Saudis demanded good publicity over Yemen aid, leaked UN document shows | WHAT REALLY HAPPENED

Saudis demanded good publicity over Yemen aid, leaked UN document shows

Saudi Arabia has demanded that aid agencies operating in Yemen should provide favourable publicity for Riyadh’s role in providing $930m (£725m) of humanitarian aid, an internal UN document reveals.

Saudi military intervention in the three-year civil war is widely regarded as a prime cause of the humanitarian disaster that has seen 10,000 civilians killed, and left millions close to starvation. The kingdom intervened in Yemen to restore a UN-recognised government, and push back Iranian-supported Houthi rebels.

Although many donors seek publicity in return for grants, the extent of the Saudi demands are highly unusual.

The document, entitled Visibility Plan, covers the terms of the 2018 humanitarian budget for Yemen, and shows the extent to which the UN aid agency, Ocha, was put under pressure to accept the PR strings attached to money given both by Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates. The two countries provided nearly one third of the total UN humanitarian budget for Yemen for this year.

Future grants distributed by Ocha to agencies should be tied to the amount of beneficial publicity given to Saudi Arabia, the documents advises. It also calls for Ocha to seek favourable publicity for the Saudi humanitarian effort in Yemen in newspapers such as the New York Times and the Guardian

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Sorry, Butcher of Yemen, AKA Prince Mohammed bin Salman, but every time I hear the words "Saudi Arabia", these images of Yemen immediately come into my head, and I cannot "unsee" them, nor can anyone else with half a conscience left:

THIS is the truth of what US-enabled military aid in Saudi Arabia is creating:

Images: dead and crippled children, courtesy of US enabled rocket strikes in Yemen

Images: Yemeni children starving to death, courtesy of US-enabled Saudi port blockades

images: Yemeni children dying from (possibly weaponised) cholera, courtesy of Saudi Arabia's destruction of very primitive water works.

Your "great contributions' to the Yemeni people are death, cholera, and malnutrition; I am sure there is a special place in the afterlife for people like you, who believe that the genocide of a an entire people makes them "powerful"; but future titles for your reign will include your butchery in Yemen by perhaps other terms.

" A Human monster among us" may well be one of them.