Israeli Private Intelligence Company Black Cube Out of Control | WHAT REALLY HAPPENED

Israeli Private Intelligence Company Black Cube Out of Control

Last week an Israeli investigative TV show called Uvda revealed that the private intelligence firm black cube was hired in 2014 by Israeli billionaire Idan Ofer to smear Israel’s then-Finance Minister Yair Lapid. This is only the latest revelation about the covert actions that Black Cube has been undertaking. The company is also known to offer corporate espionage by using techniques that the Israeli Mossad and other security agencies have perfected. The company became famous when it was discovered that movie producer Harvey Weinstein had hired black cube to spy on women who filed complaints against him for sexual assault. Weinstein allegedly received the recommendation for contracting Black Cube from former Israeli Prime Minister and Minister of Defense Ehud Barak. Weinstein apparently believed that former Mossad agents would be able to get him off the hook for sexual harassment, assault, and rape allegations. Here’s what the well-known journalist Ilana Dayan had to say about Black Cube when introducing last week’s broadcast of the Uvda documentary.