Saudis Threaten Iran on Behalf of the USFM says US patience 'not inexhaustible' | WHAT REALLY HAPPENED

Saudis Threaten Iran on Behalf of the USFM says US patience 'not inexhaustible'

While President Trump has said that the US is not interested in a war with Iran, Saudi Arabia’s Foreign Minister, Adel al-Jubeir, took to a UN meeting to suggest that US military options are still being considered.

While it seems a bit presumptive for the Saudi FM to decide to speak to US policy, his comments that US patience is “not inexhaustible” seems to be directed both at threatening Iran, and at trying to get the rest of the world on board with the conflict.

Al-Jubeir says that the UN report on the attack will be available soon, and that there is a whole list of options, including military options, still being considered, with him wanting to mobilize international support for what is to come.

Trump, however, had already announced the US response, by way of sanctions increases and a lot of posturing. Though indications were that this was the sum total of the US response, the Saudis seem to be trying to put US responses back on the table to try to wrangle more moves against Iran out of them.


Tom Luongo's analysis about the terrorist attack being simply...


...a business move against the Aramco IPO really rang a bell. When you run a relatively significant business as I did before, a losing competitor CEO with gangster morals will indeed commit these acts of criminality and outright terrorism. And, as experience teaches, after an initial success, all those will backfire on him, simply because customers are not stupid. But! He will keep doing those anyway. Because he is simply unable to lay off the gangster mindset and start competing honestly with better service.

Why I tell you this? Because this business experience of mine teaches us that such acts of criminality are not isolated exceptions. You spot one, it tells you there is a whole trend. So we better review the 7 Middle East wars with 9/11 and all other major recent events: which gangster CEO's business move/s were these really. NOW we are starting to get the right picture, what's going on in the world...

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