Morsi’s death was a political assassination by a vindictive regime | WHAT REALLY HAPPENED

Morsi’s death was a political assassination by a vindictive regime

Mohamed Morsi will forever be remembered as Egypt’s first democratically-elected President, something that his enemies can never take away from him. Yesterday, he collapsed and died in a Cairo courtroom just moments after he had addressed the hearing from a cage; he was facing ludicrous charges of espionage linked to the Palestinian Islamic Resistance Movement, Hamas.

Unsurprisingly, the Muslim Brotherhood called his death “murder”, an accusation that is not as outrageous as it might sound. I would call it a political assassination in full view of a watching world. The consequences of this in the volatile Middle East could be horrific, considering the paranoia of the Egyptian regime under its current dictator.

Morsi died as a direct result of the inhumane treatment meted out to him by a brutal, vindictive regime headed by his own former Defence Minister, General Abdel Fattah Al-Sisi, who led the 2013 military coup against his former boss. That is why Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan was prompted to describe Morsi as a “martyr”. He went on to blame Egypt’s “tyrants” for the 67-year-old’s demise, but there are a few other guilty parties who also had a hand in Morsi’s death.