The Epstein-Barr Connection | WHAT REALLY HAPPENED

The Epstein-Barr Connection

One of the first stories released to the press was that the video camera monitoring Epstein’s cell had broken down. Why not believe that? After all, it was just a standard, prison-service video camera, priced especially high, not to milk the taxpayers, but to pay for the special engineering to make it fault proof in the hostile prison environment.

When Barr was told that there were a lot of snickers about the faulty camera claim, the Justice Department updated the story, to claim that ALL of the cameras in the prison had failed on that fateful, fatal night. This is something that would certainly have been noted on guards’ reports from all branches of the prison, if it had happened. The activity logs would reveal the fault. This would discredit the initial story about a single camera failure, and thus raise the question, WHY was the initial false story released?