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Social Commentator: Be Prepared For Civil Disorder In 2019

Author and social commentator James Howard Kunstler is warning Americans to “be prepared” for civil disorder in 2019 which will arise out of a potential economic collapse.

Kunstler, who contributes to the The Atlantic Monthly, RollingStone and The New York Times Sunday Magazine, is forecasting civil unrest over the coming 12 months.

“Be prepared for it in 2019,” he writes. “There are going to be a lot of pissed-off people around the country. They are liable to attack Federal property and their fellow citizens (and their property). The hungrier they are, the worse it will be.”

Kunstler warns that before the year is out, “the US could find itself in a situation worse than the Great Depression” because the Federal Reserve will be forced to oversee a new round of quantitative easing in the second quarter of 2019, a policy that will cause the dollar to lose value “uncontrollably and catastrophically,” wiping out pension funds.

The debt bubble inflated by the Fed will mandate money printing, leading to “incendiary resentment among the citizenry when they realize they’ve been played and it takes a wheelbarrow full of cash to buy a loaf of bread and a jar of peanut butter,” according to Kunstler, who says the entire disaster will be blamed on President Trump.

Suppliers not getting paid due to a collapse in “the short-term corporate paper system” will see Americans in major cities struggling to eat, fill their gas tank or heat their homes, claims Kunstler.





How is it that Jews are able to predict cataclysm and catastrophe so well?

They truly are a talented and blessed People.

Wish I had a dollar


for every time this type of doom porn is shared, on air or in the blogs.

I first heard the collapse was coming right here in 02.

For what ever reasons here we still are, give up predictions .

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