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The Saudi Arabia Drone Attacks Have Changed Global Warfare

The devastating attack on Saudi oil facilities by drones and missiles not only transforms the balance of military power in the Middle East, but marks a change in the nature of warfare globally.
On the morning of 14 September, 18 drones and seven cruise missiles – all cheap and unsophisticated compared to modern military aircraft – disabled half of Saudi Arabia’s crude oil production and raised the world price of oil by 20 per cent.

Oil production facilities and the desalination plants providing much of the fresh water in Saudi Arabia are conveniently concentrated targets for drones and small missiles.

In other words, the military playing field will be a lot more level in future in a conflict between a country with a sophisticated air force and air defence system and one without. Similar turning points in military history have occurred when the deployment of an easily produced weapon suddenly checkmates the use of a more complicated one.
A good example of this was the attack on 11 November 1940, on five Italian battleships, moored at their base at Taranto by 20 slow moving but sturdy British Swordfish biplanes, armed with torpedoes and launched from an aircraft carrier.


This is as big as the invention of.....

Ethan Allen and...

gunpowder and the Matchlock. A common man with a matchlock and minimal training could kill a knight with one .50 caliber roundball!
It took years to train a knight and a lot of money to equip a knight with armor,horse and weapons. It took a couple of days training and very little money to train and equip the common man with 1.50 caliber matchlock that could kill the knight in the flash of an eye!
This is a New Age of warfare! And it will put an end to Empires like the one here in the USA.
We all have a chance for Freedom!

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