Turkey's Silent Crisis | WHAT REALLY HAPPENED

Turkey's Silent Crisis

Turkey is in the grip of a summer of senseless violence. A little over a week before the attacks in Batman, on July 25, a clash erupted in the western town of Inegol when an ordinary quarrel between a Turk and a Kurd quickly spread after assuming a racial undertone. Just a few days later, four police officers were murdered in the southern province of Hatay. This was a mirror image of the Batman event; it appears as if rogue elements in the security forces had set up an ambush to blame the other side. This killing, however, was followed by intense interethnic clashes as local Turks took to the streets to exact revenge on their Kurdish neighbors.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

One has to wonder, since the souring of relations with Israel after the flotilla massacre that left many Turkish nationals dead, if perhaps Mossad is very happy to "stir the pot", leading to more unrest and animosity here.

However, Turkey needs to do everything in its power to create a national dialogue between Kurdish leadership and the Turkish government to ease tensions and see that Kurdish rights are protected.

The costs of not doing this now will be incalculable, both for the stability of Turkey, and for the stability of the entire region.