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Big Banks: What Happens When Customers Cease to Believe?

To try to understand the current controversy over bank supervision is quite impossible if one insists on treating it as a domestic issue. All central bank policies these days are apparently coordinated by the Bank for International Settlements (and London as well) and the system will protect its own.

Not only will it protect its own, it will create conditions for the continued expansion and consolidation of big money center banks. It will drive this expansion by ensuring these banks are "too big to fail" and thus receive the funds they need to stay in business no matter what.

All of these manipulations are generated to expand and consolidate the banking/financial sector. And what is more disheartening is that banks – despite the meme of their necessity – are in the larger sense simply glorified bookkeeping shops.

Yes, they are designed not necessarily to serve global financial needs. Even the biggest of them has a more humdrum task, which is to keep track of money. Everyone's money. Your money. This is why the large banks employ so many hundreds of thousands and millions of people. So much data collection and analysis utilizes considerable brainpower.

This may sound odd, but it is surely the truth. We know from US intel data shops that Western governments are obsessed with keeping track of citizens' behaviors and actions. The only thing that Western elites are more focused on than behavior is money.
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