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Local authorites not involved in SWAT shooting

Spokesmen for the Las Cruces Police Department and Doña Ana Sheriff's Department have confirmed that neither agency was responsible for the death of a man involved in a SWAT standoff Friday in La Luz, 10 miles northeast of Alamogordo.

Both agencies were called to assist in the incident.

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miguel and Inga Gutierrez // January 19, 2009 at 12:17 PM
I have read your website and it has helped a lot. But in New Mexico it never does any good. The judges and lenders all work hand in hand and the state attorney general, well I imagine he is also with the governor in the pay to play. We are facing a forceful eviction after demanding rescission and many other state and federal law violations and the courts have ignored them. The constatntly rule against us and see us as people who refuse to bow down to their will. By the time this is responded to we may no longer be alive as in this state they send the cops to kill you if you know to much, the truth is death. If it over for us I hope that you can take the information from this case and use it to help others. The case number is D1215-cv-200500467 it is in the New Mexico Court of Appeals right now on a vacate order appeal. They also tried committing us, criminally charging us and forcing us to endure many criminal trial which we were successful beating them and now this. There is also a federal lawsuit 06cv-937, 10th court of appeals 08-2289. Hopefully this will not be in vain and the country will see the corruption and the lenders who buy out the courts. We are both crippled and have been unable and unwilling to let them take away our rights and defy the law. The law is there for the people. There is numerous TILA. RICO, New Mexico Community Property Act violations and others. God Bless all the people who stand up to these thugs and the few lawyers who are not afraid to fight them. Hopefully if we die it will not be in vain and lost to the cover ups. People should not be afraid of their government or their courts. For a constitutional American Republic once again. Maybe if it results in our deaths the lender media will even report on it.
Best Regards,