The Next Normal: Is Central-Bankism Transitioning To Fascism | WHAT REALLY HAPPENED

The Next Normal: Is Central-Bankism Transitioning To Fascism

In late 2019 we published a report titled “A Decade of… What Exactly?” which underlined how disappointing the economic erformance in the post-global financial crisis “New Normal’ era had been on almost all fronts.

It showed how the experience had been one of: lower GDP growth, lower inflation, lower wage growth, and lower productivity alongside higher inequality, higher debt, higher asset prices, high and rising political populism, and high and rising geopolitical tensions, particularly between the US and China. All of these were issues we had been flagging for years.

We concluded that the outlook for the decade of the 2020s was deeply worrying.

We had likewise already recognised earlier in the year that the socio-economic impact of Covid-19 is likely to be severe and broad-ranging enough. Indeed, so much so that the concept of “The New Normal” is already behind us; we are now moving into the realm of “The Next Normal”.

This report will look at what this is likely to mean structurally – can we define what our new architecture will look like?

In order to look at overarching structures one needs overarching definitions: and in order to deal with such definitions one needs to deal with political-economy.