‘S African Gov’t Creating a Scenario of Conflict & Racial Hatred’ – Cape Party | WHAT REALLY HAPPENED

‘S African Gov’t Creating a Scenario of Conflict & Racial Hatred’ – Cape Party

British MP Andrew Bridger has called on Prime Minister Theresa May to condemn South African authorities, who have approved land expropriation from white farmers. Addressing Theresa May Wednesday, Bridger slammed the decision, saying: “This is not only wrong, it is also risking putting another African country from a bread basket into a basket case”.

Several weeks ago, South Africa's National Assembly endorsed a proposed amendment to the Constitution that will allow for mainly white-owned farmland to be taken without compensation. Sputnik has discussed this with Jack Miller — Cape party leader, a political party in the Republic of South Africa.

Sputnik: What is your take on the British MP's statement?

Jack Miller: We support Andrew Bridger's statement 100 percent. He's got it dead right. If the South African government goes ahead with the stealing of property we will become just another basket case country in Africa. And to add to that point, Theresa May's response to him was pathetic, it was naive and it was weak.

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from Apartheid W, to Apartheid B, in one generation.....

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