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Hedges: "No Outcry Within Media" on NDAA

We had reported on the show that a group of political activists and journalists testified in a New York Court about why they're suing the Obama administration over the National Defense Authorization Act or NDAA. Chris Hedges, author and Pulitzer Prize-winning reporter is also one of the plaintiffs; he joins the show to discuss.


Blast from the Past


“Consider the situation. Never has there been an administration so disciplined in secrecy, so precisely in lockstep in keeping information from the people at large and -- in defiance of the Constitution -- from their representatives in Congress. Never has the powerful media oligopoly ... been so unabashed in reaching like Caesar for still more wealth and power. Never have hand and glove fitted together so comfortably to manipulate free political debate, sow contempt for the idea of government itself, and trivialize the peoples' need to know.” Bill Moyers written during George W. Bush administration (still true)

“The natural progress of things is for liberty to yield and government to gain ground.” – Thomas Jefferson (1743-1826) (Men fight for freedom; then they begin to accumulate laws to take it away from themselves.)

“Our liberty depends on freedom of the press, and that cannot be limited without being lost.” – Thomas Jefferson

Kenneth Dean Troxel (kdtroxel)

“Each generation has a right to choose for itself the form of government it believes most promotive of its own happiness.” – Thomas Jefferson