Zen and the Art of Cancer and other Living Things. | WHAT REALLY HAPPENED

Zen and the Art of Cancer and other Living Things.

The world continues to carousel through space, spinning through continuums of apprehension and threat. Hope springs eternal, like soft grass, routinely trampled by marching hobnailed boots. Then it springs up somewhere else. It’s not springing up here. That’s the ass media version and then we get into maybe a little less ass media over here, where a name crops up and then we get some more over here. They don’t say that the Russian is one of those oligarchs and when you go to search on him you find a very surprising …nada.

What we do notice is that the central banker heaven of Switzerland is knee deep in blood money and suffering, which you can pretty much assume anyway since that is where they store all the money until they need it for a war. It’s also where they store all the money after they loot the countries that they financed wars against. It’s business as usual from the vaults of Geneva, Zurich and Basel; home of The Bank of Settlements, or is that The Bank of the Dead, Displaced and Refugees? It’s also the home of Zionism which is the central banker undergraduate curriculum.