caused by electrical properties of certain rocks.

Sep 08 06:06

2017 trio of hurricanes closely resembles 2010 storms

While the appearance of three storms in the Atlantic Basin may seem unusual, it actually closely resembles a pattern last seen during 2010’s hurricane season.

In September of 2017, meteorologists and coastal residents have their eyes on three hurricanes in Irma, Katia, and Jose. Back in September 2010, those same people had their eyes on Igor, Julia, and Karl.

Satellite images from 2010 show Igor, Julia, and Karl, all in similar locations to the identically initialed Hurricanes in 2017.

Sep 08 05:50

What To Do If You CAN’T Evacuate Before a Hurricane

There are a lot of people stranded in the areas that are likely to be the hardest hit by Hurricane Irma. While it's easy to say, "Oh, they should have left earlier" and run through the gamut of blame, the fact remains that there are all sorts of reasons that leaving didn't work out.

Gas stations have run dry, which means that people can't drive their cars to leave. Roads are at a standstill as people all try to leave at once in the biggest mass exodus in American history. Amtrak tickets are sold out. Plane tickets are outrageously expensive, in some cases more than three thousand dollars apiece. (However, American Airlines and JetBlue have capped their tickets out of Florida at $99, a service to keep in mind in the future if you plan to fly somewhere.)

The point is, for many, it's too late. There is no further option for escape from what will most likely be a category 4 or 5 hurricane. If you can't leave, here are some things that could help to keep you safer.

Sep 07 22:58

M 8.1 - 87km SW of Pijijiapan, Mexico

Sep 07 18:03

Hurricane First Responders Sue Chemical Plant After Breathing Chemical Fumes

A Houston-area chemical plant is being sued by seven first responders who are seeking a total of $1 million in damages for respiratory injuries sustained after an explosion in the aftermath of Hurricane Harvey released noxious fumes.

Houston lawyers Misty Hataway-Cone and Kimberley Spurlock are suing the Arkema company for gross negligence, accusing the Crosby, Texas, plant of ignoring "the foreseeable consequences of failing to prepare" for the hurricane despite advanced warning of the storm’s destructive potential and past experiences with flooding. The plant lost its ability to cool heat-sensitive compounds contained in trailers filled with dangerous chemical compounds when it lost electricity, leaving the trailers susceptible to explosion.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Arkema should be sued out of existence for this.

Sep 07 17:55

The Sun Just Erupted: Blackouts Reported After Huge Solar Flare - Mac Slavo

The sun just released a massive solar flare. In fact, this is the largest solar flare emitted in the past decade, and the earth has already been affected by blackouts.

NASA has reported a huge solar flare was emitted by the Sun and it is the most powerful one since 2006. This solar flare has already caused some radio blackouts on Earth and it may cause aurora visible as far south as London. On the morning of September 6, scientists watched as two X-flares were unleashed by the sun.

Sep 07 16:32

Opioid use is responsible for 20% of the drop in American men in the US labor force, Princeton study says

Princeton University economist Alan Krueger conducted a comprehensive review of data from the past 15 years on prescription rates and the amount of people in the labor force.

He concluded that there had been a shift in prescription rates which affected the amount of men in work.

And this, he said, appeared to be down to a change in medical habits (i.e. drug abuse) as opposed to medical conditions.

Ultimately, his study said the rise in the rate of painkiller prescriptions from 1999 to 2015 accounted for 20 percent of the drop in men in the workforce, and 25 percent of women.

Sep 07 16:26

Stark before and after pictures show how luxury Caribbean hotels, holiday hotspots and airports were left in ruins by Hurricane Irma in just a few hours

These starkly contrasting photos show how 185mph Hurricane Irma laid waste to Caribbean islands in a matter of hours.

Before and after pictures from some of the worst affected islands reveal how airports, luxury hotels, beach front bars and entire marinas have been destroyed by furious winds since the early hours of Wednesday morning.

The images emerged as Irma continued its path of destruction after slamming into Anguilla, Barbuda, Saint-Barthelemy, St Martin and the British Virgin Islands. Puerto Rico and the US Virgin Islands have also been hit as the UN predicted 49 million people lie in the hurricane's path.

Sep 07 15:11

HURRICANE IRMA - track moving west again.

Sep 07 14:12

Ethanol Gas Causes Engines to Run Hotter - Leading Consumer Magazine

I have long suspected and heard that gasoline with ethanol (currently 10%) where I live will cause engines to run hotter. There may be good technical articles out there that can confirm this through experimentation but I have never run across any. However, latest leading consumer magazine states the EPA bans use of E15 in mowers and other power equipment due to higher operating temperatures that cause engine component damage. Article also claims that even with 10% ethanol there may be higher operating temperatures. They also claim that ethanol can cause other corrosion related problems. They recommend using an additive such as Sta-Bil to protect against ethanol settling out and attracting moisture.

Sep 07 13:47

Does Music Give You Chills? Your Brain Is Different

What It Means If You Are Sensitive to Music - Here’s how music can affect your emotions and how some people are more sensitive to music than others.... music and neuroscience investigating people who get the chills from music proving their brains are…

Sep 07 13:34

Fish Brains In Great Lakes Region Saturated With Antidepressants

ecent findings from researchers of the University at Buffalo discovered concentrations of antidepressants meant for humans in 10 different kinds of fish in the...

Sep 07 13:28

Top Eight Carcinogenic Food Additives and Ingredients Banned Nearly Everywhere Except in the US

You see, most countries around the world have a universal healthcare insurance system that provides relative equality of access, with fees set and maintained by a government committee. That means the government wants their citizens to be healthy in order to protect the people and the national budget. In America, however, the sicker the citizens get, the more money gets pocketed by the government, the sick care industry, and of course the toxic food industry, all of which have free reign over the US regulatory industries, such as the FDA, the CDC and the USDA.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Please pass this article to friends you care about; then, give this article to the managers of the grocery stores you patronize, and see if they know about the damages these chemicals cause, and let them know you will no longer buy anything with these chemicals in them, even if that forces you to buy your groceries at a health food store, for a much higher price.

The medical industrial complex makes a living by somewhat ameliorating the damage done by food toxins used by Big Agra, which wind up damaging the human system.

But why do we have (alleged) Congressional Representatives who refuse to legislate against the use of these toxins?!?

The logical answer here, is that these same alleged Congressional Representatives are most probably bribed by those very same companies which use these poisons.

Sep 07 12:54

Top Eight Carcinogenic Food Additives and Ingredients Banned Nearly Everywhere Except in the US

You see, most countries around the world have a universal healthcare insurance system that provides relative equality of access, with fees set and maintained by a government committee. That means the government wants their citizens to be healthy in order to protect the people and the national budget. In America, however, the sicker the citizens get, the more money gets pocketed by the government, the sick care industry, and of course the toxic food industry, all of which have free reign over the US regulatory industries, such as the FDA, the CDC and the USDA.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Please pass this article to friends you care about; then, give this article to the managers of the grocery stores you patronize, and see if they know about the damages these chemicals cause, and let them know you will no longer buy anything with these chemicals in them, even if that forces you to buy your groceries at a health food store, for a much higher price.

The medical industrial complex makes a living by somewhat ameliorating the damage done by food toxins used by Big Agra, which wind up damaging the human system.

But why do we have (alleged) Congressional Representatives who refuse to legislate against the use of these toxins?!?

The logical answer here, is that these same alleged Congressional Representatives are most probably bribed by those very same companies which use these poisons.

Sep 07 11:42

The Stomach-Churning Violence Of Monsanto, Bayer And The Agrochemical Oligopoly

As humans, we have evolved with the natural environment over millennia. We have learned what to eat and what not to eat, what to grow and how to grow it and our diets have developed accordingly. We have hunted, gathered, planted and harvested. Our overall survival as a species has been based on gradual, emerging relationships with the seasons, insects, soil, animals, trees and seeds. And out of these relationships, we have seen the development of communities whose rituals and bonds have a deep connection with food production and the natural environment.

Sep 07 10:47

M 6.1 - 249km WNW of Chichi-shima, Japan

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Not close to Fukushima, thankfully.

Sep 07 10:25


Hurricane Irma has destroyed the Princess Juliana International Airport as it barreled through St. Martin.

Photos of the airport, which is well-known for its low-flying aircraft skimming over Maho Beach, show its terminal severely damaged and at least one of its boarding bridges torn apart.

Sep 07 10:18

Breathtaking Photo Puts Irma’s Size Into Perspective

As Hurricane Irma made landfall in the Caribbean early Wednesday morning, the potential devastation of the Category 5 storm is becoming apparent.

Jason Dunning, a meteorologist with local southwest Florida affiliate WBBH, posted a side-by-side photo to Facebook on Tuesday depicting just how massive Irma really is.

Sep 07 10:10

Hurricane Irma slams Caribbean islands as two other hurricanes churn in Atlantic

Hurricane Irma, one of the most powerful Atlantic storms on record, made its first landfall early Wednesday in the northeast Caribbean, hammered Puerto Rico on Wednesday night and remained on track to hit Florida on Sunday.

Irma, a Category 5 hurricane — the highest level on the Saffir-Simpson scale — came ashore with maximum sustained winds of 185 mph and passed over St. Martin and Anguilla, the most northerly of the Leeward Islands.

At least three deaths have been blamed on the storm, including one on the small island of Barbuda, which suffered severe damage and saw 90% of its structures destroyed, Barbuda and Antigua Prime Minister Gaston Browne said Wednesday. One death each was confirmed on the nearby islands of St. Barts and St. Martin, though the death toll is likely to rise as recovery efforts begin.

Sep 07 10:08

‘Barbuda is literally rubble’: Shocked PM says Irma destroyed 90% of homes on tiny Caribbean island

Houses and infrastructure on Barbuda have been “totally demolished,” Antigua and Barbuda PM told media following a helicopter trip to the Caribbean island. The island of 1,600 residents went radio silent for over twelve hours, causing wild speculations over their fate.

Conflicting reports emerged in the vacuum of information and the absence of direct communication with the island. Some claimed that 1,000 people had died but this was quickly debunked, with calls for people to wait for official confirmation before retweeting carelessly and generating unnecessary panic and dismay.

Sep 07 09:52

Hurricane Irma: Aerial photos show scale of devastation in Sint Maarten

Smashed hotels, boats tossed into piles, and flooded streets and homes on Sint Maarten, the Dutch side of the Caribbean island of Saint Martin.

Sep 07 09:25

Curcumin infused nanoparticles found to target and destroy neuroblastoma cancer tumors… has the CURE been found?

Researchers from the Nemours Children’s Health System and the University of Central Florida revealed that they have found an innovative way to prevent the incidents of neuroblastoma, the most common cancer among infants. This promising new study, published in Nanoscale, used nanoparticles to deliver an ample amount of curcumin to tumor cells. The authors of the study noted that delivering curcumin through nanoparticles methodically targeted and destroyed treatment-resistant neuroblastoma tumor cells.

Sep 07 09:24

WHO declares new Ebola epidemic as infections soar in Africa

The World Health Organization (WHO) has declared an “Ebola epidemic” in the Democratic Republic of the Congo (DRC) after they confirmed nine cases linked to the virus in the remote forested region. Three people have reportedly died, causing alarm among health officials who fear that this could be another outbreak similar to the 2014 epidemic which took the lives of around 11,000 people.

Sep 07 09:19

U.S. in Talks to Buy 5 Rocket Engines From Russia

A U.S.-based space company is expected to confirm plans to buy five previously banned Russian rocket engines by late September, the Kommersant business daily reported Wednesday, citing unidentified sources close to the Russian engine manufacturer.

A United Launch Alliance (ULA) delegation will visit the rocket engine manufacturer in Russia before the end of the month “to prove they are serious about their intent” to buy five RD-180 engines, the newspaper reported.

ULA reportedly has been engaged in secret talks for over a year with Russia’s Energomash on the purchase of 10 RD-180s. Initial plans to sign a contract in September 2016 were scrapped because of the U.S. presidential campaign and SpaceX CEO Elon Musk’s new engine tests, according to Kommersant.

Sep 07 09:10

Tiny Quebec village faces $1.5M lawsuit for trying to protect its water

A tiny village on Quebec's Gaspé Peninsula is facing off against an oil company in a legal battle that could end up costing the community $1.5 million.

The municipality of Ristigouche Sud-Est is being sued by Gastem, a Montreal-based oil-and-gas exploration and development company, for passing a bylaw in March 2013 establishing a two-kilometre no-drill zone near the source of the village's water.

Sep 07 09:02

Video Shows 2017 Montana Fire Devastation – Soundtrack From Disturbed

We have all gotten used to fire season happening each and every summer. But, this year it is particularly BAD. How bad? Possibly the worst in recorded history. Definitely the most expensive in our states nearly 130 YEARS. But, it isn’t just US in western Montana that are suffering from wildfires. The ENTIRE state is on fire. Over 800,000 acres have burned so far in 2017.

Meanwhile…..The main stream media is silent.

MT WildRags wants to change that. They put together an amazing video, that shows just how bad this year’s catastrophic fires are. All to the soundtrack of Disturbed’s cover of “The Sound of Silence.” Our prayers for the safety of all our brave firefighters, our beloved state and most of all RAIN!

Sep 07 09:00

FEMA Expected to Run Out of Money by Friday as Superstorm Irma Approaches Florida

The Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) has suffered from a shoddy reputation for quite some time, particularly after its failed response to Hurricane Katrina in 2005. As the Gulf coast recovers from Hurricane Harvey and Hurricane Irma approaches Florida, FEMA faces further failure as its funds near depletion.

Sep 07 08:51

US Navy to evacuate 5,000 as military preps for Hurricane Irma

The US military has ordered the evacuation of over five thousand personnel from a Naval Air Station in Florida in preparation for Hurricane Irma.

Irma is now a Category 5 storm and one of the strongest ever recorded in the Atlantic.
Currently, it is threatening to slam into Caribbean islands including Puerto Rico and the Virgin Islands with "potentially catastrophic" force on Wednesday, the National Hurricane Center said.

The military is braced for it to hit the US mainland and the current forecast suggests it could strike Florida over the weekend.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

This is pegged to be an horrific natural disaster, once it hits the Eastern US.

And it almost seems surreal; much of our country is under severe flooding, or about to be flooded; and much of the rest seems be burning through wild fires.

Here are the largest

Smoke continues to spread across northeast, and north-central US

Sep 07 08:38

HURRICANE IRMA - Latest predicted track

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Still along the eastern shore of Florida, then inland to Georgia.

Sep 07 07:53

Children's book on puberty is PULPED after sparking outrage by telling boys that girls have breasts to make them 'look grown-up and attractive'

Breasts may have myriad uses – from being a handy place to store cash to providing a comforting pillow to pals in distress – but their primary function can't be denied. First and foremost, the purpose of our mammary glands is producing milk to feed infants.

Sep 07 05:51

Could Hurricane Irma Turn Florida’s Nuclear Plants into an American Fukushima Disaster?

After watching the terrible series of cascading disasters on the Texas Coast after Hurricane Harvey, we know for a fact that the aftermath of a catastrophe can be just as bad (and sometimes worse) than the initial event. There's a terrifying potential threat in Florida in the form of 3 nuclear plants, two of which are directly in the projected path of Hurricane Irma. Could Florida's nuclear plants turn Hurricane Irma into the American version of Fukushima?

To be fully prepared for the possibility, people should be ready for the potential of a simultaneous hurricane and nuclear disaster.

Sep 06 19:51

THIRD of Texas' 41 highly toxic waste dumping sites are now flooded - sparking fears that toxins linked to birth defects and cancer are leaching into floodwaters

Around a third of Texas' 41 highly toxic waste dumping sites are now flooded - sparking fears that dangerous toxins could leach into floodwaters.

Long a center of the nation's petrochemical industry, the Houston metro area has more than a dozen Superfund sites, designated by the Environmental Protection Agency as being among America's most intensely contaminated places. Many are now flooded, with the risk that waters were stirring dangerous sediment.

Some such sites have been found to contain dioxins and other long-lasting toxins linked to birth defects and cancer.

The Highlands Acid Pit site was filled in the 1950s with toxic sludge and sulfuric acid from oil and gas operations. Though 22,000 cubic yards of hazardous waste and soil were excavated from the acid pits in the 1980s, the site is still considered a potential threat to groundwater, and the EPA maintains monitoring wells there.

Sep 06 18:06

Is Irma really the strongest hurricane ever?

Now there are several different ways to categorize the strength of a hurricane. Maximum sustained wind speed is the most popular method. In this case, Irma at 185 mph would be tied for second, with Gilbert (1988), and Wilma (2005). If you count hurricanes before 1950, you would have to throw in the Florida Keys Hurricane of 1935. Hurricane records are often referenced starting from the point in which we started naming tropical storms. Hurricane Allen in holds the record with 190 mph winds in 1980.

Another way to rank hurricane strength is with the lowest measured surface pressure. This is often described as hurricane intensity. Irma's minimum pressure so far, is 914 millibars. That ranks it 10th in history, with Hurricane Wilma holding that title with a pressure of 882mb in October 2005.

Sep 06 16:52

State officials: Expect Obamacare premium hikes, market ‘collapse’

State officials sounded the alarm Wednesday on Capitol Hill about skyrocketing ObamaCare premiums as insurers across the country propose double-digit rate hikes – renewing pressure on Congress to act.

Sep 06 16:09

5 Epic Disasters Are Looming Over Us Right Now

Doesn’t it seem like all the disasters are coming at us at the same time? I’d ask what else could possibly go wrong but it seems like that could be taken as a challenge. Hurricane Irma, one of the most powerful hurricanes ever recorded, is headed straight for Florida.... Two X-class solar flares are headed our way... North Korea successfully tested a hydrogen bomb…and they keep threatening us.... The Western United States is on fire... Texas was just hit with the biggest rainfall ever recorded in the Continental US....

Sep 06 15:53

High pesticide exposure in pregnant women found to cause birth defects and low birth weight

The research team then examined individual birth certificate records of more than 500,000 single births between 1997 and 2011. Data on pesticide use were also assessed to determine how the toxic chemicals affected birth outcomes.

The results showed that mothers with extremely high pesticide exposure levels — which equated to being exposed to about 4,200 kilograms of pesticides applied in one-square-mile regions — suffered a plethora of birth defects such as low birth weight, shorter gestational length, pre-term birth, and other birth abnormalities.

Sep 06 14:41

Hurricane Irma: Florida sheriff threatens to arrest fugitives at shelters

If you are an illegal alien the Sheriff will give you a pass.If you are an American miscreant you get arrested and go to jail.

Polk County Sheriff Grady Judd is threatening to jail wanted people seeking shelter due to Hurricane Irma.

The sheriff, who is known for his outspoken comments, made the threat in a series of posts to Twitter.

Horstman added officers don't have a way of seeing what crime the warrant is for, so it’s possible those with non-violent misdemeanor offenses could be arrested.

Horstman said undocumented immigrants will not be affected by the policy. She also said that the policy will help the county keep a log at the shelter, which she said is important during a natural disaster.

Sep 06 12:16

Farmers & Farm Organizations Urge EPA & USDA to Address Threat from Dicamba Pesticide Drift

Farmers Challenge Monsanto CEO’s Definition of “Success”

Washington, DC – As members of Congress return to Capitol Hill today, 85 farm and farmer support organizations sent letters to the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) and U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA) urging them to better protect farm families from an unprecedented spike in crop loss from herbicide drift. Experts estimate that dicamba, used on Monsanto’s latest seed line, has already damaged at least 3.1 million acres of farmland, an area the size of Connecticut...

Sep 06 09:45

Breakthrough in hunt for life on Mars as boron find adds to evidence life DID once exist on the red planet

'Because borates may play an important role in making RNA—one of the building blocks of life—finding boron on Mars further opens the possibility that life could have once arisen on the planet,' said Patrick Gasda, a postdoctoral researcher at Los Alamos National Laboratory and lead author on the paper, said.

'Borates are one possible bridge from simple organic molecules to RNA. Without RNA, you have no life.

'The presence of boron tells us that, if organics were present on Mars, these chemical reactions could have occurred.'

Sep 06 09:45

1976 Life on Mars Controversy Resurrected in New Scientific Report

A team of scientists and mathematicians analyzing data from the 1976 Viking Mission have concluded that life on Mars was detected in one of the four experiments conducted by the two robotic landers.

Their report, “Complexity Analysis of The Viking Labeled Release Experiments,” released last week in the International Journal of Aeronautical and Space Sciences has resurrected a controversy over the results of the Viking Mission’s “Labeled Released experiment” designed by Dr Gilbert Levin.

Sep 06 09:45

What If Viking Really Did Find Life on Mars—And Then Killed It?

Houtkooper's hypothesis goes something like this: Mars is cold—too cold for fresh liquid water just beneath the surface. (It's not too cold for salty water, as was announced on Monday, something the original Viking results didn't account for.) But there's also something else, something very similar to water, that doesn't freeze as readily: hydrogen peroxide. It was detected in the soil.

On Earth, hydrogen peroxide is a disinfectant that breaks down cell walls. That's why it's common in first aid kits: It rips apart bacteria. Pure hydrogen peroxide freezes at a slightly colder temperature than water, 31.2 degrees F rather than 32. But, if you mix water and hydrogen peroxide in equal amounts, you get a mixture whose freezing point can dip down to -59.8 degrees F. That's close to the not-so-balmy median temperature of the soil of Mars.

Sep 06 09:45

Did NASA Langley's Viking landers find life on Mars?

When the Viking 1 spacecraft landed on Mars on July 20, 1976, one of its critical missions — and the most tantalizing — was to search for life.

Forty years later, debate still rages over whether Viking found it.

Sep 06 09:44


NASA was under a huge amount of public pressure over the issue of life on Mars. In particular the Buy-bull bangers were adamant that there could not possibly be life on Mars because the Bible did not mention it, and life on other planets meant Earth was not special in the eyes of whatever gods were being prayed to. Some of the controllers were getting death threats from fanatics like the Children of God. The post-Apollo "New" NASA was already entrenched. The scientists with the PhDs were no longer in control, but political appointees with MBAs ran the show, and so a political decision was made to ignore the positive result, rely on the negative, and declare that Viking had not found any life on Mars at all. That placated the masses at what we all felt was the expense of the truth.

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Sep 06 09:42

“Devastating” Hurricane Irma Flattens “Most Solid” Buildings On Caribbean Island

Irma is the kind of storm where you get thousands of lives lost. This is not going to be the big slow-motion flood like Harvey - this is a real, honest-to-God hurricane. - Chuck Watson, disaster modeler with Enki Research

Sep 06 09:32

Plastic is in more than 80% of TAP WATER around the world and could penetrate organs, scientists warn

More than 80 per cent of the world's tap water is contaminated with plastic, new research reveals.

The US has the highest contamination rate at 93 per cent, followed by Lebanon and India.

France, Germany and the UK have the lowest levels, however, they still come in at 72 per cent.

Overall, 83 per cent of water samples from dozens of nations around the world contain microplastics.

Scientists warn microplastics are so small they could penetrate organs.

Sep 06 09:30

Sun Unleashes Monster Solar Flare, Strongest in a Decade

Early this morning (Sept. 6), the sun released two powerful solar flares — the second was the most powerful in more than a decade.

At 5:10 a.m. EDT (0910 GMT), an X-class solar flare — the most powerful sun-storm category — blasted from a large sunspot on the sun's surface. That flare was the strongest since 2015, at X2.2, but it was dwarfed just 3 hours later, at 8:02 a.m. EDT (1202 GMT), by an X9.3 flare, according to the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration's Space Weather Prediction Center (SWPC). The last X9 flare occurred in 2006 (coming in at X9.0).

According to SWPC, the flares resulted in radio blackouts: high-frequency radio experienced a "wide area of blackouts, loss of contact for up to an hour over [the] sunlit side of Earth," and low frequency communication, used in navigation, was degraded for an hour.

Sep 06 09:28

Typhoon Haikui slams into Shanghai and China's east coast

A typhoon that slammed in eastern China's coast flooded and washed out roads, knocked out power and disrupted transportation in one of the nation's most populous regions. Typhoon Haikui came ashore in Zhejiang province with winds up to 150 kilometres (90 miles) per hour. Shanghai Public Weather Service said Haikui dumped as much as 58 millimetres (2.3 inches) in one hour in the city's centre.

Sep 06 08:57

It Was Going to Be a Great Year for Texas Farmers — Then Harvey Hit

This was shaping up to be a record year for cotton farmers in Texas.

In 2016, farmers were lucky to harvest one bale of cotton per acre of the profitable crop. A year later, with perfect weather conditions during harvesting season, farmers would get three bales, maybe even four, per acre — the most in more than a decade.

Sep 06 08:54

What Would You Give Up for Alcohol?

Would you give up coffee for alcohol? How about sex, TV, sugar, or even your car?

If you’re like most Americans, chances are you’d be willing to give up at least a few things to keep alcohol in your life. Americans are, after all, big drinkers.

In fact, according to the National Survey on Drug Use and Health, 56 percent of Americans over the age of 18 reported drinking at least once in the past month, nearly 27 percent reported binge drinking, and over 86 percent have drunk alcohol at least once in their life.

Based on this data, it’s easy to see why Americans have a difficult time giving up alcohol. But is it stronger than our addiction to our phones or more passionate than our love for sugar and coffee? We asked over 1,000 Americans what they would and wouldn’t give up to keep alcohol in their life. Here’s what we learned.

Sep 06 08:47

Infanrix hexa and sudden death: a review of the periodic safety update reports submitted to the European Medicines Agency

There have been a number of spontaneous reports of sudden unexpected death soon after the administration of Infanrix hexa (combined diphtheria, tetanus, acellular pertussis, hepatitis B, inactivated poliomyelitis and Haemophilus influenza type B vaccine). The manufacturer, GlaxoSmithKline (GSK), submits confidential periodic safety update reports (PSURs) on Infanrix hexa to the European Medicines Agency (EMA). The latest is the PSUR 19. Each PSUR contains an analysis of observed/expected sudden deaths, which shows that the number of observed deaths soon after immunisation is lower than that expected by chance.

Sep 06 08:46

Hurricane Irma: If There Was Such A Thing As A Category 6 Hurricane, This Would Be It

Hurricane Irma has become even stronger than the most extreme forecasts were projecting. According to the National Hurricane Center, Irma had sustained winds of 185 miles per hour at one point on Tuesday. That makes it the strongest Atlantic hurricane in history “outside the Gulf of Mexico and Caribbean”. I was criticized for suggesting that Irma could become so powerful that it could potentially be labeled a “category 6” storm if such a thing existed. Well, now it has actually happened. If you extrapolate the Saffir-Simpson scale, “category 6” would begin at 158 knots, which would be 181.8 miles per hour. Since Irma has surpassed that mark, I believe that it is entirely reasonable if people want to refer to it as a “category 6” storm.

Sep 06 08:43


If there’s one refrain we hear from politicians more than anything else, it’s “I support the troops.” However, their definition of “support” changes with the political wind, and more often than not is a farce.

One example is the ongoing denial of medical cannabis to war veterans suffering from a range of conditions, from chronic pain to post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD). Despite plenty of evidence—both scientific and real-world—that cannabis effectively treats these conditions, those who purportedly fought for freedom come home only to lose freedom under the War on Drugs.

The Veterans Administration (VA) still prohibits doctors from recommending cannabis or its extracts—including cannabidiol (CBD) which does not produce a high—even though most U.S. states acknowledge the science and have legalized medical cannabis.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Typical; and of course, those growing their own cannabis for medicinal use, cannot possibly complete in the area of the "deep pockets" of Big Pharma, when it comes to keeping the people who legislate in their favor, in power.

Sep 06 08:36

Exploding fireball changes night into day and rattles windows from British Colombia to Alberta in loud boom

A very large fireball lit up the night sky from Nelson in British Columbia to Calgary in Alberta on September 4, 2017 at around 10pm.

Residents reported feeling the explosion of the space rock way more intense than thunder, but not quite like an earthquake. It rattled the windows.

Sep 06 08:27

Hurricane Irma: If There Was Such A Thing As A Category 6 Hurricane, This Would Be It

Hurricane Irma has become even stronger than the most extreme forecasts were projecting. According to the National Hurricane Center, Irma had sustained winds of 185 miles per hour at one point on Tuesday. That makes it the strongest Atlantic hurricane in history “outside the Gulf of Mexico and Caribbean”. I was criticized for suggesting that Irma could become so powerful that it could potentially be labeled a “category 6” storm if such a thing existed. Well, now it has actually happened. If you extrapolate the Saffir-Simpson scale, “category 6” would begin at 158 knots, which would be 181.8 miles per hour. Since Irma has surpassed that mark, I believe that it is entirely reasonable if people want to refer to it as a “category 6” storm.

Sep 06 08:08


On Monday night, shoppers said, Publix in College Park was out of bottled water. A viewer also gave News 6 a picture showing empty water shelves at the Walmart on Alafaya Trail near the University of Central Florida. Micah Kropp stopped by Publix in College Park and bought water by the gallon since that was the only option. He's also stocking up on canned food, crackers and diapers.

Sep 06 07:59

Ron Paul Defends Price Gouging ('Free Market Pricing') In Wake Of Hurricane Harvey

Before you cringe, Dr. Paul explains 'price gouging,' which he explains is really 'free-market pricing,' as only he can. "Price gouging is just a nasty word for the market adjusting the price for tbe demand for that good," Dr. Paul begins. He goes on to give many real life examples of how 'price gouging' would incintivize suppliers to provide disaster victims with what they need in time of crisis, when government can not. I am not sure that any other person on earth besides the erudite Dr. Paul could make such a shockingly persuasive argument for what is an initially offensive-sounding premise.

Sep 06 07:48

Antidepressants found to drastically increase head injuries among Alzheimer’s patients

One of the more common side-effects of antidepressants is that they increases the risk of falling. Usually doctors tell patients that the risk is only evident in the first 30 days of use, as the body gets used to it. Eventually, the risk becomes negligible. However, the study found that the neural processes involved with balance are still affected by antidepressants for up to two years. They released their results in Alzheimer’s Research & Therapy with the cautionary conclusion that caregivers of Alzheimer’s patients should be very vigilant in keeping tabs on their wards.

Senior researcher Heidi Taipale from the University of Eastern Finland said that antidepressants are regularly given to Alzheimer’s patients because they are believed to be a safer alternative to benzodiazepines (anti-anxiety medicines). Nevertheless, this new research may suggest that antidepressants should not be prescribed as frequently.

Sep 06 07:42

Flash flood watch issued ahead of rain Wednesday in Massachusetts

As more rain is expected Wednesday, meteorologists caution of potential flooding in Massachusetts.

The National Weather Service issued a flash flood watch. The watch took effect at 6 a.m. Wednesday and will remain in effect until 6 a.m. Thursday.

The flash flood watch was issued for the following counties: Barnstable, Bristol, Essex, Middlesex, Norfolk, Plymouth and Worcester.

Sep 06 07:27


Webmaster's Commentary: 

Right up the eastern shore of Florida.

Sep 06 07:11

A New Epidemic – Alcoholism on the Rise in America

Waking Times

Alcohol is a most destructive drug. The Center for Disease Control and Prevention estimates that some 88,000 people a year die from excessive alcohol use, while over 10,000 people die each year as a result of drunk driving, a third of all traffic fatalities. Never-the-less, the alcohol industry continues to grow with nearly $500 billion a year in sales of beer, wine, and spirits. Big business, with big consequences.

Sep 06 07:06

Antidepressant Use Continues to Rise Sharply Especially Among Children

Waking Times

Mental health in America is in decline, and while there is no one-size-fits-all reason for this, doctors and psychiatrists do offer a one-size-fits-all solution: antidepressants. The number of people who have taken antidepressants has soared some 65% in just the last 15 years, and the numbers continue to rise. A new survey from the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) offers insight into how this usage breaks down in our society.

Sep 05 18:43

MD: I’ve seen cases of vaccine injury for 40 years

Australian doctor exposes vaccine damage, stands up to government/media attacks; here’s what he wrote

Sep 05 18:41

Trump Appoints Conservative Ex-Navy Flier to Run NASA; Liberal Heads Explode

The next head of NASA is likely to be an ex-Navy fighter pilot turned Republican congressman who believes strongly in space exploration but is skeptical about man-made climate change.

What’s not to like about Trump’s nomination of Rep. Jim Bridenstine (R-Oklahoma) for the job of NASA’s administrator?

Everything, if you’re a liberal.

According to New York Daily News columnist Linda Stasi, Trump just blew the perfect chance to change his “presidency from the chaotic mess of threats, bitterness and bilious paranoia to one of rationality and reasonableness.”

Apparently, the job should have gone to a fully-fledged climate alarmist.

Sep 05 16:04

Big Oil To Blame For Harvey’s Toxic Legacy

Yesterday, the Governor of Texas warned that the bill for reconstruction after Superstorm Harvey could be as high as $180 billion. To put this into perspective, this is much worse that Hurricane Katrina.

It also does not include the hidden huge impact on local health and the environment from the toxic release of dozens of chemicals from the state’s petrochemical infrastructure – from refineries, chemical plants to toxic pits.

Sep 05 15:22

A $475,000 And A $5 Cancer Cure Announced In The Same Week

In striking contrasts, a university-based team just announced it has developed a five-dollar treatment that completely abolishes cancer in the same week news headlines hailed the Food & Drug Administration’s approval of a $475,000 immunotherapy treatment for blood cancer (leukemia).

I’m sure readers want to hear about the five-dollar cancer cure first. A university-based team set out to develop a cancer cure that could be performed in third-world countries where incomes are low, equipment unavailable and even electricity non-existent. What they came up with needs just a needle and a syringe and a steady hand.

Sep 05 14:24

Hurricane Irma is so strong it's registering on devices designed to detect earthquakes

Hurricane Irma is so strong it's showing up on seismometers — equipment designed to measure earthquakes.

"What we’re seeing in the seismogram are low-pitched hums that gradually become stronger as the hurricane gets closer to the seismometer on the island of Guadeloupe," said Stephen Hicks, a seismologist at the University of Southampton in the United Kingdom.

Sep 05 14:23

Florida Governor Activates National Guard As "Monster" Hurricane Irma Approaches

With the monster Cat-5 Hurricane Irma fast approaching what looks increasingly like an inevitable Florida landfall later this week, Governor Rick Scott has just announced that he has activated 100 members of the Florida Air and Army National Guard, with an additional 7,000 members expected to be activated Friday morning. Per the Miami Herald:

Sep 05 13:04

Video: W.H.O. Is Right? World Health Organisation Argues Monsanto Uses Cancerogenics

The GM foods giant Monsanto is calling for an investigation into an agency of the World Health Organisation.

Sep 05 12:14

Cocktail of Pesticide Residues in Fruit and Vegetables Given to Schoolchildren

Traces of 123 pesticides, including those linked to cancer, hormone disruption and damage to brain development, have been found in fresh produce supplied to primary school children through a government scheme aimed at promoting healthy eating habits. CATHERINE EARLY reports

Sep 05 12:09

Researchers show just how effective manuka honey is in healing wounds

Manuka honey with a high UMF rating is significantly more effective than examples with a low rating, or regular honey, in improving wound healing, new research shows.

Researchers at the University of Sydney compared the effectiveness of manuka honey of different UMF (unique manuka factor) ratings (ranging from 5 to 20 depending on antibacterial activity) and ordinary, store-bought honey in healing large, bloody wounds on horses' legs.

Sep 05 11:26

The Stomach-Churning Violence Of Monsanto, Bayer And The Agrochemical Oligopoly

As humans, we have evolved with the natural environment over millennia. We have learned what to eat and what not to eat, what to grow and how to grow it and our diets have developed accordingly. We have hunted, gathered, planted and harvested. Our overall survival as a species has been based on gradual, emerging relationships with the seasons, insects, soil, animals, trees and seeds. And out of these relationships, we have seen the development of communities whose rituals and bonds have a deep connection with food production and the natural environment.

Sep 05 11:14

Tropical Storm Jose forms behind Hurricane Irma

Jose, the 10th tropical storm of the season, has maximum sustained winds of 40 mph and is about 1,505 miles east of the Lesser Antilles in the Caribbean, according to the National Hurricane Center.

The tropical storm is expected to gain strength in the next couple of days as it moves west-northwest and may become a hurricane by Friday, meteorologists said Tuesday.

Sep 05 08:59


Tiny new robots are proving to be life-saving tools in the fight against cancer. As first reported in the journal Nature, scientists at Durham University in England, in collaboration with researchers at Rice and North Carolina Universities in the United States, have developed nanomachines that are capable of drilling into cancer cells, killing them within minutes. These light-activated nanobots, the size of a molecule, move so rapidly that they can burrow through cell linings of cancer.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

It looks like this technology will be a huge step in successfully treating cancer.

However, unfortunately, I would not bet against those pharmaceutical companies making chemotherapy products to buy it, in order to keep it off the market.

The cancer/industrial complex is a money machine, and those creating chemotherapy products don't want the profit gravy train to be interrupted.

Sep 05 08:51

Quebec journalist quits chemo, sparking storm of controversy

The long-time Le Devoir columnist and broadcaster is a three-time cancer survivor. Her new book explains her own decision to quit chemotherapy and sharply questions the value of chemo in the treatment of many kinds of cancer.

On the show, she said she recognized the success of chemotherapy as a treatment for children with cancer, as well as for adults with leukemia. But she argued that chemotherapy does not work well for a majority of other adult cancers.

By the next morning, her 18 minutes on TLMEP had made its way into headlines, hospital waiting rooms and clinics.

Sep 05 08:29

Melanoma (skin cancer) found to be easily prevented with low-cost Vitamin B-3

Researchers from the University of Sydney, Australia believe that nicotinamide (vitamin B3) can be used to prevent the incidence of melanoma, a deadly form of skin cancer. The study, published in Photodermatology, Photoimmunology, and Photomedicine, demonstrates the efficacy of vitamin B3 in reducing or even reversing DNA damage and inflammation caused by ultraviolet radiation. Authors of the review say that more research into the topic is necessary but conclude that should their data be further verified, it could lead to a cheap and potent solution to skin cancer.

Sep 05 08:26

Chilling moment baby boy known as 'Little Albert' is taught to fear SANTA and furry animals in controversial 1919 brain-conditioning experiment by US psychologist - who failed to UNTEACH him the fears

Horrifying footage in which a baby is conditioned to fear fluffy animals and Santa Claus has emerged online - in what is considered to be one of early twentieth century psychology's most unethical experiments.

Before there was a code of conduct for psychological research which ensured the subject's consent and mental well-being, John Watson of John Hopkins University Hospital performed the 'Little Albert' experiment in 1919.

The aim of the perverse experiment was to show that an emotionally stable nine-month-old infant - referred to as 'Albert B' - could be trained to have a phobia of something he wasn't scared of before.

Sep 05 08:17

Evacuations expand, I-84 closed between Hood River & Troutdale as Gorge fire rages

We are 60 miles away and have ash coming down the last 2 days. Got a fire on the Washington side now too.

CASCADE LOCKS, Ore. — The Oregon Department of Transportation has closed a stretch of Interstate 84 Monday night due to spot fires from a nearby wildfire.

Additionally, new evacuation orders have been issued for rural Multnomah County as the Eagle Creek fire exploded Monday night.

By Monday night the fire grew to about 4,800 acres, up from 3,200 acres earlier in the day. The fire forced Level 2 and 3 evacuations throughout neighboring communities including Cascade Locks.

Sep 05 08:07

'None of us knew they'd still be working!' Nasa celebrates the 40th anniversary of Voyager 1 and 2, humanity's farthest and longest-serving probes

Nasa's official celebrations will begin in Washington at 12:30pm ET (17:30 BST) today

Sep 05 08:04

Babies were given a trial TB vaccine 'that did not work on monkeys by Oxford University scientists', former academic at the institution claims

Oxford University scientists went ahead and gave human babies a trial tuberculosis (TB) vaccine that was found to 'not work on monkeys', it has been claimed.

Professor Peter Beverley, a former principal research fellow at the institution, made the allegation, which has since been denied.

He suggested scientists ignored worrying data, collected by Government officials, that showed primates given the booster jab seemed to 'die rather rapidly'.

Sep 05 07:54

San Diego declares health emergency to combat hepatitis A outbreak

City officials in San Diego declared a public health emergency Friday over an outbreak of hepatitis A that has been linked to at least 15 deaths and 400 hospitalizations.

The liver disease outbreak started last November, with the homeless population affected most. The emergency declaration will help the city access state funds and provide legal protection for new sanitation measures, the Union-Tribune reported.

Areas with high concentrations of homeless people will receive roughly 40 portable hand-washing stations to help combat the disease, which can spread through fecal matter when people fail to thoroughly clean their hands after using the restroom.

Crews also plan to use bleach-spiked water for high-pressure washing to remove "all feces, blood, bodily fluids or contaminated surfaces," according to a sanitation plan outlined in a letter Thursday.

Sep 05 07:08

This Silent Public-Health Crisis Costs The US $150 Billion A Year

The opioid epidemic isn’t the only public-health crisis costing the economy hundreds of billions of dollars. According to the Trust for America’s Health’s annual “State of Obesity” report, nearly 40% of American adults are obese or overweight. And collectively, they will add some $150 billion to the cost of health care, and billions more in lost productivity.

Obesity rates have finally stabilized after having nearly tripled since the CDC first began tracking them in 1960. They’ve doubled since the 1980s. Particularly problematic is childhood obesity, which is correlated with poor performance and school and other factors that could impact a child’s wellbeing into adulthood.

Sep 05 06:37

MD: I’ve seen cases of vaccine injury for forty years

In Australia, the noose is tightening around parents’ and children’s necks.

There is already a policy in place that denies certain government benefits to families who don’t vaccinate their kids. Now, there is legislation that would deny unvaccinated children enrollment in daycare and kindergarten.

But a grassroots rebellion is underway.

Australian MD John Piesse has stepped out of the shadows and reported his findings and research on vaccine damage. The government is investigating him. They may strip his license. The press is attacking him mercilessly.

He isn’t backing down.

Sep 05 06:21

Hurricane Irma strengthens to a Category 5 storm

Hurricane Irma strengthened into a monstrous Category 5 storm early Tuesday as it plowed toward the Greater Antilles and southern Florida, officials said.

Its maximum wind speeds were 175 mph and forecasts suggested it would strike Florida and the Gulf of Mexico this weekend, the Washington Post reported.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Wildfires to the left of us, Hurricanes to the right; for those who believe in a God above, it should be clear he is pissed at the recent aggressive behavior of the United States!

Sep 05 06:19

THE GOOD DOCTOR Official Trailer (HD) Freddie Highmore ABC Drama

This is a new show that is coming out in September. It is about a young person that becomes a "super" doctor and it is BECAUSE he has Autism. It seems to give him special powers that make him utterly unique and a much better human being than if he didn't have it.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

So such right out and give your kids as many vaccinations as you can because they will turn into Superman!!!!!

Sep 05 06:17

Class and Race Profiling in the Vaccine Culture War

Professors and medical doctors are protecting the multi-billion dollar global vaccine industry by using class and race profiling in academic journals and media reports to disempower the people by bullying, shaming and encouraging prejudice and discrimination against parents and doctors advocating for vaccine safety and informed consent protections in public health laws. Informed consent rights and freedom of thought, speech, religion and conscience are under attack in the U.S., Europe and other developed countries as vaccine developers and mandatory vaccination proponents lobby to eliminate vaccine exemptions.

Sep 04 17:44

Google DeepMind AI destroys human expert in lip reading competition

A new artificial intelligence tool created by Google and Oxford University researchers could significantly improve the success of lip-reading and understanding for the hearing impaired. In a recently released paper on the work, the pair explained how the Google DeepMind-powered system was able to correctly interpret more words than a trained human expert.

Sep 04 15:52

Obesity epidemic continues to ravage American youth: Nearly three-quarters aren’t eligible for military service

If you wanted to know just how bad America’s obesity epidemic has gotten, look no further than a just-released report that found 70 percent of American youth do not qualify for military service, mostly because they are too fat to fight.

Sep 04 15:46

Three mile wide asteroid that skimmed past Earth on Friday has TWO moons that could each measure 1,000 feet across

On September 1, a massive asteroid measuring roughly 2.8 miles wide skimmed past Earth at just 4.4 million miles away, or 18 times the distance between our planet and the moon.

While it might sound far away, NASA says it’s the closest an asteroid of this size has come since it first began tracking near-Earth objects.

Radar images captured during the August 29-Sept 1 flyby have now uncovered new details on the huge space rock, dubbed ‘Florence’ – and, they’ve revealed the asteroid has two small moons orbiting it.

Sep 04 07:53

Coastal Watches/Warnings and Forecast Cone for Irma

Sep 04 07:51

New Study Confirms Where Cancer Really Comes From

A recently published study out of Canada showed that the total amount of cancer rates that can be linked to lifestyle and environmental factors is substantial, at almost 41 percent.

According to the researchers, “We estimated summary population attributable risk estimates for 24 risk factors (smoking [both passive and active], overweight and obesity, inadequate physical activity, diet [inadequate fruit and vegetable consumption, inadequate fiber intake, excess red and processed meat consumption, salt consumption, inadequate calcium and vitamin D intake], alcohol, hormones [oral contraceptives and hormone therapy], infections [Epstein-Barr virus, hepatitis B and C viruses, human papillomavirus, Helicobacter pylori], air pollution, natural and artificial ultraviolet radiation, radon and water disinfection by-products) by combining population attributable risk estimates for each of the 24 factors that had been previously estimated.”

Sep 03 17:02

Researchers find an enzyme that harvests light to make hydrocarbons

It's pretty easy to grow vast quantities of microbes. It's a lot harder to convert those microbes into something useful. For example, we've engineered algae that, when starved for nitrogen, will put most of their stored energy into fats. Fats are chemically similar to hydrocarbons, so this is potentially useful for making biofuel. But "similar" isn't really good enough; you still need to process the fats before they can be used as a fuel.

But some researchers may have figured out a way to get biology to convert fats directly to hydrocarbons using nothing more than sunlight. They've identified an enzyme that catalyzes the conversion of fats to long hydrocarbons, which could be used as fuel with no further modification.

Sep 03 11:50

Teaching People To Visualize An Outcome Is More Effective Than Teaching People What To Do: Study

By Josh Richardson

An established but little-known psychological theory is likely to improve performances across a range of activities, including sport, according to new research published that can be applied to amateurs or skilled performers alike says psychologist Dr Warren Mansell, from The University of Manchester.

Many philosophers believed that all behaviors are predetermined and have a causal lineage. Some of the factors believed to influence determinism include genetics, environment, and past and present experiences.

Adam Bear, Ph.D performed a couple of simple experiments to test how we experience choices...

Sep 03 11:38

Ancient Romans were drinking water from 'poisonous' lead pipes around 200 years earlier than thought

An archaeologist at the National Center for Scientific Research in France, Dr Hugo Delile led a study into the lead content in soil cores taken from two harbours in Rome.

These harbours, called Ostia and Portus, would have been the end of journey for some of the water running through the lead pipes, after it was disposed of into the Tiber River.

In the new paper, the team describe how water inside these pipes would pick up lead particles.

When the water reached the harbour, the lead would sink, and this would create layers of the toxic compound in the soil.

Examining the lead in the soil, the team found that in Ostia there was a sudden influx of lead in 200 BC, around the same time Rome’s expansion began.

Previous evidence of lead pipes only dated back to 11 BC, meaning the new evidence shows ancient Rome used lead almost 200 years earlier than we thought.

Sep 03 09:02

Can pills for depression turn you into a killer?

Antidepressants can lead to brain damage, suicide and murder, yet they are being prescribed to 120 million people worldwide, including 1-year-old babies. Has the world gone mad?

Sep 03 08:51

Hurricane Irma's forecast eyes Bahamas — it's still uncertain but be prepared, officials say

urricane Irma, once again a major Category 3 storm, on Sunday continued its westward push toward the eastern islands of the Caribbean.

Forecasters said the storm, with top winds of 115 miles an hour, was about 885 miles east of the islands of Barbuda and Antigua, which are on the eastern perimeter of the Caribbean, and about 2,100 miles from South Florida, as of 11 a.m. Sunday.

The storm was moving west-southwest at 15 miles an hour. Some additional strengthening is forecast through Monday night.