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Are You Ready to Die? The US Military/ Security Complex Wants Tensions to Increase

The American military/security complex wants the tensions to increase, because this makes the orchestrated “Russian Threat” even larger and leads to a larger budget and more profits and power for the US military/security complex. The military/security complex about which President Eisenhower warned us, to no effect, has been highly successful in dismantling the arms control agreements made between past US and Russian leaders. This has raised the profits of the US military/security complex at the expense of the security of the world.

On top of this, Washington is currently raising tensions in the Black Sea, arming Ukraine, Georgia, and Romania, countries that border the Black Sea along with Russia, Turkey, and Bulgaria. The US and its NATO puppets are conducting military exercises in this internal sea that hosts Russia’s Crimean naval base. The Black Sea is Russia’s exit to the Mediterranean Sea. The Zionist neocon warmongers would love to cut off Russia’s access to the Mediterranean and, thereby, Russia’s naval base in Syria. This would make it easier for the Zionist neoconservatives to overthrow Syria for Israel.

This is irresponsible provocation on the part of Washington. A buildup of forces in such a small area carries all kinds of risks. It would be easy for a CIA black ops to provoke one of the Ukrainian nazis or one of the Georgian fools or one of the bought-and-paid for Romanian vassals to provoke an incident.

Russia’s Humanity and Moral Conscience Are Leading to War

Indeed, the purpose of the US buildup of forces is to provoke incidents that can be blamed on Russia in order to create more fear and loathing in the West in order to keep feeding the military/security budget.

Russia, a country in which the military/security complex, to the extent that it exists, does not run the country, has difficulty comprehending what it is facing. Wanting no conflict, the Russian responses, as I have often emphasized, are passive, and thus provoke more irresponsible moves by Washington.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Although there are many pieces authored by Engdahl with which I agree mightily, this is not one of them.

Russian President Putin, and the people he has around him, may be many things, but foolish... is not one of them.

I don't think that Vlad and the Gang at the Kremlin, have any doubts about what the US government is attempting to pull here; but we have to take a look at the non-war ways in which Russia is trying to stop this, and here is a beautiful example, today, from Russia Considers Energy Exports In Euros, Rubles As Putin's De-Dollarization Continues

And if, ultimately, no one wants what is actually worthless US paper, which has no intrinsic value, as does gold or silver, what happens?!?

We may well see one of two options here; either a complete US economic collapse, or a Third World War, generated by this Last-gasp-of-empire country, the now unhinged, surveilled state of Amerika.

Unfortunately, Russia's military weaponry can run circles around nearly anything the US has produced yet, and they conscript, where the US does not; so how does the US win a war against Russia (and most probably China)
without the money; the troop strength; and the weaponry to make this happen?!?

The short answer is, right now, the US government and military may well not be able to win such a war, and would have to ask for terms of surrender, if there is anything left to surrender from such a war.


This is Paul Craig Roberts

Ethan Allen and...

Piece. Mike you need to get a FB friend of mine on your show. Dmitry Orlov is his name. He has a great blog. He can explain to you and the WRH audience as to what the Russian strategy is. Basically let the fools destroy themselves. Dmitry would make one hell of a guest. I will chat with him and see if he would be amenable. He lives here in the US.

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