The Stained Glass Windows of the Sun. | WHAT REALLY HAPPENED

The Stained Glass Windows of the Sun.

Well, talking about the spiritual and metaphysical aspects of life is not easy these days. There is a cloud of depression, which creates a kind of chiaroscuro rainbow, which circles the world. It doesn’t affect the selfish and hedonistic people. They are the cause of its effect on everyone else. It gets a little tiresome saying, “endure”, “hold fast” and “have faith”. There’s a breaking away condition that’s coming into view. I note at the blogs that there are several conversations that have been going on for a long time that often have nothing to do with the posts and which are directional levers, of a sort, to pull people to other locations. I don’t mind or even care about that. I just notice it and together with a few other things, make me think of little woodland creatures checking their watches and keeping an eye on the bolt hole.