Why a third of women want to give up work to look after their children | WHAT REALLY HAPPENED

Why a third of women want to give up work to look after their children

More than a third of working mothers want to quit their jobs to look after their children, research suggests.

A further six in ten would like to reduce their hours to spend more time with their young ones, the Government-backed study found.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

In the 1990s, feminists exhorted women to leave their homes and go to work. The feminists didn't say women should have a choice in the matter. The social expectation of home-maker was simply replaced with a new social expectation of career path. The door was not merely opened into the executive quite; women were kicked through it. Indeed women who wanted to stay at home with their children were looked on as socially inferior.

Then the economy started to change and women in the workplace discovered they could not go back to staying at home with the kids. Two working parents became the social norm, with the government happy as hell to collect the additional taxes. Raising the children feel to the school/indoctrination centers and TV. Mom's home-cooked meals gave way to processed food. Profits and revenues went up while the social and health consequences continued to climb.

Behind the revenue stream was a darker issue. In hindsight, the push to make women independent came with a parallel program to demonize men, call them all potential rapists, and make them disposable. Looking back it was obvious even then that a prolonged war was being planned and men had to be freed up to be soldiers.

The 1990s was a repeat of the "Rosie the Riveter" campaign that lured WW2 women out of their homes and into the factories so that the men could be shipped off to be killed in war.

After WW2 ended the media pushed the image of "mother at home" as new fashion ideal. TV shows like "Leave it to Beaver" and "Father knows best" persuaded women to leave the factories in order that returning soldiers would find jobs. It was all social engineering and manipulation and while it may have worked well in the 1950s, women today with a sense of history are realizing they have been scammed and that what they thought was freedom of choice was really just another imposed societal expectation. The extra cash they thought they would earn has all but vanished into higher taxes and child-care costs, not to mention the expensive wardrobe, second car and other accouterments of the modern workplace. Meanwhile women are just now realize what men have known all along; it is painful to watch ones children grow up from afar.

Woken want out. But they are trapped just as trapped as they were told they were when they stayed at home with the kids.